Aatma Bandhan 19th December 2020 Written Episode Update: Ashok’s body captivated by Cheeru

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The Chauri Ukra prays for Ashok’s life. Ashok was injured but finally opens his eyes. Aarti was gracious. Chauri Ukra takes a leave from them. Indraprasad asks about the evil power. He says he will tell them a remedy; they must leave this house as soon as possible. Everyone was quizzical.

Chauri Ukra was leaving the house. Aarti comes to him and thanks him for his favors. Chauri Ukra asks if her thanking is for Ashok’s life, or saving about her son’s secret. His son’s astiya will gain more power with time and his ill omen will travel with them. She must think seriously about taking Cheeru’s astiya to a new place. Ashok will no more recover through medicines; she will have to take care of him with her love and commitment. Aarti takes blessings of Chauri Ukra.

In the bathroom, Aarti bathes Ashok. She goes to bring the towel. Ashok leaves his stool and digs his head in the tub of water. Aarti finds him trembling and tries to help him.

Chaitra was in her room. Bhavani brings food for her in her strange, hypnotized attire. Chaitra was terrified. Bhavani tells her to eat breakfast. She denies. Bhavani assertively stuffs her mouth. Chaitra recalls about Bhavani’s involvement in Ashok’s accident. She choked of over-eating and was unable to speak. Vayda comes to the room and was concerned for Chaitra. Bhavani at once give water to Chaitra. Vayda says Bhavani would not have loved her son the way she loves Chaitra. Bhavani was terrified and leaves. Vayda speaks to Chaitra and asks what happened. Chaitra points towards the door, then remembering her threatening she gets in her bed. Vayda wonders why she pointed towards Bhavani.

Aarti combs Ashok, complementing his looks. She goes to bring breakfast. Ashok feels uneasy and trembles on the floor. Aarti comes upstairs. The plate drops from her hand. She calls everyone for help as Ashok was unwell. Maatangi and Bhavani come there. Indra also runs to the room. Maatangi says this is not a matter of doctors. Ashok can hear a strange sound. She tells them to press his ears, while she shuts the windows of the room. Bhavani asks how Maatangi knew this will relieve Ashok. Indra says all this must end really soon; they will have to change the house. Aarti thinks Cheeru would not let them leave this house.

Outside, Maatangi gives Aarti some herbs for Ashok. She asks about Aarti’s decision of leaving the house. Aarti says Cheeru would not let them, and she cannot fight his powers anymore. She speaks to Indra not to leave the house. She will help recover Ashok in this same house. Rani was also happy with the decision. Indra accepts the decision. Rani smirks that Aarti has invited the death of her husband herself.

Aarti takes Ashok outside for a walk. Chaitra accompany them. They were stalked by someone. Chaitra played in the garden while Ashok and Aarti sit on a bench. Aarti remembers the times they were newly-weds and they spent most of their times here. He used to say this is their favorite place. Once, it was her birthday and he returned late. She was waiting for him on the bench. He made her flower bracelet and lit candles and firecrackers.

Chaitra’s ball rolls to the tree. Someone uses a catapult from a distance to strike a coconut on the tree.

Aarti recalls the good times they had spent together. How they counted stars and sang songs. Ashok sat completely lost. She wished to see Ashok live up once again.

Chaitra looks upwards to find a bunch of bees follow her from over the coconut tree. She leaves her ball and runs from there.
Aarti requests Ashok to speak to her once. She was shocked to see the bunch of bees fly to them and sends Chaitra into the house. She covers Ashok and herself with her saree. Chaitra runs inside to Jaisima and Indra. Chaitra was unable to talk, and signals to them about bees. Indra sends Jaisima to bring smoke, while he goes out to take care of Aarti and Ashok. Aarti was badly bit by bees when Indra and Jaisima come there.

Inside, Vayda says these bees live in their garden for years. Maatangi says someone strike them with stone. Indra says bees only harm the one who attacks them. He says the evil power is determined to take Ashok’s life.

In the room, Aarti speaks to Ashok that he will soon recover, it is her responsibility. She hears Cheeru speak to her. Aarti was alert and angry, then asks where he is. Cheeru says he is right in front of her. Ashok sat up in bed, with flaring eyes. Aarti backs off. She questions why he came here? Cheeru asks if he shouldn’t come? He angrily throws a pillow. Aarti asks why Cheeru hurt his father? Cheeru replies through Ashok that Aarti is angry with him. She blames Cheeru for breaking her trust, he lied to her. Cheeru blames Aarti for being with Chaitra. Aarti says Ashok’s matter is different. Cheeru says Ashok hits Aarti, what if he kills her. Aarti says for her Chaitra and Ashok deserve equal time as Cheeru. If Cheeru had loved her, then he would never have hurt Ashok and Chaitra. If something happens to Ashok, she will never love Cheeru. Cheeru challenges her to see now. Ashok gets up and beats her head on the cupboard door. Aarti pleads him to leave Ashok. Ashok faints on the bed.

Aarti comes downstairs. Everyone was in the hall. Aarti says she has to tell them all about a truth. She had to confess a big mistake. The problems of the house, and Ashok’s condition is because of her. She is ready to repent, leave home or even die. Rani inquires the mistake. Aarti says the evil power in the house is none other than Cheeru’s spirit. Aarti confesses of keeping the spirit in the house. She went into depression after Cheeru’s death, then Maatangi sent her to a village to speak to Cheeru but had forbidden her to open the door of temple which she did. When Cheeru was alive, he liked her but now he said he loves her. She felt weak and saved Cheeru’s Shraddh. She loved Cheeru but he was jealous of Chaitra and Ashok. Rani slaps Aarti. She announces Aarti is not worth living in the house. Everyone complains of Aarti and oust her. It was a daydream.

Outside, Aarti tells Maatangi that Cheeru came in Ashok’s body. He wants her to stay away from Ashok and Chaitra. She was thinking about the consequences if she shares this with the family. Maatangi warns her against making up Cheeru. Aarti decides to be lenient to Cheeru, she cannot handle his rage. She requests Matangi’s assistance. Maatangi says it is impossible, still she is there to help. Vayda runs outside and signals them that something is wrong with Chaitra.

Aarti runs to the room with God’s idol. Ashok had held Chaitra hanging with the wall, backs off from the rays of the idol. He drops Chaitra. Aarti orders Ashok to go out of the room and locks the door. Chaitra was unconscious. Once Chaitra wakes up, Aarti goes to look for Ashok.

In her room, she looks for Ashok. She checks in washroom but Ashok wasn’t there. Ashok was playing piano.

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