Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 22nd July 2021 Written Episode Update: Vanlata spies on Darsh

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The Episode starts with Vanlata trying to see Darsh and Nandini. Some time back, Nandini angrily breaks the glass. She says relation can’t join back, no second chances, I m the woman who left my husband and Sasural, I m living happy alone, its imp to stay with esteem than to live with husband. Darsh comes and sees her. He says she is talking to herself. He asks do you even realize that you have a little daughter, you are drinking again, come inside, I will tell you why I have come here. Vanlata comes there. She sees Darsh with some girl. She enters the house to see.

She says Darsh is here, I can’t see anything. Darsh pacifies Nandini. Vini tries to stop Darsh from telling anything. She says that day Darsh helped me when I was lost. Darsh stops Vini. She says just go, my mum is angry. He says I will go, let me help you, give me the alcohol bottles, we will throw it out, you will be fine. Nandini says I have to keep Darsh away from me, he shouldn’t know who I m. Vini sees Vanlata looking inside. She makes Vanlata fall down and runs. Darsh asks Nandini to give the bottles. Nandini says I won’t give, I will drink and do whatever I like, I know you don’t care for my heart. She asks Vini how did you go out without telling me. Vini shuts the window. She says neighbor aunty was peeping in. Nandini throws junk at Darsh and says sorry, I have no way to make you leave. Darsh gets out of the house. He shouts and scolds her. Vanlata asks what’s going on here. Gunjan enjoys the good. Parul asks her to take one more roti, eat well.

Gunjan thinks I miss everything. Charmy comes. Gunjan gets angry on her. She says Shobit did this big thing just because of you, I won’t let you hurt my family, did you come here to trap my husband, this can’t happen, get out. Parul tries to stop her. Rajvi comes and says she is Nandini for Darsh, we can’t let Darsh know what happened with his wife, we can’t let any shock affect him, Nandini is the big bahu of our house now, if she didn’t help us, then we could have not handled Darsh. Gunjan gets shocked.

She says I m sorry. She thinks what’s happening. Charmy says Darsh was at that patient’s house, he couldn’t recognize me, I had mask and kit with me. Rajvi says thank God, you don’t worry, go and take rest. Parul says Charmy can step back and say that she can’t do this, what will we do. Rajvi says she won’t step back. Gunjan thinks is Charmy trying to trap Shobit again. Goons come there. Vanlata is still there. She looks on. Nandini asks Vini how did she come early. Vini says I came with my friend’s mum. Goons knock the door. Nandini asks her to lock herself in the room. She sends Vini. She opens the door. Goons get in. She says you will get the money by tomorrow, leave from here. Goons trouble her. Darsh comes back and beats the goons. Vanlata looks on. Goon asks who are you. Darsh says I won’t say it again, just get out of here. Vanlata says he has become a Rambo after getting eyesight back.

Gunjan gets angry and says I will bring the truth in front of Darsh. The lady asks Charmy what are you doing in Darsh and Nandini’s room. Darsh comes.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Todays was the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  2. Darsh can’t recognise his wife’s voice. Charmy is doing so much she don’t deserve this and Gunjan getting love she doesn’t deserve it. Vanlata never gets punishment for her deeds. And show is going super slow.
    Everything is going so okayish. Nothing good is about to come either.

  3. @vidha thanks so much u’ve spoken the mind of most viewers, those that do bad things are not being punished,as if they are encouraging bad things always, stupid Gunjan is there enjoying all the money while naddini is there suffering,and what’s the need of separating nadini from Dash ,it pains me to see what’s happening with the leads, the show is loosing it’s onions.

  4. You are right gunjanqn is getting every thing but the person who suffered for their son is suffering out there i don’t know why they even separate them twice with a month they never enjoy their marriage as for charmy I don’t think she is doing great things I think she got the hidden agender you will see as time goes on but this drama is so slow 🐌

  5. who remembers when we used to talk about IMMJ2

  6. Yolande a.k.a. Naina

    I am hoping that Gunjan tries to unite Nandini and Darsh as she suspects that Charmi has an ulterior motive to unite with Shobit…meanwhile, I know Shobit also wants to tell truth to Nandini so I hope he teams up with her (even tho I dislike her for Shobit) 🙄 ….I also feel that Charmi is going to try to remain in that family due to her ill luck of not being able to get married to Shobit 😬 …revenge perhaps?? 🤔

  7. Bhaswati Bharadwaj

    I think Later Gunjan will become positive character.Charmy will become villian

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