Aashiqui-A Story Of Eternal Love (Shot 2)

Radhika had called Sam the very moment after she spoke about divorce. That warrior was ready to slice of her husband’s neck with her sword. But she explained her that she knew what she was doing and she should trust her.

Whole night on the same bed with him with just inches distance between them had really rose goosebumps all over her skin. In the middle of night he accidentally placed his arm on her waist when she was trying to sleep and forget the fact that he was sleeping beside her.

His delicious, soothing, comforting warmth really erupted thousands of butterflies in her stomach. She was fighting the urge to stay in his embrace till morning when they would part ways. She stayed in his protective arms till the morning  alarm buzzed near her ear.

Today when she looked at herself in the mirror in the bathroom, wrapping herself in the bathrobe. She felt self pity and hate for her own self. How could she wish to stay with him after what he had done to her?! How could she find solace in his arms knowing the fact that this were the same arms that touched another woman last night?! How could she?! The very next moment she had wiped the vermilion in her scalp and unhooked the wedding locket. She didn’t deserved to be treated like trash when she was not. She was pure, untouched and spiritual. There was no vile in her mind for anyone. She deserved better than him. It was high time she should take control of her life. She made a promise to herself that from now on only she will take decisions of her life. No one else would dictate her.

She embraced her old self. The way she was before marrying him. All the jeans, short dresses, funky tops which had been a heap in her wardrobe, she pulled them out. Saris were never her cup of tea. Still she didn’t displease her family for whom she ditched her way of living.

She remembered how for the first time in her life she didn’t fall weak before him. She didn’t stutter nor did she averted her gaze from him in nervousness and shyness. She understood the pursuit of happiness is none other than loving yourself before loving others. The best relationship in this world is with yourself.

Now as she sat on the floor crying over all that happened with her. Her conscience deep down questioned the courage she showed in front of him and accused her of hypocrisy. She wiped her tears and threaded towards the washroom. She splashed cold water on her face and wiped her face dry. She knew her best friend was hell worried for her and would have eaten up all her nails biting them. She stepped out of the room and the first things she did was pull her soul sister in a bone crushing hug.

She whispered, ” I feel so light Sammy. I feel a heavy burden is lifted off my shoulders. I am heartbroken but that does not change the fact that I am free from that relationship which took away all my reasons to be happy.”

Sam rubbed her back and patted her back appreciating her. She broke the hug and pecked her forehead,” You did right. Don’t feel sorry for yourself. He didn’t deserve you. He should cry not you.”

Radhika let out a sad laugh,” Cry?! He must be partying at home with his girlfriends. I bet he thinks this is the best day of his life.”

Sam shook her head,” No doll. This is the best day of your life. You did justice to yourself and got out of that hell. In every sense you are reborn today. You deserve to be loved and cherished not ignored and insulted.”

Radhika sobbed, ” It hurts Sammy. How can he sleep with someone being married?! Who does that?!”

Sam stated, ” A spineless and a conscienceless man. However bad you feel about it He is never going to feel guilt about it. So you should stop hurting yourself thinking about him again and again.”

Radhika wiped her tears,” I won’t cry now. You’ll be with me naa?! You’ll help me get up when I fall naa?!”

Sam slapped her cheek lightly, ” Doll I will always be there. Don’t forget I am three years older to you. I will take care of you even when you don’t want me to.”

Radhika engulfed her in a tight hug and thanked her for never leaving her alone like her parents did. They assumed Arjun to be as good as his father But no one knew what the scenario was behind the door. No one knew how he made her sleep outside when it was raining cats and dogs. No one knew how he left her alone in a mall amid the crowd of Mumbai which she was not familiar with. She didn’t know how to find her way back home. Only she knew how she managed her way back home. And when she confronted him and demanded an answer. He just coldly replied,” Who are you?! Oops my wife for namesake. I don’t consider you even my friend so why should I worry about your safety.” No one knew how that single line brought  hot chaotic ears in her eyes to be wiped by none. But she tolerated everything for her parents and his parents who loved her like their own daughter.

Six months with no love, care, affection, compassion and all the emotions needed by a healthy human heart were really excruciatingly painful for her but she never uttered a word against him. Even we start feeling affection for the dog that comes to us everyday to fill his stomach. That’s human tendency to love those who are always in front him But Arjun was an exception. He was just hard hearted cold manic who only loved his mom truthfully and no one else. He made Radhika do everything that was closely related to his mother’s happiness. He acted like a good husband who worships the ground his wife walks on just to make his mom happy. But none knew what he did with her behind the door. He had made her stand under freezing cold shower for trying to tell his mom her plight. None knew how he joked before his friends that he could do lot better without her and she just hit the jackpot because he married her.

None knew how he burned her clothes which she loved as they were gifts from her loved ones. Just because he didn’t like them. He would shop for her only traditional wear without asking her choice. He would just bang the shopping bags before her and say put some new clothes, you look more ugly with old ones. He injured her with his harsh words without any weapons. Her wounds were fresh and unattended. She was deprived of all the love and care for a long time which had made her so much insecure, uncertain and self doubting.

Sam made coffee for both of them. She handed over one cup to Radhika was in daze. She could understand that she was thinking about something deeply.

She broke the ice,” So what are you going to do now?! I mean career.”

Radhika placed the coffee mug back on the table without taking a sip. She worriedly replied,” I don’t know Sammy. I couldn’t do post graduation because my parents got me married before I could apply.”

Sam argued,” You are just 22. You could still think about taking up admission in some college. Why the hell did you marry that a*sh*le?! I swear if God forgives my one crime. I will murder him in his sleep.”

Radhika laughed, ” You’ll make me a widow if you do it now. Feel free to do it after my divorce. ”

Sam took a seat beside her and touched her forehead and neck and said in a dramatic voice,” Are you having fever?! What has become of you in one night. From pati vrata to a wife wishing for her husband’s death.”

Radhika slapped her hand away and laughed throwing her head back,” Too much. Such a drama queen. On a serious note I don’t want to join college now. I am no more interested in it. Now I want to do something which will be my career and will make me happy too. I don’t feel a heap of books can ease my pain but they can surely increase.”

Sam thoughtfully replied, ” Point taken. Then do something creative. They say any form of art is the best way to express yourself. You loved painting and always wanted to do a Art course. But your family objected it so you didn’t do anything. So do it now.”

Radhika massaged her forehead rolling her fingers in circular motion as all the events took a toll on her health. She was having a pestering suffocating headache since last night.

She chimed,” Sammy I haven’t taken any professional training in that field.”

Sam assured,” I have seen your paintings in your parents house and I swear they were all masterpieces. You gave up painting because your monster of a husband hates the smell and sight of colours.”

Radhika stated,” it’s not only that Sammy. He is allergic to paint Sammy. He sneezes a lot and gets a bad headache from the moment some paint smell trespasses in his nose.”

Sam made a face,” Whatever. Nothing changes the fact that he is a jerk and I hate him.”

Radhika, ” True that.”

Sam spoke,” Why are we wasting our precious time talking about him?! You answer my question. Will you work in my company?! I mean basically the advertising firm belongs to me and my twin brother, Sameer. But I can recruit anyone if I want and same thing applies to him. I love your artistic approach and even he will do. So now yes or no?!”

Radhika stared at her with a shocking glint in her widened eyes. She was trying to comprehend what she heard.

Radhika in a shaky tone,” Sammy I don’t know. I mean I am inexperienced and I just don’t know it will be right or not. ”

Sam placed her hand on Radhika’s shivering freezing cold palm and pressed it lightly and whispered, ” It will be alright. You need to start from somewhere. You need to sort out your life and this is the best way to do it.”

Radhika lifted her eyelashes and looked into her best friend’s eyes who had no shadow of doubt in her eyes about her offer.

She hugged Sam tight and spoke in a low tone,” Yes. But you are not paying me for one month until I feel settled in this new job. I want to know what works best for me and so this is a experiment for me.”

Sam cupped her face and spoke in a caring tone,” OK as you say. So now you need to sleep otherwise you’ll be late to you new workplace. I know you have a headache so I’ll go and find some medicine for you. Till that time sit here and rest.”

Radhika nodded like kids who obey in fear of getting punished by their teachers. Sam got up and marched to her room.

Radhika rested her head back and closed her eyes. All the bitter hurtful heart breaking memories with Arjun flashed in her mind. Why did she even put up with him for so long?! He didn’t deserve even slight of the kindness she showed him. Then why did she waste six months of her life with such a man?! Even after all what he did, Why wasn’t she able to hate him to the core?! Why her heart yearned to see him happy even after him being the sole reason for all the sorrow of her life?! Why is that so?!

She leaned down and pushed her face in the softness of the pillow and slept off hugging his thoughts in her mind against her own will.

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