Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 17th July 2021 Written Episode Update: Shobit wants to help Darsh

Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 17th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Chetan saying I forgot to delete Nandini’s pics from memory card. Rajvi and Vipul worry. Darsh checks something on his laptop. Some time back, Nandini and Vini worry when someone knocks the door. She asks who is it. The lady says I m your neigbour, Mrs. Doshi. Nandini comes out. The lady scolds Nandini. Nandini asks her not to interfere in her life. The lady asks her to give an explanation, why do those men come to her house. Nandini answers them. Vini thinks I will teach a lesson to Darsh. Charmy says I m worried that Darsh will know the truth, I should put more efforts to become Nandini.

Rajvi asks her to relax. She says don’t take stress, Darsh won’t know anything. Chetan has deleted all pics. Chetan says I have deleted pics from camera and laptop, but forgot to delete it from memory card. They worry. Rajvi says we have to put Charmy’s pics, where is Darsh. Darsh sits to check the pics. Rajvi says old memory card has the marriage pics. Chetan says I will go and delete it now. Dada ji says no need, I have deleted all the pics from every memory card, I knew Chetan will make a mistake. Darsh says why isn’t there any pic of Nandini. She checks Charmy’s pic.

He says I will get the old times back. Shobit meets Charmy outside the house. He scolds her. He asks what are you doing here leaving your dreams and medical practice. Charmy scolds him. He says Darsh deserves to know that Nandini is no more, you can’t save Darsh from this sorrow forever, I will tell Darsh. She says you have taken my life’s four years, I didn’t get anything in return, please go. He says I worry for you, you are cheating Darsh. She asks can you marry me. He asks what will people think. She asks do you have courage. He says I can’t leave Gunjan and ruin another life. She asks can I promise me. He says no, tell the truth to Darsh. She says Gunjan’s husband has no right to question me. Darsh comes and asks her not to talk to Shobit. He says I don’t have a big heart to forgive Shobit. He asks Shobit to leave. Darsh says I want to meet the donor’s family and thank them. Shobit says I will get the donor’s info for Darsh.

Gunjan dreams and shouts on Baa. Baa scolds her. Gunjan says I was dreaming. Baa says I got you married in a rich house, I didn’t know Shobit is useless, where is he. Gunjan says I don’t know, I will call him. Rajvi tells Charmy about Nandini.

Vipul says you don’t need to become Nandini. He argues with Rajvi. Shobit goes to the hospital. He asks for the donor’s details. Nurse says sorry, we can’t tell you the details. Shobit thinks to find out donor’s details and tell Darsh. Nandini drops Vini to school. She goes. Vini gets angry on Darsh. Ward boy says I can take you to record room. He charges money. Shobit pays money. Vini thinks to go to Dwarka. She asks about bus to Dwarka. She boards a bus. She lies to the lady to get the seat. Nandini gets a call from the hospital. She says we have to get dues cleared, if you don’t pay for it, then we will get it cleared from Darsh’s family. Nandini worries and says Rawals can know about Jhunjhunwala, what shall I do now. Vini comes to Darsh’s house.

Darsh says I got Jhunjhunwala’s eyes, I should go and meet his family. He enters the house. Nandini throws water at him.

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    The story is going to be interesting from Monday, to much excited!!!!!

    1. How many months of leap was this? I have not watched the show for sometime.

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