Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 3rd December 2018 Written Episode Update: Vaidika hires Jackie as Sahil

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Puneesh gives Vaidika an ultimatum of five minutes after which the rope will break itself because of increased tension. Vaidika climbs a wooden stairs to save Ved. Aarya’s side of rope almost breaks. Everyone shut their eyes ready for Aarya to fell in burning acid. They open their eyes to find Aarya safe. Jackie had pulled the pot from beneath her. Vaidika breathes of relief. Jackie finds the goons while Vaidika frees Bhoomi. Puneesh signals his men to take Aarya while holding a stabber over Vaidika. Jackie saves Vaidika and sends them outside while promising to bring Aarya.
Outside, Vaidika speaks to Ved. He says he is really a strong boy as his papa says. Bhoomi asks them to hurry home. A van stops in front of them, the goons kidnap Ved and Bhoomi again and flee. Vaidika was hurt in

her head and fells faint. Jackie carries Vaidika home and rubs her hands. Vaidika opens her eyes, pushes Jackie away and says she needs to go and find her Ved. Jackie pushes her back into a seat and asks what problem she has with him, she is bearing a child and acting crazily. He asks what problem she has with him. He accepts he made a fool of Vaidika by being Sahil, he did this and been doing in since his childhood; he has a mother, a sister and a brother back at home to support. He says he wants to help Vaidika at this time. He takes a seat with Vaidika and says he isn’t Sahil, but he is also a good man. But right now he realize that the child she bears is not like Vaidika and needs his help. He now speaks directly to her baby to ask Vaidika take his help. He turns to leave while offering his help. Vaidika stops Jackie and comes outside. Jackie clarifies he can’t let her slap him. Vaidika asks if he will do a favor. She says she isn’t concerned what he does, but from today he must work for her. She is ready to pay him any money, but he must live at Agarwal house as Sahil. No one must realize at Agarwal house that he isn’t Sahil. He must also help her pull Agarwal house out of Puneesh’s devilish shackles and save Ved. Jackie asks why Vaidika want to help a family who disgraced her? He wonders what kind of a lady Vaidika is. Vaidika asks if he would do it or not? Jackie holds her hand and agrees to help her. Vaidika pulls her hand and says he must keep in mind, he only looks like Sahil and isn’t actual Sahil. Sahil boasts himself being a good man, and the world loves him as well.
Usha comes to Jackie from behind, cheerful and appreciative of his tactic. She says he will loot them in front of their eyes and they won’t realize. They hug each other. Jackie thinks he doesn’t like it this time, he only wish to help Vaidika this time. What’s happening to him, Vaidika is in his mind all the time.

PRECAP: Vaidika tells Jackie they must find Ved by defeating Puneesh. Bari Amma comes to Vaidika and assures her support for her.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Nina

    Although Vedika joined a forced union, it seems that is working. Maybe babbler Jacky falling in love Vedika and be able to help her. Vedika needs the real supporting from man which already saved the life of Arya.

  2. Sapphire 3rd Dec 2018 – 9:44 am
    Sapphire 2nd Dec 2018 – 10:54 am
    You know something Naz i cannot remember how woh apna sa ended because i stopped watching it when Nisha came back from the dead with her old wretched ways; please refresh my memory; any way to correct you there are children from all walks of life attending Fatima and you are correct Brian Lara did attend Fatima; he and my nephew were in class together and they both played Cricket and then my nephew left for Moore House University to further his studies in Math Engineering. Girl some of these serials just drives me up a wall and so i sometimes give them a rest; right now i am so pissed with what happen to Sahil and instead of Vedica putting some lashes on Bhoomi she taking shit from her my gosh imagin bhoomi never got a taste of Sahils Manlihood and she going so Crazy over him what would have happened had she got a taste lol; it is so clear Vedu does not belong to her neither does Sahil because he never even touched her except when she fell so why all this madness taking over her mind and as for puneesh and his wife both of them belong in a Circus; i cannot begin to describe punesh he looks like the man in a movie I saw called THE HILLS HAVE EYES dont know if you saw it but like i said he needs to be in a Circus doing what he does best making people laugh with those big googly eyes and square head like Sponge Bobb; girl i could go on and on but to tell the truth all I wan to see is Sahil and Vedica back together again and this time let her express her true emotions for him; let us see some good romance taking place they compliment each other whether she is older or he is younger better yet she is experienced and he is young so when that stick is thrown into the fire man all hell is going to break loose lol. let Bhoomi take that in her ass lol

    1. Sapphire, your analysis of the episode is hilarious and my imagination gives me the picture of Bhoomi getting a taste of the honey… LMAO.. I can hardly wait to see the hotty Bhoomi when she comes back and see for true if it’s Sahil she really saw, I imagine she will be fantasizing on him from now…and I can see her throwing herself on him like a blanket..but I wonder if Vedika would tell her that he isn’t Sahil… She had better not tell Bhoomi about it because I don’t trust that wretch, anyhow you look at it, Bhoomi wants Sahil for herself, she doesn’t mind a carbon copy.. Seriously Sapphire, it could well turn out that Jacky is Sahil in real, just like in Mehak… Did you see from the beginning of the serial? We saw some good romantic moments between these two, they compliment each other like peas and carrots…and oh wow…did they make me blush and dream of having someone exactly like Sahil Agarwal…. Lol… Anyways, I love this comment of yours, nicely done…

  3. Friends correct me if i am wrong. Whu do i feel that jacky is only sahil. May be he is pretending to be jacky to find out the truth or may be it is his memory loss n that usha has taken advantage of his memory loss. In one of the shots in yesterdays episode when jaclky holds vedikas hands she looks stunned for a moment by his touch.

  4. Hello again dear friends… Hope all is well with everyone.. Well, you all know that these days I’m cooking up conspiracy theories right??? So here goes..I’m noticing that Sahil’s music is being played when Jacky is around Vedika, it’s not too noticeable but I’ve heard it. Why is Jacky feeling concerned about Vedika’s well being? Why is he developing a soft spot for her? Why is there touching between them? Of course Vedika pushes him away because she is of the view that he’s Jacky but isn’t Jacky not shy about touching her!! I’ve noticed that Vedika doesn’t know that Jacky is Usha’s son as yet even though they are living so close by.. Hmmmmm…. That’s a loose thread there.. Anyways, I’d like to think, and I don’t want anyone beating me up here ok… about this identical looking thing in this storyline and it seemed a bit familiar to me, although not the entire circumstance..so I thought a lot today as to why this Jacky angle could have a deeper impact than we think. I don’t really want a carbon copy of Sahil at all, I really wouldn’t mind if Jacky’s character is terminated as a means to an end, maybe it’s because I don’t want to see Bhoomi end up with Jacky who’s in Sahil’s appearance…..friends, do you all think that there could be the tinest of possibility of Jacky being Sahil?? Sapphire would know that in Zindagi ki Mehak, after Mehak was thrown off the bridge by the psycho Nisha (yes, another psycho whose name was so)….she was rescued by a fisherman whose wife had died some time before and it was quite coincidental that Mehak was her carbon copy in looks…so he brought her home and passed her off as his wife.. blah blah blah…of course no one knew the truth except the man’s parents whom he threatened to kill if they talked…to cut a long story short, they arrived at the Khanna’s bungalow and eventually after many twists and turns, it was proved that it was indeed Mehak and not a lookalike.. Previously though, Mehak couldn’t remember anything about her past with Shaurya because she was brainwashed to believe that she was someone else…but little things that happened between her and Shaurya, though tiny, proved to him that he had a connection to the woman who looked like Mehak…and then the mystery was solved…the end. Suppose this is an event like that as well..and just suppose that Jacky is indeed Sahil!! I don’t think that writers should make a mockery of the sindoor, that’s a sacred powder and I don’t appreciate Jacky applying it on Vedika. Even though I’ve said that if a lie can save you then it isn’t a crime..i still don’t like this happening, unless down the road it’s revealed that he’s Sahil!! What do you all think friends?? Not too farfetched right??

  5. I think Puneesh needs some psychiatric evaluation. He kidnapped his new bride and hung her out to dry over a pit of acid, why didn’t he do that to Prachi instead??

  6. My dear friends, I’ve read comments from yesterday, thank you for the invitations Raji and Pooja, I’ll keep it in mind….it was comforting to read your beautiful comments, I don’t deserve your compliments, it’s just that we are a great group of people who are courteous and thoughtful of each other’s views and we love to interact and enjoy a serial which means a lot to all of us..thank goodness we aren’t a toxic lot, otherwise we’d never get any positivity from the serial. Pooja, I didn’t know you live in London, I always thought it was in India, sorry dear. Raji dear, don’t sell yourself short, your writings tells me a lot and I can tell you are a genuine, open-minded person, you are a fun woman and I think you make everyone laugh when they are around you.. It’s nice knowing both of you. Pooja, you were the first person I interacted with on this forum and immediately after I met Dolly as well and we are still here…anyways, let me post something for Sapphire.. Chat soon ladies..

  7. Sapphire, sorry for the late reply dear..no excuse!! I also didn’t stick around for the end of Woh Apna sa..when Nisha had returned from the dead zone and the plastic surgeon, I stopped watching, it was one crazy ass story going downhill, I couldn’t stand it.. Anyways, I LMAO with your comment from yesterday, concerning Bhoomi.. Between you and Raji, I don’t know who makes me laugh more!!! I appreciate the laughs though.. Hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow, it’s almost midnight, time for my bed.. Chat soon..

  8. Guys right from the beginning of jacky’s character, i have a strong feeling that it cud be sahil himself.. i think thats how it wud turn out to be.. that deep voice sometimes, that concern, that look..cant be of someone else..but our own sahil..

    1. Yessssssssssss…. That deep voice reveals a lot, it’s up to the writers to make our dreams come true…but that deep voice is something else!! 😍😍😍😍😍

  9. Yes Naz n dolly – even i feel that jacky is our beloved sahil. As the sharp observer Naz pointed out that she heard.sahils background music whenever jacky is near vedika. Even i hv noticed the same. But forgot to mention about it in my earlier comments. I can bet upon it. In my heart i dont want any double, tripl, etc sahils. U all know why. I dont wanr KJ to be with shorty potty horse faced bhoomi. In yesterdays episode though she is tied to the chair n no sooner she sees sahil is alive u should hv seen her expression. I felt just now she is going to fall on sahils body n then u know what. I hope she is killed by the kidnappers who took her away in the car at least we will see her end. So much i hate her.

    1. Raji, I also forgot to mention something, I do understand what you mean when you complain about Bhoomi’s salwar kameez…the dupatta is supposed to be worn as a covering as well, for the upper part of the body and by that I mean draping it around the shoulders, right?? I’ve seen it all the time on all other serials where the woman wearing it feels naked in a way when she isn’t covered with it so she would hurriedly drape it when a man approaches.. When I wear it, I feel incompletly dressed if I don’t have it on me.. So, Ms Bhoomi thinks she can set a new trend by not wearing the dupatta but in fact it makes her look half dressed… Kudos to you for pointing this out… She should take your advice.. BTW, I’ll try to check out the Half Marriage thing you mentioned…

  10. I also think it could be Sahil. Perhaps some sort of memory loss and Usha has fed him with a story. Usha saw Sahil at Arya’s birthday party for the 1st time and was interested to know Sadika story. The restlessness that Jacky is beginning to feel can only be Sahil. And sometimes I think Vedika feel the same. The way she look at him and get loss in thoughts…. oh writers get us out of our misery please.

    In the precap I could not work out whether BA is with Vedika or not. When she is on the phone and then sat down , it seems like she is cooking something..

  11. This Jacky is Our Sahil I believe The reasons were aplenty, first they have given so much hidden clues for the reasons during the past week So from whatever the writers revealed as follows
    1. During the temple scene when vedika saying come back to me sahil in any form with touching that Sadika name on that wall, it was jacky(maybe sahil) who came behind her and ask her to return home
    2. After that while conversing with Daisy, he (Jacky/Sahil) himself unknowingly told her something with this vedika makes me wonder she is so crazy behind sahil and oneday I will make her to go crazy around me (Jacky)
    3. And while searching for vedika in her house, he wondered why he is so concerned about vedika because when someone loved vedika as sahil does(infact no one can even come distant second itself) whether he lost memory or some people brainwashed he can’t get over that so whatsoever he may believe the inner truth I.e he is sahil can’t be killed off from his body(Jacky)
    So ,these are the reasons I believe jacky is sahil and this is just from whatever we have seen so far, the technical /screenplay reasons in the next one.

  12. Yes pooja even i feel that PIMP BA was cooking something. Lets wait n watch. I want to see a bad ending for puneesh, pimp BA n the lustful shorty potty n kathali bhoomi. Writers pls fulfil our wish. Especiallt throw bhoomi out of the serial

  13. So coming to the Technical /Screenplay side, @ Naz do you remember the other day when I commented my cases or as theories in your language u replied that I was on bang on at the target and the writers don’t have any other way out it has to happen this way only (I think it’s case 2 on Wednesday’s section) I am not going to say that has to happen but what are all the other things could happen with negative impact such as if it’s really jacky only and sahil is in Usha ‘s captivity and the vedika is going to fall for jacky so hurriedly just because she did not understand the worth of sahil or acceptance of his love and repenting for it now then I must say the writers were assassinating the character of vedika because as far as the vedika I know she would never go behind anyone except sahil and somemay argue she married yash to support the truth (BA is homebreaker)but if u watch closely she married him to save sahil and that too for the fear she had for the thoughts of the society but now she herself told I am going to be the vedika sahil yearned to see for and it’s like each and every cell in her body and mind is of sahil’s so whatever may come she won’t accept even if there is 100 jackie but she herself confused with the thoughts and the touches of sahil when it is jacky in front of her as far as she is concerned .
    And this is positive way of looking at what may happen and the negative side in the next one.

    1. MK, I checked out the comment again on the 28th of November and yes we both agreed that scenario 2 seems more likely of this being the case here..you know something MK, we really are an inquisitive group here, we really do have stimulating conversations, if the creative team were to read our analyses, they would be amazed at our intuitive skills… Just about two days ago I had mentioned about Sahil being under our noses but not seeing him, I really WISH that Jacky is Sahil… It could explain our interpretation of the mirror and mangalsutra scene.. Seriously, if this really is what’s happening now, I’d say that our creative team is an intelligent lot and even all of us are indeed good detectives too…. I’m really excited about the direction of the serial and I’m going to say that it could be a good possibility that BA is turning over a new leaf!! This is what Sahil would want…

  14. Finally the negative way, I can’t even write this so if sahil is in Usha’s captivity and this is jacky and Daisy getting pissed off bhoomi ‘s “sell off her body” attitude towards jacky switches the places of sahil and jacky spoiling usha’s plans In the meanwhile vedika still believing it’s jacky and forces him to live with that horse-face(Credits @Raji) and walk off from their lives(this thing will never ever happen but it’s just for a saying) or even that wretch oldie BA shook hands with vedika just for the sake of ved and later she may kill vedika after ved gets cured remember what she did with Anjana after all those years of sisterly love Oh god how can I miss this?, so many questions were arised during the bangle breaking and mangal sootra fell off scene, the Interpretation as follows just one bangle break so sahil is alive but his memories are dead and mangal sootra felling off but vedika catches it means sahil is slipping away but only u can bring him back and that was the sign from god but vedika doesn’t understand as of now Anyway keeping the fingers crossed and wondering this may or that may happen but with the pace the writers set for themselves from the beginning all our doubts will get cleared in 2-3 weeks that’s roughly 15 episodes but can’t wait for that.

  15. Ajji… You are from Nigeria right…if my memory serves me correctly. If you are, let me know because I would like to ask you something.

  16. Good epi…

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