Aatma Bandhan 3rd January 2021 Written Episode Update: Aghori Baba performs Cheeru’s aatma bandhan for a year

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Aghori Baba touches Ashok’s forehead with his Trishol, encapturing him in the Mandal. Cheeru shouts for Aarti’s help. The ring of Mandal caught fire. Aarti come to save Cheeru. Maatangi pulls Aarti back. Aghori Baba continues chanting his Mantra. Aarti requests Maatangi to let her save her son. She recalls when in the lake, drowning Cheeru similarly called for help. Maatangi tries to pull Aarti’s hand back from Cheeru’s grip. Aghori Baba flies a smoke. Aarti’s grip on Cheeru’s hand loosens. Maatangi takes Aarti backwards. Ashok’s body fell on the floor, still trembling and Cheeru calling Mummy. Aghori Baba press his face and captures Cheeru’s spirit in a bottle. He hangs the bottle with a tree and covers it with a red cloth.

Aghori Baba then bathes Ashok with water. Maatangi asks Baba why he still looks tensed. Aghori Baba had to tell them a few important things. They need to strengthen their hearts. Aarti says she has already suffered a lot. Aghori Baba tells them that they cannot overlook the truth and must live with it. Cheeru’s death is not the end, it is a deliberate planning. Someone planned to kill Cheeru. Aarti demands who the culprit is, and why someone want to do so. If Cheeru’s shraddha had been done in time, his spirit must have left. His return is the biggest problem. He has captured his spirit for a year. But next year, he might return even stronger. There is only a single way to resolve the matter; that is Cheeru’s rebirth in which he gets his mother’s love and dies a normal life. She must make sure she bears another child till next years. Otherwise, Cheeru’s spirit will return. Ashok will be absolutely fine within next two days. Baba leaves. Maatangi congratulates Aarti and says her prayers have been answered. Aarti takes Maatangi home.

At home, the family awaited them. Rani thinks Ashok seems better. Now, all her plans will be ruined. Vayda takes Ashok’s hand. Indraprasad tells Maatangi and Aarti to stay outside. Why they returned, when they did not tell anyone while leaving. Rani questions where she was. She dodged them all and took Ashok out of the house. She is happy that Ashok is fine, otherwise she would have hung them. She blames Maatangi for also being a culprit.

Aarti takes Maatangi inside. Rani accuses that Aarti does not value whatever they say. She shouts at them to stop here; they cannot enter the house. Indraprasad complains to Aarti that he trusted him. Aarti says she did nothing to break his trust, still she apologizes for ignoring his instruction to stay out. If she had intended to kill Ashok, she would never have brought him in. If they dislike her living in the house, she will leave this house on her own, but she has to tell them about a truth. If she had not taken Ashok there, he must not have been alive. She does not want to hide the truth anymore.

A mother bears her child for nine months, speaks to her child and gives birth to him in tremendous pain. She dreams of his birth and life in the world. She could not fulfil her dreams in Cheeru’s life. Then she blamed herself for his death. She was deep depression and wanted to speak to him and apologize. She went where his spirit was. She narrates what Maatangi had told her, and that she had opened the forbidden door of temple. Cheeru returned demanding all the love from her. When he was alive, he never demanded the kind of attention, so she stopped his Shraddh. She narrates the whole story of their shifting; and how she brought Cheeru’s astiya in this new house as well. Bhavani asks if he is still here? Aarti says not anymore. She took Ashok out of this house to get him peace. Maatangi has always stood besides her in all this, otherwise they might have lost Ashok.

Indraprasad asks what she did. Why she did not share everything with them. She was bearing all the pain herself. Aarti agrees it was her mistake to blame herself for Cheeru’s death. But there is more to this truth. Rani and Kriparker now stared, holding their breathes. Aarti says Cheeru did not die in an accident, it was a planned accident. She says they misperceived Aghori Baba, because he had taken Cheeru along only because his life was endangered. Indraprasad apologizes to Aghori Baba and asks who is responsible for Cheeru’s death? Baba blames Rani. Everyone in the family was shocked to hear the blame. Cheeru must not have died, had he stayed with him. This lady, Rani is responsible for all the sufferings of Cheeru. Not only this, but Rani is also responsible for Cheeru’s hatred for his mother. She fed him a powder which infuriated him against his mother. Rani also performed black magic on Ashok to take his life. This Rani is to be blamed for all these problems. Had Ashok not left this house today, he must have died. Rani denies all these accusations and tells Indraprasad not to trust him. Aghori Baba leaves the decision to trust on not to trust on the family. Aarti falls on the floor out of agony.

Vayda was angry that Rani is filled with so much hatred. Bhavani says today Rani lost the respect as an elder as well. Vayda questions why she killed Cheeru. Rani speaks to Indra and says she can never do this. Indra turns to Rani and says no matter if anyone believes Aghori Baba or not; he will not. He knows Rani so well, but still could not understand her acts. He slaps her and clutched her neck. Aarti comes to save Rani, but Indra was determined to kill Rani no matter he has to go to jail. Indra curses himself for marrying this woman. She does not deserve to live in this house and asks Kriparker to call the police. Kriparker stops Indraprasad. Rani stares at Kriparker, and fells into Indra’s feet. Aarti compels Indra that this is about their family’s respect. Indraprasad ousts Rani but she pleads to let him live here.

Rani runs to Aarti and pleads for a single chance to live in this house. Aarti tells her to forget everything and walks inside. Indraprasad kiss Aarti’s hand and apologizes her for all the misunderstanding. He is the eldest in this house but could never act so. Cheeru can never return to them. Maatangi tells them that Cheeru can be reborn in Aarti’s lap. Within a year, a child must be born in this house. Everyone was happy and excited but Aarti remained silent. Aarti says this is not possible. She goes inside and brings some medical reports. Vayda reads that Aarti can never be a mother again. Maatangi was at once tensed, that Aarti must bear a child within a year. Otherwise, Cheeru’s spirit will return and this time it will end the family. Indraprasad prays for a way out. There was distress and hopelessness.

Aarti prays for a blessing from God. She prays for a child. She leaves the hall saying she must find a way out. Maatangi follows Aarti outside. She asks where she is going. Aarti says she wants to meet Aghori Baba. They need a permanent fixture of this problem, instead of a single year. She will only come back when she has found the solution. She and Maatangi leave together.
Aarti and Maatangi reach the forest clearing. Maatangi says Baba has gone to Himalayas, she is unsure if they will even meet him. Aarti comes to Baba. She says he cannot leave without solving her problem completely. She cannot be a mother again. There has to be life, and happiness must prevail in their family. Aghori says God has placed a solution to every problem. Her life may be endangered. He says Ashok must marry another woman and takes a leave.

Aarti walks out of the forest, past flashed in her eyes. She thinks whether she can get a husband’s love or a son’s love. She will have to get away from Ashok once again.

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