Hi everyone! Mera naam Maegan hain. This is my first fanficton so I hope you all enjoy it. Hindi mera 1st language nahi hain so please bear with me. My first language is English. Yeh introduction hain..next part will be the promos. I’m still in highschool so I will have homework but I’ll try to make time for this. Thank you for listening, let’s get started with intro.

Survi Mohite: Independant girl who is very childish and always gets into trouble. Boys are crazy for her. Studying to be a business woman but wants to start a NGO for less educated children. Playful personality but very broken on the inside since her parents died at a young age.

Kartik Barve: Handsome Boy with One of the most wealthy businesses in India. Not very childish person and is very strict with everything. Can’t deal with his emotions and let’s them out. Girl thinks he is very hot but hates his personality. Is also very broken on the inside because his dad died at age 16 and he struggled to provide money for his mother, sister and brother.

Karan Mohite: Survi’s brother who is very overprotective of her. Has earned money for Survi and himself since their parents died. Also a big buisness man but not as big at kartik. Against Karvi’s relationship at first.

Aniket: Kartik’s brother who has a similar person that to Survi. Loves his siblings a lot. Twin of Simmi. Will end up loving survi.

Simmi: Kartik’s sister who loves her brothers a lot. Twin of Aniket. Will end up becoming love interest of Karan.

Lata: Loves her children a lot. Only wants their happiness.

No villain characters for now but will be coming soon.

Thats it for now. Be write below in the comment section and I will reply to all of them. If you are confused with the story introduction or want to know more about me, feel free to write below.

Stay tuned for the promos!! Byee

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