Aatma Bandhan 14th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Aarti agrees she opened the temple door

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The episode starts with Rani wake up with nightmare. She dreamt of piano being played on its own. She walks downstairs and hears a creek. She cautiously looks around and then heads upstairs. Something moves again on the table. Rani was headed towards her room and stops in front of Cheeru’s photo. Suddenly a hand emerges from inside Cheeru’s photo and clutches her neck. Rani wakes up from her nightmare.

Chaitra was sitting in doctor’s office. Chaitra tells the doctor that Cheeru teases her. He writes ‘I hate you Chaitra’ in her drawing book. He even draws horns on the cat she draws. The doctor advices her to stay silent and try to ignore him even if he teases her. If she makes a deliberate effort, Cheeru will go away from her. The nurse brings Chaitra outside and calls Ashok and Aarti to doctor’s room. Another boy sat in the waiting room and asks Chaitra if she is also teased by someone. Chaitra questions if he has the same problem. The boy shares that its his mother who does not even let him sit peacefully, and his father brought him here for treatment; the doctor has advised him to ignore her. Chaitra asks if it helped. The boy was being pulled from his side by an invisible force and tries to shut his mother. Chaitra was terrified and distances from him.

In the room, doctor convince Ashok and Aarti that she loves Cheeru and is unable to live without him. She stated that he always claimed his mother loved Chaitra and did not like him; this troubles her. The doctor promises to apply a full stop to these thoughts. Ashok was hopeful that their Chaitra will recover.

Chaitra asks the boy if he is telling the truth. If his mother is really nearby. The boy was annoyed that she does not trust him. He tosses his hair wildly and asks his mother to make his hair. Chaitra was shocked to see his hair being made by some invisible force. She backs off. The boy tells Chaitra not to worry, his mother is harmless. Aarti comes to Chaitra and says doctors has given them some medicines, and says Chaitra is fine. Chaitra continue to look towards the boy while being taken by her own parents.

At home, Aarti serves food on table. Maatangi comes to Aarti and wanted to speak to her. She takes Aarti outside. Aarti asks what this is all about. Maatangi asks Aarti why she did so, she made a huge mistake. From upstairs, Bhavani brings a planter to the boundary which slips over them. Aarti pulls Maatangi to a corner to save her. Bhavani apologizes both of them and rushes downstairs. Bhavani says it seemed someone pushed her from behind. She takes them inside. Maatangi could see Bhavani’s figure still upstairs, warning her with signal of her hand.

Maatangi brings Aarti to the temple. She says the devil forces will not work in front of God. She tried to speak to Aarti twice, but the forces spot her. Maatangi asks Aarti why she did this. Aarti was clueless. Maatangi wanted to know what happened in Piranahgarh. Aarti steals eye contact and says she told Maatangi already. Maatangi asks why Aarti did not tell her the wrong. Aarti asserts that she did not hide anything. Maatangi swears her to the Gods they stood in front of. Aarti now accepts that she opened the door of temple. She was terrified and felt like leaving the place. When her Cheeru cried, pleaded, and requesting her by calling her Mummy, she was extremely happy. It was for the first time that Cheeru called her Mummy. She denied opening the door but then she heard as if Cheeru was being forcefully taken away from her. When Cheeru was drowning, even then he pleaded her to save him by calling out ‘Mummy, save me’. In the temple, she thought of saving her child at least then. She opened the door but there was none. Maatangi says this was a huge mistake.

Spirits and ghosts fake such pleadings just to take their revenge. She is afraid what else will happen in the house now. Aarti assures that nothing will happen in the house, her son can not trouble anyone. Maatangi prays to God to save them all.

In the office, Ragini held Ashok’s hand and says she knows palmistry. He will be blessed with two wives; one is Aarti and second one will be her. Aarti comes to the office. Kriparker goes to look for Janki in the office. Jaisima stops him but he was in a hurry. Aarti opens the door and finds Ashok scolding Janki. She comes in and asks Ashok to let it go. She had been brought up in difficult conditions and will soon learn the work. She says she brought food for Ashok and all the office employees. On the lunch table, Janki speaks to Aarti that she saw photos of Cheeru. It must have been quite hurtful for Aarti. Ashok scolds Janki to let go of the matter. Janki continues that she heard Cheeru did not like Aarti. She is sorry, but if Aarti wasn’t driving the car, Cheeru could be alive today. Aarti was crying. They hear cracking of something and rushes to Cheeru’s room. Cheeru’s photo lay broken on the floor.
At night, Aarti sat in her bed thinking about Maatangi’s warnings and Chaitra’s claims of Cheeru being around. Ashok comes to the room. Aarti asks Ashok if he believes in ghosts. Ashok tells her to shut up. Who will take care of Chaitra if she behaves like this. Aarti says Chaitra has seen Cheeru, he drew horns on Chaitra’s drawings, he knocked Chaitra to the floor, and he was the one to throw planter over Maatangi. This is all true. She was worried that she will die if something happens to Chaitra. Chaitra cries standing on the door. She decides to speak to Cheeru and explain him not to tease her. Mummy is worried because of them.

In the room, Chaitra asks Cheeru that she wants to speak to him. The door of her room opens. Chaitra calls Cheeru inside as she wants to speak to him. She spots a shadow on the wall.

PRECAP: Cheeru tells Chaitra to leave herself, he will live with mummy. Later, Aarti could see Cheeru’s reflection draped in a bedsheet. She asks where Chaitra is. Cheeru replies he sent her at a long distance.

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