Aashiq…The Lover…RiKara SS Part 3

Aashiq..The Lover… Part 3

Gauri reached the hospital.
Seeing Pinky,Gauri ran towards her.
Gauri:Mumma,how is dad?
Pinky:He is fine now.Just a small crack in the bone.So his left leg is bandaged.
Gauri was relieved:Thank God.
Gauri went to the room to see Shakti.
Gauri:Dad…are you alright?
Shakti:I am alright.Actually I parked the car and went to the medical store.That time on the way i slipped and fell down.A young boy who was on his way to the college saw me and took me to the hospital.So I am fine.Taking our home number from me he called your mother also here.
Gauri:Thanks to that boy.

Shakti:You know him.He said that he is in your college.Omkara.
Gauri was stunned:Omkara?

Gauri thought:That’s why he did’nt come to college today.

Pinky:That day you were talking ill of this boy only.Right?
Gauri pouted:Yes.
Pinky:How could you talk ill of such a nice boy?
Shakti:Because of him only I am alright now.Otherwise I would have been lying on the road now also.

Gauri did not know what to say.




The next day in college…

Gauri went near Omkara.
Omkara:Yes Gauri…
Gauri:Omkara..thank you very much.
Omkara:For what?
Gauri:For taking my dad to the hospital on time.
Om:I did not know that he was your father until we talked to each other.How is your father now?

Gauri:He is ok.Just taking rest.

Om:Ok..take care of your dad.
Omkara walked away.
Gauri:Usually boys wish to spend time with me.But Omkara just left like that.



Gauri and gang were rehearsing dance for the dance competition.Vaiga was one among them.Omkara and others were watching her dance.
Om:Hey Gauri…are you dancing at a kid’s party or rehearsing for the dance competition?
Gauri:Of course for the dance competition.
Om:I know.But it seems that you guys are dancing at a kids’ party.The steps are so simple and not at all impressive.
Gauri was irritated:Who are you to judge our dance?You are not our Judge.
Om: I know.But if you guys do these steps ,failure is sure.
Gauri got angry:Omkara!
Om:Chill Gauri.
Gauri said sarcastically:To talk like this do you know what dance is?Just dance one step and show us.

Om:Ok..as you wish.
Omkara started dancing.All were surprised to see him dance flawlessly.

Gauri was also lost in him.

Vaiga:Superb steps Omkara.Can you please do choreography for us?
Gauri’s ego was controlling her.
Gauri:If Omkara puts steps we will lose.
Vaiga:No Gauri.Look at his steps.We will surely win.
Gauri:No way.
All others:Please Gauri…agree..
Gauri said angrily:Ok.
All were happy.Omkara smirked.
He showed them some dance steps and they did accordingly.
Rudra’s eyes were on Vaiga’s dance.

Seeing that Vaiga smiled at Rudra.

Rudra blushed.



Dance competition….

Gauri and Vaiga’s team danced.

Ikrar Karna Muskil Hai,
Inkar Karna Muskil Hai
Mahbub Se Mohabbat Ka
Izhar Karna Muskil Hai

Ho Kitna Muskil Hai Dekho
Is Duniya Mein Dil Lagana
O Yara Dil Lagana,
O Yara Dil Lagana
O Yara Dil Lagana
Ho Kitna Muskil Hai Dekho
Is Duniya Mein Dil Lagana
O Yara Dil Lagana,
O Yara Dil Lagana
O Yara Dil Lagana

Chahat Me Dil Kisi Ke
Jab Bekarar Hota Hai
Sham O Sahar Kisi Ka
Tab Intezar Hota Hai
Mitha Sa Dard Leke
Aye Koi Khayalo Mein
Betab Dil Hamesha
Uljha Rahe Sawalo Mein
Ho Kitna Muskil Hai
Duniya Mein Dekho Dil Churana
O Yara Dil Churana
O Yara Dil Churana
O Yara Dil Churana
Ho Kitna Muskil Hai
Dekho Is Duniya Mein Dil Lagana
O Yara Dil Lagana,
O Yara Dil Lagana
Ha Yara Dil Lagana

Najre Milengi Aise Ye
Dil To Dhadak Uthega
Manega Na Ye Kahn
Ulfat Mein Tadap Uthega
Koi Wafa Ke Dam Se
Bechain Karke Jayega
Ayega Roj Khwabo
Mein Ninde Churake Jayega
Kitna Muskil Hai Dekho
Is Duniya Mein Dil Lubhana
O Yara Dil Lubhana
O Yara Dil Lubhana
O Yara Dil Lubhana
Kitna Muskil Hai Dekho
Is Duniya Mein Dil Lagana
O Yara Dil Lagana,
O Yara Dil Lagana
O Yara Dil Lagana

Ikrar Karna Muskil Hai,
Inkar Karna Muskil Hai

Mahbub Se Mohabbat Ka
Izhar Karna Muskil Hai
Ho Kitna Muskil Hai Dekho
Is Duniya Mein Dil Lagana
O Yara Dil Lagana, O Yara Dil Lagana
Ha Yara Dil Lagana
O Yara Dil Lagana, O Yara Dil Lagana
O Yara Dil Lagana.(AgniSakshi).



They were announced to be the winners.The judges mentioned specially about the choreography and Gauri and Vaiga’s graceful dance.
They jumped with joy.
Unknowingly Rudra embraced Vaiga.Both moved away from each other shyly.
Vaiga:Thank you.
Gauri went near Omkara:Thank you Omkara for doing choreography for us.
Om:Somebody said that if I put dance steps for your song you guys will lose the competition.
Gauri was embarrassed:Sorry.
He giggled seeing her embarrassment.
Om:Anyways I will give you a special treat for dancing so well.
Gauri:Only for me?The judges praised Vaiga also.

Om:Rudra is there to give treat to Vaiga.
Om:Look that side.
Gauri looked at the direction Om showed her.Rudra and Vaiga were chatting and laughing.Gauri smiled.
Om:My treat is…I will introduce you to the cutest girl in this world.
Gauri’s face became dull:Cutest girl?
Gauri thought:Guess Omkara has found his beauty.
Gauri:Why are you taking me there?
Om:Because she wants to meet you.
Gauri thought:Why does she want to meet me?
Om:Since Christmas is coming up we will buy some Christmas gifts for her.
Ajay was jealous seeing Om-Gauri together.

Ajay:You rejected me and Omkara tortured me and my brother for you.Right?Now I will show you what I can do.I will make you both enemies.

Rudra took Vaiga to the ice cream parlour.
Rudra:This is my treat for you for impressing the strict judges with your beautiful dance performance.
Vaiga smiled:That’s so sweet of you Rudra.
They had icecream together.

Rudra:Do you want any shake?
Vaiga:I can say that closing my eyes.I want protein shake.

Rudra could not believe his ears.
Rudra:What?Protein shake?
Vaiga:Yes,that’s what I like.Tasty and nutritious.
Rudra thought:Oh God..she is my dream girl.Finally I found my dream girl with whom I can share my protein shake for life long.
Rudra:Protein shake is my favourite too.I can’t live without it.
Vaiga:Our tastes and interests are so similar Rudra.
They gave order for protein shake and drank it sharing a romantic eye lock with each other.
Rudra:Well..Vaiga..your name is very different.Who named you?Your dad or mom?
Vaiga:My sister.When I was in my mother’s womb itself my sister named me Vaiga.
Rudra:So sweet of your sister.She gave you such a nice name.
Vaiga:She deserves more appreciation as she only nurtured me.We lost our parents long ago.It’s my sister who nurtured me.We are from a village in Tamil Nadu.She stopped her studies for me.But she sent me here to educate me.Just for my studies she is also staying with me in a rented house here though its difficult to stay away from the village.
Rudra got emotional.
Rudra:She is really a lovely sister.

Vaiga:Yes.She is the best sister anyone could get.
Rudra:What’s your sister’s name?
Rudra thought:What kind of name is this?What amma and all?
Vaiga showed him a photograph in her phone:This is my sister and I.We took this photograph at a wedding function.

Rudra:Very sweet sisters.
Vaiga smiled.



Vaiga went back home.Meenamma smiled seeing her:How was the day?
Vaiga:Very nice Akka.I will freshen up and come.
Meenamma:After coming to Mumbai your hair looks dry and frizzy.I will oil your hair.
Meenamma took herbal hair oil and started massaging her head with the oil.
Meenamma:Your hair looks pathetic.
Vaiga:Don’t worry Akka.When you are there with me why should I bother?

Meenamma pulled her cheek cutely:En chellam..
They smiled.
Vaiga took bath and came back.
Vaiga:Akka..nice smell is coming.
Meenamma:I made your favourite Idli and Sambar.
Vaiga:You are so sweet Akka.You are actually living for me sacrificing all your happiness.
Meenamma:Why did you say so?My happiness is with you.
Vaiga:But you also need a family life which you are sacrificing for me?
Meenamma smiled:I am not craving for any married life dear.Marriage will make our life complicated.My first priority will always be you.My husband may not digest it.I don’t want anyone to come between us.
Vaiga’s face became dull.:But Akka…
Meenamma:Don’t talk about it now.Have your food.

Meenamma served her food.
Vaiga:I know that even you have not eaten anything.

Vaiga and Meenamma had food feeding each other.



Omkara took Gauri to Jugnu’s house.Pranati opened the door.
Gauri thought:Is she the one who captured Om’s heart?
Pranati:Are you Gauri?
Pranati:Om always talks about you.Come inside.
Om:This is Pranati.
Om-Gauri got inside the house.
Archit came.
Pranati:Archit…see Omkara has brought Gauri.
Archit:Nice to meet you Gauri.I am Pranati’s husband.
Gauri was shocked.
Gauri thought:Pranati is married.Then who is the girl who Omkara loves?
Pranati went near Jugnu:Your Om bhaiyya has brought Gauri.
Jugnu was excited:Really?
Om took Gauri to Jugnu’s room.
Om:This is the cutest girl about whom I told you.Jugnu.
Seeing Jugnu,Gauri was relieved and happy.
Gauri thought:Omkara was talking about this little girl.So no other girl has entered his life.
Gauri smiled:Jugnu is really cute.
Jugnu:Gauri di..you are so beautiful.The most beautiful person.
Gauri smiled.
Omkara:Gauri is beautiful,but not the most beautiful.
Gauri’s face became dull.
Jugnu:Om bhaiyya,your eyes are blind.That’s why you don’t know how beautiful Gauri di is.
Pranati:Jugnu is right.Gauri is gorgeous.

Gauri smiled.
Om:Ok ok.
Omkara patted Jugnu’s cheeks slightly:Happy Christmas Jugnu.
Jugnu:Happy Christmas.
Omkara and Gauri took gifts from the car and unwrapped them.They were 2 big toys of Santa Claus for Jugnu.
Om-Gauri:Jugnu…Happy Christmas from Santa.

Due to excitement Jugnu hugged both the Santa Claus toys.
Pranati:As Jugnu demanded we have arranged Christmas lunch.
Archit:Omkara..Gauri…taste and say how my dearest wife’s cooking is.
They smiled.

Omkara-Gauri started eating the lunch,in between both were feeding Jugnu with their hands.
Om:So tasty.

Om:Jugnu..you are lucky to have a mother who cooks the best food for you.
Jugnu:You are right Om bhaiyya.
Pranati smiled happily.
Gauri:Really yummy.The best Christmas Lunch i have ever had in my life.
Pranati and Archit smiled.
Jugnu:This is my best Christmas.
Om:No Jugnu.Your best Christmas is yet to come.
Jugnu smiled.
Om-Gauri entered the car bidding them Good-Bye.
Gauri:Thanks for giving me such a lovely Christmas.
Om smiled.

Ajay entered the college at night threatening the watch men.He stuck some posters on the wall.



The next day…

All the students in the college looked at the poster and laughed.
It was written “Gauri loves Omkara”.
Gauri was shattered.Ajay went near her with a smirk:So you rejected me for this guy?
Gauri got angry:This is done by you.Right?
Gauri raised her hand to slap him.Suddenly Ajay held her hand.
Ajay:Before slapping me think well who can write this.

Ajay left her hand.
Ajay:We all longed for you.But you rejected us.But Omkara used an indirect method to make you accept him.Omkara wants you.So he stuck such posters here hoping that you will accept him.
Gauri was shocked.She fumed with anger.Ajay smirked thinking:Now Omkara and Gauri will split up forever.

  1. Shesha485

    Lovely episode. It was so cute when Jugnu defended Gauri by calling Om blind. I was expecting the twist that Omkara would admit Shakti in the hospital. Shakti and Pinky defending Omkara was nice. Loved the dance competition. Omkara is making fun of Gauri so much. Gauri feeling grateful for Om was nice. Loved the funny cute scenes of Raiga. Vaiga and Meenamma bond was so adorable. So who is going to be her hubby? Christmas celebration at Prachit house was nice. Loved the bond among Om, Jugnu and Gauri. Sad that Ajay made everyone believe that Omkara pasted the posters on Gauri’s wall. Will Helly enter the FF as a new character?

    1. Shesha485

      I mean college’s wall…

  2. Shesha485

    Congrats, it’s your 600th post.

    1. Jasminerahul

      thanks a lot.I didn’t realize that I had completed these many posts.
      Yes..Helly will enter as a new character.

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    I am feeling sad as they are going to fight because of Ajay. I really loved when jugnu talk in favour of Gauri. Gauri saying sorry was cute. She is not that arrogant. Deepika and Amala is a nice combo. Deepika’s name is from Chennai express,right? Nice pics😀

    1. Jasminerahul

      Thanks a lot.
      Yes,the name is taken from Chennai express.I thought I will take the same name as Deepika is a village Tamil girl in this story also.

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