Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 8th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Yash dies in Sahil-Bhoomi engagement ceremony

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In the engagement ceremony, Bhoomi and Sahil were happy and announce that they are lucky to have met each other. Bhoomi looks towards the upset Vaidika and wish she now accepts her love for Sahil. Sahil takes Bhoomi towards the stage. Yash comes towards Vaidika and says he is happy today that Sahil is moving on. Puneesh whispers to Bari Amma that the girl in black veil will accomplish their mission tonight.
The anchor announces the couple dancing and asks for music. Sahil comes to take Bhoomi into his arms and dance with her. Yash brings Vaidika on the dance floor. Others also join. The couples shuffle and Vaidika comes to Sahil. Sahil says Vaidika must be really happy, they are finally moving on in their lives. Vaidika at once shouts she can’t bear no more. Yes! She loves Sahil a lot. Bhoomi cheers. Everyone else was shocked. Sahil demands a confirmation from Vaidika of whatever he just heard. Vaidika says I love you Sahil!. Vaidika asks Bhoomi if she is happy now. Sahil walks towards Bhoomi. They move towards the stage. Sahil announce the start of their engagement and calls Vaidika on stage with the rings. Vaidika carries the tray to the stage. Sahil asks her to give them the rings one by one. Vaidika stares at Bhoomi and Sahil, then hands them the rings. Sahil kiss the back of Bhoomi’s hand before putting on the ring. After the ceremony, Bhoomi thinks she would now see how strong Vaidika is and is able to carry on this drama.
Deepak comes to stage to congratulate Sahil and Bhoomi, he brings them to cut the cake and calls everyone forward. Bhoomi stares at Sahil who nods in approval. Bhoomi calls Vaidika down the stage to stand beside her. Sahil and Bhoomi hold hands while they cut the cake. Sahil gives a bite into Bhoomi’s mouth. Bhoomi gives a bite to Sahil then turns to offer Vaidika but she denies.
The lady in black dress stood in a corner of the hall.
Vaidika leaves the hall to get her cell phone. She walks upstairs.
On the stage, Bhoomi tells Sahil that Vaidika is breaking; they must continue their drama.
Puneesh instructs the lady in black dress that Vaidika has gone upstairs, she must follow her. Yash hears this and goes behind Vaidika wondering who wants to kill Vaidika.
Upstairs, Vaidika thinks whatever is happening is right for Sahil. Downstairs ladies had begun to dance.
The lady in black saree had reached right behind Vaidika.
There, Aarya had returned from her uncle’s house and complains to Sahil and Bhoomi for doing all this drama. She goes upstairs annoyed, Sahil follows her.
Yash had come upstairs and watch the lady following Vaidika and about to hit her with her swirling arm. Yash came to save Vaidika right from the front, he pulls Vaidika into a corner but himself loses his balance and goes hanging from the gallery wall. Sahil also reached and pulls Yash’s hand up along with Vaidika. He loses his grip from Vaidika’s hand repeatedly and finally fells off. Everyone in the family was left in a state of shock. Vaidika screams and hurries downstairs. She and Sahil tries to wake Yash, Vaidika calls for someone to call the doctor. Sahil’s head bled badly. Yash, in a broken voice takes Sahil’s promise to take care of his child; he is an Agarwal’s heir and must get his right. Sahil assures nothing will happen to Yash. Yash utters a few broken words then closes his eyes. Sahil checks the nerves. Vaidika calls his name devastated. Everyone in the family cried.

PRECAP: Vaidika tries to conduct the pooja for Yash’s last rituals. The Pandit curses Vaidika to be a bad omen who killed two husbands. Widows like her must be sent out of the city and their hair must be cut.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. This is a bakwaas show.

  2. Oh no.. y did they have to kill Yash so suddenly.. I feel bad for him..??
    He should have told Sahil to marry vedhika as his last wish..
    When will that wicked BA and that lizard be caught?? They should have fallen into their own trap..
    The atrocities shown in precap, still prevails in most of the places.. but y did she have to lose her husband’s like this? Even fate is not in her favour everytime..poor thing..
    Sahil do smthg….

  3. Mona146

    yeh kya horaha hain. I love u bolthi hain aur phir tum khush hona kehti hain aur log taaliyan bajate hain. i just dont get it. wat the hell.

  4. DannyComments

    Damn! Come on! This is fair to vedika. This woman has suffered a lot. You could have allowed Yash died of natural causes or the stupid cancer line you came up with. Now this woman is going to suffer…she might even loose the baby..damn!

  5. DannyComments

    Damn! Come on! This isn’t fair to vedika. This woman has suffered a lot. You could have allowed Yash died of natural causes or the stupid cancer line you came up with. Now this woman is going to suffer…she might even loose the baby..damn!

  6. Charmin A Anderson

    I’m Happy Yash is dead now lets get on to Sadika.

  7. Nina

    I am surprised that creators were showing us Yash’s final minutes in this episode and decided to change a story with that way.

  8. I’m happy that Yash died but I don’t like the way this happened, since he was stricken with cancer, he could have gone that way because he didn’t have much time left anyway….now it’s time for Sadika’s story. I don’t mind Bhoomi in the mix but if she does a 180 degree turn, then it’s going to be interesting times ahead. As for BA and the lizard, I hope their plan flops, so far we’ve see problems being solved rather quickly on this serial so I hope that writers deal with BA and the lizard in the most appropriate way. ..that witch would never change!!!

  9. Hello frds ap tv serial news mein dekh sakte hai producer ne story change kr de hai show two years leap mein ja rha hai bhoomi cheating se sahil se shadi kr leti hai aur vadika agg house chor chale jati hai kahi aur sahil & vadika ka beta hota hai . Sach kisi ke samne nhi ata ki j sahil k beta hai… ab vadika ho gye hai 45 years ki sahil ho gya 27 years ka … J sab kr dya producer ne TRP k lye fans k dil tut gye fool bna dya hai fans ko . Confirm hai j sab ko monday ko pata chal jaye ga.. ???sadhika kbi nhi milege . Property v sahil ke nam kr jati hai vadika .bhoomi hai cheater . Boring bakwas kr dya show . J producer ne sadhika ko ek krna hota toh yash ko marte nhi yash khud j shadi khatm kr deta aur apni aur vadika ki shadi ka sach bta deta ki vadhika ne j shadi sahil ki khusi k lye ki hai . Afsos j sach yash ki maut sath dafn ho gya hai . Sahil k son k sach v samne nhi aye ga ….?????????????bac kuf bna dya…:

  10. Speechless….

    Will Shahil save Vedika by claiming that she is not a widow and put sindoor in her Mang? That would be a turning.?. BA and that lizard should be thrown out!!

  11. Muniya

    Why r the showmakers doing this to a lovely show??…Ruining it literally????
    Yash had to die anyway from cancer…then why all these drama?….Really feeling bad for him.
    And that BA…she is such a stone hearted women…had little smile on ehr face when Yash died??
    Bhoomi is being annoying…

  12. Ap sab apke a jane se facebook per sahil aur uske son ki pic dekh sakte hai shooting ho rhi hai…..

  13. Ap sab dekh sakte hai leap k badh ki shooting apke a jane se facebook per sahil aur uske son ki pic ….

  14. Mona146

    true. so many serials came with age concept this is most irritating serial. We are waiting for them to change but they are waiting for us to stop watching it. it is not yash who should die but Badi Amma most characterless who shud leave the show. she wants to kill a pregnant women with her child…………….pathetic.

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