Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 5th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Bari Amma’s true face unleashed

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Sahil dances with Vaidika opening the party. He whispers in Vaidika’s ears that I love you so much Vaidika Jee. Bhoomi was stunned to hear this, as Sahil was only thinking of Vaidika while actually, Bhoomi danced with him. Bari Amma takes the guests to dinner.
In the room, Sahil was thankful for being with Vaidika and prays they never part ways again. He finds the chocolate bag hidden under the blankets and finds the pen drive under it. There, Vaidika felt strange in front of the temple. Sahil comes downstairs to play the pen drive. Bari Amma came to the hall behind Ved by then. They video of Bari Amma’s confessions play at once. Everyone from the family gather in the hall. Sahil was furious and cries silently. Vaidika signals Aarya to take Ved outside to play. After the video, Sahil

remembers Vaidika once claimed that she got proof against Bari Amma in the pen drive.
Sahil roars at Bari Amma and asks why she did this, she killed his mother. Her mother considered her an elder sister then why she killed her. It was Bari Amma who knew about the truth of her son, and snatched Ved from Vaidika. She kept him away from his love, his happiness. Bari Amma claims that it’s Vaidika’s trick. Sahil shouts at Bari Amma disowning her from any of their relation. He breaks a photo-frame of himself and Bari Amma then begs to Vaidika for an apology. Vaidika consoles the distressed Sahil and assures him that she isn’t angry, Sahil was a victim of misunderstanding and was not responsible for whatever happened in their lives in past years. She turns to Bari Amma and claims victory again on the day of Diwali.
Bari Amma apologizes Sahil but Sahil asks how he can forget her for murdering his mother. Sahil announces he is leaving Agarwal house along with Vaidika, Aarya, Ved and Nani. Nani announces her favor to Sahil’s decision. Bhoomi tries to stop Sahil but he wasn’t ready to accept whatever happened last five years. Bhoomi deters of killing herself and pulls a knife to cut her wrist nerve. Vaidika runs to snatch the knife from Bhoomi. Bhoomi blames Vaidika for revealing the truth to everyone, she has assured her that she won’t tell anyone it was Bhoomi who hid the pen drive. Sahil now scolds Bhoomi for keeping him in dark. Bhoomi cries that she was afraid of losing Sahil and loved him. Nani was also angry over her. Sahil forbids Bhoomi to even mention love, today she not only lost a husband but a friend as well. Sahil calls Aarya to bring Ved outside. Bhoomi announces Ved won’t leave but Sahil says Ved will live with his true parents.

PRECAP: Bhoomi and Puneesh plan against Vaidika to get Ved and Sahil back. Sahil and Vaidika enter Vaidika’s old house with full celebrations. Puneesh sends a man to replace the Diwali cracker with real bomb at Vaidika’s house.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Yesssss , today’s episode was truly entertaining and I’m glad Sahil finally knows the truth of his mums death and who was responsible for it. Now we can finally have Sahil and Vaidika along with their children and Vaidika’s mother in the same house living happily. I’m so glad that snake called Bari Amma’s Truth has come out, and now I want this Puneesh to be put behind bars cos I just can’t stand him. Bhoomi makes me laugh, I mean has the girl lost it crying over a child who has his own mother who was dying to find her child for a long time and even fought everything that came in her way, I mean this Bhoomi has no shame whatsoever.

  2. Wow… love the episode. Hats off to the Writers and Sahil acting. The dance scene was beautifully executed. His loved is so intense and I could feel it. 😘😘😘😘. Vedika is the only one for him . Why can’t Bhoomi get that in her thick head ???. Shameless woman.. now she is going to team up with Punesh. Fighting for someone who is never going to love her. How desperate is she. I wish she would really killed herself . Good riddance I say. As for BA I wonder what she will plot now.
    Finally Vedika and Sahil will be together with their family. It’s not going to be plain sailing but together they will overcome every trick thrown at them. Looking forward to the next few episodes.

  3. 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍…what an episode!! Friends, I got a tension / too much excitement sort of headache…from the time that pen drive was in Sahil’s hand, my hairs were on ends!! My goodness, these writers have given us a Happy Divali…lota of admiration and thanks to the creative team for exposing the wretched BA and Ms Insecure Bhoomi!! I love the expression on Bhoomi’s face when Sahil said that he’s leaving with Vedika ,Aarya, Nani and his son Ved… What a super duper episode…

  4. Finally d truth is out.thank god, at least 4 sometime sahil nd vedika will be close to each other. Seriously vedika is so big hearted nt to even hold any grudge against him,i love her. As 4 bhoomi wish her a horrible doom 4 joining hands wit dat horrible cartooned puneesh.

  5. HAPPY DIVALI..to all my friends on AKAJS forum…Pooja, Dolly, Raji, Nina, Marie, Diya and Makino… Hello Amal…nice having you here too… May the blessings of Mother Lakshmi shower upon all of you in abundance, let the festival of lights illuminate your darkest journey, may you homes be blessed with prosperity, happiness, love and togetherness all year round and may your wishes, dreams, desires come to pass and success in the lives of all of you become a reality.🎆✨💥💥💥💖💖💖…if I forgot any other names, please forgive me, it wasn’t intentional… HAPPY DIVALI…

    1. Naz thanks for the warm welcome, this serial is one of my favourite ones and today I really enjoyed it 😍😍😍😍 I hope they keep it this entertaining and bring in the romance we was missing lately. Happy Diwali to you and everyone else ❤️❤️❤️

      1. Most welcome Amal…

    2. Marie Raphael

      Happy Divali too Naz!
      The episode 😉 my gosh, the episode was splendid ❤ It was long over due, luckily we had enough patient 🙂
      I know Bhoomi won’t go down with out a fight , but she is fighting a loosing battle, now that Sahil knows she had a hand in hiding the truth! I wish BA punishment was a bit harsher,.
      Loving the positive vibes, knowing vadika and sahil will now fight against all the odds together with immense love, trust and understanding

      1. Same to you Marie… Thank goodness we had the patience but you know that the writers here rarely disappoint us? It was just a matter of time that these witches self destruct..and they did today in fine style.. Anyways, this is what we’ve always wanted on these serials, for couples to stay united together to fight all their battles…as opposed to pitting them to fight each other, at least this forum shows positive results when it’s due and no plot is dragged on for long… Kudos to the creative team…

  6. Why Sahil isn’t filing a police complex against Bari Amma?

  7. …..so, Bhoomi isn’t going down without a fight! She seems to not have learnt from this episode, because here she is planning with the snake in the house!! I hope that Puneesh’s plan backfires in his ass!!! His actions are so sissy!! Yuck!! Anyway, the update today doesn’t do justice to the actual episode, the actual episode is the BOMB…the SHIZZ..the absolute best in a long time. I 😍😍😍😍😍 where Sahil dances with his love!! Ohhhhhhhhhh…. How adorable they both looked and how satisfied I felt when Sahil whispered… I LOVE YOU VEDIKA JI….and Bhoomi’s facial expression was priceless!!! And Nani was too good, she loves rubbing salt into the enemies wounds!! However…. The award goes to Karan Jotwani for how performance today..of course he’s always the best…but today I cried along with him, I could feel his pain and his thunderous shout at BA was out of this serial world! Sahil is the absolute best man in soapland ever!! Ladies, if any one of you are unmarried, don’t settle for less than how Sahil’s character is portrayed, there must be others like him somewhere out there, you will know when you find him because you’ll feel the connection in the same way Sahil portrays his love for Vedika.

  8. Nina

    Great episode! At long last just need some minutes some frames and power of Bari Amma was shattered. Vile woman found yourself in an awkward situation. Again Vedika was accused of intrigues but it not work. So touching seeing Sahil was kneeling down.

  9. Happy Diwali Naz and all friends on this forum. Tonight episode was a delight. Vedika looks so beautiful in her gold Sari. BA did it know what was coming and still she try to blame Vedika. once again Bhoomi was her own enemy. By lashing at Vedika she let out that she hid the pen drive and gosh Sahil was quick to pick up on that. Love you Sahil 😘😘. You are a great actor.

    1. So true Pooja, Bhoomi’s her own worst enemy!! One other thing I enjoyed immensely was how BA didn’t know that she was going to be exposed, in all innocence she helped Sahil press the play button and there she was, in all her glory, boasting of her heinous acts and my joy knew no bounds, seeing her ashen crumbled face, frightened of Sahil’s anger and the thought of losing him made her beg like a beggar for Sahil’s forgiveness and my oh my…the lecture he gave her should have turned her into ashes or stone, if it was me, I’d sink into the earth with shame…i can’t almost wait to see Sahil take his family and move out of the house, I imagine Bhoomi would want to die but we know what she’ll do, team up with the slithering snake turned lizard and try to get rid of Vedika but good will conquer evil everytime especially on AKAJS and she should pay dearly for her deeds. Enjoy your Divali celebrations Pooja, tomorrow we have more joy to feel…till the sourpuss duo or maybe trio make their move because BA ain’t taking this lying down…

  10. Muniya

    Lovely episode…loved Sahil😘😘😘😘😘
    Precap is both exciting nd terrifying 😘😘😨
    By the way… Widh u all a very Happy nd prosperous Diwali😊😊😘😁

  11. Happy Diwali to all of you my dear friends..😘🎇🎉

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