Aatma Bandhan 15th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Maatangi tries to keep Cheeru out of the house

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It was morning. Guru ji asks the family when all this happened. Guru ji says Coconut can not be easily broken. Someone deliberately did so. Everyone shares strange looks. Ashok blames Aarti. Rani and Kriparker share a look of relieve. Guru asks Ashok if he saw her. Ashok says they have seen her behavior yesterday. Guru ji says they should not pointlessly blame anyone. The family should not fight with each other. Guru ji asks about Nandi. Jaisima says Nandi will be here by 4 pm. Maatangi goes to bring Aarti downstairs before she is caught. Inside, Aarti was happy. Maatangi wonders the reason.

Guru ji says pooja will not be done if Nandi does not reach in time. He was angry at Indraprasad. Indra apologizes and says they have been quite helpless these days and are unable to complete any task. Rani looks towards Kriparker. Rani spoke to Kriparker that if Nandi is unable to get into the house, Guru ji will access the problem and create any other protective shield. Cheeru won’t be able to come to the house then. Kriparker asks what if Nandi Pooja does not take place at all today? It can be stopped if Nandi does not reach at all. Maatangi prays for arrival of Nandi.

A man reaches the house with sacred cow.

Cheeru’s spirit follows Aarti into the storeroom. The door behind Aarti is slammed shut.

Two goons stop the way of Nandi and caretaker. They laugh at his eagerness to reach the Pooja.

Guru ji senses something was wrong.

Aarti calls someone for help and thinks everyone is outside, her calls would not reach them. Maatangi comes upstairs and wonders where Aarti has gone. Aarti was upset that she was excited for Nandi Pooja since morning but cannot go there now. She at once feels dizzy and then faints. Maatangi goes to hear Aarti speak to Cheeru. She hears through the door then thinks there is no one inside. She was intrigued as Aarti comes to knock the door. She asks Maatangi to open the door. Maatangi says it seems someone locked the door from outside. Maatangi tells Aarti there is hurdle in Pooja. Nandi has not arrived. She goes to bring the family member. Aarti says may be Cheeru locked her here. He does not want her to attend the Pooja. She asks Maatangi to go and pray for Nandi.

Maatangi comes to the temple corner. She prays that Nandi reaches the house. There, goons had tied Nandi to the tree. Nandi frees itself and runs into the house. Guru ji and everyone was excited to see Nandi arrive. Guru ji tells Indraprasad it is Shiv’s good omen that Nandi reached. Indra sends for Aarti, but Ashok says Aarti is unwell. She might not join them. Maatangi wonders if Ashok locked Aarti in the room. Jaisima goes to get pot of cow urine. Jaisima check inside, but it was not there. Aarti comes downstairs with the pot and says she has the pot. Ashok recalls locking the door of storeroom himself. Maatangi thinks Nandi and Aarti are both here. She should participate in Aghori Baba’s shivlin pooja to fix everything now.

Guru ji asks Aarti to wash Nandi’s feet and do the pooja. Nandi backs off from Aarti. Guru ji close his eyes and says the whole world is praying for Shiv. He can see a hurdle. Guru ji tells Aarti to apologize to Nandi. Nandi silently prays to Nandi that her son’s spirit is here, she wants to stay with him and needs permission. Guru ji says she got permission from Nandi. He asks Aarti to follow him in three rounds of Nandi, wash its feet and feed him. Aarti spills a few drops of oil and flower on main door. Guru ji asks Ashok to take Nandi inside.

Maatangi had reached the pooja of Aghori Baba.

Nandi enters the house. Everyone was happy. Aarti recalls telling Cheeru a way out. She had said, Cheeru must leave the house for a while, otherwise Nandi will not come inside. She asks Cheeru not to think her wrong and stay away for a day only.

Maatangi thinks she knows Cheeru left the house for only one day. But she will now make sure Cheeru stays away from the house forever.

Aarti thinks Ashok is her God and he locked her in the room. But Ashok has been wrong. Her son returned for her protection. In the room, Aarti questions Aashok why he locked her inside. Ashok denies in the beginning. Then he agrees he locked the room. Aarti questions why? Ashok says he did not want Aarti to create any hurdle in Nandi pooja. She ruined Cheeru’s Shraddh as well. Aarti says she accepted her mistake. Ashok asks what if she had mistaken today as well. She behaves so strangely these days. She hates Chaitra, does not speak to family, and even him. She speaks to herself only and has no reply to anything. It is alright if she does not need him anymore. She came out of the storeroom even when he had the lock, the lock was not broken; he doubts her. Aarti was taken aback by the accusations.

Maatangi was happy to see Aghori Baba perform the pooja with other fellows. She was startled as soon as a shining Prasad appears on his palm.

Jaijamba sense there is a power posing hurdle in her way.

Maatangi takes the red cloth piece and receives the Prasad from Aghori Baba. She asks Baba she does not understand his language. A fellow explains this is Shiv’s Prasad. She must spread rice on five leaves, then place it. Afterwards she should hold it in Nandi’s direction. Maatangi was sure Aghori will support them in all their problems.

Rani receives a video of her meeting with Kriparker and lawyer. She shows it to Kriparker. They wonder who this blackmailer is. They were ready to pay as much money as the blackmailer demand.

Maatangi slips in the middle of her way back home. Jaijamba was creating those hurdles and laughed as her success. Maatangi moves forward but it feels someone held her back. She chants slogans.

Kriparker and Rani were in the car. Both headed towards Jaijamba’s place. All at once, Rani spots someone wearing a blanket come in front of their car. Rani says someone was hit. They go to check outside. Kriparker asks Rani how this is possible. He asks Rani to bring the bangles Jaijamba gifted them. They look through the bangles. Both were terrified at the sight of spirit and decide to leave.

Maatangi runs outside the forest. A tree falls over her. Jaijamba laughs in enjoyment at her victory. Kriparker and Rani come to Jaijamba and says Nandi still came into the house. Jaijamba says Aarti is behind this. She sent Cheeru out of the house. She is planning to get Cheeru back home after Nandi Pooja. But now, Cheeru will never come into the house. There is a power creating hurdles in her way. Someone is carrying the power into the house. She does not know who the person is, as she can not see the person as well. Jaijamba says she has stopped the person for a while. Maatangi removes the tree bushes from over her. She reconfirms Nandi was with her. She prays to God for help and removal of hurdles from her way, she had to take it anyway.

Rani and Kriparker could only see flame on a screen instead of Maatangi. Jaijamba says the power can overcome anything.

Maatangi reaches the house. Rani recognizes their main door. Maatangi falls on the floor but rushes inside. She steps inside. The visuals from Jaijamba’s screen vanishes. Jaijamba says the power doubled as it entered the house.

Aarti stops Maatangi in the hall.

Jaijamba tells them to remove the power from the house. They should wander around the house with a pot of clay, oil and thread. It will light itself near the power.

Maatangi tells Aarti she has headache. Aarti says Maatangi was hit by coconut in the morning, she could have given her medicine. Maatangi says she went to get herbal medicine for herself. Aarti was worried Maatangi will cause trouble for herself by interfering in Cheeru’s matter. Aarti asks Maatangi what is in her hand, can she see it? Maatangi pulls out a hand from under her dress. She carried leaves. She turns to leave. Aarti was doubtful that something was wrong.

Upstairs Maatangi spread leaves, rice and Kumkum, then place Nandi over it. She prays for protection of the house. She leaves Nandi behind a table in Aarti’s room and leaves.

Kriparker calls Ragini. He says Aashok is irritated even at the sight of Aarti. Its time they attract him towards Ragini. Ragini thanks Kriparker.

Aarti comes to her room. She speaks to Cheeru that she has succeeded. Nandi came to the house. No one will oust him again. He can now come to the house forever. She looks around for a signal of Cheeru. She asks Cheeru to return soon, she has longed to see Cheeru for many days.

Nandi’s powers kept Cheeru out of the house, repelling it.

Aarti wonders where Cheeru must be.

Cheeru was furious that Aarti is a cheater. He is unable to enter the house. Now he will not speak to her at all.
There was a bombardment of stones in the porch outside.

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