Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 7th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Ved’s operation successful

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The doctors tells Vaidika they can no more wait for Ved’s transplant. She must call anyone to inform them. Sahil arrives at the hospital. He complains Vaidika for not informing him that Ved was being hospitalized. The doctor comes to take signatures of both parents on the consent form. They sign the consent form.
Vaidika cries silently and takes a bench outside. Sahil sits beside her. Vaidika was restless. Sahil thinks he came over for Pankti’s test and soon his innocence will be proven. No power in the world can separate them. The nurse comes out to call them. The doctor congratulates them that the transplant was successful, their child will soon be fine.
Vaidika was emotional and hugs Sahil tightly. She then separates from him. Sahil still holds her, he says Ved’s father

is with her. Their child has fought for life for years, he is completely fine now. Ved opens his eyes to call Mama weakly. Sahil place his hand on Ved’s cheek, over Vaidika’s hand. He then kiss Ved’s forehead. Sahil silently thinks soon Pankti’s report will be here, and they will become a complete family.
Pankti was anxiously waiting for her reports. A nurse brings the reports to her. She was about to open the reports. Prachi snatches the report and says it’s because of Pankti that their family is in a turbulence. This report will now be read in front of the whole family. Pankti clarifies she also wish a clarification of her position and resolve the tension between Vaidika and Sahil.
Sahil speaks to Vaidika that Pankti’s test reports will soon be out. He holds her hands and requests that if she ever trust him in life she must return home. He can’t live without her and his kids. Ved also requests Vaidika to go back home, he wish they live in the same house. Vaidika nods. Ved says I love you Mama, I love you Papa. Sahil goes to kiss Ved and play with him. Vaidika smiles weakly.
At night in Agarwal house, Sahil opens the reports and tension spreads his face. Pankti asks Sahil what the report says. Pankti’s mother snatches the report and says it’s proven that Sahil and Pankti were in a physical relationship. Pankti was in a disbelief and drops the report. Nani blames Pankti’s mother, it was because of her that Pankti and Vaidika wore same clothes. Pankti’s mother says it was Sahil who established illegitimate relation with her daughter, he will now have to make up for it. Sahil was still in a state of disbelief and says this report can’t be true.
Prachi comes to meet Puneesh in jail. Puneesh says he is always happy whenever Prachi comes to meet him and considers himself lucky. Prachi informs Puneesh that she is expecting their child. She sweetens Puneesh’s mouth. Puneesh was emotional hearing about their children, he regrets that he couldn’t even be a part of her tough journey. Prachi says she wish him to be free soon, their child is worth his father’s care and protection. She now takes the responsibility to get him out of jail.

PRECAP: Vaidika turns to leave Agarwal house. Sahil says Vaidika must not forget he has only loved her. Puneesh came out of the jail, revengous.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. So Nice episode..now, Ved is alright..Finally
    And Sadika’s tight huge..loved it..emotional both SADIKA for their Lucky child Ved..
    Friends Now, the new strom is coming as Puneesh…and Prachi is pregnant..and she is only wife of puneesh tiwari..no doubt She can do anything for her husband..and again she will be turned into a villain for our Sadika….oh very sad for Sadika..😣😣
    No doubt Pankti’s and Sahil’s report is changed by Prachi…don’t know how much problems will create for Sadika.😐
    Friends but I think Pankti’s track will be Over now…Now I can’t tolerate this track.I am waiting for this.Unesserily Sahil is trapping..and in problem..stay far from vedika, love,wife and kids..especially new born baby..
    But nevertheless SADIKA’S love will never end in any situation..It’s a true love.doesn’t matter what type of mistakes and misunderstanding between them.

  2. The one thing that keeps me going is that at the end of it all, Sadika will emerge victorious, it’s the journey that is harrowing.. I’d like to think of their love as gold liquid passing through the fire…the finished product is glowing, clean and valuable. ..but for now, I really have to LMAO.. These writers are hilarious! So, Pankti took a test..how was this test conducted? To find out if someone was intimate, samples have to be taken from the cervix, if Pankti’s a virgin and I assume that she is one, why did she allow doctors to scrape, prod and extract specimen from her vagina?? I don’t need to go this length but writers insult our intelligence by these a*sh*le plots, so I’m forced to dig deep into the story and ask questions. You know what friends, I’m stopping right there now…let’s have a good laugh seeing this crazy thing through, it’s better than crying and stressing out. Since no storyline sticks around for longer than necessary, Pankti and her airhead and dunce mother will soon exit, I can’t wait!

  3. Friends, I think that Suhasi ma’am is the new diva on emotional portrayal, she’s awesome in her tearjerker scenes.. I’m happy that Ved is OK, that’s a relief!!…but what is this new thing with suspecting Prachi in the test manipulations? I believe that it’s Usha doing this deed, but where does she get money to bribe doctors to do her job, she’s a nobody in my book, no clout, no influence.. I guess one can bribe doctors in India for pennies…that’s grossly insulting to the medical profession.. BTW. Anyways, Prachi was busy in the intimate department it seems, so now we have the vampire Puneesh back on the job… More trouble ahead.

    1. Naj Suhasi mam, is not only diva on emotional scenes though She slying by her all act..like always..she is most beautiful excellent and well experienced actress..she can beat any bollywoo actress..by her bold act..are you saw? her kannada movie Haage summane..
      Sorry friends ,I am a very big fan of Suhasi dhami..so I am flowing in my feelings…and Of course Karen jotwani is also doing a good job with Suhasi mam.

  4. Karan Jotwani is doing a marvellous job these days, I love his acting and I love him…still…😍😍😍😍

  5. Nina

    Very well Ved will be recover. On the whole, I so got tired because of many bad current events. I often remember as Sahil had built the swing for Vedika in the jungle it was so sweet and this episode was so nice. After it, bad news comes to a row.

  6. I too Am just happy ved is cured.
    Today i was so upset to see that file with pankti agrawal on it.
    Sahil should still do all the retuals required
    So the narriage can be cancelled for good even device divorce papers for sahil to sign and pankti. Then get rid of she and mum. Hasn’t sahil heard that no one does tests like that anymore because they are not accurate. Pantki has jumoed about and ran about due to her goon dad threatening to kill her and her mum so her hermen must have snapped then. Anyway it was so nice when vefika got so happy to hear the news she hugged sahil.
    Why cant sahil investigate the mater he said he was going to get down to the bottom of this and find out who ever is behind this. I pray that he and vedika will be back together and sahil will be a mordern dad who will change babys dyppers take them to school etc. I hope the writers are listening so far what sahil said is exactly what i said we want him to be doing not fighting low lives like puneesh, ghuddu mum and sister and pankti mum.
    I hope puneesh is not allowed to stay in agrawal house.

    As always vedikas acting is so good.
    Bariama is tonning down these days.
    Sahil better ge better and get vefika vack sobthey xan fight the enemies together.
    Still not a goid watch for me vefika is still upset
    Thats not goid fir me asvlong as pankti is around am not cool.

  7. How lucky our labrador dog is. 4 marriages in a row. WOW in this order 1) NIDHI AGARWAL 2) HORSE FACE WHORE BHOOMI AGARWAL 3) VEDIKA AGARWAL AND 4) LAST BUT NOT THE LEAST TENDER WHORE PANKTI AGARWAL. Since when did the tender BUD turned into a FLOWER BY SAHIL THE GREAT DONOR become an Agarwal. Was rhat supposed to be a marriage. Great. Hats off 2 our brainless writers. What do they think we viewers r mad caps to show us any crap that we ll digest it. And the less said about the director who looks like a boozard n druggist the better. The serial was a Wow in the beginning. See where it has reached now. Now again they r bringing the horse face mal reptile. Once if at all the tender whore exits then madam female horse face bhoomi ll be brought. This chain of villians n vamps ll go on i suppose so. Pls change the fickle minded heros looks. He is looking boyish. He should be looking matured n not boyish n hungry for anything female.

  8. Pankti Agarwal??? Since when?? And the test…. all jokes. The funniest part was Puneesh and Prachi. How could she go back to him and get pregnant after the way he treated her. Has she not got any self respect. I like to see BA reaction to that.

    As for Sahil. He knows that Panktis was drugged by her mum, is it not time he kicked her out or get some answers from her. I also think it’s Usha. But it could also be Prachi who’s has been manipulated by Puneesh. We know she has no brain. she has been visiting Puneesh in jail. This just reminded of the saga about Nidhi pregnancy. It’s all Deja vue!

    Back to our Sadika.. it was nice to see that tender moment in the hospital when the doctor tell them that the operation was successful. Vedika acting superb. Their love is unique. Writers please give this coupe a break.. Their married life ended before it even started. Please cut short this Pankti track and get Sadika reunited..

  9. Pooja how will they end the tender whores track so fast. Didnt i mention earlier she is a young bud n must be very close either to the writer, director or the fickle minded KJ. ThaT is why she has got such a lot of prominence. Dont u all remember how many interviews she was giving on u tube literally everyday. As i told u all out of work with less remuneration n no talent actors hv been taken in this dumb serial of late. blo*dy shameless whore. Not willing to leave the aggarwal house. Only keeps on harping that she wants 2 unite sDika. blo*dy who is she to unite them. God has already united them up in heaven. Feeling like having heart laugh on her stupid dialogues. Best thing is she being a young girl wouldnt she know that she had coitus with the labrador dog. She performs sting operatio on her overripe father n this simple thing she doesnt. Wait n watch she ll turn into another whore bhoomi. May be worst than her.

  10. Guys its clearly evident that its total manipulation.. Sahil may not remember, but he wud not have done such a nasty deed with pankti.. and it must be that stupid prachi’s reports instead..
    Dont know y the aggarwal family is giving shelter to snakes and lizards..
    The problems that sadhika face is just like any other normal people..its like the waves..one prob follows another.. we laugh and the in a few moments we cry..such way..
    I hope they get together just like how ved wants it as a complete family, living happily..
    even own blood relations turn against us..same is being shown here.. its all a part of our life as well..

  11. Now sahil will kidnap his own baby.

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