Aatma Bandhan 5th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Aarti to visit Cheeru’s ghost

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The episode starts with police at Krishanprasad house. The maid comes upstairs and informs Ashok that police has arrived. Ashok comes downstairs. The police hands Ashok a bag of things they found at the site of accident. Ashok receives the bag. The police leave. Ashok unwraps the bag and finds a doll and cell phone. Chaitra had climbed downstairs cries watching this. Ashok further unwraps to find the pen Cheeru always held in his hand. He remembers Cheeru being stubborn and wanted a pen which clicked. He remembers when he had brought the pen to Cheeru. Dada ji hugs Ashok. Ashok cries that Cheeru was attached to the pen, and loved this clicking of pen, piano… these are the memories of Cheeru now left to them.

Outside, Maatangi the maid consoles Aarti not to worry. Aarti says her son died because of her. She wishes to speak to him once, apologize and request him. Maatangi says he will hear. She can speak to her son. Around 270km away from here is a village of souls, there is a temple. She will have to take the Asthiya, go inside the temple and close the door. She should keep the doors shut. At midnight souls visit the temple. May be, they would plead her and even cry for her to open the door, but she must not open the door at any cost. Then, she can invite her son there and speak to him. Aarti asks if she can meet her son? Maatangi says no. Souls stay outside the Devstan and are not allowed inside. She can only hear her son. She tells Aarti that souls would instigate her, cry and try to convince her to open the door. But no matter what, she should not open the door. In the morning when she leaves the, she should at no cost look behind her. She warns Aarti not to share this with anyone at home. Rani overhears this.

In the room, Aarti thinks if this is really possible. Is there any such temple. But she has nothing to lose now.

Rani tries to inquire from Maatangi about Aarti. Maatangi tells her to ask clearly what she wants to. Rani asks where Aarti plans to go, she is distressed and might take any false step. Maatangi says Aarti was asking if she can go out in thunderstorm and lightening. She forbids her and is even forbidding Rani to go out. She turns to leave.

Guru ji and his disciple were worried at see a flock of crows fighting with each other. One of the crow dies and falls to their feet. Guru ji tries to figure out the warning sign.

At home, Maatangi was worried that Aarti was going alone. Aarti requests her not to tell anyone at home. She promises to answer the family’s questions. Maatangi takes Aarti’s promise that Aarti will not open the door between her and the soul. There was a call from temple. Guru ji speaks to Dada ji that the shadows of death are not over their family. He warns Dada ji that no one must step out of the house. The evil soul may take another life of his house. Dada ji was terrified and drops the glass of water in his hand.
The family was gathered in the hall. Dada ji says when Guru ji has forbidden them, no one must step out of the house then. They were all inquisitive of the reason. Rani taunts that Guru ji always controls their family. Indraprasad scolds Rani not to talk anything wrong. Aarti insists Dada ji to share the real reason which Guru ji told him. Dada ji says the soul may kill someone from them. Aarti takes Chaitra upstairs.

Maatangi stops Aarti that she should not leave today. Aarti says she does not care for her life. If she dies, she will atleast live with her son.

Dada ji says Guru ji has never predicted anything wrong. He never did anything against him, except for one thing. Indraprasad says he did the wrong. Dada ji did not want him to discuss the matter. Indraprasad leaves.

Ashok takes Ragini’s call and replies ‘yes sir’. Ragini taunts that he changed her gender. She is darling, nor sir. Ashok says he is stuck at home, will speak to him later. Ragini orders him to be here right away. Ashok apologizes as his father does not allow them to step out of the house today.

In the room, Rani followed Indra and snatched his newspaper. She questions what was it that Guru ji had forbidden them. Was it that Indra should not marry her? Guru ji believed that she was not worth this family. Indra says he was right. They have all known that Rani only loves his brother’s property. Bhavani spied outside the room. As Rani drops vase inside, Bhavani moves, and another vase slips outside. Rani spots her go downstairs and aims Bhavani as her next target.

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