Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 29th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Ved recognizes Vaidika innocent

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At Agarwal house, everyone was shocked to hear that Vaidika kidnapped Ved. Bari Amma wonders how this happened, she got Vaidika kidnapped and she was even successful in fleeing. Then how she reached Ved? Who planned this? Bhoomi says Bari Amma was right, Vaidika wants to snatch her son. She promises Ved to never let him go away from herself again.
Deepak was furious that Bari Amma wants to make a fool of him by demanding him to wait here with the money. Someone hits the back of his head by a wooden rod. It was Puneesh. Deepak had fallen unconscious, Puneesh boasts about playing Bari Amma’s game against her. He takes the bag and steps over Deepak.
Vaidika was in the jail and thinks Ved made a special place in her heart, may be because he is the son of her sister and Sahil. Nani comes to jail to meet Vaidika with Aarya. They complain if Vaidika can’t let them live happily? Vaidika tries to explain but Nani and Aarya blame Vaidika to kidnap Sahil’s son. Sahil has been keeping her daughter and mother for years now. Aarya also complains Vaidika. Vaidika says she didn’t do any harm to Anjana as well as Sahil. Why would she harm Sahil when he has done so much for her? Aarya and Nani leave the station still not convinced. Vaidika was left crying.
At Agarwal house, Sahil wasn’t ready to let police any permission to involve Ved in any investigations. Bhoomi also convince that inspector that Ved was disturbed, what’s the need for his verdict. The inspector wanted to show Ved a photo of Vaidika. Sahil throws the photo. Ved comes there playing, he recognizes that Vaidika saved him. They were both caught by goons, she fought like superman and still saved him. He kiss Vaidika’s photo. Everyone was shocked to hear this.
Sahil comes to his room, Vaidika’s explanations for herself echo in his mind. He feels himself culprit and decides to get her out of the jail. Bhoomi enters the room and asks if he wants Vaidika out of the jail. Sahil says Ved just claimed Vaidika saved him, she is innocent and must not be in jail. Bhoomi looked terrified, she cries sharing her fears. She asks if Vaidika would snatch Ved from her. She is Ved’s mother, she has loved him dearly and brought him up. She has accepted this marriage without gaining love of a wife for past five years, it was only for Ved. She can’t give her child to Vaidika at any cost. She understood Sahil’s love, and loved him one sided. She never demanded any rights of a wife from him, buts it’s a mother’s plead today; not to snatch Ved from her and tell Vaidika he is her child. She demands a promise from Sahil that she was, and will always be Ved’s mother! Sahil makes a promise.
At home, Deepak explains to Bari Amma that someone snatched the bag from him. Bari Amma blames Deepak for robbing her money. Deepak says he wouldn’t have stayed in the city with an amount being ten crores.
Bari Amma wonders who it could be to play her cards against her. But right now it’s more important to retain Vaidika into the jail, she can’t allow her to ruin her life.
Downstairs, Sahil tells Nani and Aarya he wants the case against Vaidika closed. He doesn’t want the innocent being punished. Nani favors Sahil but Bari Amma comes there and objects Vaidika’s release from jail. Bhoomi also insists on Bari Amma to let Vaidika out of the jail. Bari Amma was worried about her secrets from five years ago. Sahil announces that Vaidika would go to jail on accusations of his mother’s death. He will find proofs and get her punished.

PRECAP: Sahil meets Sadika in the police station and recognizes her. She goes with him to her mother. Sahil was shocked to see as Sadika runs to Vaidika.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Oh. .one negative character wins his race to get 10 Cr. Rs., but another one (B.A.) will be exposed very soon as sahil shocked to see the SADIKA running towards the Vedika. There be a some twist in this serial. I think so.

  2. Nina

    Oh gosh. all the scoundrels are winning that gives confidence in them. While decent people are in no way guilty but suffering pain because of the paltry persons. When will be the justice for all?

  3. DannyComments

    I feel bad for Bhoomi..five years living with someone who wouldnt love you back..And the only Joy in your life will now be taken away..So sad. I’m pretty sure she is going to be the next Ultimate villain…

  4. I agree with Danny Comments that Bhoomi who is a very sweet and lovable girl,should not be made into a scape goat in this love story ….The only fault that I find with Sahil is he,in his haste ,should n’t have filled Bhoomi’s Maang’ with blood on that fateful day in the jail just to annoy Vedika and make her jealous and ofcourse to pacify his own anger and frustration ,fully knowing that Bhoomi started liking him….I remember him saying that he could see it in her eyes that she started feeling for him..why couldn’t he think that her liking might change into love in the comng years…To Bhoomi’s credit,I have to say that she is really selfless,a true friend and a compassionate and cheerful companion… From the moment she stepped into Sahil’s life ,right from that night when she saved him from Deepak’s goons, she never looked back or cared for her own preferences…First she was on a miission to unite Sahil and Vedika but Vedika and the circumstances she had created made it into an impossible task….even now ,she is now bringing up her sister’s son as her own …..Vedika ,whether intentionally or unintentionally ,always gives Sahil pain…where as Bhoomi always stands by his side to share his grief and soothes him…Vedika might have sacrificed so much for Sahil but Bhoomi,a young and an unmarried girl’s sacrifice is no way less…..The only difference is Vedika has Sahil’s love where as Bhoomi does n’t have and I do hope that she has only liking and love of a friend for Sahil and nothing else….else she will be in for terrible hurt….. I don’t know if i am right or not but I feel that a love story ,however intense and beautiful it is,will lose its charm when another life ,like Bhoomi’s is sacrificed in the bargain… It will be of interet to see how the writers will solve this love triangle ,if Bhoomi ,who already loves Ved, also comes to realise her love for Sahil…..As you suggested ,Bhoomi might be transformed into a jealous and vengeful antagonist ,planning all sorts of conspiracies against Vedika and Sahil…so that no one will feel bad for her at the end of this track….

  5. Obviously the next negative character is Bhoomi..she will become extremely possessive.. and what is shown in the precap is not always true.. may be sadhika will be told to be maya’s daughter. or later sahil may come to know about ved through the nurse but he cant show it to anyone because of his promise to bhoomi..

  6. Nice epi

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