Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 2nd January 2019 Written Episode Update: Maya in trouble

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Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 2nd January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Vaidika was angry and leaves into her room. Sahil tries to stop Vaidika. Sahil tells Aarya that it’s because of Vaidika’s age. He and Aarya belong to same age group and understand what Vaidika doesn’t. He assures that he will speak to Vaidika about it and goes into the room.
Vaidika was in the room and curt over Sahil. Sahil comes in the room and accepts that Vaidika has all the right to scold him, or be mad at him. He holds his ears in apology, then carries a wooden rod to Vaidika allowing her to hit him anywhere but his head. He hits Vaidika at once, pushing her to the bed post. Both look into each other’s eyes, Vaidika’s dress tucked in his shirt. Sahil removes it, then requests Vaidika not to be angry at Aarya and Guddu. They can speak about the matter. He says he wish to enter New Year happily. He says he really feels a strange connection with Vaidika. Vaidika smiles.
In the party, Sahil announces a special performance for the guests. He and Vaidika dances on Mitwa. Everyone claps for the couple. Sahil requests everyone to be seated. He tells Vaidika there is a reason behind all this, and a surprise for her. Maya and her husband stood at the entrance. Vaidika says it feels they are meeting after years. Maya looked confused and points towards a letter in the bouquet. Her husband says they have to leave within 10 minutes, they have to go somewhere else as well. She gives the bouquet especially to Vaidika. Ved comes to take the bouquet but Vaidika doesn’t give it away. Sahil takes Maya’s husband aside insisting him to stay for a while. Her husband calls Maya as well. Maya thinks only Vaidika can save her from the trouble she is in. Vaidika was worried for Maya, she goes to check for the letter but Ved had already brought it to Sahil. Sahil reads the note, I am in danger.
At home, Raghav beats and harass Maya. He questions if Vaidika can marry someone half of her age, why he can’t marry another girl. He takes off his belt to beat Maya but someone holds the belt from behind. It was Sahil and asks what he wants to prove by physically harassing a weak lady. Maya tells Sahil that since her son was born her husband changed over completely, he is drunk every night. He even took to the party tonight so that Vaidika isn’t suspicious. Sahil clutches Raghav’s collar and says body shaming is a crime in Sahil Agarwal’s dictionary. Raghav carries a wooden rod and beat Sahil badly with it. Mahek stood helpless.
Vaidika comes downstairs looking for Sahil and Maya and her husband.
There, Raghav throws Sahil out of the house and takes Maya forcefully with him. Sahil who was badly hurt on his leg tries to stand up. Vaidika reach there and insists on Sahil to come to doctor. Sahil tells Vaidika that Maya’s husband has an extramarital affair and is blaming Maya. He is body shaming Maya now. Vaidika was in a disbelief that Raghav can think so, Maya is a mother of a child and can’t hold a figure of 20 year old. They must save Maya from that man, Maya has done a lot for them both. Sahil looks shocked asking, we both?
Raghav turns the knob of a gas cylinder in the store room where he had tied Maya to a chair. He tells her that within half an hour, as the clock struck 12 there would be a spark from the device and the room will catch fire.

PRECAP: Vaidika and Sahil reach Maya. The time was up and there was a huge blast.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Gayatri.. I forgot to mention your name in my holiday greetings..forgive me dear, it wasn’t intentional… So Happy New Year to you and all the best for you and your family..

    1. It’s ok..Naj..and yes same to you?
      Episode was nice..when Sahil kidding with vedika and mistaken he pushed towards vedika that scene was nice..and in the new year party both our sadika looking so cute and hot..Anyway in the back epi.. when aarya declared her affair with guddu I think It may be serious matter..and an another problem creates in arya and vedika’s life..what you think..about it..friends..

  2. Wow… love those Sadika moments and what a beautiful Sari Vetika was wearing. It’s amazing how easy Sahil slip from one character to another. One minute he is that spoil child and next minute he is defending /saving a woman. I have to say where did this Maya tract come from and where will it lead to? Perhaps the blast will help Sahil regain his memory fully . Just thinking out loud . These writers never cease to surprise us!

  3. What’s up with Maya’s husband? The guy’s a doctor and this is how he behaves…maybe he got bitten by some vamp…like the ghotic Bhoomi…those type of women singes you for life and can make you mad!! Like she literally did with Sahil.. I’ve always liked Maya, time for Sadika to return the favor of helping her… He son ought to be Yash’s..

  4. That rod beating should have brought Sahil’s memory back…if it was on the head…just like that!

  5. Poor maya i wonder what memories she will triggrr in sahil mind. I hope he will remember how ved came into being. Also it was mata who entered them gir the radio talk show.
    I hope he will remember he was already married to vedika before the accident.
    Looks like sahil will remember vedika as the love of his life as he can feel the connection towards vedika.
    Just read written episode.
    Interesting to read

  6. Hi friends the new inter is the show is jannat zubair rahmani as jackie girlfriend
    I’m hate this track and thus new actress
    Already quite the show I don’t like see sahil romance with another ??and it’s nit fair for suhasi who workhard
    That someone steal the light from her
    For me it’s the end for my favorite show …??

  7. Friends of the new face in the series jannant zubair rahmani as jacki girlfriend i hate this actress now im quite the shoe from next week i cant see sahil romance with another for me only sadika not others

    1. Thank you so much for the info…but you know that things move along very quickly here so I won’t quit if I were you..sometimes when things like these happen, it’s only a way to test the strength and depth of a relationship, there must be some negativity involved in order for the couple to realize their love..in this case as Sahil has lost his memory…again…Vedika has to persevere and steady the rocky waters so that Sahil can regain his lost glory….of course I don’t like any other woman around Sahil but as you’ve said it’s Jacky’s girlfriend, then I’ll try to tolerate her, which means that Jacky could be making his comeback soon..

  8. but dear naz sahil and jacky are same person for me u know if this another show i wil not care or mind but here our beautful show and beautiful couple are separate now by bring new girl not necessary sadika should be together happy and both together face all problems difficulties and society , but makers have another opiniou today i just saw sadika scane i skip sahil and tis girl scane i cant tolerate to see

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