Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 29th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Vaidika gets Agarwal’s property back from Puneesh

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Puneesh had auctioned the whole Agarwal property. Bari Amma resisted such a grab of her property. Puneesh says he only await the payments from buyers, then he and Aarya will be leaving for Switzerland to start over a new life. For Bari Amma, he is leaving a kerosene oil cane to burn her own corpse alive. Vaidika reaches Puneesh from behind, bathing him with the kerosene and lights a matchstick. Puneesh was terrified. Vaidika makes Puneesh hand over the fake papers’ file to Aarya, else she will burn him alive. She is no more afraid of anyone and will only think about Sahil and do what he would have been done in this situation. Aarya takes the file. Vaidika puts the matchstick down. She tells Puneesh to go and get the papers of their property, else what happened today may be repeated. Prachi

follows Puneesh, Vaidika tells Prachi to value herself a little in front of this man. She says its Prachi’s brother’s house so she may stay here. From today, only she will have a say in this house. She grabs a brick and breaks the lock of the door, opening the door again and signals Bari Amma to come inside. She boastfully walks into the house, with eyes filled in tears. Aarya stops by Vaidika whom she blesses.
Usha threw shoes and utensils over Jackie, scolding him to get drunk. She cries as Jackie ruined everything for her, it was a chance for them to get rich. They have done a number of thefts, but it was a millionaire chance. Jackie wonders how his face resembles Sahil Agarwal so much. Usha doesn’t reply and says she doesn’t know. Jackie was determined to get all the money for Usha. Usha thinks she was lucky that someone left him in her lap, he is her charmer son.
There, Prachi provokes Puneesh to think about another trick. Vaidika is behind with Sahil for years only because of this property. Even Aarya has only used Puneesh, he must think about some other idea.
Jackie was drunk and lay on a bench outside. Daisy comes there and asks what this story of Sahil is. Jackie says he resembles that Sahil Agarwal and his mother wanted him to rob those Agarwals. He discuss with Daisy that Sahil’s wife Vaidika is a different lady; he doesn’t want to hurt her at any cost. Daisy was dubious if he is falling for Vaidika? Jackie says Vaidika is crazy behind Sahil, but she will soon fell for him as well.
The next morning, Vaidika comes to the temple. She was determined to keep Sahil alive within her heart, she will not shed anymore tears; she won’t lose hope anymore. She will bring Ved and Aarya back, like her Sahil would have done.
Puneesh comes from behind saying Vaidika is much aggressing these days. Vaidika says there is a difference between them, she never let the situations mold her. She won’t accept defeat in any condition, Puneesh is actually the defeated person. Her Sahil taught her to fight the situations and mold them according to yourself. Puneesh warns Vaidika that there is still some time, she may back up. Vaidika tells Puneesh to worry for his own self, if he has forgotten what happened last night. Puneesh tries to slap Vaidika but she timely stops his charge and says Puneesh seems to have forgotten much, let’s recall a few. She signals him to turn around. A bunch of eunuchs enter chanting slogans against Puneesh.

PRECAP: The eunuchs blackens Puneesh’s face. Aarya and Vaidika find a spare cell phone under Puneesh’s pillow. Aarya says Puneesh called someone from this phone the last time.
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Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Vetika in the pink sari look so pretty. She is blooming marvellously. I love the way she keep on saying “Meri Sahil”. it’s evident that this Jacky is not Usha’s own son. I think The story is moving towards him being Sahil twin. On the other hand I don’t know what to think anymore.
    Prachi Prachi … where is your self respect?? Puneesh was going to leave her behind and she is still go running after him. It felt like BA wanted to say something nice to Vedika but her pride got in the way. I reckon it won’t be long before she soften up towards Vedika. I might be counting the chicken before they hatch here 👀

    1. I forgot to tell you that I enjoyed your comment the other day concerning Puneesh and his blank shots… Lol…

  2. Did u guys notice this line’i dnt know who left him in my lap, he is my charmer son’ meaning is nt her son nd d writers might go with d twin stuff. bt again jacky has developed a soft corner 4 vedika i mean he doesnt want to hurt her nd lets say sahil comes back nd by den all d twin stuff has been out nd jacky fall in luv wit vedika i mean i can see d next villain ‘JACKY’ i dnt knw if anyone understands what am saying like he mit start conspiring 2 break dem up i tink am going too far bt if it has 2 do wit d twin stuff i tink bari amma will knw somtin abt it. And i dnt hv time 4 dat cartooned faced puneesh.

  3. Nina

    At first, it seems that Sahil needs Vedika like the air. In fact, Vedika needs Sahil, who had shown her as become the strong, determined person. His love gives the power to display the fortitude.

  4. I like today’s episode…friends, I did predict there’s a twin due to the eerie resemblance of Sahil and Usha has confirmed that for us today, very conspiratorial… While I thought that Usha could have been a nurse and stole the baby, it’s now clear that someone gave her the child instead, it’s left to be known as to who gave Jacky to her. Most of us predicted that Jacky would fall in love with Vedika and all indications point in that way, what happens going forward is anyone’s guess.. I’m sure that during an unguarded time, Sahil would make his appearance.. I’m not in agreement that Vedika goes as far as getting closer to Jacky in taking Sahil’s place, this would make her unfaithful to him, if it was so hard for Sahil to get her in the first place, would she willingly accept Jacky in her life. If she hadn’t known he’s Jacky, then I could have seen her getting close to him but no, I don’t think it’ll reach to this point.

  5. Sapphire 29th Nov 2018 – 5:52 pm
    Good Morning Naz my friend just letting you know i live in St James not Santa Cruz and maybe you forgot but I told you my Granson passed for Fatima College and he is in Form 2 now and doing very well he is twelve years old his IQ is very high he love to do everything and be in everything to he is like salt lol well girl hope you enjoy your Christmas with your family and friend and remember God comes first no matter what so give him Praise all the time; hey girl a little piece of Fruitcake and a little Sorrel wont hurt so make sure and have a little for the Christmas Season but dont over do it; Blessings to you and Family my dear and have a Wonderful Christmas.

    1. I saw your message before but I forgot to mention it… I’m happy for you too, grandchildren are a true blessing and I’m sure your grandson would do exceptionally well as he’s so intelligent.. My daughter told me that the students seem to come from the upper echelon, driving Benz and BMW’s etc.. Lol… I think Brian Lara was a student there once upon a time… Anyways dear Sapphire, how things with you? Thanks so much for the Xmas greetings…for a moment I went back in time, remembering the Christmas cards we exchanged with our friends at the end of the year and the class parties we had… Sigh, time flies so quickly… I miss those days…

    2. Lol… I got your address wrong… I think I’m forgetting a lot these days, I blame it on peri menopause …

  6. It was a hilarious scene when Puneesh ran like a little sissy after Vedika gave him a fitting spanking, with the kerosene.. As for Prachi, she is clearly a brainless idiot, just imagine, she’s giving her worthless husband advice on how to seize the Agarwal’s property, is she for real! Her husband is so henpecked, distasteful, moves like a tortoise and ugly like the devil, can’t even earn a dollar on his own and she comes to her brother’s house and want to usurp what rightfully belongs to him!!! I believe there are sons in law like Puneesh our there…and daughters like Prachi who loves wealth and can’t bear to see her sister in law inherit what she’s married into… Prachi doesn’t realize how stupid and illiterate she comes across as, when Puneesh says he’ll migrate to Switzerland with his young wife, does she not feel like sinking into the ground!!! I wish writers can give her some sense…

  7. Friends, did you all check out BA’s expression as she looked at Vedika fighting for Sahil’s rights? She was secretly pleased but has too much pride to give credit to the woman who still stands up for her despite her scathing attitude and tongue.. This is a positive note coming from the old wretch, let’s see how long it takes for her to accept her bahu….

    1. Yes Naz.. it was obvious that she appreciate what Vedika did.. but too proud to admit. If you remember in the episode where Vetika was in the temple having flashback and regretting not accepting Sahil love from the beginning, the last vision was BA came to hug her and Sahil. So I don’t think it will be too long before she accept her bahu…

  8. I can see Puneesh will have an embarrassing day tomorrow ..with the eunuchs… Looking forward to seeing his humiliation and that should be the start…

  9. Sapphire, forgive me dear, for forgetting the school your grandson is going to, I remember now in hindsight… I think it was 2 Fridays ago, my daughter was in his school as she’s doing her teaching practice due to her Dip.Ed. at UWI… She had a Form 4 class for her session. It was a first for her teaching male students and it was a learning experience for her as she teaches at ASJA girls in San Fernando. She says the boys at Fatima College are well mannered, courteous and participated in the interaction. I’m sure your grandson might remember the group of teachers coming there.. However, last week Friday she was at Presentation College Chaguanas and the experience was a bit different, the boys are boisterous and asked helluva questions but just as intelligent as the boys at Fatima College. Anyways, I wish nothing but the best for your grandson in his studies, I’m sure he’ll make you proud….

  10. I just love reading everyone’s comments and I love to post many so that our forum looks healthy in discussion…so now you all know why I comment so much…..for sure, we are a very interactive group of friends, thank goodness no one’s toxic here… Sapphire, do you remember the debacle in Woh Apna sa?? I hope never to see such a toxic comment section again..

  11. Hi guys. I hv to tell u all a very funny incident. Last sunday i was watching on my mobile our favourite serial. When i my maid came to do my house chores she saw me watching this serial and at that moment that scene was going on between vedika n the lustful womam where the lustful woman is saying that she wants to first sleep with sahil. I just casually askd her who is looking beautiul amongst the two ladies. Immediately she told me vedika is very beautiful. Since my maid is young i thought she would like horse faced bjoomi more since that lustful woman is young. I asked het isint the horse face good looking she immediately told me that the lustful womans face lools like sn enunch. I was shocked n immensely happy also.

  12. Jacky has falled for vedhika too.. 🙂
    But sometimes i feel that it could be our own sahil acting like this on some secret mission..
    He had that same look and feelings like our sahil now..
    mebbe the writers may surprise us that way too..
    but ya its sahil’s twin bro .. that woman was thinking right..someone had left the baby with her…
    so they have the same heart and feelings too..

  13. So jacky had fallen for vedika and boasts of his capabilities that he will make vedika to fall for him and Daisy now itself getting slightly pissed don’t know in which way things going to materialize. One thing is for sure vedika won’t accept jacky at any cost that’s quite obvious how much resemblance jacky may have with sahil One’s heart and thoughts can’t be replicated and in the process jacky himself learns what true love means. Because with vedika even with sahil she knew it was pure love and not any other worldly things from the day sahil walked into her house as tenant and after so much struggles she had gathered the courage to face the society just as she was lamenting herself that I should have gathered this way before but it’s better late than never and now I won’t give up on sahil (during yesterday ‘s episode) Seriously dying for return of sahil and wish if he had heard vedika referring him as “Meri Sahil” don’t know how this man would have felt for attaining which he longed so far.By the way for the first time little sympathetic to that wretch BA and she was too proud to accept her bahu and I think the day she accept vedika wholeheartedly as her bahu is so nearer.

  14. Wtf the b*t*h bhoomi is returning , don’t know what that lusty would bring, complication that’s for sure already so much struggles uffff. I think the writers are waiting to grow beard for KJ so that sahil can return just on a lighter note And during yesterday’s episode they showed a montage of sahil with vedika during ved’s birth and had beard in that but not in the other two(where he holds BA and Vedika together and at temple)maybe that was shot long before. Now waiting for sahil badly missing him like vedika

  15. Nice episode..hmm🤗😊
    Means jacky is Sahil’s twin..OMG
    And devar-bhabhi romance 😅my god…
    Jacky-🙌🤑vs Vedika 🙅✋
    Eagerly waiting for today’s epi..

  16. Pls writers bring sahil back. We all sadika fans would like to see him taking care of sadika at least during her 2nd pregnancy.

  17. Good epi… And precap 😀

  18. You know something Naz i cannot remember how woh apna sa ended because i stopped watching it when Nisha came back from the dead with her old wretched ways; please refresh my memory; any way to correct you there are children from all walks of life attending Fatima and you are correct Brian Lara did attend Fatima; he and my nephew were in class together and they both played Cricket and then my nephew left for Moore House University to further his studies in Math Engineering. Girl some of these serials just drives me up a wall and so i sometimes give them a rest; right now i am so pissed with what happen to Sahil and instead of Vedica putting some lashes on Bhoomi she taking shit from her my gosh imagin bhoomi never got a taste of Sahils Manlihood and she going so Crazy over him what would have happened had she got a taste lol; it is so clear Vedu does not belong to her neither does Sahil because he never even touched her except when she fell so why all this madness taking over her mind and as for puneesh and his wife both of them belong in a Circus; i cannot begin to describe punesh he looks like the man in a movie I saw called THE HILLS HAVE EYES dont know if you saw it but like i said he needs to be in a Circus doing what he does best making people laugh with those big googly eyes and square head like Sponge Bobb; girl i could go on and on but to tell the truth all I wan to see is Sahil and Vedica back together again and this time let her express her true emotions for him; let us see some good romance taking place they compliment each other whether she is older or he is younger better yet she is experienced and he is young so when that stick is thrown into the fire man all hell is going to break loose lol. let Bhoomi take that in her ass lol

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