Aatma Bandhan 26th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Cheeru wish to be reborn

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Chaitra speaks to Cheeru’s photo that she loved him a lot, why he is angry with her. How she can stop Bua and Chacha ji. She is so afraid of him. When he was alive, he never came to Mummy for bed-time story, where Mummy was wrong in all this. Mummy loved him a lot, and she also loved Cheeru, but it was Cheeru who hated them. Aarti had come to the room door and hears this. Chaitra says if he wants her to get away from Mummy, she will die. Aarti cries. Chaitra continues that she would not die. Everyone in the family is upset since Cheeru died. Now if she also dies, there will be no child in the house. Chaitra says she will bear all the trouble Cheeru will cause her, but she can not see her Mummy crying. Aarti wonders what she must do, both her children need her love; what she should do.

Vayda brings Prasad. Indraprasad was able to open the door now. He says this is how evil is countered by God’s pure powers. The door opens with a jerk and hits Indraprasad on his forehead. Vayda was concerned for him. Indraprasad says there might be other hurdles on the way as well. Such powers always exist in houses were Shraddh is pending.

Chaitra comes to complain Aarti about Cheeru, as Cheeru wants to kill him. Aarti scolds Chaitra who blames Cheeru for every minor thing. She strictly tells Chaitra not to blame Cheeru. Her son is coming near her with love now, he never hurts anyone. She leaves the food plate for Chaitra and shuts the door. Chaitra was hopeless as no one trusts her.

Vayda and Indraprasad come outside and were struck by a heavy storm. Indraprasad was determined to meet Guru ji today at every cost. They get in the car, but it does not start. Indra and Vayda look towards each other. Indra reads a protection prayer for them. They car starts.

In the room, Aarti cries for her helplessness. She wonders where she must go, whom to take care of, whom to love. She prays for help from God. The door of the room opens. Someone places a hand over her shoulder.

Indraprasad discusses with Guru ji that everyone in the family is facing some troubles. Guru ji complains that Krishanprasad must have done 11 days Shraddh at the time he came to their house, because he sensed some evil power in that house. Indraprasad says they want to do the Shraddh. Guru ji says there is surely someone who wants to stop the Shraddh. Guru ji says he will have to visit their house to tell who it is. He asks Indra and Vayda to stay at Aashram and not to return before sun rise.

It was Ashok who placed his hand on Aarti’s shoulder. He asks why she is upset. Aarti wipes her tears. Ashok speaks to Aarti that her behavior is changing with each passing day, there is some reason behind this. Aarti denies any change. Ashok says he understands her pain. She was concerned about Cheeru, what he will do. Aarti wonders if Maatangi told him about Cheeru. Ashok says whatever happens in the house is because of Cheeru who returned as a black power. Aarti says it is not like this. Aashok insists why Aarti has been lying. She is always in deep thoughts, afraid and tensed. Aarti changes the mood. She says she was concerned for Rani and Bhavani. Ashok thinks he will dig the matter out himself.

The door of Chaitra’s room opens while she was asleep. Cheeru mocks that mummy always Chaitra, but he has taken mummy away from her. Mummy will not love her or trust her anymore. No one will be her side now.

Aarti’s phone bell rings while she was asleep. She tries to pick up the phone but it falls down and was powered off. Vayda tells Indra it can’t be connected. Aarti turns the phone on and wonders why Vayda has been calling. Vayda tells Aarti she and Papa came to meet Guru ji in Aashram. They came here and are about to stay in the Aashram today. Vayda explains they came to speak to Guru ji about all the strange things happening in the house. Aarti was shocked to hear this and inquires what Guru ji said. Vayda says Guru ji told them to prepare for Shraddh. He also believes someone is there to stop the task. Aarti was worried that if Guru ji comes home tomorrow, how she will stop the Shraddh. She goes to see Chaitra who was sound asleep. Cheeru slams the door on her face, holds Aarti’s hand and locks her in a room. Aarti requests Cheeru not to hurt Chaitra and open the door. What if his father wakes up and knows everything.

Ashok wakes up and looks for Aarti. Aarti promises Cheeru to never do this again. Ashok checks in the washroom but she wasn’t there. He tries to turn on the lights of the room, but it does not work. Cheeru drags Aarti to a chair. She hears the voice of a crying Cheeru that she still loves Chaitra more than him. If she loves him more, or Chaitra. Aarti replies she loves him more than anything. She has been suffering a lot to stop his Shraddh and hide him here. Cheeru cries that he did not know she loves him so much; he wants to be borne from her womb again. Aarti was confused. Cheeru requests Aarti for a story.
Ashok comes out to the hall looking for Aarti. He thinks maybe she had gone to bring water.
Cheeru demands Aarti to start the story. Aarti tells him to keep on responding. Aarti tells Cheeru about a Raja Darshat.
Maatangi opened a trunk. She sat under the candle light and says there is a single way to save Chaitra.

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