Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 30th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Sahil finds about Vaidika’s attempt to save Gauri

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Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 30th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Bari Amma comes out of the jail and announces she will distribute sweets in whole Kanpur. Vaidika holds Gauri’s hand and was happy that her family doesn’t believe in such fake things, she will pray for her and her child. She walks out of the police station. Gauri felt bad for blaming Vaidika. She only hopes Deepak doesn’t force her into something else. Bari Amma comes behind Vaidika to slap her, Vaidika holds her hand in mid-air. She says Bari Amma must understand the real matter, s*x determination is legally a crime in their country as girls are killed. Bari Amma wasn’t ready to hear any blame from Vaidika over her family. Sahil comes there and says Vaidika must be covering someone if she is silent. Bari Amma wasn’t ready to stay silent now, and will charge Vaidika of false accusations. Sahil takes Vaidika’s hand and leaves the police station.
Outside, Sahil follows Vaidika. She was furious over his family and considers herself responsible from everything. Every tension at his house is only because of her. She has to bend in front of his family’s pressure, it’s her mistake that she is unable to hate him. As Vaidika backs up from Sahil, she moves towards the middle of the road. A truck gives horn as it approached nearby. Sahil runs to save Vaidika but her head still stuck the tree, she was hurt and faints.
At dance class practice, Mohib help the dance class students practice. As they take a break, Mohib asks if Aarya found hip-hop difficult. He offers her a drink but she denies taking alcohol. The students joke about childishness of Arya. She leaves the dance class. Nidhi comes from behind to speak to Mohib. She says he doesn’t have to marry Aarya, just to make her fall in love with him. They want to create differences between Sahil and Vaidika only.
There, Sahil asks for lift but no car stops by. He finally carries Vaidika in his arms and runs across the street.
Mohib was fascinated by the car of latest model which Bari Amma promised her. Mohib was ready to do anything for such beauty. Nidhi says he will get this only when Aarya falls in love with him, only then Vaidika and Sahil’s relation would break. He would accept her, and she will become the owner of everything Agarwal’s own.
At home, Bari Amma insults Gauri for not sharing the news with her, she had to bear all the insult because of Gauri. Puneesh comes with a famous lawyer of the city to help Bari Amma revenge Vaidika. Bari Amma smiles, thinking Vaidika and her daughter will both pay for their acts now.
Nani cries with Vaidika when Sahil comes in. She says it was her mistake for which Vaidika paid the cost. Sahil asks her to share the truth with him. Nani says she called the police but because Gauri called Vaidika. She was in hospital with her husband and they were determining s*x of the child. She called police as she thought Bari Amma would be responsible for this. Sahil guess Vaidika was also saving Gauri’s life along with Nani. Vaidika wakes up and thanks Sahil for saving her life. Sahil says it’s nothing in front of what she does. There was a call for her at the door. Sahil goes to check outside. The lawyer brought a notice from Bimla Agarwal, Sahil introduces himself as Vaidika’s husband. The lawyer brought a court notice, Vaidika must pay 5 lacs or will be jailed for 2 years, for placing false charges over Bimla Agarwal. Sahil tells the lawyer he will arrange 5 lacs in the next 24 hours. Vaidika comes out and tells Sahil he has no right to promise anyone from her side only because he saved her life. Sahil says he has a right; he promised them from his side and will arrange the money. Sahil was determined not to let them hurt her again; and wasn’t ready to understand anything now. He has connected his life, not only his name; he swear to help and protect her. Nani was worried what Sahil would do? He says he has to do something that gets him five lacs no matter he has to play with his life.

PRECAP: Nidhi comes to inform Bari Amma that Sahil is taking part in Kanpur street bike race. Its really dangerous, he is doing it to arrange money for Vaidika. Vaidika was present at the race, Sahil’s bike hit a tree bark.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Very irritating

  2. Sure it is, very thing is so nonsense !!

  3. Friends, I’m not happy, not happy at all with how things are shaping up here. Vedika is right, she has to fight too many battles in this family and the thing is, she’s only connected to them because of Sahil’s love for her. I’m believing that I spoke too soon about this serial because it’s now going the way like all the others… This story is about a younger man falling in love with an older woman!! Apart from the romantic scenes we’ve got before, where are those now? Writers, why Vedika isn’t allowing Sahil to woo her? Why are there so many issues happening in the lives of this couple that ought to be one?? Sahil isn’t fighting to make a life for himself, Aarya is about to be embroiled in a huge conspiracy which is going to put even further strain on this budding relationship between Sahil and Vedika, Vedika is going to work in the enemy’s camp where this rich man’s going to eventually make a play for her attention, Gauri has a big problem and Vedika is giving her hopes for helping her, Bari Aama is hellbent on making Vedika’s life hell and I’m sure Gautam would raise soon!! So where’s the time for romance between this couple?? There are too many stories happening here instead of what we should be seeing!! I’m mad as hell… ???…WRITERS… Please, if you all can read my comment, please correct your mistakes and soon!! I’m hardly seeing Sahil these days too…. I’m beginning to feel disappointed!!!

  4. Agree with you Naz. That the problem with Indian seriaI. Always start off well then the story take too make twist and turns and the story become boring. I am beginning to get frustrated with Vedika. Why can’t She just accepted Sahil love and make the start of some romantic scene. Poor Sahil. He is beginning to look like a little puppy ..

    1. The thing is Pooja, Vedika is the mature one and writers trying to tell me that she doesn’t have a single horny or romantic bone in her!!! If it was me and a man like Sahil loves me the same way, I wouldn’t care about age, to hell with it! Vedika is too much of a Mother Teresa type, too good, too humanitarian, she’s lucky a vibrant handsome hunk like Sahil giving her some attention because she’s too much of a domesticated woman but she has potential you know, when she’s in cornered in a comprising position with Sahil, we see that she’s not made of stone, though!!! Writers have the perfect topic to explore but it’s being slowly eroded and viewers attention, like what I have, could get bored and if there’s no romance, what am I supposed to do?? I hope we don’t see any supernatural or reincarnation tracks in the future!! Nani is a good character full of fun but now we see she has done a bad deed which Vedika was touted as having a hand in….this is how I was wanted the serial to be…. I’m sad but holding on….

      1. Correction…second to last line, it should have read as….. this is NOT what I wanted to serial to be like… Sorry for the typo error

  5. Muniya

    They are just ruining a good story and nothing else??
    They are actually loosing the actual track, which is Love and romance between the couple and indulging too many problems in their lives…that are slowly creating drift in the relation…I know things will be fine finally….but that doesn’t mean there’ll be no trace of Love or at least a good relation between the sweet couple!!!…again and again putting their lives in danger.
    I’d surely quit the show by now…but if i’m still sticking to it that’s only bcz of KJ and nothing else???…nothing to watch except his sweet face and sometimes his cute expressions?????
    Just hope things becomes fine soon.

    1. Muniya, you are right, it’s like taking the longest route instead of the more logical shorter one, to reach the same destination. This serial was touted as a love between older woman /younger man but the only initiative being taken to build this relationship, is darling Sahil and it’s seems like he’s losing the battle but he is persevering amidst all that is happening, that’s no fair to him and it seems to me that a rift would be created between this couple due to the Aarya track though I’m hoping with crossed fingers it wouldn’t be a successful scheme of Nidhi’s and I’m saying this only because Aarya has the blessings of Vedika to pursue the dance lessons and mother’s blessings are the most sincere and beneficial. If this stupidity don’t come to an end soon, I don’t know how I’ll handle it, as of now, all I want to see is KJ as well, he’s the reason I’ll stick around…

  6. Well said muniya that watching serial just becoz of kJ?

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