Aatma Bandhan 30th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Rani and Kriparker together in a plan

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Guru ji sprinkles dust in the air and reads some sacred verses. Red footprints of a child appear on the floor, leading towards the window. He smiles. Guru ji comes out of the room and tells everyone to follow him downstairs. In the hall, Guru ji says the ghost has left the house. Aarti was shocked to hear this. Guru ji tells Indraprasad to tie the lemon and coconut to the front and backside door.

Indraprasad asks Guru ji about Cheeru’s Shraddh. Guru ji tells them to perform is beside Sangam tomorrow. They must be no celebrations till next day of Shraddh. They can contact him if needed. He asks them to keep it 10 am tomorrow, he will meet them there. Guru ji instructs them not to place coconut and lemon on floor at any cost, otherwise it will lose its power.

In the room, Ashok asks Aarti if she remembers well where she placed the Astiya. They wonder where it can be. Ashok says Guru ji doubted Astiya is here, and he came here looking for Astiya but it wasn’t here.

Jaisima brings the stool to tie the coconut and lemon. Indraprasad turns to the other direction. Suddenly the stool beneath Jaisima was moved. He slips but Kriparker reaches there in time. Indraprasad was angry. Jaisima says it seems someone pushed him. Kriparker now climbs the stool and ties the coconut and lemon. Kriparker now sends Jaisima to tie the coconut and lemon on the backside door, he has a meeting to attend. Jaisima assures he will do the task. Indraprasad says he needs to talk to Pandit ji and sends Jaisima alone.

Cheeru tries to enter the main door but it was blocked for him. He heads towards the backside door. Jaisima was afraid on his way to backside door.

Maatangi asks Aarti if she has hidden the Astiya? Aarti says yes, she did. Maatangi takes Aarti outside and questions where? Aarti leads Maatangi to a tree where she had hidden the Astiya inside the trunk. Maatangi takes the Astiya but Aarti stops her. Maatangi says this Astiya creates problems for family, they need to visarjid it. Aarti slaps Maatangi and tells her not to do so. Her promise to Cheeru, tension in the house and all this is suffocating her. Maatangi asks how she will stop Cheeru after Shraddh tomorrow. Aarti says Shraddh will never happen tomorrow.

On his way to the back door, Jaisima was pushed from behind. Maatangi goes to check, and taunts that her son did something again. Jaisima runs for his life, as he was caught by the ghost. He comes inside trembling and hits Indraprasad. Indraprasad and Ashok were in a disbelief of whatever Jaisima said. Indraprasad asks Jaisima where is coconut and lemon? Jaisima remembers that he might have lost it when he fell down. Ashok spots it in his hand and points it to Indraprasad. Ashok tells Jaisima to get rid of this fear. He takes Jaisima along to tie the coconut and lemon.

A man stood near a cliff in a deserted place. Rani comes to meet him.

Aarti speaks to the Astiya that this time she will surely save him. He will see tomorrow how her mummy saves him from this Shraddh.
On their way to backdoor, there were no remnants of a fallen tree or accident. Ashok tells Jaisima to silently go ahead. Jaisima climbs the stool and asks Ashok to keep standing there. He looks around in fear but was insistent to tie the coconut and lemon himself. He boasts about his victory afterwards.

Rani confirms the man if it is true. The man tells Rani to read it. It is the photocopy of the will. Rani asks him to read it and say what condition that Krishanprasad placed in the will. Kriparker was the stranger on the cliff and says Krishanprasad named his property after his grandchild Cheeru. Rani objects that Cheeru is dead. The lawyer says they need to ask Krishanprasad himself whom to nominate after Cheeru. Kriparker says no one knows where Krishanprasad is. The lawyer suggests them to go to an old lady Mata Jai Jamba, who can control the ghosts and dead’s souls.

The lawyer leads them to a deserted underground building. Rani did not believe someone could live here. A lady welcomes them saying Mata Jai Jamba awaits them. They were lead to a lady who was asleep. She speaks to Rani directly why she came so late.

PRECAP: The lady Jai Jamba says she can pave way for a second birth of Cheeru. She needs two drop of his mother’s birth for the task. Rani gathers two drops of Aarti’s blood.

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