Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 19th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Darsh and Nandini’s romantic moment

Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 19th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Darsh and Nandini playing Dandiya on the song Udi udi jaye…plays…. Everyone dances along. Nandini supports Darsh in the dance. He smiles. She looks at him and smiles. Mohan looks at them and gets angry. Gunjan sees Mohan hiding and thinks why did he come here. She goes to him and asks him is his love for Nandini over, will it work if she marries Darsh. Shobit looks for Gunjan. Gunjan says Rakla and your plan had failed, can you do something or not. He says trust me, Nandini will just be mine. Shobit comes there to talk to Gunjan. She asks Mohan to leave. Mohan leaves.

Gunjan says Mohan is like my brother, he lives in our locality, I don’t have a habit to hide things. Shobit says sorry, I was in a relationship before meeting you, its nothing like that, I have hurt you, is there something that you can forgive me. She asks sure, will you do what I say. He says yes. She says then don’t you think a diamond ring will suit my fingers. He says done. She asks done. He asks anything else. She says enough for now. He gets Charmy’s call. He thanks Gunjan and goes. She laughs.

Nandini asks Gunjan to teach her to wear a saree. Gunjan says its not a big thing, you have to wear it in simple steps, that’s it. She goes. Nandini tries. Gunjan comes back and laughs seeing her. She asks Naveen and Bansuri to come fast and see. They also laugh. Gunjan jokes. Nandini cries. Naveen asks Gunjan to stop it. They go. Bansuri says stop crying, I will teach you to wear a saree. Nandini removes the saree and goes out.

Jeweller gets rings for Gunjan. Gunjan asks the price and wants to buy the costly one. She says I m liking everything costly. She asks why are you on call always, did you get that girl’s message. He says no, credit card company. She says fine. She asks the jeweller to show a costly one. He shows her. Darsh is in his room. He sets an alarm. Nandini knocks the window. He asks who. She asks him to open the window. He opens the window. He says you here at this time, what’s the need to come by window. She gets in. She says I can’t do this, I m scared. He asks what’s there to take stress. She says everything is happening for the first time. He says you are saying like I got married 4-5 times, sit down, tell me, why are you worried. She says I look bad in bridal dress, I won’t come in front of anyone. He says I understand this stress. She says I don’t know wearing a saree, what will happen say, groom is a hero, bride is a zero. He says you are really stressed, we have to lessen it right now. She asks how will we do it. He says mum got sarees for you, its in our cupboard, I will help you in getting ready, I mean it. She asks but how.

He gets a saree from the cupboard. He says its pink, right. She says yes. He says perfect, take this. She says I don’t know wearing a saree. He says I m here to help. Gunjan likes the diamond ring. She asks the price. He says just over 3 lakhs. She likes the ring. She asks him to give discount. She shows the ring to Shobit. She asks shall I take this. He nods and asks the jeweller to send the bill home. Gunjan kisses him and smiles. He leaves.

Darsh helps Nandini to wear the saree. Nandini feels shy. Namrata comes there and looks on. She thinks why is Darsh falling in her trap, she isn’t deserving of him. She leaves. Darsh turns Nandini towards the mirror. She smiles. Darsh and Nandini get into a moment. He smiles. She looks at him.

Darsh gets angry and shouts its not real, I m blind, it doesn’t mean that everyone cheats me. He takes her home. He shouts on her family and says someone replaced the real kamarbandh with fake one, when I get to know it, I will not leave that person.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Wow darsh is very smart. Maybe it’s Gunjan work

  2. Candiva007

    I love the scenes between Darsh and Nandani. So sweet and innocent. The actor that plays Darsh really does a good job with playing to be blind.

    I wouldn’t doubt if Gunjan was in on swapping the Kamarbandh, she is so greedy.

    1. Candiva007

      actually come to think of it, it could be Darsh’s sister that did it. She’s evil and wants to show that Nandani is not the right girl for Darsh.

    2. Maybe but Gunjan so greedy also jealous about Nandini so I thought it might be her work

    3. Liz

      Darsh’s sis is bit too much now!!!! Don’t know what’s her real problem….. Have u noticed she doesn’t have much problem with that Stupid Gunjan 😏😒

    4. Yes I agree with your words. He is Vijayendra kumeria, he is just nailing as Dharsh. I’m watching this series only for lead actors

    5. Liz

      Initially I didn’t find Nandini pretty but now had to change my opinion…. she’s very Pretty, Cute& Innocent ( not in a stupid way)

    6. Liz

      Vijayendra is Just Stunning & doing a Fabulous Job playing his character… he just looks like a visually impaired person for real…. Loving him 🥰😍

    7. Liz

      Agree…. the actor is doing an awesome job 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👍🏼👍🏼 Am sure he closely studied a blind person before committing to this role ,,,, His acting is really commendable

  3. Narrative has problems with Darshan getting married to nandini however she doesn’t have any issues with shobit getting married to gunjan how is this possible both are her brothers. Why this type of biasedness. Gujna should marry mohan patil. She should get kidnapped instead of Nandini. And rakla should be the one doing this. It will be a good twist.

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