Aatma Bandhan 13th December 2020 Written Episode Update: A mystic comes to find Ashok

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The police were called to dig the hole. Aarti cries seeing Ashok’s shirt. The digger spots a body. The men say that earth is hard, they can not dig it anymore. The police inspector decides to send the shirt to lab and confirms the blood group that is AB+.
In the room, Ragini cries that Ashok hasn’t called her yet. He always thinks her good while she never does any good to him. He discharged from hospital to save her from any troubles.

Aarti comes to Chaitra’s room and spots Chaitra stand at the gallery, ready to jump. She tries to stop Chaitra, but she does not hear. Aarti tries to get off his wheelchair. Aghori Baba also reached around. Aarti’s legs were strengthened enough to run to Chaitra and pull her back. She hugs Chaitra and asks why she did this. Everyone from the family come there. Bhavani says she was worried for Aarti, but it is good news. Aarti is standing on her feet. Rani was skeptical how she recovered within fifteen days of operation. Aarti tells them that Chaitra was about to jump off the balcony, it is good that she is safe.

Vayda comes home. She inquires Aarti if her feet are fine. She nods and asks about report. Jaisima says the blood group is AB+. Aarti falls on the stairs. Vayda consoles her that they cannot reach any conclusion with blood stains. Maatangi points towards the mystic who came to their house with predictions of bloodshed. Aarti wanted to go and find the mystic along with Indra, Maatangi also wanted to go.

They reach the mystic. Aarti speaks to the man and apologizes for disgracing him. The man asks if it proved to be true. Aarti says her husband is also missing. The man says there is an evil eye on her house, it is the reason that their house is missing. He suggests them to meet Chauri Ukra; 150km from here is a village name Chauri Pura. He has been protecting the village from evil powers for years.

At Chauri Ukra’s place, a woman was treated through spirituality. Indra and Aarti reach the Chauri Ukra. Aarti requests him for help regarding her missing husband. Chauri Ukra could not find Ashok. Aarti falls into his feet. Chauri Ukra tells her to trust Mata Chaureshwari. Aarti prays for protection of her mangal sooter. Chauri Ukra sends them for Jal Janta. Ashok is alive or death can be found by water. He will do Jal Yagya in the lake, and Aarti must reach there at dawn.

Kriparker shows Ragini a cheque book. He found it in the drawer of her table. He fooled Ashok and got him sign blank cheque. Kriparker tells her to withdraw 1 crore and bring it to him tomorrow. Ragini felt trapped and furious over Kriparker.

Aarti bathes in the lake. Chauri Ukra tells Aarti to wear green bangles, apply turmeric and Sindoor. He now signals her to begin her prayer and start her fast. Chauri Ukra tells Aarti to bring water from the lake for 101 times and bathe the Goddess idol. She must not forget the counting.

Ragini’s mother tells Kriparker that Ragini has changed. She is not ready to withdraw 1 crore. She deterred to tell the whole family about the game if Ashok is not alive. She claims she did not do this for any greed. Kriparker says they still have time till tomorrow. Ragini comes behind. She was mad at her fake mother and goes to tell the whole truth to everyone. Chauri Ukra says now the diya will show if Ashok is alive or not. If it sinks, Ashok is dead. Aarti goes to pray that the diya does not sink. Indraprasad was worried that the diya sink. He goes to find Aarti and cries that diya went off. Aarti complains to the Goddess and leaves the side of temple. She never wanted to come her in white dress. She turns again and prays for safety of her husband. Indraprasad notices that the diya had reappeared and was lit. Aarti was gracious. Chauri Ukra makes the calculations. He says Ashok is in trouble because of some bad stars in his birth chart. He promises to find out about Ashok.

Ragini was running on the main road. Kriparker gets her hit by a van of goons. He boasts that he could not let her escape and get him trapped.

Chauri Ukra says he will sit on the back seat and will be able to hear the breathes of Ashok. He might try to distract them, but they would not stop the car and go in the directions he instructs.
At home, the lights flash. Everyone from the family was worried and terrified. Maatangi thinks it is a symbol that Cheeru was unable to kill Ashok. Indraprasad’s car face a mud storm created by Cheeru. Indra tells Aarti to pull the window up. His eyes burnt and stopped the car. Aarti offers to drive the car. She compels Indra that they cannot back off. On their way, an electric pole catches fire and stops the way of their car. Indra could not see anything. He tells Aarti to reverse the car and take the other way. There at home, the family prays. Aarti tells Indraprasad that they are right in front of their house. Chauri Ukra tells them to hurry up. The family go outside at the sound of car. Chauri Ukra come out of the car. Indra assures the family that he is fine. Chauri Ukra rubs his hands over Indraprasad’s head. His vision was regained. Indra says they were brought to their house. Chauri Ukra says Ashok must be in the same house.

At home, the door bangs, and the bulbs flash. The window-panes beat. The arm-chair rocks. Indraprasad asks what this all is. Chauri Ukra says there is some evil power. Indra asks whose power this is. Chauri Ukra says first they should find Ashok, then he will talk about the power. He sends them to bring a bag from his car. Aarti goes out, and Maatangi follows. Aarti thinks about Chauri Ukra’s words. Maatangi asks if she now knows, it is because of Cheeru. She should cry hard and let her pains bathe. She should cry to save the evil spirit of her son. Her son did not return for her lullaby or stories; but to revenge everyone. Aarti cries that she never thought her life would disperse so badly. She must bear the brunt of all this. He takes Chauri Ukra’s bag but the door was slammed shut. Cheeru speaks that he cannot let Aarti go inside. Aarti was dragged to a side by an invisible force. Maatangi runs behind her. All the men inside exert force but unable to open the door. Jaisima looks from a window that Aarti and Maatangi both are not here.
Aarti was brought into the garden but she flung it to Maatangi. Chauri Ukra says the evil power is trying to stop him because his task would accomplish if he gets what is inside his cloth bag. He goes out and forbids anyone to follow. Maatangi was under the brunt of the evil power now. Chauri Ukra throws pious Kumkum on door and it opens.

Outside, Maatangi spots Aarti in trouble. The trees in the garden caught fire. Maatangi was tied to one of the tree. She flung the cloth bag towards Aarti but Chauri Ukra catches it. He uses his power to save Maatangi. Maatangi assures Aarti that she is fine. Aarti was crying and accuses herself. Maatangi says her tears will not melt Cheeru. She offers Aarti to come and find Ashok.
At home, Chauri Ukra holds the bell and takes a round of each corner of the house. The bell rings at one corner. He laughs that Ashok is in this very room. He goes inside to check.

It was all dark in the room. Chauri Ukra chants a mantra. The bed was moved on its own. Everyone had followed into the room. Beneath the bed appears Ashok’s tied body.

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