Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 4th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Sahil caught with Pankti

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Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 4th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sahil was captivated by the goons at gun point.
In Agarwal house, Vaidika was tensed as Sahil’s phone couldn’t connect. He must have gone to a friend, as he is still 24 in his mind. She sometimes forget how young he is to her.
The goons chased Pankti but couldn’t find her across the road. Pankti says God saved her from rats like him. She disgraces them of being old school, it also seems they are underpaid. She is a superfast aero plane while they only move at turtle’s speed. She slips off the tree.
Aarya was looking for her lipstick in the room. Mandagini comes in the room and shows off her new pink lipstick, it’s her favorite color. It was brought by her brother and she has whole right over it. Guddu comes in and says he brought this for Aarya. Mandagini complains that Guddu never brought any lipstick for her. Guddu finally says she can keep it. Mandagini replies she has already taken the lipstick and leaves. Guddu explains to Aarya that Mandagini sometimes behave strangely; they have never been rich enough to afford expensive lipsticks. Aarya says it’s alright, they can sacrifice this much for their family and she learnt this from her mother. Guddu thanks Aarya for understanding all this.
Sahil was in the godown where Pankti was brought. She asks what he is doing here, then understands it seems her father sent him here. Sahil warns her to stay silent, he has been caught in the situation because of her only; his Bari Amma is worried for him and his house lady cares as well. It’s because of Pankti that this mess was created, she must have fun in this five star place with rats and smell all over. The goons come to take Pankti along.
The goons bring Pankti to a house. Tej Pratab comes downstairs. Pankti argues with him.
Nani tells Bari Amma that she called Sahil but he didn’t pick up the call, he wasn’t attentive of her call. Vaidika says Sahil must be busy with friends. Nani says Vaidika must try to remind Sahil about his past. She points that all men are alike, she must learn from what Maya’s husband did. She convince Vaidika that Sahil neither remembers Vaidika nor her kids. Vaidika was irritated of her mother’s conservative talk.
Sahil breaks into the house of Tej Pratab. He complements the set up and says it seems like some shooting is going on. Pankti signals the goons not to touch him anymore. She then asks Tej Pratab to let Sahil leave, he has nothing to do with all this. Tej Pratab allows Sahil to leave. When Sahil had walked out, Pankti warns Tej Pratab that she only conducted a sting operation against his abuse of her mother, next time she will unveil his complete report to media. Tej Pratab says now his daughter has turned unbearable. He sends his men to bring someone. A young man comes in, Tej Pratab says Pankti will marry Rohit today. Everyone clap but Pankti slaps a goon instead. She clearly denies marrying Rohit and warns going to extreme extent for it. Sahil was waiting outside the house and watched the whole scenario, then decides to help the heroine in this filmy scene. Tej Pratab says Pankti will marry this man now. Pankti decisively says she won’t. Tej Pratab goes inside to bring Pankti’s mother outside. He then holds his wife at gunpoint. Pankti protectively comes to save her.

PRECAP: A Pandit ji predicts that Sahil’s life is going a drastic change that will affect his family and specially his wife. There, Sahil jumps in to save Pankti claiming to be her boyfriend, and was ready to marry her.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Unnecessarily dragging the story.

  2. Leisa s morris

    Hmmm another marriage nd wife for sahil…dont these writers have noting else to do but separate couples. Everytime u think well tings r gonna go gd now before u blink its trouble again.

  3. No words….today I’ll just read you guys comment too disappointed with the angle they’re taking ?

  4. Today the episode name only is in the name of this nonssense very disappointing leaven our vedika lonlyand our hero made realtion with another women wow wow what the show they made and the PRECAP disppointing us i hate sahil behisaab mohabbat kahaan gaya

  5. Omg… such a bad episode. Unnecessary track.. a beautiful love story is about to be spoil. Instead of concentrating on Sadika and their forthcoming child writers are bringing in new entry just to drag the story. I think Writer had taken a vow not to let Sadika be together and happy. Friends I can’t bear this tract and
    seeing Sahil with someone else does not seem right.

  6. Speechless.. what a nonsense or that a joke…???I am?..

  7. Nina

    After two marriages at last Sahil became Vedika husband. The miserable authors made a topic with a next spouse. It’s jaw-dropping.They aren’t in a hurry to give to us the happy end they are afraid to lose the permanent employment.

  8. Friends i hv to pass comments on sahils acting in yesterdays episode. This serial is completing 1 year on 16th jan i suppose. In the last 1 yr not once did i find sahils acting so hopeless. In yesterdays episode he looked so bored n i felt he was doing all his scenes without any interest. I couldnt believe my eyes that it was KJ acting. Any whatever scenes were there between him n the puppy there was absolutely no CHEMISTRY though they both r so young. God save us fm these writers. As i told in my previous comments writers pls send vedika n her family to her old house n let this fickle minded chap enjoy bothbthe whore n the puppy n in the end let him suffer like hell. This week i was watching this serial again on my cell fm the 1st episode. I had reached the 12th episode. But now i hv stopped watching it since when i am watching the old episodes i am reminded of this sahil who ll fall in love with this puppy. So i hv stopped watching since i dont want to wash out the memory of those lovely sadika scenes. Friends i think after a few episodes i might stop watching this serial. I cant see vedika always under so much stress. We all thought that at least during her 2nd pregnancy this fickle minded chap ll take care of her. But ALAS i dont think that it ll eber happen. Naz pls pls pass some comments.

    1. Raji, how are you dear? For the first time I couldn’t watch two episodes back to back.. Thursday and Friday are the worst days on this serial.. I started to watch online and ditched it in no time because it was painful to watch, it’s a good thing that we read updates otherwise I wouldn’t have known what to expect and I would have wasted precious time watching this nonsense. Writers are doing their best to make me dislike Sahil.. Why did they have to go back to him being a 24yr old? My dreams of seeing Sahil as a sauve businessman will never be a reality, I’m sure of that now. If only writers had sent him to Agarwal’s jewelry stores and if they had made this nubile girl his admirer, I wouldn’t have minded….because I know he would have looked hott in the office and dark suits and would have caught the eyes of lecherous women and that would have been a new storyline ..and look now, they had to bring in this actor whom I last saw in Woh Apna sa who was a nasty shameless old man in it and continue with his negativity, flaunting his power, position and influence on helpless people…i had a problem looking at his rotten teeth… I hope that he isn’t BA’s long lost husband, that would mean she has bad taste in men…plus, it was known to us that Yash’s father (BA’s) husband was dead, not so? You notice that she still wears sindoor? For whom? If it’s for this ugly man, I’d LMFAO….. I’m hoping that this is probably a fling that BA had.. LMAO….because it’s the trend for the women of this serial to pass through more than one man…because Yash’s father and Sahil’s father were brothers, that’s why both men were cousins /brothers…right? So this man is not supposed to be BA’s husband at all… Raji, if it’s said that suhasi and KJ are not enjoying their relationship any more, then isn’t it best to just wrap up and end with some dignity? Anyways, I know that I was crass and crude in my comments today, for sure I didn’t smoke weed or anything like that, I’m just frustrated and disappointed with this turn of events. If no improvement is made at the end of this week, I’ll give it a little rest in commenting, I’ll just read updates and only watch.. if I see Vedika smelling a rat where guddu and his botox lipped sister are concerned, I may comment then. ..for sure the fruits didn’t fall far from the tree, guddu and his airhead sister is here for a reason and pretty soon Vedika will suspect them but you know Aarya won’t believe till she sees, soooooooo.

  9. This show left me speechless, very disappointed.

  10. Raji.. I agree with you that Sahil acting was boring compared to the lately. Like I said the writers had taken vows for Sadika not to be together and happy. I might stop watching for a bit.

  11. Friends pls see u tube. Our beloved fickle minded chap has married the puppy dog n brought her home. Then the puppy dog has given an almost 10 minutes interview. I read public comments after puppy dogs interview wherein none of the fans r happy with puppy dogs entry in the serial. All are insisting that the show should go off the air n none r happy with sahils character. They all hv said that sahils character has become very loose n they all hv said that when he was married to nidhi n whore bhoomi he never forgot sadika. So how come he forgot vedika after marrying the puppy dog. A few fans r saying that may be he doesnt get along well with vedika in real life so they hv brought a young girl opposite him. I cant believe this at all. Friends pls pass yr comments on this aspect whether sahil n vedika do not get along in real life.

    1. My thing is if they don’t get along then end the show when they got married why stretch it out make him marry for the 4th time to frustrated us viewers why……it’s pure nonsense now….the show is about age difference in love whats with all the young women all of a sudden so initially they are against a younger guy with an older woman then and this was all to show us that it would never work…i don’t understand why and where this story will lead….I’m good for now i can’t see vedika suffer anymore

  12. Well said Sam… if they don’t get on, then end the show. No need to introduce another character and turn the show into something else rather than a the young boy and older woman falling in love ……

  13. Sahil is now a poligamyist he will have a sautan living with Vedika under one roof. What a mess. I thought sahil promised vedika that he will love her in seven lives and in whatever condition he may be in, WHAT HAPPENED? NOW HE HAS totally forgotten the love of his life in one day, from saving maya to living vefika for puppy. If they want to fight domestic violence and polygamous relatoonshops this is not the series, they should start another series for that. Sorry am very disappointed with the writers may be sahil is not the only one with memory loss maybe the writers have memory loss too.

  14. Sorry for the late comment friends…better I didn’t come up here, who the heck is writing for this serial now, a polygamist? I’m at a loss for words..me, who can write such long comments and piss of others, can’t seem to be able to write much on these two episodes..truly I’m not able to comment like I want to.. This new storyline is utter rubbish and who the heck is is this Tej guy…. I really wish to fricking cuss right now… Vedika’s pregnancy seems unimportant now and she has to deal with a souten and her daughter’s heat!! This is an embarrassing situation at this point in the serial…Vedika is pregnant and if Aarya decides to marry, then mother and daughter will have babies one behind the other!! Of course Aarya’s marriage won’t reach fruition but the insinuation exists.. The writers have destroyed the characters of Vedika, Bhoomi and Aarya…they made them man hungry….the only character which has gotten a makeover is BA..and even she was a sl*t in her youth, sleeping with her boss and snatching him from his wife and children… As with Sahil, I think that the writers are mad a*sh*les for reverting him to status 24yrs old….and in the process, his brain has become selective, remembering everything BUT his relationship with Vedika.. How fricking stupid is that?? If this crazy ass script continues with Sahil’s selective memory loss, I’m taking a sabbatical till I see some improvement in his memories of Sadika…. Every blasted serial on zeetv is a fricking waste of my precious time.. This was the only one which showed me promise because of its concept, fast paced storyline, it’s depiction of good conquering evil very quickly and it’s beautiful love scenarios of Sadika’s, all of these seems to be going down the drain in record speed.. Another thing I have a problem with is the runaway beard on Sahil, why can’t it be trimmed neatly with a handsome mark? Why can’t he not get a haircut? His hair makes him look like a vagrant..no apologies in saying this, it’s the honest truth.. Sahil is the heir to Agarwal’s fortune so why the heck is he in everyone’s business but Agarwal’s? Why can’t he go to work like a responsible man..why have the writers brought him back to square one? I’m soooooooo disappointed with these writers, they have let us loyal viewers down…i wanted to gloat that zeetv finally aired a serial that was perfect from the others, now I feel so depressed… Don’t know how long this Tej and daughter plot will go on so I’ll make short contributions when I do till I see something positive happening.. SMH..
    Sigh! ???????

  15. Naz n others well said. First of all after the puppy falls fm the tree (like how a cocont falls) is it possible to fall in love so fast. In the second meeting with the puppy he decides to save her n get married to her. Is it ever possible. What the fickle minded writers thinking that r we fools to digest this CRAP. Friends when the puppy is thrown in the room by the goons where sahil is aready there did you see sahils acting. I still cant believe such an casual n unnatural acting that was. There was absolutely no chemistry between them. Sorry to say this but the puppy looks cock eyed at times not always. And yes NAZ thatonkey brand TEJ PRATAP, I think is BA’s first husband. And i feel since he was a sadist she ran away fm him n must hv caught hold of Yashs father. Now i dont know eho looks more UGLY the slith snake Puneesh or the rotten over ripe TEJ PRATAP. This character ie Tej pratap was also a VILLAIN in kasam 2 serial on colours which ended very abruptly end of july 2018.

  16. Even i feel since the time this memory track has started with the puppy sahils look over has changed drastically. If i was a barber i would hv shaved off his unruly beard n given it a good shape. Jokes apart i think even KJ is taking us ie the viewers casually. His dressing sense has completely gone haywire. He is since the last few episodes looking like a MAWALI or GOONDA. Hope that is his stylist is reading our comments? Naz n others do u all believe that sHil n vedika dont get along in real life? I dont think so since i hv seen 2 to 3 interviews that they hv given together n i felt their equation was fantastic. May be some young viewer who doesnt like this concept of elder woman n younger man relationship must be passing these comments out of jealousy. If this was the case then how come in the last 2 dances there was so much of passion n intensity between the two. Since to me suhasi looks very cultured n elegant. KJ I dont know. Since he is very young he must be casual. I only hope the writers dont show physical intimacy between our fickle minded chap n the puppy doggy.

  17. Friends just saw puppys interview on u tube. God these youngsters. What confidence they hv about themselves even before proving their talent. Hats off to these girls. This puppy is not aware just as there is star power there is fan power also. None of the sadika fans will accept her either with sahil or jacky. Poor puppy. Pls someone explain to her this aspect. I also read in latest spoilers that this puppy is not aware that sahil is not jacky. And this marriage takes place because of a blunder. How i wish this could hv happened in real life. It seems that she is jackys girlfriend n she is thinking that sahil is jacky. Vedika is also not able to explain this to her. But when the puppy realises that sahil is not jacky n he is vedikas husband she will unite the two. I dont know how far it is true. I at times feel that may be sahil is kidnapped n jacky has taken his place to enter n loot the agarwal family. Oh the mess is this serial. How it started 1 year ago n see where it has reached today. God help sadika fans pls. But still i cant believe how unnatural KJs acting was on 4th january 2019 episode. I hv never see him acting so foolishly. When i saw the clip in u tube when sahil brings the puppy in aggarwal house n tells vedika that he is married to the puppy you all should hv seen the look that he gave vedika. Oh what a chemistry. Let any nbr of nidhis, whore bhoomi n puppy punkti come n go u ll never find the chemistry between sahil n them as it is with vedika n him.

  18. Friends i am very upset with this present track. Whenever i open u tube i am forced to watch that puppy dogs interview n her excitement for getting this show. I thik grom last 2 episodes i hv started hating sahil n it ll be difficult for me to like him fm now onwards. Since last week he has started looking very cheap n cant believe his acting has become so useless at least since the last 2 eipsodes. Friends sometimes i think that is sahil acting or has he really lost his memory. But if he is acting then why did he marry the puppy. Oh really i am very confused. Naz pls dont stop writing yr comments. I dont know about others but i am surviving on yr comments only.

  19. Raji, I’ll not stop commenting per se, it’s just that if an episode is not worth my time, I’d just not give any contributions and you know how much I enjoy writing up my thoughts, so it’s a wait and see approach for me till I see something positive happening. One thing that’s always at the back of my mind is that this serial almost NEVER sticks too long with a storyline, they give us controversial stuff and then they solve things quicker than the other serials do and if you really think about it, it’s only controversial topics that garner a huge amount of contributions on any given serial…so this is really a tactic used over and over again to keep the forums and conversations alive.. I’m sure in no time we’d see a positive turn of events from this horrid track… Personally speaking, I don’t have a problem with the actress, I think that she is very pretty and an almost exact replica of her brother Ayan who incidentally did the role of young Shantanu on Yeh Tere Galiyan, young Saleem in Jodha Akbar..so my problem isn’t the actress, it’s the role of woman between Sadika that I don’t like BUT like I’ve said, this will soon blow over..think of her as the thing that the cat dragged in…not wanted and will soon get rid of!! BTW, have you seen any episodes of Manmohini? Since I’m a fan of full blown supernatural stories I’ve been watching it since the beginning, but if you think Priyanka Purohit can’t act convincingly, check out the performances of the cast there..all of them are horrible actors except the flirty airhead who’s the mother of Ram’s stepbrother…..and this is the first time I can’t bear to watch a female protagonist on any serial ever before… OMG… Everyone just does a horrible job… Truth be told, I don’t know between Mohini and Sia, who the female lead is…and Sia’s clingy cloying attitude towards her husband makes me naseauous and the old Dadima who’s the queen, needs to practice more on her emotional expressions on her dialogue delivery and facial expressions…and don’t talk about Mohini….OMG, what a shrieking witch she is….sigh, sometimes there’s beauty in ugliness too…

  20. Friends 2day i wont be watching the serial since i am out n i am happy about it. I cant near now a days yo see the fickle minded hero n the overconfident n over enthusiastic puppy dog. But all of u esp Naz do post yr comments at the earliest. Instead of watching the serial on my cell phone i might read the written update n all yr comments. And i think KJ had become too big for his boots. His stupid hair style n untrimmed beard when he is with the puppy makes him look like an LAFANGA AND MAWALI. I dont know friends where has his innocence n good acting disappeared. Hope he is reading our comments.

  21. Friends i cant find written update of 7th jan. Though i didnt want to i still watched the serial on my cell. I really was laughi to my self watching sahils uninterested acting. Last yr he has acted like a 24 yr old boy but it wad not like the present useless acting. It looked lime he was bored doing those scenes esp with the puppy. What is wrong woth the writers. Why r they taking us viewers for granted. Pls stop at the earliest this puppys track. Or better let sahil enjoy intimately with this puppy. He has every right to but pls show us vedika going back to her old house with het children n mother. The vagabond n fickle minded fellow doesnt deserve vedika at all. Friends henceforth even if he is shown with vefika i dont think i ll like it since evetytime i ll remember his closeness to the puppy. Though he was married to nidhi n the whore bhoomi he never touched them but how come he is falling all on top of this puppy. Is it becsuse she is very young. She is in real life born in aug 2002 n the fickle minded chap in sept 199q. So he like a uncle to her. And the difference in his n suhasis age is not much since suhasi ibthink is born in aprim 1989. A few People didnt like their pairing due to the age difference now how will they like uncle sahil n niece puppy relation.

  22. Today i saw a clip in u tube where the puppy is cooking food for sahil. BA, nani n prachi r shown not eating the food. Then uncle sahil comes n tastes the food n starts appreciaying the puppys cooking. Puppy gets angry n is shown going away fm there angrily. Then uncle sahil runs behind the puppy leaving the family startled. I think he goes behind her to make her angry mood OK. Friends i feel bad to say this but he has become like a hungry dog going behind the puppy wagging his tail. See if he was shown he has gone mind with the hard hit on his head i could hv digested his actions. But here he is not mad but just convrniently lost his memory. He remembers vedika but how come he doesnt remember how he was head over heels in love with vedika n would ho behind her crazily. Hats of 2 u writers for showing presently all foolishnessin this ovely serial. I think the writers should let sahil marry the puppy n separate vedika n him n end the serial.

  23. Friends i cant see any written update of 7th january. Did any of u read it. Since morning i am trying to search. Pls let me know if you all read the comments. Friends pls see clips on u tube between uncle sahil n niece puppy pankti. U all ll get a shock seeing their romantic scenes. That idiot fellow would always tell vedika that in any birth no one can separate us. And look here he meets one young girl n like a hungry dog he is running behind her u know for what. I cant understand where has vedikas self respect disappeared. Why cant she leave this fickle minded chap n go to her house. I am sure she is very capable of taking care of her mother n children. Not like this good for nothing blo*dy sahil going behind different girls. Friends u might not like me criticizing him but i ll never like him now even of his memory comes back. Henceforth i ll never like any romantic scenes between vedika n him. Here i agree with Danny. He gets married to different girls n when he remembers vedika he ditches them n runs like a puppy wagging his tail behind vedika.

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