Aatma Bandhan 1st October 2020 Written Episode Update: Cheeru loses his life

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The episode starts with Aarti skipping an accident. She asks Cheeru to wear the seat belt, but he was stubborn that he does not want to. He shouts, I hate you.

Dada ji wakes up from the ring of phone from temple.

Aarti gets a call from Ashok. Aarti asks Chaitra to put the call on loudspeaker. Aashok says it is about to rain. He asks to speak to the driver. Aarti says driver was on an off, she is driving the car today. Ashok was worried that even he is unable to control the car on this road, she is yet learning. Aarti convince that she will reach there. It starts raining. Aarti turns to scold Cheeru for not wearing seat belt. A troller approaches the car from front. In the quest to protect the car from troller, Aarti turns it and hits the boundary of bridge. They all faint.
There, Dada ji calls Ashok and inquires why his work was important for him than his family. Aarti left alone in the morning with kids.

There, Aarti wakes up and finds her car swinging. Ashok was impatiently waiting for her. He calls her. The car loses its balance as she bends to pick up the phone. The car fells into a stormy river and dives deep into the base of river. Aarti swims up to the surface carrying her kids. Cheeru was losing his grip. Some men had come to rescue them through their boats. They see Cheeru float in the huge tides of river.

In the hospital, the family had gathered. It comes as a shock for family that they found Cheeru’s body. Ashok was broken and cries badly. The brothers request Ashok not to cry, they lost Cheeru but they still have to take care of Aarti and Chaitra.

In the room, Aarti wakes up from sleep. She had visions from Cheeru’s drowning. He was calling her as mummy. She comes out of the room into the corridor, looking for Ashok. She searches everyone and asks Ashok where Cheeru is. Everyone was silent. She asks Papa ji why Ashok is silent, what has happened. She asks if Cheeru is home? Then asks Chacha if Cheeru is with Chachi, he must have complained about her? She hears Cheeru take her name as Mummy. Ashok hugs Aarti and tells her to cry, as Cheeru is no more. He left all of them. Aarti pushes Ashock backwards in disbelief. She says her Cheeru is a brave boy, he is a fighter. How can he leave them? Chaitra comes out of the room as well, crying for Cheeru. The doctor come outside tells the family to leave the hospital. After a minor procedure, Aarti will also come home. Only her husband should stay here.

At home, Chacha blames Rani for ruining the happiness of the family. She cursed the family, in the wish of son and heir. Rani cries that she was the one who loved Cheeru most. How she would celebrate his death. Chacha asks why she hadn’t come to hospital then? She says she could not see the body of Cheeru, whom she always wished to see happy. She complains that no one understands her pain. Chacha says she must come outside and console the family, only then they will understand her.

Dada ji mourns the death of his grandson. During the cremation, Ashok loses his balance.

PRECAP: Aarti was not ready to give up the aastiya of Cheeru. Guru ji tells them that a black power is there in the house.

Update Credit to: Sona

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