Aatma Bandhan 27th December 2020 Written Episode Update: Maatangi’s quest to save Ashok

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Rani questions Aghori how he came inside. Aghori Baba says he does not need anyone’s permission to come in. He warns that Rani must keep her heart clean and pure, she is creating all the unrest between the family members. Rani threatens to call the family members. He is a beggar who breaks into every house. Aghori Baba says he is blessed with Shiv; he isn’t a beggar. Rani goes outside to call the family. Aghori Baba place a hand over Ashok’s forehead. Ashok leaves with Aghori Baba. They all stop them. Indraprasad asks Aghori Baba why he is taking Kriparker, and why he always come to their house. Aghori and Kriparker were assertive. Aghori Baba tells them to let him go now, otherwise there will be a death in this family. Rani says earlier he took Cheeru and he died the third day. Today he wishes to take their Ashok from here. Aghori Baba says he came to save a life here. The family take Ashok inside. Matangi pleads on Baba to save the life which is endangered. Aghori Baba leaves.

Inside, Maatangi convince Indra to listen to the Baba. Rani says that Aghori took their Cheeru and he died, what if Ashok also dies. Indra decides to stay in Ashok’s room now.

Aarti asks Maatangi why Aghori Baba came here. Maatangi says Aghori Baba said Ashok’s life is endangered and was taking him, but the family did not let him. Aarti cries that Cheeru wants to kill Ashok. Maatangi consoles Aarti that they have fallen into the sea of ignorance, they must swim to the beach anyways. Maatangi tells Aarti that Indraprasad will sleep with Ashok tonight, it is about a single night only. She goes to prepare for Ashok’s protection.

Maatangi ties a few amulets in the house, one on Ashok’s dress as well. Rani prepares milk for Ashok and Indra. She decides that these are the last few days of Ashok. Indra was preparing to sleep. Rani comes to the room with milk. Indra teases her for being so nice. Rani says she cares for everyone as well. Aarti who took care of Ashok is behaving strangely and she has to look after everyone. Indra drinks from his glass while Rani gives Ashok the poisonous milk with her hands. Indra felt sleepy and tells Rani to shut the door.

Later, Rani takes a plate to Ashok to perform Jaijamba’s tantra. She was unable to enter the room. She thinks it must be because of some God power. She spots a thread in Ashok’s dress and wonders if this is the power. She wonders if someone knew about it and was protecting him. She cuts the thread and was now able to walk into the room easily. Jaijamba follows her instructions to rub Ashok’s face, blacken his feet and pluck three hair from Ashok placing over the dolls. She had to twist the doll’s hand and resultantly, Ashok’s arm also twisted.
In the morning, Maatangi wakes Indraprasad out of worry. Ashok slept strangely. Indra hears his heartbeat and says he is asleep. Maatangi notices his hands were twisted. Indra wakes Ashok up and asks if he has a problem? He holds Ashok’s hand, but it falls back on the bed. Maatangi gets worried that it seems his hands lost their powers. Rani says she had given him the milk last night, he was fine. Vayda asks to call the doctor. They hear Aarti’s scream. Everyone rushes to her room.

Maatangi unlocks Aarti’s room. Aarti sat on the bed with her hand fallen on her face. Everyone was terrified to see her as she laughed and threw her hair off her face. Rani stammers that she has gone crazy. Aarti stands with her hand pointed towards Rani. Maatangi thinks about a way to calm her down, it seems Cheeru possessed her. Aarti pushes Maatangi away from her as she tries to speak to her. Aarti screams why they have locked here. Maatangi says they only wish to give some rest to Aarti. Indraprasad shout at Aarti that they bear her because she is their daughter in law. Aarti was assertive that she won’t sit there. Indra tries to forcefully push her on the bed. Aarti grabs his neck. Maatangi, Rani and everyone push her away. Indraprasad was choking. Maatangi sends everyone outside to call the doctor. She now turns to Aarti and directly speaks to Cheeru. Cheeru replies. She questions how Cheeru dared to possess Aarti. Cheeru says she is her mother, and he can do anything to her. He could not enter his father’s body, so he came into her. He will not leave and wants Aarti. Maatangi orders Cheeru to leave her if he really loves her mother. Cheeru says he will kill anyone who dares cast a single eye on his mother.

The doctor comes home and wanted to speak to the patient in loneliness. He comes inside and speaks to Aarti pleasantly. He asks Aarti what is happening to her, it seems she shouts a lot. Soon, everyone outside hears the screams and was soon pushed out of the room.

In the balcony, Rani tells Kriparker that whatever Jaijamba said is coming true. Cheeru is unable to get inside Ashok and has possessed Aarti now. Kriparker was afraid. Rani says it is as per their plan. Ashok lost his hands and will now lose his legs tonight. Tomorrow, he will puke blood and will die right at 1am. Kriparker says that Cheeru know about their true faces, what if he…
As Rani works with Jaijamba’s doll, Ashok trembles. Maatangi cries that today Ashok is losing his legs. Vayda tries to call the doctor but he was busy. Indra sends for Kriparker so that they can take him to hospital.

Maatangi comes to Aarti and says Ashok is trembling on the bed. He is losing his limbs. She is unable to see him. Aarti cries that he is suffering because of her mistakes. She says God left her side, she repeated the mistake and chose the wrong path for herself. Now she will bear the brunt. Cheeru has decided to kill Ashok, Chaitra, her and then Maatangi. He will kill everyone from their family. They need to find a way out to stop him. They must tie his spirit. Maatangi confirms if she really wants this. Aarti was determined. She is a mother who wished to keep son with him, has now decided for Cheeru’s Aatma Bandhan. Maatangi asks her to leave the rest on her, she will speak to Baba tomorrow.

In the morning, Maatangi pleads on Aghori Baba to save Ashok. Aghori says Ashok is suffering because of black magic. Cheeru is not the only reason. Tonight, Ashok will die on third day of black magic being performed on him. Maatangi gets in Baba’s feet and requests him to save Ashok. The family will disperse if Ashok is no more. Aghori Baba says this is third day of magic. It is difficult for him to live.

Rani brings the black magic doll in the backyard. Vayda was in Ashok’s room and watches him suffer. Baba tells Maatangi that Ashok will be dug in the backyard today. Rani digs the hole in backyard and place the doll in it. There, everyone shouted for Ashok. Aarti hears this and requests the family members to open the door. Aghori Baba says they can try only but not sure if he will be saved. He asks Maatangi to find the doll and sprinkle Shiv’s water on it. If it works, Ashok will still be under influence of magic. If Ashok will come here, Cheeru will possess him. Maatangi was determined to find the doll. She speaks about possession of Aarti. Baba says Cheeru possessed Aarti but realized it was useless to her. He tells Maatangi to bring Ashok and Cheeru’s astiya to him. He gives her a ball which will help her lead to astiya.

At home, Maatangi was led to the store-room where Cheeru’s Astiya were. She now heads to find the magic doll.
Kriparker thinks today Ashok must die. They can not take him out of the room until he is under the influence of magic. Maatangi comes there. Indra was crying. Maatangi tells him to have faith on God. Indra was determined not to lose Ashok, he had to take Ashok to hospital. Maatangi wonders how she will then take Ashok to Baba. She comes out in the garden and looks for the magic ridden doll. In the backyard, she spots the softened soil.
Ashok’s mouth was turning blue.

PRECAP: Maatangi tells Aarti about the danger on Ashok’s life. She and Aarti take Ashok to Baba. Ashok runs from Aghori Baba, it was Cheeru who revolted.

Update Credit to: Sona

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