Aatma Bandhan 30th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Aarti leaves the house amidst danger

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The episode starts with Aarti tensed, as the passerby tells them to take care. Saadhu sacrifice children to perform black magic.
In the forest, the Saadhu bathes Cheeru with oil. It then loudly speaks a few verses in front of Shivlin. He then brings a powder and rubs it on Cheeru’s forehead, but a bead string in his neck. The family had run into the forest and found Cheeru. Aarti runs to drag Cheeru towards herself. The Saadhu was startled at their interruption. They inquire what he is doing with the child, why he brought him here. Rani notices the bead string in his neck and throws it over the Shivlin. Saadhu charges at the lady threatening him with his eyes. Dada Ji takes the family along as their Cheeru is safe. Cheeru turns around to see the Saadhu.

At home, Aarti stops Cheeru and questions why he went behind him. Cheeru says he called him. Aarti scolds if he would go with anyone, anyway. Aashok tells Cheeru to reply. Aarti was about to raise a hand over Cheeru but Rani comes as his savior. She defends that Cheeru is innocent and does not understand what is right or wrong. Aarti cries that she never wanted to hurt him. Rani says Aarti does not take care of her child at all, it is her duty to protect Cheeru. She takes Cheeru inside. Aarti was broken. Aashok’s phone bell rings, it was Ragini. His brother in law try to stop him but Ashok leaves. He then calls Ragini informing that Ashok has left, she must handle him cautiously.

In the room, Aarti was crying with Cheeru’s photo in hand. Chaitra comes to call Aarti to the room as Cheeru behaves strangely. Cheeru was cold and shivering in cold. Dada ji tells Aarti to visit temple in the morning and take Chaitra and Cheeru together. Chacha says this would not be possible. Dada ji compels that they will have to make this possible, he is her son, yet he does not speak to her. Aarti follows Rani outside and pleads her to convince Cheeru come with her to temple. Rani holds her hands assuring that Cheeru will come with her. Rani thinks she is equally suffering to get hold of this property. She will snatch her son and use him against this family and Aarti.

Saadhu had come to the house once again, in the dark of night. He comes towards Cheeru, reads something on the sand and rubs it over Cheeru’s face. A light emits from his forehead. Saadhu then puts in the bead string in his neck and silently leaves. Aarti wakes up and was startled to find the beads around Cheeru’s neck. She wonders where this necklace returned from. She throws it away, the beads scattering around. She wonders if that Saadhu came again.

A guru ji tells one of his disciples to inform Dada ji that times are not good. No one from his family must leave the house as it might endanger one of their lives. Dada ji was asleep and does not attend the call.

Aarti thinks Aashok had not returned so late. Ragini lay in his lap. She places a knife on her arm, threatening that he cannot leave. Aashok attends the call. Aarti inquires why he is so late he must return by now. Aashok says since it is very late, he thinks he must spend the night in some hotel. Aarti says Dada ji wants them to go to temple tomorrow with kids. Aashok tells her that he will be fresh tomorrow morning and pick them up from nearby the factory.

The next morning, Aarti prays to get love of her son back. A flower falls off the idol. She was thankful at the signal. Rani prepares Cheeru for temple. Cheeru asks Rani if she would also accompany him. Rani promises that she will join him later. Cheeru agrees and goes outside. Aarti stood outside and tries to hug Cheeru. Cheeru backs off. Aarti cries and asks why he hates her, he must come along to the temple. Papa is waiting for them near the temple. Cheeru turns away, not ready to go.

The disciple of Guru ji calls Krishnaprasad house. A lady attends the call but does not respond. The disciple conveys the message. A smile spreads the lady’s mouth, she does not even place the receiver back. It was Raani. She was happy that Good is planning their death. No one can stop them from going out of the house today.

Outside, Cheeru protests but Aarti takes him into the car. Rani smiles from the window. The car was stopped by the Saadhu standing in front of them. Aarti does not understand his language but asks who he is. She does not understand his language. The maid thinks that it seems to be Sanskrit. She reads from a book and was afraid that the language means ‘don’t go out of the house’. She follows Aarti but could not stop her.

Aarti’s car speeded without control.

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