Aashiq…The Lover…RiKara SS Part 1

Aashiq…The Lover… Part 1

Dedicated to
who wants me to write a RiKara SS on the tamil movie Sachein.

St.Peter’s college…

A car reached the College compound.A stylish girl came out of the car.

All the boys were flattered.They could not take their eyes off her.She was none other than Gauri.
Gauri was enjoying their attention.

Ishq Jaise Hai Ek Aandhi, Ishq Hai Ek Toofaan
Ishq Ke Aage Bebas Hai, Duniya Mein Har Insaa
Ishq Mein Sab Deewane Hain, Ishq Mein Sab Hairaan
Ishq Mein Sab Kuchh Mushkil Hai, Ishq Mein Sab Aasaan
Dekho Pyare, Ye Nazare, Ye Deewane, Ye Parvane
Hai Ishq Mein Kaise Gum
( Tumse Milke Dil Ka Hai Jo Hal Kya Kahein
Ho Gaya Hai Kaisa Ye Kamaal Kya Kahein )…(2)
Dil To Hai Ek Raahi Jaana, Dil Ki Tum Manzil Ho
Dil To Hai Ek Kashti Jaana, Jiska Tum Saahil Ho
Dil Na Phir Kuchh Maange Jaana, Tum Agar Haasil Ho
Dil To Hai Mera Tanha Jaana, Aao Tum Mahfil Ho
Ishq Se Hain Saari Khushiyan, Ishq Se Barbaadi

Ishq Hai Paabandi Lekin, Ishq Hi Aazaadi
Ishq Ki Duniya Mein Yaaron Khwaboon Ki Aabaadi
Kho Gaya Wo Jisko Manzil Ishq Ne Dikhladi
Dekho Pyare, Ye Nazaare, Ye Deewane, Ye Parvaane
Hai Ishq Mein Kaise Gum
( Tumse Milke Dil Ka Hai Jo Haal Kya Kahein

Ho Gaya Hai Kaisa Ye Kamaal Kyaa Kahein )…(2)

Tumko Pooja Hai, Tumhari Hi Ibaadat Ki Hai
Hamne Jab Ki Hai To Phir Aise Mohabbat Ki Hai…(2)
Dil Mera Paagal Hai Jaana, Isko Tum Bahla Do
Dil Mein Kyun Halchal Hai Jaana, Mujhko Tum Samjha Do
Mahkaa Jo Aanchal Hai Jaana, Isko Tum Lahra Do
Roop Jo Baadal Hai Jaana, Mujhpe Tum Barsa Do Jaana Le Ke Aaya Hai Tera Ye Deewana
Jaana Tujhpe Mit Jaayega Tera Ye Parwana

Jaana Mere Dil Mein Kya Hai, Tune Ye Na Jaana
Jaana Tujhko Yaad Aayega Mera Ye Afsana
Dekho Pyare, Ye Nazare, Ye Deewane, Ye Parwane
Hai Ishq Mein Kaise Gum
( Tumse Milke Dil Ka Hai Jo Haal Kya Kahein

Ho Gaya Hai Kaisa Ye Kamaal Kya Kahein )…(2)(Main hoon na).



A boy went near Gauri.
Gauri looked at him:What?
He was silent.
Ajay stammered:I..I…

Gauri:Without wasting my time say fast.
Ajay:Gauri,I love you.

Rudra and Raju were watching them.
Raju:Will Gauri accept Ajay?Then my hope to be in this college will break.
Rudra:Why should she accept you when there is a handsome guy like me?

Raju:Self praising!I am handsome than you.Everyone says that I look younger than my age.
Rudra started laughing.
Rudra and Ajay started arguing.
Gauri stared at Ajay:Ajay..look…we are not even friends.We have talked to each other.But we don’t know much about each other.Then why do you accept me to accept your proposal?
Ajay:When I saw you for the first time itself I fell for you.
Gauri:I don’t believe in love at first sight.A boy and a girl should know each other well.Then what happens is love.But unfortunately that is not there between us.So my answer is no.Bye…
Gauri walked away while Ajay was burning in anger.
Rudra and Raju were relieved.
Raju said in excitement:Gauri rejected Ajay.

Rudra:What a wonderful scene!
They hugged each other happily.




A cool boy was walking on the road humming a song and enjoying the scenery.He is none other than Omkara. Suddenly it started raining.
Omkara saw a tree.He ran towards the tree ad stood under it.
Suddenly his eyes fell on an Angelic beauty who was enjoying in rain.

She was Gauri.She was dancing in the rain.His face blossomed seeing her.

Naa Re Naa Re, Naa Re Naa Re
Naa Re Naa Re, Naa Re Naa Re
Barso Re, Megha Megha Barso Re

Megha Megha Barso Re, Megha Barso
Meetha Hai Kosaa Hai, Baarish Ka Bosa Hai
Kosaa Hai, Kosaa Hai, Barrishon Ka Bosa Hai
Jal Jal Jal Jal Jal Jal Jal Thal Jal Thal
Chal Chal Chal Chal Chal Chal Chal Chal
Chal Chal Behta Chal
Geeli Geeli Geeli Ha, Ha Ha Ha Ha
(Thanks to the editor)

Geeli Geeli Maati, Geeli Maati Ke
Chal Gharonge Bimaayenge Re
Hari Bhari Ambi Ambi Ki Daali
Mil Ke Joole Jhulaayenge Re Oh
Dhan Baiju Gai Ne, Hal Jote Sabne
Bailon Ki Ganti Baji, Aur Taal Lage Bharne
Re Tair Ki Chali Main Toh Paar Chali
Paar Wale Parle Kinaar Chali Re Megha
Naa Re Naa Re, Naa Re Naa Re
Naa Re Naa Re, Naa Re Naa Re

Tu Tu Turu, Tu Tu Turu, Tu Tu Turu
Kaali Kaali Raaten, Kaali Raaton Mein
Yeh Badarvaa Baras Jaayega
Gali Gali Mujh Ko, Megha Doondega
Aur Garaj Ke Palat Jaayega
Ghar Aangaan Angana, Aur Paani Ka Jharna
Bhool Na Jaana Mujhe, Poochenge Varna
Re Beh Ke Chali, Main Toh Beh Ke Chali
Re Kehthi Chali, Main Toh Keh Ke Chali
Re Megha
Naa Re Naa Re, Naa Re Naa Re

Naa Re Naa Re, Naa Re Naa Re(Guru)




Omkara entered the college.
Rudra and Raju saw him.
Raju:Are you new admission?
Om:Yes.My name is Omkara.
Raju:Hi Omkara.
Om:Hi…are you the Watch man of this college?
Rudra burst into laughter while Raju got embarrassed.
Raju:I am a student here.
Omkara was stunned:Student?
Rudra:He has been in this college since last 10 years.
Omkara was stunned:10 years?
Rudra:Yes.He joins for degree.But he does’nt write the exam.After 3 years he joins another group for degree.But he skips his exams.

Omkara and Rudra were laughing.
Raju:You are wrong Rudra.In between I had written some exams though I did’nt pass.

Om and Rudra laughed again.
Om:You are really interesting.What’s your name?
Raju:I have the most modern name.Raju.
Om:Your Name is good.But modern….?Your name reminds me of 70’s 80’s movies.
Raju frowned.
Rudra:By the way I am Rudra.
Rudra:I am going.I have to submit my assignment.
Rudra went away.
Raju:By the way Omkara,do you have any girl friend?
Om remembered Gauri dancing in rain.
Suddenly Om’s eyes fell on Gauri who came out of the car with her bag.

Om:She is so beautiful!
Raju:You mean your girl friend is very beautiful?No way?No one can be as beautiful as Gauri.She is the college beauty.
Om:No one can be as beautiful as her.
Raju:No..Gauri is the best.
Unknowingly Omkara walked towards Gauri.Seeing Gauri even Raju walked towards her.
Om:Hi..I am Omkara.

Gauri said in an attitude:O I see!
Raju:This is the college beauty Gauri.
Omkara was surprised:You were talking to me about her?
Om smiled.
Raju:Gauri is the most beautiful girl in our college.No one can defeat Gauri in beauty.
Gauri smiled like a victorious Queen.

Raju:All the college boys are mad for her.But we don’t know which boy will be lucky enough to be the Prince of her hearts.
Gauri smirked.
Om:Raju….I think because of your age you are losing your eye sight also.From which angle does she look that beautiful for you?
Gauri was shocked.
Om:Gauri looks nice.But not good enough to win the title of the College beauty.An average beauty.
Sorry Gauri..I am straight forward.
Gauri was stunned and shattered.
Omkara was the first person who did not praise her beauty,he is the only person who called her an average looking girl.Gauri’s frustration could not be explained.
Raju opened his mouth in O shape.
Raju thought:How could Omkara not see her beauty?In a way it’s good.I don’t have any competition with him to win Gauri’s heart.






Gauri started throwing show pieces at home.She started throwing cushions too.Her parents Shakti and Pinky were stunned.
Pinky:Oh my Mata!Why are you so angry Gauri?
Gauri:How dare he?
Shakti:Did he misbehave with you?I will call the police.
Gauri:No use dad.Police won’t catch such useless guys.

Shakti:What are you saying Gauri?How can police ignore such boys?
Pinky:First tell us what he did.
Gauri:He said that I am not beautiful enough to be praised by others.
Shakti-Pinky were stunned:What?
Gauri:Yes dad and mom.Till now everyone has only praised my beauty.But he insulted my looks.
Gauri walked to her room angrily.Shakti and Pinky laughed.
Pinky:For the first time someone had the guts to break our daughter’s arrogance.

Shakti:He is super smart.




Raju to Om:You know..when I see Gauri my heart beats fast.I love her.We make a perfect match.Right?
Omkara and Rudra felt like laughing.
Rudra:The weirdest pair.

Raju:You stop it.You are jealous.
Rudra:Jealous of you?Very funny.
Raju:I don’t care.Om..since you are not interested in Gauri,can you do a favour for me?Can you please convey a message to her on my behalf?
Om:Sure.What’s the message?
Raju told him something.
Omkara walked towards Gauri.
Om:Gauri,I want to tell you something.
Gauri asked him rudely:What do you want to tell me?
Om:You are very beautiful…I have not seen a beauty like you..
Gauri’s smile which was lost when Omkara said that she is not that pretty came back to her face.She smiled from the bottom of her heart.

Gauri felt that she was flying in the sky.
Gauri:Oh…earlier you told me that I am not that beautiful.Now you are saying that I am a beauty.Finally you spoke the truth.
Om:You are mistaken.These are not my words.These are said by my friend Raju.He told me to say this to you on his behalf.
Om:Well…I did’nt finish it.He said more for you.He said your face is bright like an orange,hair is beautiful like chord…

Om:Wait..I did’nt finish it..your teeth are beautiful like white rice and your hands are lovely like canes.
Gauri could not tolerate it anymore:Enough.Show me who Raju is.
Omkara brought Gauri to meet Raju.
Om:This is my dear friend Raju who said those romantic words to you.
Gauri looked at him weirdly.
Gauri:Really?You compared me to orange..white rice etc?
Raju blushed:Yes..This is my love for you.

Gauri:Stop it.Love…my foot!I you were not this college’s student I would have called you uncle.
Raju was embarrassed.
Gauri:Don’t come to me with these crazy so called romantic lines.I will not leave you.Understand?
Raju was sweating:Ok.
Gauri walked away angrily.Omkara and Rudra were laughing at Raju.
Raju:My love story became tragic like ‘Titanic’.
Rudra:Don’t compare your flop one sided love story with a classic hit like Titanic.By the way since you are deleted from the list let me try my luck.Gauri cannot reject me.
Om and Raju stared at Rudra.


Rudra went near Gauri.
Rudra was holding a glass of protein shake in his hand:Gauri…I bought this protein shake from the canteen.
Gauri:So what should I do?
Rudra:Nothing.I brought this to you to let you know that the secret of my good looks is Protein shake.
Gauri:But I am not interested to know your secrets.
Rudra was embarrassed.
Rudra:Gauri,will you be with me to share my protein shake forever?
Gauri:I hate protein shake.I can’t even take a sip of it.Then how can drink this forever?Well…why should I drink your protein shake?I am not interested to take your share.
Rudra was embarrassed.He kept the protein shake on the table.
Rudra:Then leave it.I will bring something else to share it with you.
Gauri:Why are you adamant about sharing your things with me?Did I ever ask you to share anything with me?

Gauri:Then why?Please don’t try to irritate me by sharing your protein shake or orange juice with me.
Gauri walked away.
Rudra cried in a childish manner while Omkara and Raju who were watching this and laughing came towards Rudra.They could not stop laughing.
Raju:You were so proud and over confident that Gauri will accept you.See now what happened.
Rudra:But I will not waste time.I will find another girl.
Omkara:Good.You should be like this.Gauri does’nt suit you.You will get a better girl who loves protein shake.She will drink protein shake with you forever.

Rudra blushed.
Raju:I have also taken a decision.This time I will pass all my exams and get married to the girl chosen by my mother.
Om:Good.Your mother will choose the best girl for you.
Raju smiled.

Omkara went to a house.
Omkara:Hello darling….
A girl came out of her room.Seeing her Omkara became so happy that he hugged her.

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    Nice to see a new FF from you. Loved the opening. Gauri as a headstrong girl and Omkara as peaceful boy is lovely. Nice to see, Pinky and Shakti as Gauri’s parents (Even in Vani FF, They are Bani’s parents😄). Omkara getting mesmerized with the rain dance of Gauri was nice. Loved the character of Raju. He is extremely hilarious. Rice, cane, orange, chord… God! – This literally cracked me up. Can’t stop laughing. Rudra and his sharing strategy was hilarious. Gauri gave a nice counter for both the boys. Gauri paying attention for Omkara’s compliment is nice.

    1. Jasminerahul

      Thank u very much.Actually its my old SS.I am posting it on TU now.Have u watched Sachein?

    2. Shesha485

      I haven’t

  2. Meghu

    Sachein is a great love story… hope your writing makes the story more awesome. Loved Raju’s humour… Om has already fallen for Gauri. I love Om’S attitude as well.
    Nice pics 😍

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      Thank you very much

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