Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 7th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Vaidika confused about Jackie’s stay

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Vaidika pushes Jackie away and questions how dare you? She furiously walks to her room. Jackie smiles that Ved is way mischievous. He explains to the family that Vaidika is shy and doesn’t even hold hands in public; he goes behind her to speak to her. Ved cheers that his Papa is a Superman.
Vaidika sat with Sahil’s photo in the room. She wish his hand hadn’t slipped hers, and he was there with her that day. She watches Jackie’s shadow and fumes at once for trying to take Sahil’s place in their life. Jackie couldn’t hear a single word and only kept looking at Sahil. He then place a finger on Vaidika’s lips and asks what he did? It wasn’t deliberate and was only a mistake, he wonders why this feels wrong for her. His day dream breaks as soon as he hears another shout for

Vaidika. He was apologetic at once and begins sit stands for him. Vaidika tells him to stop it, Sahil! She then apologizes and corrects herself as Jackie. She slips while Jackie holds her for support. Vaidika grabs Sahil’s photo and tells him to leave. She no more needs him, and doesn’t even want a stranger to continue reminding her of Sahil. She holds his hand, pushing him out of the room. Jackie was unhappy being called a stranger, he thinks he wish to share the whole truth with her. But it’s not the right time.
Aarya rubs her sindoor, considering her marriage with Puneesh as life’s biggest mistake. Bari Amma comes to the room and apologizes Aarya from her daughter’s side. She promises to find the best man for Aarya now. Aarya didn’t want to speak to her about the matter, afraid of marriage.
Usha, at home, wonders why Jackie is taking much time at Agarwal house. She must go behind him now.
Jackie sat on a stall and picks the alcohol bottle. Vaidika comes to him and forbids him to indulge himself in any unwanted act. He day dreams about Vaidika and resists Vaidika’s grip. Daisy comes to give him a jerk, asking what happened to him. Jackie walks into isolation wondering what exactly is happening to him.
Ved was haunted in his dream by his kidnapping. He wakes up calling Papa, looks around for Sahil and runs out of the room. Vaidika wakes up in the midst of night and not finding Ved in the room she runs behind him. She shouts for Ved calling him around the house. Bari Amma, Aarya and Prachi come in the hall. Vaidika feared what if Puneesh is out of the jail. Bari Amma goes to call Ved. Jackie comes with Ved in his arms, asleep. He says may be he felt sleepless and ran to him outside. Bari Amma says such strong are the ties of father-son. Ved kiss his cheeks and tells him to never leave him alone, he was afraid without him.
In the room, Vaidika comes to speak to Jackie. Jackie says a child needs his parents, he was kidnapped and away from home. He can’t find his mother here, and she can’t bring his father back; they can’t tell him the truth right now. Ved called him Superman, and he will prove to be one for Ved. He has decided to live here until Ved is fine. He won’t listen to anyone including Vaidika. For Vaidika he is Jackie, but for Ved he is Sahil Papa. He goes into the bed with Ved. He lay with Ved in the bed, turning the lamp off.
The next morning, Vaidika wakes up to find Jackie in her room, standing with a mask on. He explains he thought about wearing this as Vaidika didn’t want to see his face. He tells Vaidika that Ved slept well last night, he even got him freshen up. He takes the medicine for Vaidika who denies. Bari Amma comes to the room and insists Vaidika to take the medicine from Sahil. She decides to keep a pooja on Teej and a fast that married women have to observe. Vaidika looks towards Jackie.

PRECAP: Usha comes to the pooja celebrations at Agarwal house and slaps Jackie.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Two things stick out in today’s episode
    1. Jacky/ Sahil called Arya Chota Packet.
    2. J/shahil said the the woman Ved thought was his mother left him. I think it’s safe to say Bhoomi is out of the picture. Raji we can celebrate 🎉. I think Vetika was a bit harsh today with Jacky/Sahil . Both put their points
    across firmly. Both have valid points. I wonder who will come out victorious. Although I might know the answer to that. Usha is coming to Argarwal house. I can smell trouble there between BA and Usha. Who knows we might find out the truth about Jacky/Sahil.

  2. Nina

    In my opinion, Jacky knows something secret about Sahil. There is a good episode tonight. Vedika can’t foresee the situation and drives away Jacky, while Ved needs father’s support. Suhashi and Karan are charming.

  3. To me it seems jackie has somthing about sahil. The song also is a give away it says ‘you abandoned me but am not angry with you’
    Its a give away, jackie was not abandoned, also jackies mum at first was seen entering the agrawals house may be made a deal with punesh or bariyama, bariyama was seen on the phone saying she will resort to her old ways of dealing with things, we dont know what will happen or whovshe was taling to., bariysma is too good to vedika and her family, for she knows they have the money and not her and her daughter. Sahil/jackie spoke about change so it can be sahil himself acting jackie.
    We May be having sahill visiting that house without anyone noticing its sahil or jackie,
    Interesting. We want sahil back, ved treated, new child raised by sahil and vedika. Also jackie said they will see when they find out his secret.???what secret? A few give aways this time lets watch and see.

  4. Good news hai jacke hi Sahil hai 😍😊.duplicate sahil ab a rha hai dusre chehre k sath j plan deepk jiju punees jiju ka hai property k leye . Ab vadika ko khud apne pyar ka ehsas krna hoga oska sahil kaun hai.next week twist khul jaye ga sahil kyu jacke bna hai . Happy sab 😍😃😃💕💃💃😘plz app j link dekhe https://www.instagram.com/p/BrE6nHVFvkD/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link plz plz plz 🙏

    1. I read the article too.. I think writers were toying with our feelings and idea of change but it didn’t work out how they envisioned it so now they are going back to the drawing board to give us our dear darling Sahil…since I had noticed Sahil’s theme music back then, that was a dead giveaway.. Somehow too, it could be that Jacky was a distraction from the very beginning, very early on, when Vedika stood before the mirror, it’s message was clear, that Sahil was in front of her but it was up to her to see him.. These days we are seeing intense moments between them, it’s only Sahil who has this way of coming so deep and hot on to Vedika, I know that she’s feeling strange to be in such positions with Jacky…the only thing that would confirm the identity of Sahil for her would be that I love you line she said to him before he slipped away..because it’s only both of them who knows this. BTW, you have brought us good news again.. Thank you Manmohan..

  5. Even though it was Jacky who Vedika pushed away, it was hurtful in some hidden way to see him treated with so much anger. I couldn’t shake the eerie feeling that I saw Sahil in Jacky for a split second.. My heart pained a little…but I understand her feelings, no one can Sahil’s place in her heart and in all fairness, she hasn’t been able to grieve properly because of all the things which subsequently happened. Like I’ve been saying, Sahil’s music is a dead giveaway and in this episode when he called Aarya chota packet, well…my heart skipped a beat, if one wasn’t listening carefully, it could have been missed in the entire dialogue… We know in the previous episode where Vedika told Jacky that he has to pretend to be Sahil 100%…don’t know if that’s why he called Aarya so… Writers in these serials from time to time experiment with characters and angles in their stories to confuse us a little, to get our reaction to change, to stimulate the conversation or what not…one thing we know with certainty is that our team here has never done anything without a good reason, everything happening and every single character served a purpose, however angry they made us… If Jacky is indeed Sahil, I’m sure he’ll realize that Vedika has been true to him, his absence, his love, her faithfulness to him, would make him the happiest man alive…of course we know that he trusts her inexplicably, but just being able to see her push Jacky away, is testimony to their love…

    1. Naz I almost felt off my seat when I hear Jacky/Sahil call Arya “Chota Packet”. I also mention that Vedika was too harsh with him. I felt his pain. He did not like being called a stranger. I wonder what truth he wanted to share with her??? BA being nice is too good to be true. She is definitely cooking something. Wish we could have AAJS 7 days a week. Waiting for Monday is a torture. I think I am addicted to this serial😱

      1. Pooja, the truth Jacky is talking about could mean two things…
        1. If he’s Jacky, he could be talking about Usha’s plans to loot the Agarwal’s house and disappear…remember she put h8m up to this.
        2. If he’s Sahil, then he can’t tell her that it’s him…don’t know why though… One thing we saw was his hurt when she pushed him away from her….you know Pooja, even in imagination, it’s shown what a hot lover he is, whether or not it’s Sahil or Jacky.. See all those things Raji said down there, well it’s the truth.. KJ is one hott actor 😍😍😍😍😍

  6. That conversation BA had on the phone is cause for concern… She does come across genuine but a snake could never change its shape and I just don’t trust her. Who was she talking to? What does she mean by reverting to her old ways? If it’s the property she wants, Vedika would give it to her willingly if she asks…all Vedika wants for sure as of now, is her husband Sahil, she has a house to live in, it belongs to both her and Sahil so BA could live in her mansion all by herself if that makes her happy..
    Vedika wants her husband and children by her side, nothing else is important to her.. She’s come to value Sahil’s love more than anything.. Is it safe to assume that Bhoomi’s gone ?? I almost didn’t want to jinx it..

  7. Yes pooja u r correct. Even i noticed those 2 points that u mentioned. Even i feel jacky is only sahil. But i feel writers wont bump off lustful bhoomis character so soon. If at all there is a twin brother of sahil which is jacky then this woman in distress might pair with jacky. I ll not tolerate it at all. I dont want to see KJ with this blo*dy shorty potty at all. Hope writers r reading our comments. Naz n Leslie where r u both. Waiting 4 yr wonderful comments. But all said n done KJ looks so handsome n dashing in any form. Even with his short hair, slight stuble n coat i cant remove my eyes off him. My GOD what a handsome fellow n a fabulous actor he is. His eyes, his lips, his thick hair, his jawline which is like a models jawline n his deep voice what a wonderul creation of GOD he is. No wonder the hotty bhoomi wants him for herself.

  8. Muniya

    Good epi…

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