Aarambh 13th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Jaldev saves Devsena’s life

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Aarambh 13th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Devsena running after a rabbit. Jaldev looks for her and calls her out. Kalketu traps Devsena in the floral web and hangs her to the tree. He laughs. Jaldev shouts for her. Devsena sees Jaldev and tries to sign. Kalketu attacks on her. Jaldev jumps and throws back the pointed tree branch arrow at Kalketu. Kalketu gets hurt and hides. Jaldev looks for him and thinks who is this enemy. Kalketu thinks this Shivgam can’t be an ordinary human being, the way he has caught my arrow and threw back on me. Jaldev sees someone hiding. Kalketu thinks I can’t fight with him in this state, if I get caught, everyone will know about Padmavija’s tantric Vidya. He disappears. Jaldev says how is this possible, I have seen his shadow.

Mahisha looks for Devsena and Shivgam. He says if anything happened to Devsena, I will not leave Shivgam. He gets angry recalling them and shouts Shivgam. Mahisha comes and sees Devsena falling down. Jaldev and Mahisha run to save her. Jaldev falls down. Mahisha catches Devsena in his arms. Mahisha asks how can you do this Shivgam. Devsena says someone has attacked on me, Shivgam saved my life, how many times will you save me Shivgam. Jaldev says its my duty, I followed that attacker but he disappeared. She says tribal people can’t do this, they can’t be my enemy. Jaldev says maybe Siyala has sent someone, right Mahisha. Mahisha says maybe. Devsena thinks did Siyali send Mahisha. Mahisha says it can be an Arya too. Jaldev says no, Arya can’t have courage to come here and attack on Devsena. Devsena says yes, my biggest enemy is Arya. Mahisha thinks she is very innocent and doesn’t know her biggest enemy.

He says we should cross river, its late night. They leave. Kalketu looks on. Jaldev, Devsena and Mahisha cover their faces and enter Aryavarth. Jaldev thinks what’s my test, I have to see my men dying, maybe this way we get victory. Mahisha kills an Arya. Arya sends signal to others. Devsena says we can leave if we get alert. Devsena, Mahisha and Jaldev fight with Aryas. Arya sees Jaldev’s face and gets shocked. Devsena kills that Arya and says you saved my life, I saved yours, scores got equal. Jaldev feels bad seeing the dead Aryans. He goes.

Injured Arya informs about Jaldev coming with enemies. Indramitra prays. He disappears and takes a young avatar to get victory in their aim, this miracle is by the power of purity. Arya comes and tells about Jaldev. Indramitra sees Jaldev with Devsena and Mahisha. He says Devsena has come on our land, Jaldev is also here, Hahumaa’s curse….. no till I m alive, I will not let her curse get fulfilled, go and catch Devsena and her aides.

It starts raining. Devsena feels cold. Mahisha holds her. Jaldev looks on. Mahisha asks Devsena why is she shy. Devsena reminds the motive for which they came, its their duty to find temple and make tribe free of the curse. Jaldev interrupts and says cold increased, I got things to ignite fire, we should focus on going there. He ignites fire. Mahisha thinks you have to become mine. Devsena thinks I know you Mahisha, I will kill you after fulfilling this motive. Jaldev says one of us have to be awake in enemy land. She says you two sleep, I will sit awake, but how to know the way to temple. Jaldev tells directions. Devsena and Mahisha look at him.

Padmavija sees blood marks and asks who is here. She sees Kalketu and asks did you kill Devsena. Sambhavija says you can’t kill Devsena, she is this Rajya’s would be queen, she will kill you. Padmavija asks her to shut up. Kalketu says I will attempt to kill her again. Padmavija laughs and shows her powers. He asks her about her twin. Padmavija says this is my Mayajaal. He says I have shot Devsena, arrow would have got killed, Shivgam came in between, he has held my arrow and injured me, he can’t be an ordinary human. She asks where is Devsena. He says she would have reached Aryavarth by now. She says enemy land, her powers won’t come to use, she can’t get saved, why did I save you, if she comes back alive, you will kill her, else you will die. Sambhavija asks what did Devsena do. Padmavija says she can harm me. Jaldev tells Devsena to go temple in a man’s costume. Mahisha says no need, I m with her. Devsena says he is right, we will go as he is saying.

Padmavija runs to Hahumaa and says Hahumaa talk to me, a mum is calling you, I want to know about Devsena. Hahumaa tries seeing Devsena and worries. She asks Sambhavija to leave. Many years ago, Dravidian queen talks to Hahumaa about stopping Aryas. Hahumaa asks her to fill mud in river and build a big wall. Queen says all snakes will die by filling mud in river. Hahumaa says this is the only option, your duty is towards Praja, this is my command.

Hahumaa does Dhyaan. Snake comes and confronts her for killing many innocent snakes. Hahumaa says my Rajya’s good is first for me. Snake curses Hahumaa that snakes will control her, snakes will always hold her. Hahumaa says don’t curse me, I will do jap and make snakes alive. Snake says you have to live cursed life, if your clan woman does good to other clan without any selfish motive, you can get free from this curse. Snakes catch Hahumaa. She starts coughing and says leave me. FB ends. Hahumaa says when will I get free from snakes curse.

Jaldev makes Devsena wear the turban. She asks what’s need to take disguise, you look Arya in these clothes. He says I m doing this for your protection. She asks does he know tying pagdi. Jaldev laughs. She asks are you laughing on me, you can get punished for this, you free me. He says this got tied, you sit. He ties her hair and thinks of her. He teaches her how to walk like Arya man. Mahisha comes and says don’t forget you are a soldier, she is a princess. She says Shivgam is my own, why are you so worried. Jaldev hears her and says I m yours Devsena.

Padmavija adds something in the sweets. She takes food for Sambhavija. Sambhavija asks do you want to kill me. Padmavija says no, I would have killed you before, have food, see I got this with love. Padmavija comes out of mirror. FB shows…. She meets tantric and says if Devsena gets the sindoor from temple, the curse will end, it will be tough to kill her. Guru ji asks her to leave Devsena and think of Sambhavija, she is caught in mirror, but she is going towards death, it will be her death too. She asks for solution. He gives her herbs to feed Sambhavija every day, her age will increase. Padmavija says it means my age will also increase.

Aryas check outsiders. Devsena, Jaldev and Mahisha worry. Indramitra comes and says these people are not the ones we are finding, let them go. Indramitra recalls meeting Jaldev. Jaldev says I got Devsena, everything is as per your command. Indramitra says Jaldev got Devsena here so that we kill her, I will kill Devsena in their Devi Mahishi temple.

Devsena takes sindoor to fill in Devsena’s maang nd marry her. Jaldev saves Devsena from Indramitra’s attack.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I am just waiting fir this Mahisha’s character to end,the way he behaved with Devsena ,I felt like slapping him for his impertinence.But the disturbing fact is that Jaldev who is supposed to be the soulmate of Devsena just looked on.Ofcourse he did somehow diffuse the situation by bringing firewood to make a bonfire but he was n’t like Varundev at all..Jaldev iscompletely different from Varundev.Just one meeting with Devsena was enough for Varundev to realise that he was in love with her and he was so bold that he sneaked into the royal palace and confessed his love to her,That time also Devsena was his enemy only but that hadn’t stopped him from doing all this.Where as Jaldev has been Devsena’s security in charge and living in the palace also but never dared to reveal his feelings.We don’t know whether he loves her or not but there is no doubt that he is attracted to her.Considering jaldev’s attraction for Devsena ,I must say his reaction was lukewarm when he saw Mahisha behaving indecently with her..
    Let us see how the writers are planning to shape up the story from now on because Devsena is now in Aryan territory and they won’t leave her without killing.It will be interesting to see whom Jaldev supports ,his clan or Devsena for whom he already has soft feelings.

    1. NerdyBirdie

      I definitely agree. I think Mahisha’s death will be the easiest because he is the first “element” to enter Devasena’s life. Also Mahisha has clearly steered far, far away from his goal. Now to satisfy his own ego he wants Devasena. I will be happy when he dies.

      Personally, I don’t mind that Jaldev didn’t immediately come to her rescue because in that moment he actually had no right over Devasena, and she handled Mahisha pretty well on her own. I applaud Devasena’s patience and intelligence. She could’ve snapped at Mahisha and cut off his head but she is taking things intelligently.

      Back to Jaldev/Varundev: I will mention that I think Varundev and Jaldev have been raised very differently. Something I noticed was that the Aryans have really changed their values. If this was 200 years ago, they would never use magic to secretly destroy kingdoms because it’s cowardice and low.

      Varundev was raised with those Aryan values. And 200 years ago there was a sort of civility between the two warring clans. But now they downright hate each other. Clearly these Aryans are becoming very greedy. After taking over the Dravid empire they clearly are not satisfied. Anyway, Jaldev was raised with completely different values. I feel like that’s a huge contribution towards this drastic change. Varundev expressed his love for Devasena EVEN when he was killing her, and he loved her so much that he died with her.

      Jaldev is clearly torn. I feel like Varundev had a very clear sense of character which was reflective in the way his Aryan friend urged him to confess his feelings. The Aryans now have just raised Jaldev to specifically kill Devasena.

      I do think that once Jaldev remembers his last life and realizes that the ACTUAL goal of his life is to be with Devasena (cause he had to kill her the first time) then he will change (and we all know how Varundev is when he loves Devasena! So excited for that). 😀

  2. You are right Lakshmi. The storyline is so good, the chemistry and expression of varun dev was so intense that it carried away our soul..but jaldev..why u taking so much time…go and kill mahisha and make devsena fall for you. express your feeling with her. This sambhavija is too annoying..i feel over acting…why she has to over do the character..there are so many beautiful south indian actress why they choose madhubala.. the way she expresses looks like comical rather than portraying..why give much importance this character? make more scene between jaldev and devasena..the love story which ended very fast with varundev and devasena should be extendedto rich level in current jaldev & devsena. the screenplay is so good and it blow away my mind. the best ever classic episodes so far..amazing..rajneeh n karthika..u r mind blowing..rajnesh was so hot as varundev..expression was killer

    1. NerdyBirdie

      I would prefer Devasena to kill Mahisha. Personally because Hahuma mentioned something about Devasena needing to conquer those against her life’s goal. I am eagerly awaiting for Jaldev to finally remember that he is Varundev! My favorite scene was when he said he was Devasena’s.

      I liked Madhu’s acting as Sambhavija when she was pregnant with Devasena. But then they brought this whole Padmavija plot twist and Madhu’s not really getting the screen time she deserves with Sambhavija. Or would you prefer a whole other actress altogether? I don’t really know a lot of South Indian actresses, haha.

      Reminding me of Sambhavija how come Hahuma isn’t able to tell that Padmavija has taken over the throne?! I’m surprised.

      I actually prefer the way Varundev kept a beard with longer hair. XD But Rajneesh looks fantastic as always!

  3. NerdyBirdie

    Hi, friends! Sorry for not commenting on time! But now I’m here to discuss.

    Ah! Okay so my favorite moment in this episode was when Devasena told Mahisha that Shivgam was her own. And then the look on Shivgam/Jaldev’s face and said, “I am yours, Devasena.” AH!

    I am so excited after seeing the promo for next week’s episode. It’s too much to handle. The Mahishi temple has definitely changed (I mean I know it’s been 200 years but I thought it would be left unattended).

  4. why cant the show hired at least 3 times a week instead of sat and sun. The serial is simply super with mind blowing attraction of devesena nd jaidev. Both look very amazing and directors really choose the best actor and actress for this show,

    Too sad that we have to wait for weekends , the love scence is different from other show and it has own uniquness which makes me melt. I hope the writers will show more on devesena and jaidev . Great

  5. This serial is better than many and it is getting better. Please make jaldevs beard grow longer. Hope padmavija marries mahisha ! She is the right match for him.

  6. chaithushafeek

    This is my first comment on a serial..this is not just a serial its really an unique masterpiece.. different from every other serial..rajneesh..why he have to be so dashing ..kartika she is beautiful amazing perfect..each and every scenes between jaldev/varundev and devasena is mind blowing.. they are the best.. not best perfect for these characters.. this show ..they are focussing on the story not on the duration to which the show can be extended..
    Tooo sad we all have to wait till the weekends ..but still worth it… atleast the show is not dragging like other..
    And yeah mahisha have to die soon .. the way he touched devasena..? but still somewhere jaldev felt anger and jealousy..he managed the situation but perfectly.. eagerly waiting for the coming episodes ..the promo OMG was amazing.. jaldev blood on devasena forehead..

  7. I totally agreed, these serials so much better than any other serials shown at Star plus.
    Very Quality and beautiful wordings.
    yes, we Malaysian enjoyed both devsena and Jaidev skills and both are doing superb performance.

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