Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 6th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Vaidika bailed out of jail

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The lawyer tells Sahil that Vaidika has been charged, witness are there and media has worsened the case. Sahil asks what if Pankti comes for the verdict herself. The lawyer says it might prove that Pankti is being forced. Sahil’s bruise bled.
In the police station, the lady inspector wonders if her Vaidika’s lover still didn’t bring any proof. Sahil comes with the fake witness who was an area goon and been charged already in two stations. The inspector slaps the goon for false witness, and allows release of Vaidika. Vaidika walks out of the jail. She was about to slip when Sahil holds her. The ladies in jail discuss that the stories like them can’t be seen anywhere. Sahil says even the police claimed that Vaidika can’t bear the other lady in his life. He wants to clarify only

Vaidika is his wife. He saved Pankti because Pankti was being accused and attacked, and he has learnt to help from Vaidika. Vaidika’s character is extremely high and he believes he is the luckiest man in the world to have her as a wife. He will continue his attempts till Vaidika forgives him. Everyone clap for Sahil and advocates that it’s not right to be angry with such a loving husband for long. Maya comes there and takes Vaidika and Sahil to speak to them.
They reach a temple. Maya questions Vaidika if they are only lovers, or if they are spouses and parents as well. Sahil says he has every relation with Vaidika only, be it a spouse, a companion or a family. He is aware she is angry with him, but they are soul mates and Radha Krishna of this world. They can’t be parted easily. He wish her to believe her, and consider him as a companion and a friend. Maya reminds Vaidika that Sahil was able to live with her, and never touched her. If she really believe Sahil can do such an act? She must trust Sahil once more. Vaidika looks towards Sahil. Her phone bell rings, it was a video message of Sahil taking Pankti to out-house that night. Sahil was taken aback as he watches the video. Vaidika asks Maya if she has something else to say, if this isn’t the proof. He took Pankti to outhouse. If he still claims he only has every relation with her only. This is about the day he enumerated the difference between their age, and he found an age fellow on the same night. Sahil explains he was drunk, Pankti and Vaidika wore the same dress and may be… Vaidika questions if for him love means getting drunk and take any one around? She is unaware of such a love. For her, there is no place for any third person in love. She wasn’t ready to listen to any of Sahil’s explanation and says she can never forget that she had seen him with Pankti. She warns Sahil to stay away from her if he has only a little respect for her. He must believe Vaidika was never in his life. Vaidika was distressed, and says he must prove to Vaidika that he wasn’t disloyal to her. Maya asks how he will prove this. Sahil was in a disbelief that he has to prove his love to Vaidika even after years. Maya suggests him to speak to Pankti about it, only they can give a solution of proof.
Vaidika returns home. Aarya comes to her concerned but then, Ved comes outside with severe cough. Vaidika was worried.
Usha and Pankti’s mother met. Pankti’s mother was thankful to Usha. Usha thinks she understood in the first look that she has an empty brain. She can use her well to create interesting dramas in Sahil and Vaidika’s life.

PRECAP: Pankti blames her mother for everything. Vaidika and Sahil sign consent of operation for Ved in the hospital. Sahil tells Vaidika they will get the reports as a proof of his innocence.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Here we go again her doubt have been sealed sign and delivered in the form of that video and now on top of it ved is sick…..I’ll never wish that kind of problem for anyone even my worst enemy and i don’t even have one……why women have to bear so much and expected to be the best at everything mother wife caretaker provider lover friend daughter co-worker and more….this is fiction but it’s stressful as f**k i had a long enough day already I’ll refrain from watching for awhile and just come and interact with the best fellow commenters on telly forum

    1. Nina

      Right, Sam, the women of this planet are doing by all available for saving the world daily. Millions of Vedika live for the sake of this.

  2. And again..,Suhasi dhami’s powerful act…
    Friends I like Vedika’s tight-lipped act for Sahil…wow..K.J is also going perfect with Suhasi dhami.
    Very Painful situation between Sadika.. in this epi after a long time..I observed old background music for Sadika…
    Vedika decision is surely right..l liked too much —that point when vedika said to Sahil ..that love means taking drunk?? And take anyone around???
    Friend’s Usha is a slow-poison for our Sadika..
    And Pankti’s mother oh…I can’t explain her enormity…A very shameless..cruel..Cheapy heartless,women..
    Now,pankti should leave the Aggrawal mention for her self respect.. silently..in the Dark night..very helpless girl.not only her father although her mother is also doing wrong with her life..If she is truly respect to our Sadika..Plzz makers
    Don’t try to kill her..character by suicide..It will be very bad.
    Feeling very sad for Vedika and ved..
    I hope very soon he will be fine..with smily face.

  3. Nice episode.. sahil delivered a heart felt performance. After a long and difficult week Sahil has finally win me over again.
    Pankti mum could be seen in that Video. I wonder why no one picked on that. So Pankti mum is giving CCTV footage to Usha.. stupid woman!!! “Namakarameen”. Naz I know that word would become handy again.. Does she ever remememver that her husband was going to auction her if it was not for Vedika.

    There going to be more heartache for Sadika as Pankti test is positive.

  4. Sigh… Vedika was born to see hell..right here on earth! It’s not one grah she’s passed through na, when she passes through one, another one strikes her. I have to give Vedika credit, she has real belly to put up with all the crap in her life, I suggest she goes to the beach, tie up a hammock between two coconut trees..obviously….and forget everyone else, just take her two children and go! Feed them fishes grilled over a fire, coconut jelly, coconut water, berries and whatever fruits she can find… Aarya should stay with her husband an push out a few kids, certainly she has a good husband and he’ll help her! That’s wishful thinking! Vedika Sahil Agarwal has to face the music, she has a husband to fight for..which woman in this world doesn’t have to do that??? With all the female sharks around!!! Sigh!! 😔

  5. Here we go again why cant he deal with pankti and mum. Pepole keep saying vefika should forgive him. Next time he will repeat what he did when he is drunk and he may repeat the age gap thing to her, because sahil does not think it’s a big deal he said the age gap he mentioned was not meant to be interpreted like that mmm? What did he mean by saying to vefika that ‘the problem is that we think differently because of the age gap’? That is a seed you dont plant in a woman vedika is worried about her future she is accusing herself for falling in love with a younger man.
    The marriage has not even started he is saying these words of vefika being un old bag, am sorry thats what it sounded like in vefikas ears and she is right in thinking he wanted a younger girl for he was found in bed with her
    The following mornimg he did not even sleep with vefika. Can maya put that point acctoss to sahil and ask him to get rid of the other women. Sahil is not that nice if he really cared even a bit he would understand where vefika is coming from, please ladies we should maintain our self respect as well as not tolerate stupid behaviour from husbands, yes its a misunderstanding to us and sahil but it is not to vedika sahils relationship with pankti remember is a marriage by pretence but tradionally pankti mum is right they are married so vedika now has a confirmed sautan, am sure she will never trust any woman to get close to sahil again after this.
    NAZ you are right dont let your friends become to close or too familiar with your husband, pankti also loves sahil for the first time in her life she wants a man like sahil so it’s not difficult for her to intice him or mum to keep them together to get vedika mad, i blame sahil for overlooking vefikas pain which is him keeping pankti in his life, all vedika wants is for pankti to get out of their life is that too much to ask from sahil? or uiy are telling me vefika should sacrifice her srlf redpect bevausr she is older woman no way. If sahil wants to keep his sautan he can go ahead but he will regret it for thinking he is right and that their love will conquer all. Sometimes marriages brake due to silly misunderstandings which could have been solved by give and take like in vefikas case she wants pankti to go so sahil should deal with this, no amount of tests will calm down vefika at this stage she has a very grafik picture of sahil having coitus with pankti and that ladies is hard to erase only sahil can erase it by doing what vefika wants. Witout that vedika accepting sahil is as good as saying sahil respects pankti more than her . You know what i mean? These are real issues viction neyee it happens to women on a daily basis. It will be worse if men dont learn about us because we are not going to take it like our gran mothers put up with before, man was created to love and protect his wife not wife and girlfriend.
    I think i should stop right here! Vedika needs a tight hag from sahil even if she is moving away from him he should try hard, break all the rules and hug vefika, ask her what does she want him to do not suggest tests with punkti/mum really?

  6. Writers, ved is sick why now if this wont bring vedika and sahil back together then why?
    More problems its toooooo much.

  7. Friends i want vedika to leave sahil forever. She should not even spit on his s*xually aroused face. Of late he is looking so very haggard n looks like he is eagery waiting to hv the tender whore in his bed for all 24 hrs. I can imagine how HOT he ll be with her. He lost all his innocence. He looks s*xually aroused all the time of late. I hope he n his tender whore suffer in the serial n also in real life. Hats off to vedikas acting.. nobody can beat her in that field. So finally after the positive report is out the labrador dog has succeeded in blomming the tender whore cum b*t*h cum BUD into a FLOWER. KEEP IT UP SAHIL THE DONOR. Friends you all know what i mean.

  8. First time i m comment here. i m a silent reader. i have seen some video that report is positive and vedika leaves house once again. what they are up to

  9. Madeline u r correct. Tell me pls after sahil having an immensely enjoyable coitus with the tender whore cum stray b*t*h that night, is it possible that they ll not remember what they did the full night. Can it be possible 2 youngsters full of energy must hv just slept without enjoying though one was sozzled n the other was unconcious due to hv taken some tablets. That ungrateful bastard is saying that due to drinks he thought that the tender whore was vedik a since both were dressed alike. Then in the same way he must hv thought that she is vedika n must hv had an enjoyable coitus with the blo*dy whore cum b*t*h. Idiot he is a liar. Now he has got what he wanted fm vedika now naturally he ll go the younger bastard for more enjoyment. Of late he is really looking like a ruffian n s*xually driven for the whore. He has competely lost his innocence.

  10. Friends just read in google news that whore cum b*t*h pregnancy positive. Crack amid sahil n vedika. Though the labrador dog is shocked he now feels its true. Then it is written that this is planned by the b*t*h’s enunch mother. Now since the labrador dog is believing that she is pregnant he ll not hesitate to hv coitus with her every day. How much they both ll enjoy esp the s*xually aroused labrador dog. I hope vedika never reconciles with him even if this news is false. Of late his romantic scenes with vedika dont look natural n he is delivering his romantic dialogues like a ZOMBIE. blo*dy ungrateful fellow.

    1. My heart ache when i read that spoiler thats the worst thing they could do now….i was hoping ved would’ve saved sadika but with this track there maybe no coming back anytime soon

  11. one thing that i found so cute in the episode was that when vedhika said that the love means that it is only for one person thoughout the lifetime.. i wish everyone feels like that in this fast paced world.. many have forgotten ethics and relationships now.. some people call this thought an old-fashioned one too..but its really something to be so true…i wish certain things remained as they were..even if its called old fashioned and outdated…

    1. Yes,I liked it..even I like whole conversation of Vedika…

    2. Yes you’re right…..that was the best dialogue in any of the episodes since pankti entered and i agree with it people calm you can love more than one person i feel otherwise if you truly love someone whole heartedly body and soul there isn’t any room for anyone else….suhasi acting in these scene have been so believable and real that she brought me to tears a few times….she’s an outstanding actress i wish nothing but success for her in her future endeavours and maybe that pankti girl don’t know her real name would take pointers i know she’s young but hopefully she’ll learn a few things after she leave this serial because that blank look thing she like to do not working

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