Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 30th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Vaidika gives birth to their child

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Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 30th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Vaidika was shocked to see Sahil and Pankti on the same bed. The warnings of her elders echo in her mind. She walks closer to Pankti but her hands tremble and her belly aches. A vase breaks in the room.
Nani and Bari Amma sat together and discuss their TV dramas were left because of all the happenings. Bari Amma reminds her about the new rules, its last date was 31st January. They decide to speak to their cable operator to subscribe the family pack. Nani goes to see why Vaidika didn’t wake up today till so late.
Vaidika was in severe pain and runs out of the room crying.
Pankti wakes up and was shocked to find herself in bed with Sahil. Her head bangs extremely bad. She wakes Sahil up by sprinkling water over Sahil, and questions how they are in a room together.
Nani comes there suspicious and wonders what did Vaidika see, she seemed so tensed. Nani was shocked to see Sahil and Pankti together in the room. Sahil says he came here with Vaidika jee last night, where is Vaidika. Nani slaps Sahil and blames him for celebrating wedding night with this Pankti while filling Vaidika’s hairline. She now comes to accuse Pankti’s character, she was thankless to all Vaidika had done for her. Pankti tries to explain herself but Nani drags her outside. Sahil calls on Vaidika’s phone but couldn’t connect. He was tensed and hysterically runs across Agarwal house finding Vaidika.
Nani brings Pankti downstairs and blames her for destroying her daughter. Pankti’s mother comes to protect her daughter.
Sahil was unable to find Vaidika anywhere.
Pankti says it’s surely someone’s trap. They were unconscious. Usha peeks from behind a wall, enjoying the scene. Bari Amma wasn’t ready to let Pankti stay in this house. Pankti takes their attention to Vaidika. Bari Amma warns that she won’t spare her if something happens to Vaidika. Sahil and Pankti leave together to look for Vaidika. Nani clutched the hair of Pankti’s mother. Usha was happy to see the development and intended to fix them well.
Vaidika walked on the road by foot, while in severe pain. Sahil looked for Vaidika on the streets of Kanpur. Vaidika cries badly while remembering their love. She reaches a temple and climbs the stairs.
Aarya was in her room still in tears. She watch her phone bell ringing, it was Guddu’s call. She still thinks about Guddu’s betrayal. Guddu wish she picks up his call for once. Aarya blocks Guddu’s number. Aarya says she will never forgive him, he also betrayed her like everyone else. Guddu throws her phone and decides to speak to Aarya for once. Mandagini stops him at the door and tells him to at least keep a little self-respect for himself. That girl is lying about not receiving any letter.
Sahil reaches a pole. Two men were discussing about a woman who was pregnant and underwent an accident while walking on the road unthoughtfully. Sahil goes to the men and asks about the woman. A car stops by and picks the woman up. Sahil realizes it wasn’t the same woman.
Pankti reaches the temple where Vaidika sweats in pain right on the stairs. She runs to Vaidika who cried and screamed out of pain. The ladies in the temple says they must deliver her baby as she is expecting a child. The ladies encircle Vaidika and Pankti covering them with clothes. Pankti cries and prays to God for protection of her child. Soon, Vaidika and Pankti were relieved to hear the cries of the baby. Sahil had reached the temple and comes running there. He looks towards his son and was about to take him in his arms. Vaidika stops Sahil saying he holds no right over her child, he will neither see him nor hold him. Sahil was taken aback at this decision.

PRECAP: Pankti’s mother questions Bari Amma and Nani if a lady has ill-character if she sleeps by her husband? Sahil comes to hospital where Vaidika was asleep while the baby was crying. He says mummy hasn’t yet permitted to hold his child, but soon he will make her up.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Is time vedika be a strong woman idk how sahil end up in pankti’s bed….I’m tired of seeing vedika suffering is sahil turn to pacify her

  2. Nina

    Both were in a state of intoxication maybe was nothing.

  3. Hi. Hv u all seen the hungry labradors interview on u tube. He is telling that nothing has happened in between him n the stray b*t*h (i thought to myself very soon you n the stray b*t*h ll be all over each other. After all young blood). Then he is sayingbthat both vedika n he love each other very much. But due to bed incident they both ll hv a tiff n they will not be together for time being. How i wish u get away fm vedikas life n be with that stray b*t*h. He was looking like a haggard dog in yesterdays u tube interview. I thought oh pankti has made him so tired in one night then what ll happen to him if they stay together full life. Jokes apart. Of late open u tube n every where this stray b*t*h is giving interviews. I sometimes wonder is she a parallel heroine with the labrador dog. Second thing i saw was some ladies r coming to blacken stray b*t*hs face. Then there our labrador comes to save her as usual. I think at this rate very soon the stray b*t*h ll fall for the labrador n then officially they will be in bed together. blo*dy writers. Hv spoilt our beautiful story. Friend in yesterdays orecap they hv showed that vedika is missing with the child fm the hosp n the labrador is shocked to see this. Dont tell me again she ll disappear f the labradors life. If yes then i ll be happy. She shouldnt even look at this hungry dogs face forget about staying with him. I think the labrador is having soft corner for the stray b*t*h that is why he is not removing the enunch mother n the hottie stray b*t*h fm his life.

  4. Sahil has always been oblivious to vedikas pain. At first he married nadini who he coild have divorced using his friend lawyer but he didn’t allowed her to stay at vedikas and also confused her with vedika tried to sleep with her but was too drunk. Came bhoomi almost happened why he didnt divorce bhoomi earlier beats me. Now pankti he is already making life difficult for vedika by getting too friendly with pankti even after the accusations
    Which looks real to vedika she is older after all and sahil had already anoyed her by telling vedika in a hush voice in front of everyone that there is a genearational gap between he and vefika, the cheek of this boy is unbelievable.
    The story does not potray unique love. Most people know what true love means even a battered wife or husband can respond to true love not what the writers are portraying, sahil is not in a unique relationship it is a VERY TOXIC AND I REPEAT VERY TOXIC RELATOONSHIP NO ONE CAN ENJOY thus unit ANY NORMAL BEING WOULD HAVE LEFT BY NOW
    HOW HE WILL CONTINUALLY PROTECT VETIKA FROM PAIN CAUSED BY TAUNTING FROM PRIMITIVE SHALOW MINDED PEOPLE ETC. but all we have is sahill marrying and makng mistakes that hurt vertika. May be its a hindi version of pure love coz the English translation i read on zee tv does not reflect the story of love between a younger man with an older woman far from it now.. Sahil is obsessed with falling in love with an older women but still wants both young and older. Any strong and protective man will ask pankti to leave and find a place with her mother to stay because what vedika saw and manjana has to be sorted out, for this has caused his wife so much pain that she had a premature baby but not sahil he is now protecting pankti publicly not caring about the consequences that will affect vefika majuna aryyah and bariyamah. Mark my words the writers are so predictable they are going to make sahil fall in love with pankti and make vefika disappear like before with the second child and again another leap. It’s really boring. I do read comments only and stopped watching at present i hear its all repeats most of the time like they have done with khumkhum bagya.

    Hi NAZ you have been quiet. Stay blessed and enjoy yourself. I bet you are just as fed up as everyone else about this series.

  5. Hello friends… My my my…. What a rollercoaster couple of events happening here, this is more stress than my own life! I don’t even want to discuss anything about Aarya, she’s too hotttttt in my opinion, her mother in the throes of delivering a brother for her and she’s trying to make a baby of her own too… What the heck is happening here??? Enough said about this young hot blooded woman!! So, Pankti’s mother doesn’t have much to worry about it seems, like her husband ain’t giving her much trouble, she has to make some of her own in other people’s lives!! When I first saw her, I felt sorry for her but better her gremlin teeth husband had kept her captive so she wouldn’t have been able to do what she’s doing now! Now I have good reason to dislike her..and whatever is happening with Sahil’s character!! Writers are doing their best to make sure I dislike him…but the miserable wretch who’s Pankti’s mother, is the culprit here, she is fricking hellbent on making Sahil her jamai raja, totally sidestepping the fact that Vedika is Sahil’s lawful wife. I really do feel for Vedika and if I was in her position, I’d think of kicking Sahil out of my life too…but this is leaving room for him to wander around. So sad to see Vedika’s situation.. I think it’s time Pankti get her ass outta the house and Sadika’s life, she’s a third person and not wanted.

  6. Friends, I would have loved if Vedika had a baby girl as she already has a son. Do you all think that Vedika could eventually die in the near future, paving the way for a new chapter, a new beginning in the boys lives? Maybe one of them could be portrayed by Karan Jotwani and some other handsome hunk. As things are now, with Vedika’s age, she could start suffering from middle age crisis and menopause soon.. ??..anyways, I think the magic between these two is dwindling slowly and writers are to blame, don’t get why they aged her so much, if only this character was 10 years younger.. ..i can only wish.

  7. I approve of the friendship between BA and Nani… It’s entertaining.

  8. I wasn’t expecting vedika to give birth so soon

    1. I’m happy that she did.. Didn’t want to hear that Aarya got pregnant too while her mother didn’t deliver her own brother and then Vedika having to expect a grandchild too…where in the world does a scenario like this happen? I think that Vedika’s pain of betrayal was greater than her labor ones… I’ve been there twice and labor pains however bad it sounds, is a labor of love for the child a woman is delivering, God has a way of obliterating the sharp pains from our memories and replacing them with fond ones….and we are happy to go through that many times over… So, let’s see what Vedika does from there… I know she’s pretty darned hurt about Sahil’s betrayal but knowing her mahaan thoughts, she could just smell a rat and realize that it was a set up…and forgive him!!!

  9. Again the child is fatherless as soon as it is born.. Sahil will not be able to love his new born child like a father would do.. He lost respect in everyone’s eyes.. How his character was and how they have changed it now?? sad..we all wished to have a love like that of sahil.. is this what it is?? hurting the one we love and going behind someone else.. opportunist??? is this the real world.. are men really like this only? we had put ourselves in the shoes of the character and its so depressing now..

  10. A Very heart touching epi…for me
    Vedika’s condition and she was badly touched from her heart..and in this condition she was also suffering more from labour pain.very sad..for Vedika ??SA?DIKA..
    And Sahil was shocked..hopless..breathless..

  11. ???
    Sahil has left us all heartbroken. As if it’s not enough, he is still running after Pankti saving her. Should he be looking for Vedika and his son!!!

  12. Yes Pooja…
    I can’t forgive Sahil’s behaviour for Vedika and that day when he points out about age gap, generation gap…his reaction touched vedika’s heart very badly..and me too..
    It will be better that Vedika goes from the hospital with her baby..

  13. why is that vedika did not have baby bump even in her seventh month, and i thought the bay was a girl when sahil adressed the kid as my princess?

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