Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 3rd January 2019 Written Episode Update: Vaidika and Sahil save Maya

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Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 3rd January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sahil asks what Maya did for them both. Vaidika instead change the top and says they must go to inform police.
Sahil says Raghav is himself in police, they must find Maya by themselves. He sense that Raghav is upto something on New Year.
There, Raghav leaves Maya ready to die on the New Year.
Sahil and Vaidika had reached the godown. Vaidika recognizes Maya on the chair with her back at them. The come forward. Vaidika was terrified to see a dummy on the chair instead. She wonders where Raghav would have taken her otherwise. Vaidika gets a call from Maya, it was Raghav. He says he knew they would reach him. Sahil questions where he is. Raghav says Maya doesn’t has much time, at midnight her body would melt into fire. Maya cries and pleads Vaidika for help. Sahil cautiously looks around.
Raghav shows them the cylinder, the gas has spread across the room; it only needs a spark now. Vaidika and Sahil run outside in panic.
Aarya brings Guddu aside and asks why he seems so tensed at New Year. Guddu says he was worried for her mother’s reaction. Aarya assures Guddu that Sahil will handle the situation, she really trusts him. Guddu holds Aarya’s hand and says he wish she trusts him the same way. Aarya says this is why they are going to live together. Aarya says she has a surprise for Guddu which she won’t be able to give in front of everyone. She bends forward to kiss his face. Guddu hugs Aarya.
Raghav leaves Maya as she continue to plead him for her life. Vaidika and Sahil reached the godown. It was two minutes to midnight. Maya shouts at them to leave. Sahil jumps in to turn the cylinder off. Vaidika and Sahil untie Maya’s topes. The lighter had clicked open. The three were left in a shock. Suddenly there was a blast.
The reporters ask Raghav how this blast took place. He fakes a cry that his wife was also inside. One of the reporter asks who seems to be behind this. Vaidika comes from behind and blames that Raghav attempted to kill his wife Maya Avasthi and left the cylinder open. Raghav says he loved his wife dearly, Vaidika is accusing pointlessly. Sahil comes from behind. Raghav was shocked to see Maya. Sahil tells Raghav one of his planning went wrong, they noticed the address behind him in the video call. The journalists now question Maya but she was terrified. Vaidika tells the press that Maya got fat because of child birth, and this man harassed her and even attempted to kill her. Maya served this man and his family for 20 years, and gave birth through artificial insemination. Sahil says one must always respect women, they give birth to them, worry for them as mothers and sisters as well. The mob of reporters charge over Raghav and takes him to police station. The press assures Maya behind with her. Maya cries and thanks Vaidika. Vaidika tells Maya to go home, she will be there soon. Vaidika now thanks Sahil for saving her friend fighting his own life. Sahil replies anyone would have done so. Vaidika tells Sahil not everyone does this, he is special. Sahil accepts behind special. He now holds his hand wishing Happy New Year to Vaidika. There was firework in Kanpur.
The next morning, Sahil walks down the road regretting to forget his bike. It was cold and he wish to find a rickshaw. Soon, he hears ringing of anklet. Sahil was afraid and looks around in the buildings. He begins to walk again the hears the voice again. He was stopped frozen, then shouts that his name is Sahil Agarwal, whoever is there must show up. Soon he looks up onto a tree and runs to hold a girl in his arms as she fell off the tree. The girl straightens up and looks into Sahil’s eyes, then gets off him and takes a wooden rod to beat him. Sahil stops her and asks if she is drunk? The girl says she knows self-defense well, her name is Pankti.
A gang of goons gather around. The girl throws soil into their eyes and run away. The goons catch Sahil and says he always save her. Sahil tries to run away but one of the goons hold a gun saying now Tej Pratab will deal Sahil himself.

PRECAP: Vaidika was worried for Sahil and dials his number.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Am i the only one fine guddu and arya moving too fast and that something maybe up with him….idk im just worried knowing how evil his mom was…i really hope the storyline with sahil’s new girlfriend move fast i don’t want bhoomi and puneesh…gosh it upset me just saying his name …add more drama to the already complicated situation

    1. That’s exactly what I’ve been saying before, we don’t know if guddu has an agenda as he’s moving way too fast in this relationship. Remember Aarya always said that she wants someone like Sahil for herself, so you just never know!! Someone could be influencing things here.. I took a good look at guddu and he’s got a face that can be transformed into a villian…those eyebrows and eyes are too dangerously quiet for comfort… I bet he can slip into that role effortlessly in no time.. He’s not to my liking though, kinda effinimate..

      1. I agree without his glasses you can see where he can easily transform into a villain i really hope this is not a puneesh plot or his mom they both capable of manipulating people it sure won’t be bhoomi cause she don’t really think for herself she just obsess with sahil…..oh naz this is one time i hope we’re wrong vedika have enough to deal with already….

  2. Hi friends Happy New Year to you all.. ??

  3. Leisa s morris

    So raghav just changed frim d loving husband to dis sadistic baffoon? Yes arya and guddu is moving fast…I dont trust him one bit

  4. Wow pankti is back that too with the same name “pankti”

  5. Guddu and Aarya will end up in tears. After all if I am remember he is a mummy’s boy. And yes there’s something dodgy about the way he left his job and then the proposal. Going back to tonight episode I did not like it when Sahil was holding Pankti. Also I felt that Vedika was disappointed when Shahil shook her hand and wish her happy New Year. Given their history a hug would have been more appropriate. Vedika had confirmed in one of interview that Sahil will fall in love with the new entry. ??

  6. DannyComments

    Aaaaaannnnnd the writers bring in another new character THAT will fall for Sahil and gets her life ruined when he remembers Vedika!!! When will this cycle end???

  7. Nina

    To my mind, Pankti can’t come back, because it’s a new character. Jacky’s girlfriend name is Prachi who yet doesn’t appear. One crazy Pankti has enough and to spare. The authors try to separate Sahil from Vedika with help this abnormal maiden who came crashing down from the sky.

  8. Well with maya i lioved the point made about men who beat their wives just because they pit on weight after child birth. I t was good but too sudden, also the girl prakti tgere was not need for her. Guddu looks cute but too nozy had read aryahs dairy without permission from aryah. Ant way lets see what they have
    By the way who wasvthst who made bariama so scared she dropped her plates??

  9. Friends, how can this girl be Jacky’s girlfriend? Wasn’t it a different girl who had come there episodes ago? She even hung out with him and was jealous that he was falling for Vedika!! Another thing… Wasn’t Maya’s husband a doctor? He had arranged for the sperm donor procedure to take place, I even remember seeing him come with Maya some time ago for a shivratri or some other celebration, where little sadika and Ved had performed on a stage…now we see Maya’s husband as an abusive wife beater? This story just fell from the sky without warning….as if Vedika doesn’t have enough to deal with..

    1. Leisa s morris

      No he I believe he was a police officer cause I kinda remember vedika calling maya to investigate wat happened to anjana and she said he didnt find any evidence. But d way dey turn him.outa d blue is totally unexpected considering how gd he was to maya.

  10. Gosh these stupid writers. I think they r obssesed with KJ since he is very handsome. All the time bringing one girl or another in his life. I think it ll be best if he has a gala time with the whore n horse faced bhoomi, then with this new introduced puppy doggy pankti. I dont know where this story is going. I am fed of this serial. From where does these production house bring actors like the constipated usha, horse faced bhoomi, then the monkey guddu, another male horse faced puneesh n last but not the least this puppy dogg pankti. All said n done nobody can compete vedikas serene beauty n elegance. I think vedika should leave this fickle minded fellow ie sahil go to her old house n live there with her mother, ved n the new born. Let that arya also go with guddu buddu. I dont know how many times is she going to change boyfriends. I think staying with that fickle minded fellow she has also become like him. Look at her mothers character n see how she is. Every time falling in n out of love. Its high time vedika leaves this serial n acts in some good storyline serial like JAHAN MAIN GHAR GHAR KHELI.

  11. Marie Raphael

    Guys, happy new year. I been reading silently and don’t like the way its shaping up. I too feel Guddu has an agenda and I don’t want sahil to fall in love with the new girl, please don’t make vadika suffer, she is bearing his child, and already have one.

  12. Naz..Maya’s husband is a policeman. If you remember in previous episodes Vetika had asked Maya to speak to her husband to find proof of Anjana’s killer also to find the police woman who forced her to lie to Sahil when she was in jail.

    1. Ohhh right, thanks Pooja, I now remembered that he was in that job, , I could have sworn that he was a doctor..oops, my mistake.

  13. Guys what is this..cant Sadhika be happy for sometime atleast.. just as when things seem to go right, something else follows.. vedhika is in a situation where she needs happiness and peace..at this age, she’s gonna give birth..so much stress is not good for her or the baby.. y dont they understand..i myself feel so stressed out now..ufff…
    And please no other triangles in sahil’s life.. he cant be romancing someone else..his heart will not allow him to if he truly loves vedhika.. not possible..
    From the beginning, i have a feeling that Arya’s gonna fall into trap bcz of this guy.. His whole family is a thug.. how will he be..even the crack mandi may turn out to be smthg else in this serial..
    When will we see the real sadhika moments???

    1. Happy new year to Dolly and Marie Raphael..
      Friends I don’t like Maya’s track..how she coward..she bears her husband ….why?she is Vedika’s friend..she should learn from vedika..and her husbend whose a policeman..his argument that she is fat..?? I can’t stop laughing..what a nonsense
      Yes Dolly so much stress can harmful for her and her baby..oh what’s situation against for Vedika..ohoo that new entry headache for our Vedika and all Sadika’s fans..I can’t able to digest that Sahil fell in love with another woman..

  14. What is wrong with the STUPID WRITERS. How much more has vedika to go thru hell. At this age she is pregnant n the amount of STRESS she has to go thru because of this fickle minded hero. Where has vedikas self respect disappeared. She should just leave this young fellow n go back to her old housr with her family. When this puppy doggy will ditch him like others then again he ll go wagging his tail behind the dependable vedika. Now even that Arya has become a big nuisance. First she was in love withthe horse face puneesh’s nephew, then she marries the ugly horse n now this guddu buddu. Writers pls send vedika back to her old house only with her mother n ved n nobody else n let sahil enjoy with the nidhis, whore bhoomi, puppy doggy pankti n etc. I cant understand how vedika still loves him.

  15. Friends I saw today in u tube that the PUPPY DOGGY has started shooting with our fickle minded hero. Now we hv 2 tolerate with another shorty potty actress. Goodness me. How long this ll go ON i dont know. Who knows when the serial ends veidka ll gv birth to her 2nd child who ll save ved’s life n then she might become a Martyr ie she might die n then our fickle minded chap might marry both the whore bhoomi n puppy doggy who in turn ll take care of both the children of vedika. And our handsome hero might cry for a few days for vedika n then ENJOY his young life with these 2 mad crap actresses. Finish. I think the stupid writers might end the serial this way

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