Aatma Bandhan 22nd October 2020 Written Episode Update: Cheeru attacks Chaitra

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The episode starts with Chaitra come to the room and demanding Aarti food as she is hungry. She lay down on the bed.
Maatangi shares with Aarti that her fears are coming true. She had clarified that ghosts only come for revenge. A mother’s love for her child is not wrong but it is a sin that she tends to sacrifice the life of whole family. Aarti says she does not want to lose her son, as well as his family. Her son says he loves her, he demands to eat from her hand and asks her to sing lullaby. Maatangi joins hands and demands Aarti to let Cheeru’s shraddh take place. Suddenly, a door was locked. Maatangi was terrified.
In the room, Chaitra’s leg flies in the air. Chaitra cries for mummy’s help.

Aarti and Maatangi were locked in the room. Aarti was upset that Cheeru must be angry. He told her not to share this to anyone. They fear for Chaitra. Maatangi calls Bhavani and Vayda for help. Aarti forbids Maatangi, as the whole family might know about Cheeru then and will cause more trouble.

Chaitra was being dragged in her room to the door. Her room’s door was locked.

Aarti and Maatangi use hairpin to unlock the door. Ashok sat outside and asks where Aarti had gone. He brought food for her. Maatangi makes up that she had slipped and called Aarti for help. Aarti asks Ashok to leave her food in the room. Ashok apologizes Aarti for being rude.

Maatangi runs upstairs to Chaitra’s room and pushes the door open. She finds a mess in Chaitra’s room while she was not there. Maatangi looks around and was shocked to see Chaitra. She screams for Aarti.

On the table, Ashok gives bites to Aarti. Aarti says she will eat by herself. Ashok asks if she does not like him feeding her. He apologizes for his behavior. Aarti understands that there are a lot of tensions in the house already. Aarti says she is full. She takes food for Chaitra to her room, as she must have retuned from school. She brings food to Chaitra’s room. A terrified Maatangi points towards a bunch of Chaitra’s hair flung from under the washroom door. Aarti hurries towards the door, push open it and helps Chaitra outside. Chaitra’s nose bled. Aarti tries to wake Chaitra and urges Maatangi to speak her up. Maatangi hears her heartbeat which was normal. She sprinkles water over Chaitra’s face to wake her up. In the room, Ashok asks Aarti what happened to Chaitra. Why her nose is bleeding. Aarti and Maatangi look towards each other. Aarti lies to Ashok that she slipped in the washroom.
Vayda and Bhavani come to Chaitra’s room. Aarti tells Vayda she slipped in bathroom. Jaisima says a person even dies if slipped in bathroom. Rani says there are always troubles in the house, because they did not perform peace pooja of Cheeru. Bhavani argues that their parents already told them about it and they have decided to perform it, Rani need not blame Cheeru for everything. Aarti shouts at them to stop the argument. Vayda says Chaitra is weak, and the blood is because of heat in her body. Chaitra wakes up screaming: no, please don’t harm me. Aarti hugs Chaitra. Aashok asks Chaitra what happened. Aarti says she is fine, but Ashok scolds her to sit silently. Chaitra hugs Ashok and says she went to washroom and slipped there. Aarti was relieved. Ashok says even yesterday Chaitra slipped at the door of washroom, why this happens regularly. Chaitra hugs Ashok again. She thinks its Cheeru, but her mummy has forbidden her to tell anyone.

In the room, Rani was curt that she needs to throw Bhavani out of the house. She won’t let Bhavani own the house. She needs to prepare for Cheeru’s shraddh. She does not know if Cheeru’s ghost is wandering around the house or not, she will conduct the Shraddh before it is planned. This is important to prove her position in the house. The door slams shut behind her. She tries to open it, but it was locked.

Aarti locks the door of her room. She calls Cheeru as she has to speak to him. Cheeru does not show up. Aarti asks Cheeru why he behaves to Chaitra like an enemy. She promised not to love Chaitra, so she did not. How Cheeru can break his promise. He must remember how much Chaitra loved him. She never went to school without him, and never fought with him. Then why he still teases her. The lights in the room flash. Aarti tells Cheeru to speak up, why he does so. The armchair begins to rock. Cheeru says Aarti is crying because of Chaitra’s pain but Aarti did not cry even when he was drowning. She must have saved him when he was drowning. She does not love him because he was disabled. Aarti cries that she loves him a lot. Cheeru says Aarti always told everyone she has only one daughter. She wished he had died in her womb. Aarti asks Cheeru who used to fill his ears. Cheeru cries that Aarti never loved him, will she now? He wants to eat from her hands. Aarti was silent. Cheeru says, Papa, Dadu and everyone else wants to send him away from here. Aarti cries that she had forbidden everyone. Cheeru cries that he does not want to leave Aarti, he wants to live with her. Aarti thinks who filled Cheeru’s heart with hatred for her and Chaitra.

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