Aashiq…The Lover…RiKara SS Part 2

Aashiq…The Lover… Part 2
I dedicate this chapter to my dearest friend RehanaSiraj for suggesting Amala Paul opposite Rudra.

Omkara went to a house.
Omkara:Hello darling….
A girl came out of her room.Seeing her Omkara became so happy that he hugged her.
Omkara:Hello Jugnu…
Jugnu:Hello Om bhaiyya…
Jugnu was a 8 year old girl who was very close to Omkara.Jugnu’s parents Archit and Pranati came and greeted Omkara.
Jugnu:How is your college life?
Om:Superb.I got some funny friends.
Jugnu:Is there any funny girl friend?
Gauri’s face came into his mind.
Om giggled:Of course yes.There is a funny girl named Gauri.
Jugnu:Name is good.I want to meet her.
Om:One day I will bring her here.
Jugnu:Wow!I can’t wait to meet her.
Om:Tell..how is your life?
Jugnu:It’s boring without you.
Pranati:Jugnu always wants you near her.She does’nt need us.
Archit:Jugnu…finally your Om bhaiyya is here to remove your boredom.

Om caressed her:I am here.So nothing is boring anymore.We will play together.

Omkara and Jugnu played many games together.Archit and Pranati smiled.



Rudra was climbing stairs fast.He bumped into a girl.
Rudra:Oh I am sorry.
That girl raised her eye brows and looked at him:Rudra!
Rudra was surprised:How do you know my name?
She smiled:Who does’nt know you?You are so popular in the gym.

Rudra got flattered by her compliment.
Rudra:You have seen me in the gym?
She:Yes.I see you daily there.You look like a film actor.How well you maintain your figure!
Rudra felt that he was on cloud nine.
Rudra:So you like going to gym?
Rudra thought:My dream was to go to the gym with my girl friend.
Rudra:Your name?
Rudra:Lovely name.I have never heard such a sweet name before.
She blushed:Really?
Rudra:Ya…It sounds so sweet to the ears like your sweet voice.Just like the sound we hear while pouring protein shake to the glass.
She blushed:You made my day.
He smiled.

Jeene laga hoon, pehle se zyada
Pehle se zyada, tumpe marne laga hoon

Rudra’s mind told him:Rudra..I think she is the one for you.
Rudra slipped and Vaiga caught him.
Rudra felt goosebumps all over his body.They shared a sweet eye lock.Both were blushing.

Main mera dil aur tum ho yahaan
Phir kyun ho palkein jhukaye wahaan
Tum sa haseen pehle dekha nahin
Tum is.sey pehle thhe jaane kahaan

Vaiga patted his cheek cutely:Bye bye Rudra.
Rudra was lost in her.

Jeene laga hoon pehle se zyada
Pehle se zyada tumpe marne laga…
hmmmmm… ho.(Ramaiya Vastavaiya).

Gauri was surrounded by some goons.
Gauri:Why are you all here?Why are you guys after me?
Ajay and another guy came out of the jeep.
Gauri was shocked.
That guy:I am Kali.Ajay’s brother.How dare you reject my brother?
Gauri:It’s not anything daring.I don’t love him.So I rejected him.
Kali:You hurt my brother by rejecting him.So we are going to kidnap you and get you married to Ajay.
Gauri was shocked.
She looked at Ajay:Ajay..are you mad?
Ajay smirked.
The goons tried to pull her to the jeep.Suddenly Omkara came from behind and beat the goons.He punched all of them.
The police came and arrested Kali and goons.
The inspector:Wow..Kali is a wanted Don of the city.Since I caught him I will get promotion.
Om smiled.They carried away Kali and the goons.Ajay came upset:Bhaiyya!
Om punched Ajay and said:If you trouble Gauri again you will also be arrested.Understand?

Ajay ran away due to fear.
Gauri looked at Omkara:Thank you Omkara.
Om smiled.
Gauri:In movies the hero saves the heroine from the goons and the heroine falls in love with the hero.But don’t think that I will be like that.
Gauri:Don’t think that I fell in love with you as you saved me.I will not melt just because you saved me.It’s not easy to impress Gauri Sharma.

Omkara started laughing.
Om:Why should I expect you to melt or get attracted towards me when I will get the college beauty for myself?
Gauri:What?Who is that college beauty who will be your girl friend?
Om:She is somewhere here.I am waiting to see her.
Gauri:What’s your imagination about your college beauty?
Om:I will explain as I have a clear imagination about my college beauty.She should not be short like rats.She should be very tall.
Gauri was shocked.
She thought:Oh my God!I am so tiny.I am too short.I am not at all tall.
Om:She should have long hair like Rapunzel.
Gauri caressed her hair with pity and thought:My hair is so short.
Om:She should be intelligent.
Gauri:These are your demands?Stupid.Any short girl can wear high heeled shoes to look tall.Any girl with short hair can use hair extensions to have long hair.
Om:Yes..possible.But that’s artificiality.I want height and hair to be natural.
Gauri thought:Oh no…
Om:But whatever..even if height and hair can be fixed what about intelligence?It can be fixed only by God in our brain.Only some are blessed with that.The others are exactly like you in intelligence.
Gauri:What?You mean I am not intelligent?I am a fool?
Om smirked:I did’nt say that.You judged yourself like that and called yourself a fool.
Omkara walked away smiling.Gauri got irritated.
Gauri:This guy…
She gritted her teeth in anger.



After some days….

Gauri was in the canteen.
Gauri:Where is Omkara?Usually he comes after me to irritate me.
She saw Rudra and Raju coming to the canteen.Gauri went near them.Rudra and Raju got scared thinking that Gauri will shout at them.
Raju imagined Gauri going to slap him.Suddenly he jerked.
Raju:Don’t do ..don’t do.

I promise that I will not dare to propose you.I will never even dream to praise your beautiful features.I swear..your teeth are not like white rice and your hands are not like canes.Your face is not an orange and your hair is not like cord.
Gauri murmured in irritation:Mad!
Rudra imagined Gauri pouring protein shake on his face harshly.
He got up with a jerk.
Rudra:I promise..I will not even think of sharing my protein shake with you.

Gauri lost her control and yelled at them:Stop it.I don’t have to time to waste listening to your crazy talk.2 maddies.

Raju-Rudra looked at each other:Maddies?
Gauri:Yes..2 mad boys.
Raju-Rudra opened their mouth in O shape:You called us mad?
Gauri:Yes,I can call mad people only Maddies.Right?Do you guys have any problem with that?
Rudra-Raju pouted like kids:No.
Gauri smirked:Good.
Where is your crazy friend Omkara?
Raju:He did not come to college.
Rudra:No idea.
Gauri thought:Who cares?
Gauri mobile phone rang.Gauri attended the call hiding somewhere as mobile phones are not allowed in college.
It was Pinky:Gauri…your dad met with an accident.Come to City hospital.
Gauri got shocked.
She walked out of the canteen in a hurry.

She drove her car to the hospital.

  1. Shesha485

    Nice episode. Loved the way Omkara rescued Gauri from Kaali and Ajay. Nice to see Jugnu along with Pranati and Archit. Loved the scenes. Raju and Rudra got imaginations and apologizing to Gauri was hilarious. Maddies… So funny…. Omkara making fun of Gauri with his wit was hilarious. Gauri looking at her height, hair and intelligence for checking the qualities what Omkara need was funny. Gauri can’t stay restless if Omkara is not there… Funny..

    1. Jasminerahul

      thank you very much

  2. Meghu

    Gauri is already restless without having a glimpse of Omkara, Will the same happen with jugnu like seen in the movie? Amala Paul not bad idea, I, love it. Gauri checking on herself for the qualities was also good. Nice pics😍

    1. Jasminerahul

      Thanks a lot for the detailed comment.About Jugnu…its a suspense.

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