Aatma Bandhan 5th December 2020 Written Episode Update: Cheeru punish Ashok for his extramarital affair

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The episode starts with Ashok in a state of shock to see his empty plate. He wonders if he lost his mental stability or the plate really emptied on its own. He thinks about asking Maatangi, then rejects the idea. He gets a call from Ragini who wanted to meet him. Ashok says Aarti can come anytime, and he has work in factor. Ragini replies that anyone can take care of Aarti, and Kriparker will look after factory work. Ashok agrees to come to her.

Ashok walks to his room and cautiously opens the door. The mannequin was no more on the chair. He breathes of relief. He opens the door of cupboard, then slams shut it. His phone bell rings continuously. It was Indra. He tells Ashok they will bring Aarti home in a while, he should not leave. Ashok says he has a lot of work to do and cuts the call angrily. He decides to leave the house before Aarti reach home.

Rani drives the car with Nandi idol. She laughs that she could not let it inside the house, as it would have ruined her work. She will now sink it in water.

Ashok was leaving home when the family and Aarti return. Indra says he asked Ashok not to go. Ashok says it is really important meeting. Bhavani complains he did not even inquire once about her health or well-being. Ashok asks Aarti how she is. Bhavani murmurs that he better not ask like this. Ashok leaves. Indra consoles Aarti that they are all here, she must take complete rest now. Aarti was weepy that she is lucky to have them all as her family.

Rani’s car loses its balance when a snake appears on the bonnet of her car. She comes out to find the snake, but it was nowhere to be seen.

In the room, Aarti spots the broken window glass. She thinks there is surely something wrong. She asks Maatangi what happened here. Maatangi says it was Cheeru. He did this earlier as well. Yesterday Ashok was in the room, he seemed quite afraid but did not tell her anything. Maatangi tells Aarti to think about this with peaceful mind. Aarti wonders if Cheeru did all this, why he is angry.
Rani ran with Nandi idol in her hand, towards the lake. Aghori Baba appears in front of Rani. Rani recognizes him as kidnapper of Cheeru. Why he is behind their family. Aghori says he is for the good and will do good; she can not end this idol. Nandi’s idol is protector of Shiv, it is for good; she can not end this powers. Rani was determined not to give it to Aghori. She runs towards the forest.

Ashok was driving in the car, silently thinking about being haunted by the mannequin. Ashok wonders why she held the doll with herself and did not gift it to Chaitra. He thinks Aarti is home today. She will have the doll. And if it is there, then surely there is a link between the doll and Aarti. He reverses his car.

The Aghori follows Rani.

Aarti calls Cheeru in the room. She asks him to show up. She took his promise that he can not show himself to anyone in the house. Aarti’s chair was lifted off the floor. She was terrified.

Rani slips on the rough forest floor. Aghori reached her. She looks ahead to find a Nandi (cow) running towards her. It chases Rani.
Aarti’s dress stuck with the wheel of wheel-chair. The wheelchair falls back on floor. The mannequin appears on the table. Aarti cries looking towards it. She was happy that Cheeru could not let her slip. Someone wipes her tears. Aarti feels the hand. She speaks to the mannequin that she knows it is him. Then why he gets her the tension.

Rani reached the bank of lake. Aghori followed Rani and reached behind her. Rani steps downstairs and the Nandi fell into the water. Rani also slips in the lake. Aghori says they have no right to kill anyone. She will survive if she life is written for her, otherwise she will die. He leaves.

Aarti holds the hand of mannequin. Aarti says she is doing all this for him, she feels no wrong in doing anything for him. She asks him to listen to whatever she says. He must not connect to anyone in the house here, they are both sufficient for each other. A third person will never understand him. Ashok had reached the house and comes to the room. He finds Aarti talking to the mannequin, startled at the sight of Ashok.

Ashok questions Aarti how she is linked to this doll. He says this mannequin is responsible for Aarti being on the wheel-chair. He can not bear this mannequin in front of him. Aarti tries to stop Ashok. Ashok asks what will Aarti do. She was insistent. She requests Aarti to give it back. Ashok carries the mannequin outside the house. Aarti was left crying on the wheel-chair. Ashok dumbs the mannequin on the store-room saying he was afraid for all these days if it was really alive.

Rani comes out of the lake. She celebrates ending all the hurdles from her ways.

Aarti thinks that Ashok hates the mannequin for a certain reason. He fainted in the hospital. There is surely something more and Ashok doubts if she is hiding something from him.

Rani comes to a restaurant to buy water bottle. She spots Ashok with Ragini there. Ragini and Ashok shared straw in the same drink. Rani tries to recognize the girl and recalls it was their employee. She clicks the photo of Ashok and Ragini and show it to Kriparker. Kriparker says this girl works in accounts department of their office. Rani recognizes her name as Janki. Kriparker corrects that she is Ragini. She decides to tell her all the truth.

At night, Ashok was in his room alone. He looks behind him, it was Maatangi. Ashok asks where Aarti is. Maatangi replies she is sleeping in Chaitra’s room. She will now sleep there. Ashok was angry if Aarti has gone crazy. He wonders what Aarti wish. Maatangi was tensed that Ashok is angry.

In Chaitra’s room, Ashok questions why Aarti is sleeping here. She wants to show the family he does not care for her. Aarti says she does not expect any sympathy from him. She thought he would stay with her in the hospital, then care for her at home as well; but why he behaves so strangely. Ashok says he has gone crazy, alright? Bhavani comes there and tells Ashok to control his frustration. He must have inquired her with love, why she is sleeping here. Ashok was helpless and leaves the room, saying they should do whatever they wish to.

In the room, Ashok was furious. He thinks Ashok has decided to turn him a criminal in his family’s eyes. He was frustrated that no one understands him here.

Rani comes to the room and calls Cheeru to show up. Cheeru comes to the room and speaks to Rani. He says he is right behind her. Rani sees Cheeru through the bangles. Cheeru thanks Rani for bearing the trouble to keep him in the house. Rani assures his support to Cheeru always. Rani says Ashok is involved with an outer women. He listens to the other woman and always fight with his mother. Today, Aarti is sleeping in Chaitra’s room. Now, Aarti will stay near Chaitra and will even forget Cheeru. Cheeru was furious over Ashok and leaves the room. Rani notices Cheeru did not even drink the milk. It seems he is really angry.

Ashok was asleep when the mannequin enters the room. The door was shut behind.

Aarti was in the room. She decides to go to Ashok and check if Cheeru is there or not. There in the room, Ashok leaves his bed like a guided dummy. Aarti gets on her wheel-chair. The mannequin vanishes as Aarti comes in and worried for not finding Ashok.
Ashok heads outside the house from the main door.

Aarti cries for help from family, as Ashok was nowhere around.

Ashok walks on the deserted street all alone.

Maatangi runs to Aarti. Aarti says Ashok is not at home. Maatangi goes to tell Indra about it.
Ashok reaches a graveyard.

Indra comes to Aarti and asks where Ashok is. Aarti says she does not know where he has gone. Indra was tensed. Aarti requests him not to let anyone know. Aarti says it has been around ten minutes that he left. Indra turns to find everyone from the family behind. He says Ashok is not home. Kriparker sends Maatangi to check for his car. On the stairs, Rani was startled to find Maatangi. She wished to see Ashok suffer, but he isn’t home. Maatangi says all cars are in the garage. It elevates the tensions. Indra and Kriparker go to check for Ashok.

In the graveyard, Ashok wakes up from his hypnosis. He looks around and was afraid of being in the middle of graveyard. Strange voices haunt him. He wonders how he reached here. The mannequin appears on one of the graves. Ashok was quizzical.
Indra and Kriparker look for Ashok on the streets.

Someone places a hand over Ashok’s shoulder. He was terrified. Some invisible hands clutch his neck, making him suffocate. The mannequin nears towards Ashok.

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