Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 2nd August 2021 Written Episode Update: Nandini reaches Rawal house

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The Episode starts with Rajvi saying I will keep my promise. She recalls Charmy telling about Shobit’s child. Rajvi gets shocked. Charmy says I don’t understand, Shobit refused to accept me, I m not putting pressure on you, I don’t want to abort my baby, but how will I get courage to become a single mother, I m so confused, I expected that Shobit will leave his wife for my sake, maybe I got selfish for this child, how shall I get this baby in the world, I can’t tolerate people calling my child illegitimate.

Rajvi says don’t say that, I won’t let this happen. Charmy says don’t tell Shobit please. Rajvi says if this baby gets Darsh’s name, if you become Nandini for some days, Darsh thinks you are Nandini. Charmy asks how. Rajvi says please become Darsh’s Nandini, we both are mothers, we have to lie for the sake of our children, I will take your and your baby’s responsibility, its my promise. FB ends. Rajvi asks Charmy to sit. She says you did a big thing for us, Darsh may hate me all life when he knows the truth, don’t worry, we will tell him the truth, you don’t need to do this drama, everything will get fine.

Nandini comes to Rawal house. She recalls the past. Rajvi asks Charmy to stop taking stress. Darsh comes and asks what happened. Rajvi says don’t know what has she eaten, her stomach is paining. Charmy says yes, its because of pizza. He says we will visit a doctor. Rajvi says go to Dr. Mehta. He goes to call. Charmy says doctor will know I m pregnant. Rajvi says relax, Dr Mehta knows everything.

Vini likes the big family and plays. Rajvi comes. Vini says I want a big family like yours, my mum cries a lot at night, she doesn’t say but she is alone. Rajvi says this entire family is yours now. Vini says but its incomplete now, it will complete when my mum comes. Rajvi says I hope Vini forgets everything and settles with us. Nandini thinks I have to do this for Vini. She says I will never step inside this house. Rajvi and Vipul come there and talk. Nandini hears them. He says you can’t replace Nandini in Darsh’s life. Rajvi says you have seen Darsh caring for her so much, he took her to the temple and then visit the doctor, Lord gave him a second chance, I can see that he stopped recalling Nandini after this girl came. Nandini gets shocked and says I don’t miss anyone, I have Vini in my life, I don’t need anyone, its good I came here, I got to know that Darsh is at the temple. The flower pots fall.

Rajvi opens the door to see. Nandini runs away. Rajvi and Vipul look out. Rajvi says I felt like I have seen Nandini. He says really sorry to talk about her. She says its okay, go to the temple, tell pandit that we will raise the flag by Nandini’s name, I will stay at home with Vini. Chetan and Parul talk about Vini. He says Vini doesn’t know that Jhunjhunwala is dead, she thinks he went to London. Vini gets shocked. She says mum lied to me, Nanu has died, he will never come back. She faints down. Nandini goes to the temple. She sees Charmy feeling unwell. She tries to help. Charmy feels nausea. Nandini goes to get water. Darsh comes and asks Charmy to have water. Nandini sees him with Charmy. She gets shocked. Darsh asks are you okay. He goes with Charmy. Nandini says it means Darsh has moved on with Charmy, but she was with Shobit.

Darsh brings Nandini home. Rajvi gets shocked seeing her.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. This show be worst day be day this bad mom now will make sharmi baby be darsh ones how will this cheating ladies will make fake romantic nights for darsh to convince him about the baby or by days he will live sharmi and accept her as his savior first this mom forget that she bunch her younger son because if darsh and when she accepts him forced him to marry gon for his favorite son darsh she throws him away for her darsh she very bad mom one can have and this sharmi only she want to be this family bahu 👎 hope nandini save vini and let darsh stay with his brother mistress

  2. i want to ask if nandini be pregnant darsh mom will said it’s Exploitative and greedy because it’s villager and poor but when sharmi said that because she is a doctor she was innocent and naive haw this double face lady for me sharmi is Pushy and cheap

  3. This is when I thank God Starplus went off air on Startimes. Atleast I don’t have to watch this foolery out of habit 😡

  4. Hope charmi lose her child and see dersh mom face when he know her big ugly lues and how she feels nandini existence but darsh whom feeling of nandini when he have blind eyes or when he got eyes he lose his feelings he ashe about sharmi voice what about size and high Behavior what a family they have lies rights but other can’t 😡😡😡😡😡 if they want make sharmi sarsh live story good but don’t distroy the show ✋ destroy the hard work of the team only to have this new actress scene 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  5. This serial is no more a love story … It’s now become a hate story and lost its audiences very soon. I just hate the thoughts of creative writer of this serial. Excluding Nandini all the characters deserves big tight slaps … they are all sinners.
    I will not watch today’s episod … Don’t watch it If you don’t like all these disgusting stories.
    They can’t play with our emotions..

    1. Yes that right they destroy the main lead only to make new love story with normal darsh and heartbreak sharmi really the only one keeps me watching the nandini and vini nothing else we got nowadays sweet darsh which try to distroy his life love to make his space in cheating sharmi heart

  6. Just return Vini to Nandhini and leave her alone…she will eventually let go and forget her nasty past memories and nasty relations. She will be happier. The Rawals can live happily with their new “Nandhini” and heir to the family. And continue to celebrate the immoral relationship of Darsh & Charmi.

    1. 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👍

  7. How can charmy is pregnant? She attempted suicide n internal bleeding, tn how come
    Ts show is goin outoff my head

    1. Hhhh ask the producer which try to force us to accept this fake nandini he make fun of us and deal as new show with innocent. Scammed from rich guy 😡😡😡😡

  8. One thing i dnt understand. Whose who have watch this show since start can reply mi .
    Darsh know nandini very well he can sense nandini presence he can feel nandini but how come now he doesnt hv same feels.

  9. Can any one say if Season 2 of Shaurya aur Anokhi is going to happen?🙏

  10. This show is a huge waste of time. How many is Darsh going to continuously insult, illtreat and wrongfully accuse nandini, each tine promises to do much better about his way of thinking and behaviour? Some one whose senses were so heightened cannot even recognise his own wife voice etc.
    VERY POOR story line. Thank god I stopped looking at this show since July 16.

  11. Want season 2 for Shaurya and Anokhi same main leads Babli and Ahir too

  12. OMG this is getting more ridiculous every day. How will Rajvie convince Daksh he have a child with Charmindini? He never had the time to get close to his real wife because of always some problem. Also is Charmi child really Shobit’s? Did she not play dead and was missing for awhile? How and when did she conceive? I’m always baffled with these shows about pregnancy when you never see a belly!! Will Daksh never know if he was intimate with his wife? How will Rajvie pass this off?
    Yes Shobit did wrong but his family is lying and doing more wrong things. He was misled because of the lies and scheming by Gun and wicked Vanlata. Can’t wait for Rajvie to find out real truth.
    Only real Nandini can solve all of that, now that Van confesses. Hope she gets Vini back soon

    1. Rajvee and Charmi are capable of going to the extreme to “save” each others child…at the rate the problems are escalating and lies are continuously diminishing the truth, I won’t be surprised if the DUO drug Darsh and make it seem as if Darsh and Charmi have been intimate…haha.

  13. I kinda wonder if writers think the viewers are stupid to beleive in this sort of nonsense story. Lies, cheat, deceive
    While Covid 19 have us in lockdown and we spend more time watching tv, we would like to see shows that is positive and non-toxic. More of SAAKK, was the best ever show👏👏

  14. That what I am saying how come he doesn’t recognise his wife’s voice now when he got his eyesight back don’t tell me when a person got the eyesight loose their sense of hearing too that very stupid and uncreative of the writer because you want to put the characters you destroyed the main leaders characters and put her down that not good at all sorry to the story have left its charm its now boring than any other drama I ever watch.it just rubbish just bin it that all

  15. Akolade Sandra

    Nonsensical write up

  16. Yolande a.k.a. Naina

    Hmmmm….. so Charmi didn’t get what she wanted, which is Shobit 😁 ……decided to do the death drama as revenge I believe 🤔…… found out she had put too much butter on her bread (got pregnant lol) and now returned to claim her spot/right 😂 ……so Ms.bright.ideas Rajvi, decided not to use her son Shobit this time, but his madam Charmi 🙄 to pacify her next son Darsh, because this is what she does…uses people to her own gratification🙄….fooling a former blind man into thinking this “completely different person” is his wife Nandini 😐 …..and her “still blind and foolish” son cannot even recognize his own slim, cute, shortie wife with a really infectious voice, where even a deaf man I’m sure, can tell the difference 🙄 smh
    Charmi did the dirty before marriage and is now crying to Rajvi (of all people🙄) that she don’t want no illegitimate child 🙄😂
    I hope Vini foils everyone’s plans, reveals what she knows to this sick Rawal family…. then runs away to stay with Nandini…smh…that’s all 🙏

    1. I hope the channel has read your brilliant review – they need to swap the writers they have for you! That would be an awesome plotline :))

    2. Hahah- good summary here.

    3. Yolande a.k.a. Naina

      🙏 thank you my dears….I had a good laugh writing this comment 😂

    4. Same sentiments!!!!

  17. It irks me to read some of those biased and ridiculous comments on instagram fanpages. I appreciate the more sensible feedback shared here.

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