Aatma Bandhan 21st November 2020 Written Episode Update: Cheeru follows Aarti and Chaitra in shopping mall

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Rani prepares the diya and decides to take it to every corner of the house to see where it lights.

Coconuts fall from the tree by aggression of Cheeru. Maatangi watches through the window and thinks Cheeru has a limit now, he can no more enter into the house.

Rani hears a knock at the door. Maatangi thinks Cheeru is knocking the door, he wants to enter the house, but she can never let this happen. Rani thinks Cheeru must be knocking the door. She goes to the window to see falling coconuts and decides to see Cheeru outside through the magical bangles.

Indra wakes up at midnight. He wonders what Rani is upto, so late at night. She behaves strangely these days, and never share anything with anyone these days.

Rani looks outside and was terrified to see a spirit draped in white cloth right besides the fallen coconuts. Cheeru laughs outside. Rani thinks she can not see him. He already terrifies her. Indra comes behind Rani and place a hand on her shoulder. She screams in startlement. Rani explains she was sleepless and was wandering around the house. She heard some voices and came to see outside. Indra peeks through the window. The coconuts had vanished. He takes Rani inside. Rani notices the diya had vanished from the table as well.

The next morning, Aarti thinks if she did something wrong by asking Cheeru to stay outside yesterday. What if Cheeru is angry with her because she told him to stay out for a day. Then why he could not enter the house. Indraprasad comes to Aarti and says she did not take Chaitra to buy a gift for herself. He says others will take care of kitchen chores; she must instantly take Chaitra outside. He asks if Aarti lit the diya upstairs. Aarti says no. Rani thinks it must be Indra who took it upstairs. Now she wants to find if it was lit or not.

Chaitra was playing outside when her ball flung in the air. She tries to get it down, but it bounces forcefully and vanishes behind the planters. She fetches the ball but was pushed behind. The ball comes rolling to Chaitra who was now terrified and runs inside.
Aarti calls Ashok to accompany them for shopping. Ashok was annoyed with her and did not want to join. He tells her to buy Chaitra whatever she wishes to, and not to drive on her own and instead take driver along.

Chaitra runs upstairs. Aarti scolds Chaitra for running so terrifically. Chaitra says Cheeru came outside and even hit her. Aarti scolds her for always complaining against Cheeru. Chaitra complains that no one understands her, she does not want to celebrate her birthday. Aarti was emotional that they all want to celebrate her birthday. Aarti notices her nose was red and sore but Chaitra decides not to share with her any reasons.

Ragini was happy to see Ashok. She says she missed him dearly and wanted to meet him for so many days. She invites him inside. Ashok gets a phone call. It was Aarti who says driver is out for some work, can he come. Ashok says someone must be there. Aarti says everyone is busy. Ashok says she wouldn’t wish to take Chaitra outside for shopping, he will celebrate the birthday of his own daughter. They have an argument. Aarti was irritated and tells Chaitra to bring car keys. She angrily tells Chaitra to go inside. Chaitra was reluctant to sit with her. Aarti says she will drive herself and shoves her inside.

Rani was moving around the house with the diya. Indra comes there and asks what this all is. She wandered around with this diya last night as well. Rani thinks about an explanation. She says someone left the diya here. He asks then who lit the diya on second floor. Rani thinks this means it was lit.

Aarti drives the car. Chaitra asks Aarti if Ashok is angry with her. Aarti says Ashok loves her dearly, and that is why he is sometimes angry. Aarti hears the clicking of pen like on the day of accident. She looks behind but there was nothing. She confirms but Chaitra did not hear any sound. Aarti thinks she has to speak to Cheeru about why he did not return. Cheeru says he will not speak to Aarti, he is extremely angry with her. The back door of the car open. Aarti goes to shut it. Cheeru stood on the main road behind them. He says Chaitra’s birthday will not be celebrated. The car accelerates at once. Aarti tells Chaitra the steering wheel does not move. Chaitra was terrified. She asks Aarti to apply brakes, but brakes also don’t work. Chaitra cries.

Rani place the diya on second floor outside Aarti’s room. The diya lights itself. The Aghori sense the interruption.

A car comes from the front. Aarti tries to save themselves and hit the car on a footpath.

Rani looks around in Aarti’s room. Maatangi finds her looking around and thinks Rani will question her immensely about Nandi idol if she finds about it. Rani was startled to see Maatangi and being caught.

Aarti wakes up in the car. She finds Chaitra unconscious and tries to wake her up. She sprinkles water on Chaitra’s face. Chaitra wakes up. Chaitra says she only has little headache, it is Aarti’s forehead that bleeds. Aarti takes a bandage from first aid box. Chaitra asks Aarti why she drives when she can not drive. Aarti says the steering wheel was jam at once. She notices that steering wheel and brakes are both functional at once. Chaitra asks how this accident took place then. Aarti says they are fine. She asks Chaitra not to tell anyone at home. Chaitra was still reluctant if Aarti will drive. Aarti assures she will handle the car and they shall soon reach the market.

In the shopping center, Aarti comes down the car. Her dress was stuck in the door of car. Inside the store, a lady guides them to go upstairs. Aarti’s purse fells on the way while Chaitra was stuck inside a lift. Aarti runs upstairs. Chaitra calls her from inside and was afraid. Aarti says her daughter was stuck in the lift. She runs to take help from a salesman.

At home, Maatangi asks Rani what she was looking for in Aarti’s room. Rani explains she couldn’t find her hair straightener and thought about taking Aarti’s. Maatangi says Aarti does not use such things. Rani asks if Maatangi is being suspicious of her. Maatangi says she came to clean the room. Rani leaves. Maatangi thinks it is her duty to protect Nandi idol here.

At the store, the salesman says there is no technical problem. He wonders why it does not open. He recognizes her as Ashok’s wife and goes to call lift man. Cheeru speaks to Aarti that she is a cheater. Chaitra will not come out of the lift. Aarti requests Cheeru to speak to her and not to hurt Chaitra. But Cheeru leaves.

Rani was aggressive over Maatangi. She ruins the bed spread and spills rubbish from dustbin. She calls Maatangi. She asks how this was all scattered. Rani counterquestions Maatangi and tells her to clear the room’s mess. Maatangi thinks it can be deliberate, to trouble her. She sets for work.

Chaitra was crying in the lift. Outside, Aarti hears Cheeru again. Aarti pleads him to leave Chaitra. Cheeru says she again planted the protective covering around the house. Aarti was clueless. Cheeru says she wanted to oust him from the house. Aarti calls Maatangi and directly questions her for protective covering. They do things, and she and Chaitra have to bear the brunt. Aarti says Chaitra is locked in the lift and fighting for life. Maatangi was worried at once and promises to remove it.

Rani looks inside the cupboards. She now finds the Nandi behind the side table. She gleams and goes towards the glowing idol, relieved.

Aarti sat on the stairs, tensed for Chaitra’s security. The lift man comes to check the error. Aarti thinks lift will not open and prays for protection by God.

Rani thinks Nandi came to the house, and this Nandi idol’s placement here is linked somehow. She prays to Nandi to forgive her, but she will have to him outside the house. She holds the idol and carries it outside, hanging the bag on a tree.

In the shopping mall, Chaitra cries hugging Aarti. She says she was terrified in the lift and is thirsty. Aarti goes to get her water. Chaitra waits on a chair around. Aarti fills the glass but the knob does not work. Cheeru appears inside the water can. He promises not to harm now. Aarti complains he always hurt and breaks his promise. Cheeru says he dislikes Chaitra, he cannot bear them all celebrate Chaitra’s birthday. Cheeru says everything is fine now at home as well. She demands Aarti the doll outside the shop. Aarti says she will buy it once she has given water to Chaitra. Cheeru threatens to buy the doll first.
At the entrance, there was a mannequin of a young boy.

Chaitra waited for water. She finds a glass of water on the table and drinks from it. The glass was pushed, and her dress goes all wet. Cheeru laughs from inside the water can.

Aarti comes to the salesman. She requests him to sell the mannequin of boy at the entrance of their shop. The man says their owner got the mannequin custom made and attracts a lot of customers. He apologizes that he cannot get her the mannequin. Aarti explains to Cheeru they salesman is not ready to sale the mannequin. She requested the manager, but they do not want to buy it. Cheeru says she buys Chaitra everything she wants, but she never bought him anything. Aarti complains that Cheeru never spoke to him well for a single day. Aarti promises to buy him the mannequin but after Chaitra’s clothes.

At home, everyone was worried that Aarti has yet not returned. Ashok comes home and asks them to call the driver then. Vayda and Bhavani say Aarti did not take the driver.

At the shop, Aarti buys clothes for Chaitra. She thinks whatever she is doing is wrong, but she has to keep her son happy. She hands Chaitra the keys of car and steals the mannequin from the shop.

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