Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 31st October 2018 Written Episode Update: Sahil divorces Bhoomi

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Sahil drags Bhoomi away from Vaidika and angrily tells her to shut up. Bhoomi laughs that Prince Sahil is here to save his Princess Vaidika. She complements his shaved beard, and asks if his night was beautiful? How it felt to sleep with an older lady, her experience must have paid off. Sahil says he did it for Ved only. Vaidika wonders what happened last night, she thought Bhoomi and Sahil had already… She questions Sahil. Sahil tells Vaidika to look at Bhoomi’s condition, he can’t speak to her now. Bari Amma had come downstairs and shows concern for Bhoomi’s condition. Sahil forbids Bari Amma to fuel the matter, Bhoomi is already drunk. Bhoomi doesn’t let Vaidika help her. Bari Amma takes Bhoomi into the room.
Sahil thinks the drama never ends in this house, he won’t Vaidika

be a target this time. Right now Vaidika needs to stay alone. Vaidika had left and reach her old house. She felt bad for Bhoomi and vows that she will never destroy her sister, Bhoomi’s life. Nani drags Vaidika aside and scolds Vaidika for whatever she did. Vaidika asks if she could have let Ved die. She tried her best that no one is hurt by any of her act. She understands Bhoomi’s pain as well. Nani asks Vaidika to let Bhoomi go to hell, she must only think about herself. Nani was dubious that Bari Amma played this game to create such enmity.
Bari Amma leaves Bhoomi’s room with a smile. Puneesh stood there and asks Bari Amma why he feels Bari Amma is behind all the chaos. Bari Amma asks him to stay away from her matters, then says she will keep Vaidika away from Sahil at every cost and this time Bhoomi will make sure this takes place. After Bari Amma had left, Puneesh felt pity over Bari Amma. Sahil wanders with two wives, Vaidika is proud of being Sahil’s wife and Bari Amma considers herself a winner. He will soon throw them all out of this house.
Gauri meets Manish in a restaurant. Manish brings Gauri a CCTV footage of the spot where the women activists attacked Gauri. He says Vaidika was right, someone did this deliberately. They must be cautious else the man might hurt them again. Deepak sat nearby. Manish sense this and tries to stop Deepak. Deepak instead runs from the restaurant. Manish follows him down the street. Deepak successfully flee in the car. Manish wonders who the man was and why they are following him. Deepak was relieved to be saved but was shocked to see Puneesh in the car. Puneesh warns Deepak that they can only win over Bari Amma if united. He says Deepak is right, a woman must be kept to her limits. Bari Amma would surely chose her daughter over him. He suggests about killing Gauri and offers to take Deepak somewhere. Puneesh and Deepak give Gauri’s photo to the goon and tells him to finish her off. Deepak smirks that Puneesh found a good solution, he will now live happily with Sadika in the Agarwal house.
Vaidika speaks to Sahil and convince him that Bhoomi might hurt her again. Sahil wasn’t ready to keep any relation with Bhoomi, he still loves her (Vaidika). Sahil says his feelings have strengthened after last night, but he had been frustrated for years. He hated everyone because of enforcement to stay away from her. He could never forget her, and couldn’t move on. No matter Vaidika accepts his love or not, it won’t change. He never made promises to Bhoomi, and she is aware of his situation. Bhoomi comes to the hall clapping, and says they are master planners. She reminds Sahil of his promise that he shouldn’t ruin her life. If those promises her all lie? She calls Vaidika a betrayer. They have both forgotten every promise in a single night. Sahil stops Bhoomi and says when he married Bhoomi he clarified Bhoomi about her feelings, she had a choice then. He forbids Bhoomi fall down to such an extent. He says last night was for Ved’s life or death, but no matter it returns into his life again or not; he will continue to love Vaidika. He frees Bhoomi from their marriage ties. Vaidika and Bhoomi were shocked to hear his announcement. Sahil says he doesn’t want she is bound in a painful relationship and is divorcing her. If she thinks he will make a relation with Vaidika afterwards, Vaidika won’t agree for it. But Bhoomi is free and move on in life with anyone she likes. Vaidika tries to intervene that this isn’t right. Bari Amma shouts at Vaidika to shut up. She warns that Sahil might ruin his life again because of Vaidika. Vaidika intervenes and convince Sahil that Sahil must at least respect Bhoomi’s love for him. Sahil clarifies that he once loved Vaidika crazily, but he doesn’t love Bhoomi. It’s better for Bhoomi to understand it as soon as possible. Bhoomi says may be this is Karma. Vaidika convince Sahil not to divorce Sahil but he wasn’t ready. He holds Vaidika’s hand and says he only loves Vaidika, he isn’t leaving Bhoomi because of her.

PRECAP: Sahil decides to reveal his marriage with Vaidika to anyone. Everyone was angry with Vaidika. Sahil goes behind Bhoomi in the room. Bhoomi demands to take Ved away from here with her. Sahil says Ved might die, Bhoomi shouts let him die then. Someone slaps Bhoomi then.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Seriously, guys u are right, i mean dis is d limit how can someone be so crazy, if am right sahil has clarified times without number dat he does not nd he will never love bhoomi. She is so foolish and self-centered, she claims to be a holy loving mother 4 ved nd yet she doesnt care if he is dead or alive, sorry guys but am being mean here, she is foolish, heartless, brainless,disgusting nd overall self-centered. Sahil did d right thing by announcing his divorce wit her. One big fact is dat although vedika proves to be too great sometimes bhoomi can never be like her in any manner.

    1. Hello Ajj… Happy to know that you see through Bhoomi’s facade as well, all of us can’t be fighting for something that is wrong, right? Even though your comment is first on today’s forum, it was overlooked, happy to touch base with you..

  2. Leisa s morris

    Wow wow and wow how much insult must one take before dey realize its time to move on. For five yrs shes lived a lonely married life with hopes of one day getting sahils luv even though he told her countless times dat will NEVER happen. He was right,he gave her d out and she choose to stay. My question lies in d fact she askin sahil how it felt to b with an older woman but vedika was always older dan sahil yet bhoomi herself was encouraging her to b with him guess now dat she wants sahil she has a different viewpoint. Now she wants to take ved who is sahil.and vedika son and whom she has no rights to even if she did raise him for.five yrs. Vedika is his natural mother and sahil not bhoomi got legal custody of ved so she has no standing point especially with her preferring he dies instead of staying and gettin medical help. So it was all about sahil and we r seeing dat for sure now. Glad she got dat slap from vedika hope vedika realize how selfish bhoomi is and decides to fight for her family and now self sahil will really not want anything to d with bhoomi. D woman who prefers his son dead. If he didnt lose all respect for her before im sure he has now. She should bow her head in shame and leave d ppl alone. Raji I see d writers listened to u.and had nani saying bhoomi can go to hell. I laughed out loud wen I read dat part.

    1. Yes!but guys he did no sleep with vedika it was with nadi,she hv him under a spell

  3. Nina

    From the very outset it seems the imprudent act to fall in love with the woman who is elder than yourself. However thanks to the profound extreme feelings he became a person of full value.Life of Sahil made him the balanced noble generous person. As a matter of fact no one has an influence on the way things develop. But two sisters are staying muddle-headed.

  4. Friends what is this lustful n blo*dy b bhoomi up to. Shameless creature is saying let ved die or live she doesnt care. How I wish the writers bump off her character as soon as possible. Upteem times sahil has told the lustful lady that he doesnt lover her n ll never love her but yet se is hell bent on having sahil. Isnt this physical attraction only. What a cheap woman she is. Using all slang language with both sahil n vedika. Nowi am worried friends if these slithering snakes ie monkey brand punesh n donkey brand gauris husband come together they should not harm vedika. Hope that vampire BA is crushed to death. Her ending should be very pathetic..

  5. I did say that Bhoomi would be her own destruction and here it is….and there’s nothing she can do about it. I’m not seeing Makino and Diya at all, what do they have to say about their Bhoomi now, did she live up to their expectations? Truth always triumph… I think that the writers have made Vedika this selfless because they want to keep her away from reproach in her heart, at least she can console herself that she tried and failed rather than failed to try to get her sister a place in Sahil’s heart but it’s high time that she understands she owns Sahil’s love and Bhoomi could never ever win his love and affection… Didn’t I question whether or not she could fight for another child in a different relationship like she’s fighting for Ved? And that she really wants Sahil so she has to accept Ved? Now we see how much she really loves Vedika’s son. So, it never was Ved whom she wanted, it was Sahil and we all knew that!!

    1. Naz you speak nothing but the truth. This particular scene reminds me of my nieces whom I raised with immense love and care.
      Now Bhoomi true colours are revealed, she just raised ved with a hope that sahil will accept her, she questioning Vadika, the woman did try to convince sahil, but sahil refused.
      Now she want the woman son, because she cant have the father but ain’t care if he dies or live, what kind of so called mother is she?
      I hope its Sahil give her a tight slap for saying that, then vadika should give her one too. And realise what a selfish woman her sister or cousin she is! I’m happy her true colours are shown to sahil, 😁 at least she is revealing it herself.

      1. Marie, my own mother has given immense help to her own nieces and nephews without wanting anything in return for umpteenth years ,I used to tell her that she was running a half way house… Anyways, none but one comes to do something for her today and that because my mother was hospitalized two years ago and this niece of hers did visit and told my mother that she doesn’t call her to talk but knowing me, I wasn’t going to sit down with that comment so I told her that my mother is an old lady now, you should be calling to find out if she is alright or not, don’t wait for her to do that ,I admit my words came out caustic but I didn’t care and I knew she was offended and I didn’t care either, so since that day, she comes to visit send meals now and then and calls to speak to her almost everyday… Now, that wasn’t bad!! I did achieve something for my mother right?? So….Marie, there are selfish as well as selfless people around and here we see a selfless one and how her choices have impacted her life.

    2. We neber loved bhumi..
      I was just supporting bhumi as veds mother …there she wws wright.. as vedika cant just take ved away like that from sami..
      But here u guys are missing out to blame one oerson..if bhu wants to sleep with sahil.. if thats a cheap wish..then what abt vedika wanting sahil to do the ssme?
      Is that mahan vedika ji for real? ..like seriously ?!that guy has told he doesnt love bhumi.. and he dint give in for 5 yrs. .and look how cheap was ot of vedika to even ask sahil for that .. how can u justify ur vedikajis act here i wnt to know.. that guy told her clearky he doesnt love bhu but still this lady expects him to stay in marriage and accept bhumis love.. does she even love sahil?..she thit that guy wud first consumate with her sister then her… clear use and throw isnt it.. ? Bith sisters wanted to play pass the parcel with him.. anyways liked how no more sahil isnt being prey for this ladys emotional blackmailing now.. seriously this lady expects sahil to acceot bhumi cos she loves sahil truly and that she shunt be hurt..then what abt she doing the same to sahil even after she knowing he lives her even more?.. what a lady .. then why the hell did she agree for narriage with sahil if she was so much concerened for bhumi.. and now she exoects sahil to acceot bhunis love.. im surprised why none of u point out vedikas mistake when its majority of her mistake…
      And naz we arent commenting here for this very reason.. u guys see onky sahils and bhumis mistake ..no one points out vedikas mistake… who the hell is showing doubke standard here?..ome side she is expecting sahil to stay in marriage and give bhumi love ..other side she married sahil and kept vrat for him and allowed him to break her fast… never seen sucha mahaan fl where mahanta is getting intolrable… i mean is she for real?…. the forum is so biased..and that why i stopped commenting… atleast i do agree when sahil make mistakes even bhu was wring and that was bound to happen to make vedika ji mahaan.. amd yeah i very muchbhated the fact of bhumis cheap and disgusting wish to sleep with sahil… but more than her i hated how vedika went to convince him.. see u just cant blame bhumi … vedika also fell equally or even more low to ask sahil for that.. she herself shows mahanta and niw she wabts sahil to do that…..n i was never bhu supporter.. in this case.. i only supported her in veds case.. as i dint support vedika in taking ved away just like thta.. this mahaan lady dint think if sisters haoiness when she wasbtaking away ved from her..but now thinking if that again doubke standards..i dont support bith vedika and bhu.. bith are psychopaths who wants to use sahil forbtheir own needs…

      1. Seriously, Diya have you read my comment and understood it, have you ever read any of my comments before? Before you go off saying that I write long essays, please don’t because you do the same too. I wondered where you were as I wasn’t seeing any comments from you, happy to know that you were here all along, please feel free to disagree with me, no offense taken. It’s good to see others comment from those who don’t always agree with those who see it from a different perspective. I’ve explained Vedika’s stance using one simple word… REPROACH!! Have you ever been in a position where you haven’t tried to do something and lived to regret it? You went around in circles in your explanation using a gallon of words to explain a spoonful of thought…..the society we live in accepts a man having more than one wife, it isn’t the same thing for a woman….we would have to disappear from society if a woman could do that. It’s known for a man to have conjugal rights expressed with any one of his wives or partners without having one tell the man to go to the other, no one does that…even I’m pissed off everytime Vedika tells Sahil to go to Bhoomi, she knows that Sahil doesn’t want or love Bhoomi but she keeps harping about it…it is possible for a man to sleep with a woman and not have feelings for her….pr*stitutes domain….but in domesticated condition, it’s different unless the man is a rogue. Now, FYI..i don’t hold double standards dear, I’ve always written unbiased comments, it’s either you see it or you don’t… I’ve hit Sahil from time to time, I’ve criticized Vedika umpteen times, Bhoomi got the majority of my criticism because I could decipher her psyche, I knew exactly what she wanted and I’m proved right today. If that offends you and I didn’t mean to, I’m just clarifying my point…none of us owns this forum so you are free to exchange ideas with those who see through the same lens as you, just like how this bunch of viewers have bonded with like-minded thoughts, you are free to do the same. I should remind you that you have been a huge supporter of Bhoomi and Bhoomi’s rights before , she can get all material rights BUT she can never have Sahil’s heart and she knew that. So, go back and analyze the word.. Reproach..and then you’ll understand what I’ve been saying before, what I still say and would always say… Vedika is a selfless woman…. Even I’m selfless too in certain circumstances but when it comes to the man who owns my heart or vice versa, I would never ask him to go to another….i must be the only woman in his life just like Vedika’s the only woman who owns Sahil’s heart..

      2. Cmon naz…calm down dear..where did i tell u show double standards.. see i was supporting bhumi only as veds mother…
        Did i support her as sahils wife?…but yeah some instances when bedika was overdoing with her mahanta to please everyone else and not think abt sahil and hurt him for others…yes i did feel tht better sahil stop loving vedika…and i feel it now too..cos for vedika…sahil comes laat in jer priority list..look here also she was expecting sahil accept bhumis love why? Cos she loves him madly?…how can she evn look into and his eyes and say this when she never respected his feelings..n broke his heart… and worrying abt samaj… i dont think she worries abt samaaj exceot for sahils case… she dint worry abt samaj when aftwr eng and almost marriage with gautam she again getting engaged with yash.. dont say it was for arya..cant dogest that.. and now yes its a helpless situation..sahil showed his decency to make vedikas guilt less to marry her so that she doesnt have that much guilt..if she was so much worried for sisters married life why agree for marriage?…n now after marriage sje behaves sahils patni does vrat for lets him break her fast…and then other side pushes him to bhumi… so my point is clear here..if bhu is wrong in asking sahil to sleep with her by emotional blackmailing…same is the case with vedika who is convincing sahil for it… in real life does anyone do that?..if at all anyone does that will we have any respect for them?… like seriously shes asking him to sleep with bhu even after knowing he doesnt love her ? This was my point..no offence.. if people call sahil fickle minded..now im sure everyone must have understood who is actually fickleminded..lol

  6. Naz n Dolly w r ? W arre waiting 4 yr precious comments. Oh dear yesterdays last scene where sahil is agaon n again telling vedika how much he loves her n will love her only for ever n no one else was so beautiful n touchong. Why is our vedika creating problems in sahils n her life. Why doesnt she accept sahils proposal openly when she also knows that she loves him passionately. What is she harping everytime about the kathakali bhoomi who doesnt care for her n only wants sahil physically n his wealth. Vedika should be given a good piece of mind fm sahil. I looooooooved it when sahil very sternly put lustful bhoomi in her place. That idiot n ungrateful woman. She is kabab mein hadi means she is a hard bone in soft mutton piece. No self respect at all. Screaming n Screeching all the time.

  7. Friends, thank you all for your kind words on yesterday’s episode, much appreciated. Leisa, I imagined your tears…hey, we are a romantic bunch across here just as Dolly said.. Coming to the episode, I can imagine Sahil’s state of mind now that he’s seeing the real Bhoomi….I imagine the wicked witch BA’s plan will flop one after the other. As for Puneesh and Deepak, I don’t know who’s the worst…hope they both cut each other’s throat in their plan to get rid of Gauri but knowing these writers here, they would find a way to expose both men because nothing stays hidden for long in this serial. I love the episode very much…and I would accept Sahil anyway he looks, now he reminds me of the beginning, now I can see the hints of smiles, he looks dashing and mature with his beard also…Sahil in any form would suffice for me. You know Leisa and Raji, Bhoomi walked into this marriage knowing what was in store for her and now she has the audacity to complain and demand the love that was never promised to her, Sahil gave her the choice of moving on in her life instead of marrying him but do you remember when she now came there, her eyes would follow him and wish she could have a man like him?? You are right Leisa, Bhoomi was a supporter of Vedika in Sahil’s life back then and she didn’t have a problem with Vedika’s age but today she’s pointing this out, double standard it is!!To tell the truth, I LMAO when he told her he’s divorcing her, that’s the best part of today’s episode.. I don’t mean to be mean ok…but she deserves it. I would think with Bhoomi’s stance to let Ved die should be a wake up call for Vedika to stop being so goody two shoes, she has to fight for what is right and take her son and go back to her old home and I have to agree with Nani, what she said is true. One thing I never understood was how BA could like Vedika’s sister so much but not Vedika but now I see that she’s so evil, she’s so all about how much evil she can cook up and get away with that Bhoomi’s interest is the last thing of concern to her…that’s when you consort with the evil, it comes back to bite you in a deserving way… Bhoomi’s destruction starts from today…

  8. Guys did u see the way Sahil spoke to Bhoomi and how he spoke about vedhika.. atleast there itself bhoomi should have got the message.. he dint have the slightest hesitation or guilt when he said that he wants a divorce or bhoomi out of his life forever..he looked so stern, assertive and composed..
    But when he spoke of vedhika, his love, there was so much depth in it..
    Bhoomi will never stand a chance throughout her life.. Its sadhika’s story even with all odds and no one else’s..
    The way he said that he would love and belong to vedhika alone even if she doesnt accept him..till the end…was soooo cute..
    ahhhh..love so true…

  9. Bhoomi..Bhoomi… where is your self respect???
    Sahil DOES NOT LOVE YOU. Just go away and leave Sadika alone. I don,t Think Bhoomi know the meaning of love otherwise she would not have made those disgusting comments. Worst thing she could have said is to let Ved die. What happened to that motherly love she was screaming before. When is she going to realise that BA is only using her. Brainless bimbo!!
    Sahil love is unconditional. Please Vedika stop
    Pushing him away. If after last night episode Vedika does not realise that Sahil will never love anyone else, I don’t know what will. Nani said the right thing and lately she has been sticking up for Vedika. Let’s all hope that love triumph in the end and we see BA rot in jail.

  10. Yes Naz that lustful bhoomis destruction has started fm today. Oh WHAT A PIECE OF MIND our Sahil gv her today. She deserves it. Only thing this vedika should now understand how bhoomi is a cunning jackal. If she loved ved that much how can she tell him that let him die. Hope very soon this VAMPIRE BA AND ANACONDA BHOOMI die a dogs death. During diwali week that is next week we will get to see Vampire BA being exposed when sahil comes across the pendrive. I am waiting for this episode.

  11. Dear pooja what r u saying that BA should rot in jail. That ll be a easy life for her. Free food, snacks etc. Then she ll catch hold of some young jailor n seduce him n then she will come out of the jail free. Through out i hv been saying she should be SMASHED I REPEAT SMASHED TO DEATH n that Slithering snakes puneesh n deepak with lustful bhoomi kicked out of the house.

  12. Hi Raji.. you make me laugh😀. You are right. May be she should be burnt alive. I have also seen the clip of her being exposed and Sahil smash a picture of him and BA. Can’t wait. Hope Vetika does not do her Mother Teresa act.

    1. If this is true, can you imagine how Sahil’s going to feel to know that the woman he holds dear as a mother, wrecked his life to such an extent?? If Sahil were to move away from Agarwal’s house to live on his own with or without Vedika, that’ll be a first in soapland. He has to be totally devastated to make such a move though. You know Deepak has his sights on the house and business, wonder how this is going to play off. Pooja, minus the short lived black magic crap, these writers are the best on Indian television right now..almost everything never stays hidden for long and that we ought to be grateful for….my goodness, I think I would want Sahil to know of BA’s hand in his mother’s murder first of all, everything else follows, I also want him to take charge of the business, BA should get ready for the next life… I’d love to see Sahil as a successful jewelry magnate with Vedika by his side… Sigh!!! The day of reckoning is coming for BA…. Sahil is going to hold Bhoomi equally responsible for knowing so much and keeping it to herself and it’s all because she was weak in front of BA, she allowed herself to be used and for her own benefit, she’s going to pay dearly…

  13. It will be interesting to read who slapped bhoomi?nani or arya? Or ??? suspense…

  14. Muniya

    Now Bhoomi is being real stupid…
    Epi was good…precap is interesting…I think its Vedika who slaps Bhoomi.

  15. Dreamer I think it’s Vedika!

  16. O M G…..friends, I just saw a few clips on YouTube, don’t know how you all are going to react… Vedika is going to be abducted instead of Gauri it seems like, Deepak is going to torture her as she unmasks him but Sahil is going to reach there to save her, Deepak is going to be taken away by the cops after probably issuing a threat or two..and this one is going to hit everyone hard, I saw Vedika slapping a man, his back is turned, it doesn’t look like Sahil but I don’t know who the heck is he and it better not be that there is going to be a different Sahil instead of Karan Jotwani, judging by the comments on YouTube, it hints of that.. Oh dear lord, I hope Karan Jotwani isn’t leaving the serial… I’d have a broken heart because I can only see him as Sahil and no one else absolutely!! Hope I’m wrong with that last part of the comment… Gauri might be migrating…

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