Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 30th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Yash arrested; Vaidika disgraced on Puneesh’s call

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At Agarwal house, Yash tells the doctor to do whatever is possible and make Bimla Agarwal stand on her own feet. Anjana asks why Yash is doing this. Yash says he wants Bari Amma to get well as soon as possible. She will herself confess her sins against his mother in front of everyone then, he will go to any extent to do this. He tells Bari Amma to be ready for a blast in the house tonight.
Prachi brings Puneesh to the room and shouts why he did this. She shows him the MMS with the woman and asks what is he up to. She will go and complaint to Amma against him. Puneesh stops Puneesh and asks how she can trust anyone, this is only a technical trick. Prachi tells him to prove this isn’t him and this MMS is fake, else she will complain Amma about it. A woman can only support her husband if he is true and honest.
Everyone had gathered in the hall. Yash stood there with Leela Agarwal’s photo. A group of men arrive. Deepak recognize them as Kanpur Jeweler association, Bari Amma is a president of. Yash announces he is the owner of 51% shares of Agarwal Jewelers, this means the company belongs to him now. Leela is UP’s biggest Jeweler now, it’s named after his late mother. The second announcement is that he is the president of jeweler’s association from today. The media was there and asks him to introduce them with his fiancé. Vaidika comes to stand beside Yash. Sahil silently watch this, he thinks Vaidika won’t be able to win over him. Vaidika places the badge over Yash’s chest. The family was upset about Bari Amma’s disgrace. Sahil says there is his card as well. The income officers arrive. They tell Yash that his accounts were raided and there were some loop holes, they have come to arrest him. Sahil points the matter to media, he asks if they will appoint such a fraudulent man as the President replacing his Bari Amma. The association rejects Yash’s position. Sahil comes to take the badge off Yash’s chest and smiles while the police takes Yash away and pins the badge on Bari Amma’s dress chest saying no one can take her place. Prachi points if someone will throw Vaidika out of the house as well and comes to push her. Sahil stops Prachi and says they won’t know the truth if she leaves. Her facial expressions show she is really cool and the arrest of her fiancé doesn’t matter to her, she surely came here with some other intention. Vaidika says they will soon know why she came here. She says Prachi must be really proud of her husband’s innocence and love, she cursed her enough for her husband. She suggests Prachi to take care of her husband, its time she brings him on the ground. She turns to leave, she doesn’t like it without her fiancé in this house. Sahil thinks he knows it already this is all fake; he looks towards the temple for a signal if he is right. He will then know what’s true and what’s not. The flower fell off from the idol.
Yash tells the secretary that the news must not get into media. He can’t bear the disgrace of his mother’s name. The secretary suggests it might be a mistake that they bought shares of Agarwal jewelers. Yash says it’s not; Sahil is amateur and can never think how he does.
Vaidika was speaking to Aarya on call that she has an important work. Sahil frightens her by appearing in the corridor. She slips, Sahil holds her into his arms. He tells Vaidika this is a special day, everyone has gone out of the house. Her fiancé is a fraud, and Vaidika is alone with a young guy of 24 years in the house. He closely holds her to a wall and asks why she is lying to him. She rejects their relation and love repeatedly. After the radio incident, public called them as Sadika. He asks her to tell him the truth, swearing her to Aarya’s life. Vaidika says there is an intention behind her coming here, but she won’t share with Sahil. She tries to walk on but her dress was stuck in Sahil’s watch. She finally leaves getting her dress freed. Sahil was determined to make Vaidika accept her love for him.
The next morning, Yash returns to Agarwal house. He asks why she came there, his lawyer could have get him freed. A bunch of female right activist come inside shouting slogans against Vaidika. They force Yash outside, while the women blame Vaidika for her ill character. They make her wear shoes in her neck calling her a mistress. She looks upstairs to find Puneesh smiling there. Vaidika shouts at the women and asks if they are unaware news are sold these days, if they have nothing to do. Her daughter was blamed for what is unacceptable, and law already proved her innocent. She is a fiancé of Yash Kumar, he is owner of half of this house. She realizes her limits. The women were apologetic to Vaidika as they didn’t know about her engagement and leave. Vaidika calls Puneesh who had walked behind her already. Puneesh warns to disgrace Vaidika across the society if she attempts to hurt him. Vaidika was determined to teach him good lesson soon, he won’t be able to show up in front of anyone.

PRECAP: Puneesh says the environment of the house is being ruined because of ill-character Vaidika. Gauri argues she is Yash’s fiancé and he owns half of this property. In the room, Sahil asks why Vaidika didn’t share with him about all that happened to her, he was helpless about it. He says its rooted to her relation with Yash as fiancé, she must marry him. Yash comes from behind saying he and Vaidika are getting married.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. In the spoilers it’s mentioned Yash instead of puneesh.. yet like Sahil said yesterday, vedhika has learnt to fight back..
    Again that balcony scene was mmmm..no words.. ???
    When Sahil holds her, she really can’t get away from him.. it was almost like I felt that I was glued to Sahil ??
    Wow Sadhika moments.. juz what we want..
    Very thoughtful of sending that MMS to Prachi too.. now she might keep a vigilant eye on that lizard..
    And what’s this precap now?? How will the marriage not happen??
    Smthg should come before vedhika so that she would stop this disaster.

  2. Gosh, I always enjoy when Sahil pins Vedika to walls, so hot, so mesmerizing so… ??????….friends, blame my romantic bones on this OK…..I DON’T like that precap…. AT ALL…..

  3. Muniya

    Awwwwwww…what an amazing Sadika moment???????
    Its good that Prachi started speaking against Puneesh…
    But precap…what’s going to happen now??…

  4. No no no Naz… control control..???

    1. Lol…. I try but these scenes makes my heart race… ????..

  5. Wow… As usual Sahil was super. I like his determination. Beautiful Sadika moments.??
    Puneesh does not know what’s waiting for him. That smirk will soon be wipe out from his face.

    Precap.. does not look good. What is Sahil going to do now???

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