Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 7th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Sahil Bhoomi announce their engagement

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Maya brings sweet for Sahil to thank him making everything possible. Vaidika comes to greet Maya and congratulate her upon being pregnant. Sahil asks Maya if she didn’t congratulate Vaidika for being pregnant with Yash’s child. He leaves. Maya says she always feel Vaidika must have married Sahil and bear his child. Vaidika shuts Maya up as she believes whatever happened was for better. Maya was sure that God will unite her and Sahil surely.
Puneesh speaks to Bari Amma in her room. He was happy that Nidhi has reached her right place in jail, but she wasn’t a tension for them. Vaidika Mathur is a problem right now. It seems Sahil isn’t anymore interested in Vaidika but she still bears the heir of Agarwal’s family. Her child will own the whole property and business of Agarwals. Only Sahil’s wife must bear the heir of this family and Bari Amma shouldn’t let Vaidika Mathur bear the heir at any costs. There are many accidents in the country that result in abortions, why not another accident.
Vaidika steps upstairs when Bhoomi comes to her. She asks Bhoomi what’s going on between them. Bhoomi asks why Vaidika is concerned about it. Vaidika tries to explain to Bhoomi that Sahil can’t love her, he loves Vaidika dearly and won’t ever love anyone else at all. Bhoomi says Vaidika did the same as Sahil, she loved Sahil and married and conceived with someone else. Sahil is heartbroken and wanted a shoulder to cry. She likes it about Sahil that he loves whole-heartedly. Sahil hears the conversation from down the stairs. He comes towards Bhoomi and asks if she will break all the surprises soon. He then tells Vaidika they are together and are getting engaged tomorrow. Bhoomi looks towards him shocked, he winks towards her; then asks Bhoomi to go shopping as he needs to buy her a diamond ring. As they turn to leave Sahil thinks now Vaidika would realize how it feels when your love is spot with someone else. Vaidika thinks she should have been happy that Sahil is trying to move on, then why she isn’t happy.
In the car, Sahil apologizes Bhoomi to make her a part of it. He offers her to move out of all this situation if she wills. Bhoomi promises to be his friend in all times. Sahil says he feels like hurting Vaidika. Bhoomi warns he might himself be hurt. She discuss with Sahil that she heart Vaidika and Yash speak to each other, it seems something is wrong between them and everything is fake. Sahil asks if this really matters now. Bhoomi assures Sahil that tomorrow Vaidika will surely be jealous, and confess her love for Sahil.
At Agarwal house, Bhoomi and Sahil announce their engagement in front of the family. Everyone was shocked at the sudden decision. Gauri asks why he wants to get engaged so urgently, but Bari Amma appreciates his decision and promises to make the best arrangement for engagement. Vaidika comes to take Bhoomi inside to speak to her. When everyone has left, Puneesh and Bari Amma discuss about planning an accident today in the hustle of engagement preparations and abort Vaidika’s child.
In the room, Vaidika warns Bhoomi that Sahil will break her heart. Bhoomi asks why Vaidika is so tensed since she got the news, is there something wrong. Bhoomi tells Vaidika she is sure what she wants, but if Vaidika is sure what she wants? If she wants to meet to corners of the river; child with one and love with other. Vaidika scolds Bhoomi for even thinking about it. Sahil comes to the room and asks why Vaidika is worried for them. They are really happy together. He then reminds Vaidika of a blue saree he once gifted to her. It was for someone who will love him dearly, Vaidika never valued his love then how can she value his gift. He requests it to give it to Bhoomi. Bhoomi was excited as no one ever gifted her a saree. Vaidika turns around in tears and brings the saree from her wardrobe. Sahil turns his face away out of agony. His hand touches Vaidika’s as he takes the saree from her.
Sahil asks Bhoomi if she liked the saree. Bhoomi promises to wear it on the engagement only for him. Sahil asks if Vaidika would come to the engagement. He won’t get engaged without Vaidika. Vaidika cries in the room as they leave.

PRECAP: Vaidika watch Sahil kiss the back of Bhoomi’s hand after her engagement. Bhoomi offers her a bite of cake but she denies. Later Vaidika and Sahil come together as a shuffling during couple dance. Vaidika confess her love for Sahil.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. WHAT! Vedika confesses? I don’t believe it. I love Sahil and Bhoomi’s relationship.

    And guys, I know some of you are angry about the way the plot keeps heading. But you have to remember that their love is special and unlike any other so they have to go through many trials before they get together.

  2. Niceeeeee……I’m going to thoroughly enjoy watching Vedika’s jealousy eating her up…Bhoomi may not want to give up Sahil so easily after the affection she’ll get from Sahil at the expense of Vedika’s pain, she’s been causally wishing for a man to love her the way Sahil loves Vedika but she fails to see that Sahil’s love for Vedika isn’t Sahil’s pretentious love for the suspicious Vedika who knows that Sahil is doing this to make her jealous and even though she doesn’t believe the relationship is real, it nevertheless is hurting her tremendously… That’s good!! She should break with jealousy…and that precap looks like what we’ve been hoping to see…

  3. DannyComments

    This is gonna backfire …very badly

  4. Friends…. Even Bhoomi recognises and states that she wish for someone to love her like Sahil…so we were so right about a love like that but we are going to have to take a back seat because Bhoomi is going to get her wish although it’s all pretend on Sahil’s side….here’s to Bhoomi’s luck???????

  5. Pre- cap looks interesting but I think Vedika is a little late. Cannot say more because I have only watch like about four episodes.

    1. Jayashree dear, you’ve missed out on a good story and it’s going to be a little difficult for you to fully connect with the characters but if you hang on in there, you’d end up liking Sahil as well. It’s never too late!! This was a contentious topic in that some societies frown upon this type of love story but you know that most progressive thinkers believe that age doesn’t matter, it’s love which is the main ingredient in a relationship and it’s true because age differences or older husband doesn’t guarantee that that a marriage would be successful, it’s love, respect, loyalty, honesty and a lot of compromising which eventually makes a marriage a success… You do know that, you’ve been one of the lucky ones, just like Lakshmi, to marry the one you love but not everyone is so fortunate and Sahil is learning the hard way, how it feels to not get the one he loves and I of all people knows this pain… Destiny is surely a b*t*h at times….

  6. Nina

    This episode was made, gorgeously powerful, palpable experience of real pain. The news about the engagement hits Vedika like a bomb. It sure hit me that way, too. Seems I was right there with her when she reeled. No one can be ready for such an end to someone’s story of great love. The acting of the cast is worth to highmark.

  7. Hii frds vadika pyar toh bhut krti hai sahil se syad sahil k pyar se v jayada lakin woh kbi nhi bole ge. Ap ko pata hai show 2 year leap mein jane wala hai j sab ho rha hai TRP k lye sab dekhe ge bhoomi kaise fake engagement se sach mein sahil se kaise shadi krti hai sahil vadika ko kaise door krti hai.vadika aggerwal house chor khi aur chale jaye ge leap k baad mein sahil vadhika ka ek beta hoga . Child ? ka such kaise samne aye ga jo toh pata nhi pyar dono mein aise hi rhe ga be hisab mohobat . Next villan hai Bhoomi kaise change hoge ap sab dekhe ge bhut c chaale chle ge sahil ki vadika ko door krne k lye … unique love ? story change hoge ab….

    1. how do u know ??? is this confirmed ???? i think it will be bad …if thats happens …it a long leap it should be there … sahil and vedika r nor like normal couple ….they has to be together …..

    2. Sir plz bolea na yeah information aapsa kaha sa milea .plz share bolea na..mujhe tensan ho raha ha????????

  8. Ab yash chapter close ho jye ga vadika phir se widva bn jaye ge phir se wahi samaj ki baiten vadika ki phir se wahi life suru ho jayge bilkul akeli …. show 2 years leap mein jayega bhoomi sahil se shadi kr le ge dhoke se.. vadika ka beta hoga sahil ki karban copy….

  9. I don’t think that what is shown in precap is gonna happen.. it could be vedhika’s imagination,.
    How wicked this BA is. ?.. still plotting to kill..
    She should fall a prey into that trap instead.. joining with that yuck lizard puneesh.. vomit..
    Mebbe will come back later with a different face and makeover..
    Even to make vedhika jealous, donno y Sahil has to do this engagement.. what if it continues?? It’s Sadhika’s story… the saree that he gave with so much love to vedhika, how can he make someone else wear it even if it’s to make her jealous? Sahil is such a person who will not allow anyone else to touch it.. but.??
    Obviously Sahil’s kid will be a carbon copy of him.. reminding vedhika of Sahil with each action.. even the kid will be protective of her just like he does..???

    1. Dolly, I’ve scrutinized Puneesh’s body language, he’s so slimy, I could feel it oozing out of my screen….. Maybe writers have had enough of Nidhi, just like us and Bhoomi’s certainly refreshing and since it’s Vedika’s cousin sister, expect a lot of personal clashes but I’m definitely looking forward to seeing Vedika being eaten up with jealousy, she look for this… The saree scene hurt me badly too, I felt Vedika’s pain but even though I don’t sympathize with her for hurting our Romeo, I think the saree thing hurt her badly and I feel for her. Dolly, if I was in a position like that, I don’t know what I’d do, sometimes, a lot of times, I think I learn a lot from these serials, only the ones I’m connected to and some things that happen, reminds me of a thing or two….

  10. Hello Friends,I have been expecting something of this nature from Sahil and Bhoomi to make Vedika jealous and confess her love for Sahil.,which otherwise she would never say…..but the precap shows they will really be engaged which I have n’t expected…thought Sahil and Bhoomi will carry on their drama for a few days till Vedika reveals her true feelings. ….but we can not expect things go that smoothly in our serials…So as per the spoilers given by our friend Manmohan,Yash dies and Vedika becomes a widow yet again and the show goes for a two year leap ….naturally Bhoomi will be the next antagonist who marries Sahil by deceit…and Vedika’s child is a boy…..Am I liking this…I don’t know,,,,.may be Vedika deserves all this for subjecting Sahil to such mental torture but Sahil certainly doesn’t deserve this….my goodness,Naz,when will this young man find some happiness in his life…at such a young age,he has seen so much…regarding Vedika ,still I don’t like her for caring for the whole world at the cost of this guy’s emotions….If what the spoilers suggest is right,then Sahil will have another torture in the name of Bhoomi..Poor guy….he could have done better without these two sisters….

    1. Somehow I think Vedika is dreaming and confessing her love… I also think that the child would remind her of Sahil in every way. Lakshmi, it’s really a hellish painful feeling to not get the one you love, just imagining that someone else is touching your love is enough to scar you for life and much less have a child so how much torture can Sahil put up with? I also feel that this marriage with Bhoomi looks like a possibility and it’s also predicted that she’ll become a villain later, she has expressed her desire to receive a love like Sahil’s and sister or not, Bhoomi will not give him up. Meanwhile, all should be aging right and certainly Vedika will be heading for half century, that’s why I’ve always said that the age gap was too much.. Another thing, I think Sahil is being cheated from experiencing bonding with the woman who’s carrying his child, this is where he should be experiencing the joys of impending fatherhood and my darling Sahil isn’t getting any such privilege. Everything he’s experiencing, I can feel it and jealousy does things to people and their reactions surprises even the individual. Vedika’s pain is evident…kudos to the cast, they are doing a superb job portraying emotions. Time and time again we have expressed our desire to see a changed Sahil but writers are sticking to their script which is rare in soapland..in any way, I still love him to bits and pieces ?????…can you imagine down the road when he learns that he is this child’s father, how he’s gonna react…or when Vedika get to know that she’s had a child with the man who deeply loves her? I only can imagine what emotional rollercoaster she’s going to experience. Lakshmi, I’ve not regretted ever watching this serial, thank goodness I’m her since day one so I didn’t miss out a thing, Sahil is a dream for every woman!!! Men aren’t like him at all, maybe there are but he remains the one who reminds me of someone…somewhere in time.

  11. Nice episode.. Sahil is taking it a little too far and yes it might backfires. It’s not revenge. He just want Vetika to admit that she loves him. The saree scene was so touching .

    Precap might just be a dream sequence as I can’t See Vedika admit in from of an audience.

  12. Muniya

    Nice episode…
    But precap…wish Sahil is not again day dreaming??

  13. Ya Naz, I feel that my own emotions are being reflected in this serial sometimes.. I can just relate to it.. I definitely can’t see my lost love even standing next to someone else.. even the very thought of it would kill me literally..
    Even though this serial is moving towards a negative side, it is possible that suddenly the storyline might change..
    Mebbe Sahil or vedhika will come to know about the child’s origin and get back together.. a child, a symbol of love, is the ultimatum of any relation.. mebbe this will bring together the two people responsible for this..
    The writers might change it into a real Sadhika story. ???

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