Aashiqui-A Story Of Eternal Love (Shot 6)

Shot 6!!!! You know this story is not coming to an end. My cousin was like series hardly have 2 or 3 shots. She asked me why I didn’t updated it as Fanfic. I was like you complete my pending stories then I’ll think about it. I think this will go till 10 to 15 shots. Depends upon your answers to my 3) and 5) question. And of course depends upon how much time I get to write. You read and reviews. Don’t forget to answer my questions.
Arjun sped towards Sameer who was wiping the blood that oozed out from his nose. He pulled back his fist and punched hard in his abdomen making Sameer cringe in pain.

Radhika panicked as lines of worry and fear ceased on her forehead. She had to stop Arjun or else some one was going to badly get hurt.

Sameer tried to defend himself and fight back but he was no match to the wrath of Arjun. He was always a peace keeper so he hardly get into such fierce fights. Arjun didn’t hold back at all he only remembered one thing that Sameer touched Radhika. His Radhika. He couldn’t think beyond this.

And worse, she was laughing and giving him smiles which annoyed him to no end. Those laughs, those smiles which she never even gave him a glimpse to, were showered on this piece of shit. He meant that Sameer was a weakling. Arjun saw a man as a weakling if he couldn’t fight back or at least defend himself. A man is no man if he doesn’t know to fight. He shouldn’t aim to high for the best girl if he can’t fight for her.

Radhika ran to call the security but than decided against it. No Arjun’s reputation will be slaughtered and Mehra name will be bounced in media for several months if this incident came to light. She halted in her tracks and rambled back to the spot.

She had to stop him on her own and this was her only resort. Sameer was half dead. He had no life in him. But Arjun didn’t even feel a inch of pity and mercy in his heart.

When Arjun raised his fist to punch him again, He stopped at the sight before him. Radhika stood between him and Sameer as his shield.

Radhika’s eyes blazed with fire,” Why did you stop?! You have done worst than this Arjun. Common hit me.”

How could she even think he will raise hand on her?! He was bad but not a man who beats a woman. His mom raised a honourable man as she called him. He would kill himself before hurting her. He could never think of hurting her for anything she did even if she asks for his life some day, He’ll give it without even asking why.

His eyes were on ablaze when he saw her taking care of Sameer. He could give up anything even his life to see concern for him in her eyes. Too bad that wasn’t for him right now. Damn she is my wife!!! She is mine!!! Something inside him roared loud in anger.

Sameer coughed blood and Radhika couldn’t help but feel guilty for all the mess as she believed herself to be the root cause of all the woes that took place today.

Arjun gritted his teeth,”Radhika are you coming on your own or do I have to drag you?!”

Sameer challenged,” Over my dead body you take her away. You don’t deserve her. You just know to hurt her.”

Arjun laughed darkly,” You don’t seem to be learning your lesson so soon. I don’t have any problem breaking all the bones of your body. It won’t take my much time. ”

Sameer was about to fight him just then Radhika stopped him placing her hands on his chest. He felt a electric current in his body as her soft hands touched his chest over his shirt’s fabric.

Radhika noticed Arjun’s hard stare and instantly pulled back. Her instinct told her to do so. Sameer wouldn’t last long in front of Arjun and she knew it. She couldn’t see Sameer getting hurt because of her.

Radhika stared into Sameer’s eyes and spoke in a demure hurt tone, ” Sameer you should not fight him. Leave me on my own. Just go please I can’t see you hurt.”

Sameer retorted,” I can’t do that. I don’t want you hurt again.”

Radhika broke into sobs,”Sameer I don’t care if I get hurt or not. I am used to it. But you are not at fault. I won’t let you hurt him. You are my friend and I care for you.”

Arjun snarled balling his fist,” Radhika, Do you want your friend dead?!”

Radhika took a deep breath and decided to say it. She had to otherwise Arjun won’t leave Sameer today. She knew it was going to hurt Sameer to hear that from her mouth but it was for his own good. She had to protect him for Sam and for being such a wonderful friend to her.

Radhika couldn’t meet his eyes anymore. Her heart clenched with pain of guilt as she spoke,” Sameer, you shouldn’t interfere between us. He is my husband and he has rights over me. Please just go. Leave us alone.”

Arjun smirked as Sameer lost the color on his face hearing her words which broke his heart into million pieces. Arjun thought to himself, “You just touched my heart, my love.”

Sameer held her by her shoulders and spoke in a broken tone, ” Are you kidding me?! You don’t mean it, do you?!”

Radhika jerked off his hands and spoke in a hard tone, ” I mean it. You should leave. Its my personal matter and I can handle it.”

She cried inside but her tears weren’t visible in her eyes as she had gulped down her pain and tears down her throat. No she can’t fall weak. Sameer doesn’t know a thing about Arjun and his revengeful side at all. Arjun was angel and devil both and she was well aware of this fact. Angel for his loved ones for he could take a bullet and devil for those he hated. Sameer needs to understand that he can’t keep Arjun away from her only she can. She needs to fight her own battle and she will. She knew Sameer won’t leave if she had pleaded or requested. This was the only way to make him understand.

Arjun smiled victoriously,” You heard her, didn’t you?!”

Sameer moved a step back and kept moving backwards without turning his back to her. Tears slid down his bruised marred cheeks. He gulped hard. Who knows this might be the last he might see her. His mind eagerly took print of her image. It burrowed deep into his mind. Maybe, it was for better. She made her choice and he had to live with it now. It was always Arjun and will always be him. Everything between them was over today even the beautiful friendship they shared. It ended here with him in love with her and she in love with that prick. He was a one woman man. He couldn’t love another. It was only her now.

Radhika turned to Arjun and spoke in a sarcastic fuming tone,” He left. Are you happy now?! You proved that you can never let me be happy. I lost his friendship and you celebrate now.”

Arjun caught hold of her wrist and swooned her around and pulled her to his chest. Her hands clawed on the hard contours of his rock hard chest mindlessly.

He trailed his fingers in her hair and caught a fistful of her stresses not roughly but not gently either. She winced in pain as he pulled hard.

He spitted venomously, ” So it was for him?! You asked him to leave because you didn’t wanted him hurt. I thought you…”

Radhika cuts him off angrily,” Give me one good reason that would be valid enough for me to say it with all my heart.”

Arjun grunted in animalistic tone,” You are mine. I don’t share Radhika. You know that.”

Radhika shot back in a equally furious tone,” I am not a object for you to share. I am not even yours. You just can’t barge in my life and destroy my peace. I will tell your mom if you don’t stop pulling such stunts. I am sure you don’t want that, do you?!”

Arjun smiled a evil one,” Look at you. You have turned in to a lioness But don’t you think its too childish to threaten me by taking my mom’s name?! I have my ways Radhika and who knows that better than you. You are the only girl who stayed with me under one roof for such a long time. You shouldn’t do the mistake of calling my mom because if you do that then nothing can stop me from calling your parents and telling them that you don’t want to stay with me. I am the ideal son in law for them and they will believe all I say. Who knows the art of turning the situation in favour better. You or Me?! You know that If I want things done my way. I get them done by hook or by crook. So now you decide. Get one thing clear, If you bite I bite back. So don’t challenge me.”

No her parents are innocent. Why should they feel the pain to satisfy this devil’s ego?! No she can’t let that happen. Her dad was a heart patient and he won’t be able to take it if he gets know about how miserable his daughter’s life was. Riya’s marriage will be postponed or the worst it might get cancelled. No no no she can’t let that happen. If the society they live in gets to know that her marriage was on the verge of breaking apart, she’ll be blamed not him. Fingers will be pointed at her family not his. No one would understand that it was not hers but his fault from the very beginning. He was a guy so he would get away from all the humiliation because of the gender difference. But her family’s life will be a living hell if her divorce comes to light. She wanted divorce but it was next to impossible to get it now at the moment. She needed to buy time to think how she’ll get out of this relationship. She can’t make a move until Riya’s marriage takes place smoothly without any hurdles. She had to bend according to his will if she wished to see her family happy.

Arjun apologized to her million times in his mind for bringing up their family. He stared at her with a unreadable expression on his face. He couldn’t let her know that he was just bluffing.

Arjun thought to himself, ” I know I am doing wrong by blackmailing you but this is the only way I can get you back. You don’t even want to see my face so apologizing, pleading will take me nowhere. I can never do such a lowly deed of destroying our families happiness. I just threatened you but I swear I won’t do it. I can never bring myself to do it.”

Radhika crossed her arms to her chest and spoke in a low clipped emotionless tone,” You are a devil and I am the biggest stupid fool to lose my heart to you.”

Arjun replied,” Every devil has a heart too. ” He completed his sentence in his mind,” And I am looking at my heart right now.” His gaze was fixed on Radhika.

Radhika shook her head,” Devils don’t have a heart. They only love themselves. They don’t care about others at all. All they care is about themselves. You have all qualities of a devil.”

Arjun took her hand in his and placed it over his beating heart.  Her fingers burrowed over his chest deeply and her eyes filled up and her lower lip trembled with his pain reflected in her eyes.  He did not want to make her cry again. He hated it now when she did.

Arjun cupped her face and wiped her tears and said hoarsely through a pained voice,” Now you know that I have a heart. I do agree I had been so bad to you but I want to rectify my grave mistake. I know nothing can justify my deeds. But I want to talk to you and tell you my heart. I had my reasons and through they aren’t good enough to justify my misbehaviour towards you But you have the right to know. I want you to give me a chance. One last chance. ”

She easily pulled back her hand from his grip as he wasn’t holding her too tightly.

“You have hurt me so much.” She said in an accusatory tone.

He whispered in a regretful voice,” I know and I am truly sorry.”

She lifted her gaze and all she saw was guilt and regretful pain brimming in his eyes. How she wished it had been love instead of all other things.

She almost sobbed under the effect of deep pain in her chest” What do you want?! I am tired now. I can’t take this anymore. Deepest of my being craves for you every single second of my life but I don’t trust you. I just can’t trust you. Your mood swings change every day. What if tomorrow you come up with a demand of divorce again?! I won’t be able to handle it. You have cut me into pieces beyond repair. I am still trying to move on but if I give you a chance and again you mess up then it will take my whole life to get over you.”

He closed up to the her and pressed himself into her until a gasp escaped her lips. He drew done to her eye level and a planted warm feathery kiss over her face. She stiffened and he soothed her moving his hand up and down her back.

She smelled of raspberries and her sweet scent drove him crazy. But this was not the right time. He didn’t wanted any s*xual advances all he wanted to do was calm her down and make sure she feels better. He held her tight to his chest and rested his chin over her head.

Radhika sluggishly hugged him back as her heart was drawn towards him and it also pushed her to him despite her brain dominating it. Her heart contradicted her,”If you don’t trust him then why are you in his arms snuggling closer to him?!”

She closed her eyes not wanting to answer any questions her heart asked. She felt good no good would be understatement. She felt in heaven. But it changes nothing. She didn’t wanted him at the cost of her self respect and self esteem. She loved him but what was the guarantee of his love?!

My Questions

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4) Do you think Arjun did wrong by blackmailing her?!

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