Aatma Bandhan 6th December 2020 Written Episode Update: Ashok’s health condition worsens

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Aarti tells Maatangi it seems Cheeru is behind Ashok’s disappearance. What if truth is something else? Maatangi asks Aarti if it is Cheeru, how she will stop him. She is really afraid. Aarti says Cheeru does not hate Ashok so much. Maatangi says there is a difference between temple stone and a stone on the path; like-wise there is a difference between the soul in body and without a body.

Bhavani and Vayda were in Ashok’s room. The mannequin appears and then disappears. The door was slammed shut behind them, terrifying both.

Kriparker and Indra continue their search for Ashok. A man on the way tell them that a young man walked towards the graveyard. He wonders why he went there because no one returns alive from there. Indra gets a call from Vayda, he tells her that someone spot Ashok go towards the graveyard. Everyone in the family was tensed. Aarti cries about why he went there.

Maatangi sits with her magic box. She prays and asks Baba what it means that Ashok has gone towards graveyard. She prays for Ashok’s protection.

Ashok lay unconscious on the floor. The mannequin disappears from the graveyard as soon as Aghori Baba walks towards him. Aghori throws some ashes on Ashok to wake him up. Ashok spots the Aghori Baba, then looks around. He takes the support of Trishol to stand up and joins his hands towards the Aghori Baba. The Aghori Baba signals him to move out of this place. Ashok turns around but Aghori Baba had left.

Indra and Kriparker had reached the graveyard. Kriparker insists on Indra to leave this place. Indra insists to look again and was upset.

At home they tell everyone that Ashok was nowhere to be seen. Aarti cries. Everyone consoles Aarti that he will be back till morning. Ashok reaches home. He thinks there seem to be much drama in the house already. Vayda spots him. Aarti holds Ashok’s hand and asks where he had been. Indra and Bhavani also questions Ashok. Ashok was furious that they did not let him talk. He lies that he went outside for an important work, his friend brought his car. He tells Kriparker it was about competition, and a secret talk. Bhavani asserts that he is lying, she knows he is not as professional; he never cares for competition. Ashok angrily tells her to believe him or not; he has to speak. Bhavani complains that he is insensitive. In the room, Ashok wonders what this all is; it seems he is betraying everyone and himself as well.

In the morning, Aarti comes to the room. Ashok was not there. Aarti cries and calls everyone for help, she spots blood drops on the floor. Indra follows the blood drops to bathroom. Indra says no one is inside. Aarti cries that there is something wrong with Ashok.
Kriparker asks Rani what she thinks would have happened to Ashok. Rani says it is difficult for him to return. She says Cheeru is behind Ashok’s troubles. Cheeru will see Ashok as an enemy now. He won’t spare anyone if angry. Rani cheerfully laughs.

Kriparker comes to the room. He informs the family that Ashok is neither in factory, nor with friends. Indra shows Kriparker the blood droplets. Kriparker thinks this means Cheeru already killed him.

Maatangi comes to Aarti. Maatangi says she should have stayed in the room here; this blood shows Ashok is hurt.

The family look around for Ashok. Jaisima screams when he spots Mannequin. Vayda tells him to calm down, she will see this. Jaisima was terrified and leaves Vayda all alone. Vayda wonders where this came from.

Maatangi tells Aarti she doubted it was Cheeru who made Ashok suffer. She questions if Aarti will even negate bloodshed as well. Spirits love bloodshed and blood vomits. Aarti cries. Maatangi says Aarti is responsible for this injustice with Ashok. She must speak to Cheeru.

Bhavani and Kriparker find Ashok’s T-shirt. Bhavani cries that something is surely wrong with Ashok. Kriparker thinks according to Rani, Cheeru has killed Ashok.

Jaisima opens the water tank lid. Ashok was drowned in water. He calls Vayda but Ashok was nowhere to be seen. Vayda blames Jaisima, as there is nothing. Jaisima cleans his body. He tells Vayda he did not lie.

Bhavani and Kriparker bring Ashok’s shirt with a blood stain. Kriparker says it seems a wild animal… Vayda insists on reporting the police. Indra calls the police for FIR and forbids them to show this to Aarti.

There, Ragini bandages Ashok in her room. Ashok lies to Ragini that he slipped in the garden in morning. Ragini says she received a call from his family, but she said he is not here. She even switched his phone off, his family must realize the trouble he is in. She offers him to stay here and promises to take good care of him. Ashok smiles that he feels peaceful being here.

The police arrive for investigation of Ashok’s missing complaint.

Ragini comes to the kitchen for making fruit juice for Ashok. Someone opens the refrigerator and milk was spilt. She goes to clean it. Meanwhile, something slips in the juice.

The inspector investigates Aarti about a fight between her and Ashok. Aarti says he misunderstood that she can not take care of their daughter. She denies being angry at her husband. Aarti says she is a responsible daughter in law and is never annoyed with family’s investigations.

Ragini brings juice for Ashok. Ashok thanks Ragini with a smile. He smells the glass, then offers to share the juice. Ragini smells the glass then tells Ashok to drink it first.

In Ashok’s room, the inspector finds blood spots leading towards the bathroom. His fellow come behind. The inspector gets a call from his officer and assures he will update about investigation in a while. The blood drops vanish from the floor.

Ashok had finished the juice. He feels uneasy and coughs badly. Ragini spots blood from his nose and was tensed. Ashok was not feeling well and cries, requesting her to take him to hospital. He was weak and unable to move. Ragini goes to kitchen to get her phone. On her way, she slips on a sponge and falls on her bag. Laughter could be heard around her.

The inspector was suspicious that there were blood drops on the floor. He confirms his fellow, who hadn’t seen blood. They spot the mannequin. The fellow walks towards it, then ignores it saying it is only a doll.

Ashok cries for Ragini’s help as the pain in his stomach worsens. His suffers on the floor. He now gathers courage and tries to power on the phone. It does not work.

In the storeroom, the inspector, and his fellow spot the same mannequin. The fellow suggests there can be two similar dolls. He sends his fellow to bring the other mannequin. It was no more in the room. Aarti was concerned. The fellow spots blood drops on the floor. Aarti says it is here since morning. The fellow goes to inform the inspector of the blood spots.

Ashok manages to walk downstairs. Ashok steps over broken glass on his way. He falls on the floor.

The inspector asks his fellow how the doll reached here. The fellow says blood stains are also in the room. Inspector says something is suspicious. He thinks about inspecting the doll. The fellow was terrified and asks him to stay away from it. As soon as the inspector touches the mannequin with his stick, it changes its side.

Ragini’s mother find both Ashok and Ragini unconscious. She wakes Ragini by sprinkling water on her face. Ragini was concerned for Ashok. She tells her mother his nose and mouth bled. Her mother calls Ambulance. Ragini decides to take him in their car. Ragini drives the car.

Cheeru laughs from inside the mannequin. The inspectors sat in front of him. It says they troubled her mother by inquiring her. If they tell anyone in the family about him, he will not spare them alive. The inspector and the fellow apologize and run out of the storeroom. Outside the storeroom, the policemen were afraid. They decide to flee the spot. The inspector decides he will tell everyone that he informed respective department.

In the hospital, doctors send Ashok inside the treatment room. Ragini and her mother sit in the waiting room. She cries and tells her mother that she made juice for Ashok. Her mother was tensed that what they will do without Ashok. Everyone will blame them for his condition.

Maatangi questions Aarti why she is not asking Cheeru. Aarti was afraid that Cheeru will be angry with her. Maatangi was angry that she will be responsible for Ashok’s death. It was Aarti who brought Cheeru into the side. Cheeru never cared for his mother when alive, and now she cares for him when he wants to kill her husband.

The doctor comes outside and tells Ragini they could not save the patient.

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