Aatma Bandhan 6th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Aarti leaves for the haunted village

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The episode starts when Aarti and Maatangi come downstairs. Maatangi tells her to think again, but Aarti had made her decision. Ashok gets message from Ragini asking about her dress and his parents. He wonders what she is upto. On the call, Ashok asks why she is asking about the dress. Ragini says she is coming to meet her parents in law. Ashok says there is already a lot of tension, she should not tease him. Ragini does not listen and says she has left already.

Ashok tells father that he has to disburse salaries and must go to factory. Krishanprasad tells him to delay salaries for one day. No one must leave the house today. Kriparkar asks if he can go and disburse the salaries. Rani says Kriparker is not from their family. A married girl is different from the parent’s family. Bhavani was offended but Rani says there is nothing wrong in this statement. They are an outsider family. Bhavani complains to Krishanprasad. Rani argues that she has lost her manners. Rani’s daughter Vayda silence her mother and argues that then she and her husband are also ousters. Krishanprasad stands in fury and tells everyone to live here happily and with love. If they have a problem living here, they can leave the house but only after he dies.
Aarti takes a chance and goes out of the house when everyone was busy. Maatangi tells her not to start the car else everyone must know. She offers to push the car. In the car, Aarti silently looks in the rear view mirror towards the house. She apologizes Ashok as she is disobeying Papa ji for the first time. May be, Guru ji is talking about a problem over her. May be her relationship with the family ends today. She leaves the house.

Ragini stops by the house then. He walks inside, clicks some selfie and wish to rule this house as a princess. She sends Ashok the selfie with the house and knew that he will come out looking for her.

In the room, Krishanprasad was upset. His wife tells him not to mind what Rani says. She has always been bitter by tongue. Indraprasad comes downstairs and looks for Aarti. Ashok looks around. Maatangi says she is in the room. Chaitra turns to go to the room but Maatangi stops her. She requests Ashok not to disturb Aarti, she is disturbed by the words of Guru ji. Ashok offers to play with Chaitra.

Aarti finds two ways ahead. She stops the car. Two young boys spot her mischievously. She takes help of an old bicycler. The boys follow her on the bike. In the middle of road, Aarti stops the car and comes out. She calls the boys towards her. She speaks to the boys to take her to her goal she will give all her money and jewelry to them. The boys ask which place? She says Piranagarh. The boys were terrified and backs off. Aarti requests them but they leave.

On the Carrom board game, Ashok and Chaitra were partners while Vayda and her husband become partners. Ashok gets a message from Ragini and was distracted. There, Bhavani apologizes Kriparker for Rani’s words. Kriparker assures they are in the house only because of her parents. Ashok was astonished to see Ragini outside the house. He stands up at once, then requests Kriparker to join in. Kriparker says one must handle own matters, he cannot handle his game.

Aarti drives the car in the middle of forest.

Bhavani comes upstairs looking for Ashok. Maatangi looks upset and says Ashok is in balcony. From the balcony, Ashok requests Ragini to leave but she insists she will meet his parents. Bhavani brings coffee. Ashok blocks her view down, and says he was talking to the manager. Bhavani had to speak to Ashok. Ragini tells him not to cut the call. Bhavani complains that no one said a word to what Rani said. Ashok says there is already a lot of tension around. Bhavani was upset that no one cared for them. They will soon plan to leave the house. Ragini tells Ashok to meet her in the nearby icecream parlor within an hour. Otherwise, she will come to his house again.

Aarti takes the turn in the middle of forest. She stops the car in front of a broken gate. It feels someone is screaming, shouting, or following her from behind.

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