Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 28th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Vaidika finds out about Jackie

Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 28th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Vaidika drove the car in dark, looking for Sahil as he hadn’t returned.

There, Jacky ran away from the goons following him. He fights the goons who fled, he was badly drunk and finds a water cooler to wash his face. Vaidika reach behind him and asks what he is doing here. She says it’s the stay order they need to stop Puneesh, he is auctioning their property. Jacky stares at Vaidika, then sign the papers. She notices he had written Jackie Kumar on the papers. She comes to question Sahil if he has gone insane? Or is it some joke? The goons return to charge on Jacky, he boasts himself to be Jackie Kumar and warns them to stay away from him. Vaidika stood in a corner, stunned. Jackie beats the goons badly. Vaidika asks if he isn’t Sahil, and is Jackie. He counters if Vaidika wants

an announcement across the world? Vaidika drops the stay order, and cries out of worry for her real Sahil. She turns to face a nearby temple, then runs towards it in distress. She cries and demands the God for a signal that her Sahil is alive, and she will find him anywhere. She was determined and rings the bell of temple, not ready to accept defeat. She was determined to continue until she gets her replies. Soon, Vaidika’s bangles break in her arms, her mangal sooter slipping off her neck; visuals of Sahil falling off the cliff flash in Vaidika’s eyes. She sits behind with a wall of temple and cries for Sahil. She holds herself responsible for losing her love, she wish she had accepted Sahil’s hand the very first day. She regrets not telling Sahil how much she loved him, but she couldn’t understand the depth of his love. She lost everything she got, from the fear of society, people and even her inner-self. She regrets not looking into the true inner love prevailing in his eyes the day he came to be her tenant, she regrets not accepting his wedding proposal the very first time, she regrets that his family couldn’t understand their love. She regrets not stepping a single foot towards his love. The word “Sadika”, once written by Sahil on a wall of temple was there, Vaidika recalls how Sahil promised to always be with her.

Jackie came behind Vaidika. Vaidika comes to slap him hard. She asks how dare he tried to be Sahil, enter her house and do all this. She recognizes he is some Jackie! Jackie tells Vaidika he never claimed to be Sahil, he met her in a fair and herself came to hug him there. He is a decent man, and now feels really light hearted. He is also fed up of acting like Sahil, he suggests about sitting together and plan things out.

Vaidika forbids him even show his face again. He is only a look alike of Sahil, his soul can never be what Sahil’s had been. Now, she will only do what Sahil would have done in her situation.

PRECAP: Vaidika spills a bucket of kerosene oil over Puneesh and demands him to hand the property papers to Aarya else she will burn him alive. She opens the door for Bari Amma to enter.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Now I am very confuse. Vedika’s bangle breaks, her mangalsutre slipping down and she has a vision of Sahil falling down the cliff… Does that mean Sahil is really dead. Can anyone explain please. I have a feeling that this Jacky is going to fall for Vefika and this time she will accept quite quickly because right now she is full of regrets of not accepting Sahil and wish she has done thing differently. If she has another chance of happiness, she should grab it with both hands.

    1. Well said great ending too

    2. Yes; looks like it.

  2. Good episode… Regret is a very bitter pill to swallow..

  3. Wat very confusing now

  4. Gud thing vedika found out about jackie, maybd da will sit 2geda nd plan things afterwards, bt am worried, wot if d story later goes like dis: jackie nd vedika will plan somtin out nd in d process of executing their plan jackie falls in luv wit vedika den initially she wunt accept it becos he is nt sahil bt den later accept his proposal just like pooja said????? nd den on their wedding day sahil will appear from nowhere! Well just saying, i really dnt want dat 2 happen, they shud just bring sahil back without jackie falling in luv wit vedika da shud rather go wit d twin stuff. Dats better

  5. Nina

    Vedika realized the depth of her errors. Better late than never. Give back Sahil to Vedika and us.

  6. Even i am confused now. But a few episodes back when vedika was in jail did’nt some ward boys remove a body fm the ambulance n were speaking amongst themselves that even after falling fm such a height this man has still survived. So i thought may be it is our beloved sahil n later on HE WIILMCOME BACK. But pooja i think i read n saw in u tube that jacky is falling for vedika but vedika is not entertaining him. Or what u all think that is this fake sahil our real SAHIL. Pls Naz n others gv all yr opinions

    1. Raji, when Vedika was crying and lambasting Jacky near the temple steps, and she had pushed him away roughly crying out for Sahil, did you notice the flash of black and white on his face and the crack of thunder? Like how when something important has happened and has affected the person or people around, we see black and white? Isn’t that suspicious a bit to you? Conspiracy theory again… Just suppose that Sahil had a bad fall from the height and banged his head so badly, he can’t remember anything about himself or his past!! Suppose Usha had brainwashed him making him think that he’s her son because he closely resembled her son who’s probably dead or handicapped in some way …do you remember when Usha first came there, she had someone else in the house too, in another room and we never saw who it was? She wanted to know everything about Sadika’s love story right? I’m unable to think further on this…what importance or significance does this unseen person hold in this plot… One positive outcome so far is that the story is progressing very quickly…

  7. Pooja, I’ll try to ease your mind a bit… The one bangle which broke signifies that something is lost but all isn’t…and the mangalsutra breaking and Vedika catching it before it falls to the ground tells us that even though it seems that her marriage is over because of Sahil’s presumed death, it really isn’t and she has the power to save or recreate her marital status with Sahil as he’s her husband and that’s his mangalsutra she wears. In essence, this is a huge sign that he’s alive but it’s up to her to interpret these significant happenings.. The speed with which she captured the mangalsutra tells me that soon we’ll be seeing our Sahil….so cheer up Pooja dear, a thousand fake Sahil can never compensate for our dear darling true Sahil…no one can ever take his place, that’s why Jacky is called fake, there can only be one original..

    1. Thanks for clarifying Naz. Hopefully we will see our beloved hero soon.

  8. All of us here predicted that Jacky would abscond with Agarwal’s wealth but now that Vedika is privy to this important piece of information regarding Jacky posing as Sahil, doesn’t seem like he may find the chance to commit his deed….he could well do so too because if he agrees to help Vedika, his hands could end up in the cookie jar and his plan could materialize…if he isn’t here to steal, it could well turn out like how we all thought, that there’s an ulterior motive behind Usha coming to Kanpur….as Raji said, when the blo*dy witch returns, which is soon because the slimy snake has her captured along with Ved and Aarya..when she sees Jacky, I’m sure she’s going to hurl herself at him, after all she desires Sahil like a woman in heat….and anyone who closely resembles Sahil , she’ll definitely want him…

  9. I felt so sorry for Vedika today… Regrets are hard to live with..especially when you purposefully prevent an event from happening, something you wish you could have but didn’t exercise the right judgement at that moment in your life and you let it go.. Now all she can wish for is a miracle.. There’s always an “if only ” I had done this, done that!! Always seize the moment at hand, wherever the chips fall, deal with it, for sure nothing happens without a reason and now that the time has passed, all Vedika can do is grieve for the things she should have done, she’s grieving for all the moments Sahil showered his love and affection and friendship on her but she spurned him and it’s all about living life being scared of what society thinks, well….screw society!! Society makes rules for us to follow but not all rules are in our best interest.. I put myself in her shoes today and I cried along with her..but this is how she’s learning her lesson ….the hard way. Her only moments of solace will be the few days she spent with him as his wedded wife , accepting his love, giving him Ved, living in the same house as husband and wife and creating a love child in the most profound and loving way… I’m very much looking forward to seeing Sahil’s return… I miss him so damn much….

    1. you wrote whatever i was writing and suddenly noticed this agreed to each word

  10. Naz yr comments r so meaningfil n touching. It brings tears in my eyes. Evem i cried in yesterdays episode eith vedika. How much more this poor woman has to underho. I think writers it is enouğh. Those blo*dy b*t*hes BA and lustful bhoomi r enjoying life n this poor lady has 2 bear so much of pain. Pls writers dont bring bhoomi with the fake sahil as all sadika fans will get very upset. Pump her character OFF at the earliest cant bear to see her ugly face m the way she renders her dialogues. So irritating she is. But yes she is very good in one thing n nobody can beat her in exposing hersrlf to the hilt.

  11. Naz girl I love your interpretation of the episode I sure hope lover boy Sahil is alive just like in all the other serials when they fall in the Valley someone finds them and nurse them back to life any way girl tell me the truth wat yuh really think about this Mad Ass Wretch Bhoomi why the hell she dont leave sahil alone with vedica the love of his life and go find a man who could give her what she desires that is cooling down her fireree Box I am sure even punesh could help her out because he and all looks like he is desperate too like his wife not doing her wifely duties good other wise he would have been taken up with her instead of causing so much mischief in the family; imagine bhoomi has the nerve to say if she cannot have sahil no one can who does she think she is why cannot she get it through her thick skill that sahil was only a friend to her all the time he knew her and that her marriage was only a means of convenience and was done on the rebound of sahil anger for vedica it is time she accepts that sahil only love one woman and that is vedica; is it so hard for her to understand that to tell the truth i think she is ashamed to know that sahil choose an older woman in front of her man as the saying goes some peoples got it and some just aint so she will have to live with that and get on with her life or better yet go to the country they always leave for LONDON LOL anything but just stay to hell out of sahil vedica and vedus lives forever.

  12. Naz are you still a working person or retired like me it just dawned on me to ask we have been chatting so long but the question never arose.

    1. Sapphire, can I ever retire? For sure when I’m 6ft under but right now I’m like the energizer bunny still.. I’m a homemaker for sure, working 24/7 unless I’m sleeping, that’s why I have so much time on my hands at my expense..but I utilize it nicely. Most of the errands I run are for my two children and then it’s the normal household errands as well. For sure I’m single many years ago, my ex husband is somewhere on earth roaming but one thing I can’t complain about him is that he left me comfortable in life but material things don’t matter much to me. I occupy my extra time with my social group of friends and I do read extensively still. Well Sapphire, I’m a huge fan of horror and supernatural and last night my children and I saw the new movie.. The possession of Hannah Grace …and wow, that was one scary movie, imagine working in a morgue and suffering from a degree of PTSD…if this could be real, what do you do if you think you heard and saw a corpse exhale?? I who absolutely love a horror, found this movie scary, I couldn’t get my sister to accompany us, she’s still recovering from the Nun…and says because she has to use the washroom at night, she can’t see this movie… How Xmas shaping up by you in Santa Cruz? I’m watching my diet these days, I don’t need any extra pounds….so no fruit cake for me at all… I know you make sorrel, I’ll pass for some… 😊…. I’m sure you are enjoying your retirement, Ohhh BTW, how’s your grandson doing in his new school, he’ll be in form 2 by now? Which school does he attend? All the best for him for the future dear Sapphire…and for you too..

  13. Couldn’t comment two days,due to work , anyways first things first, I just have 2 3 theories one of which will take place I think in any case sahil won’t be dead so Case 1: as @ pooja said sahil would return on the wedding day of jacky and vedika yes maybe but I think it may happen earliest the day vedika going to accept jacky’s proposal itself this time she may took decision speedy listening only to her heart only not for society or her family. So,when vedika tells jacky she accepts him it will not be jacky but sahil standing right in front of her and jacky watching this at a distance, he would leave off with much pain as by now jacky himself would have understood true love and maybe he will accept that daisy girl. Too long now itself so I am breaking my comments Case 2 and 3 in the next one.

  14. Case 2 I would go with @ Naz, may be sahil banged his head falling from such a high cliff and forgot everything and usha was following them the accident day and saved sahil and brainwashed him and the person in the room will be jacky who is mentally unstable due to drug addiction or something else and Usha tried to makeover him as sahil but failed and she took this accident as an opportunity to make sahil as jacky instead of the other way around as I too seen the shades of thunder so sahil thinking himself as jacky and will fall for vedika and over the time he will regain his memories but didn’t disclose to anyone to find what this Usha is upto and the person in the room and vedika thinking this is jacky won’t accept him straight away and he would tell the moments only they had known like saying I love you to him in the cliff or the letter she had written for him after their karwachauth night and this thing happened way before Usha came in as neighbour and vedika realizing this is her sahil and teamup with sahil to find what are the true intentions of Usha and Co
    Hhpppa confusing enough for me itself wondering how I wrote the above stance Can anyone make me understand what I comment seriously ?

    1. That’s a boss conclusion…even I couldn’t reach so far but I tell you, you wrote that like Nostradamus and I sure as hell hope that it goes the way you said it, no other way… I did think about the I love you falling from the cliff, only Sahil and Vedika knows about this, there are some things between Sadika that everyone aren’t privy to especially personal ones …what about the name chota packet for Aarya? Only Sahil calls her so, that’s another identifying trait… Right now, I feel like my husband is gone and I’m feeling Vedika’s pain and I can hardly wait or breathe for I’m dying to see Sahil Agarwal… If I’ve never fallen in love with any character before, well I’m in love with this charismatic character now… MK, intuition guided your hands, I hope your prediction is bang on…

  15. Finally, Case 3 this is my feeling that Usha saved sahil and locked him in the room and sahil couldn’t escape being temporarily physically impaired and the jacky who was in the room along came out posing as sahil and gradually falls for vedika, but Daiisy didn’t like jacky falling for vedika thus helping sahil and going against Usha’s scheme of things and helping both sahil and vedika to come together and jacky won’t love vedika seriously as he seems to care for no one and just for himself as long as he gets his hands tied with bundles of money and even in the recent spoiler I read that vedhika strikes a deal with jacky and deal means only one thing money or worldly things. So, while posing as happy couple for the family or the circumstances daisy watches this and wrongly misunderstanding it and helping sahil to get out and this daisy is daughter of usha I think so So, on the whole sahil is alive and he will come back for his oxygen and that’s what I believe For me it’s just sahil and vedika and no jacky mucky orr even godly signals can hardly shake that.
    Hope sahil returns asap and that b*t*h bhoomi never returns and even if she returns she would not be paired with jacky oh god how I missed it, maybe while forcing her lust for sahil on jacky daisy watches and pissed off and spoils Usha’s motives ufff.. the rest is in the hands of writers and please give vedhika her sahil not anyone else because now realizing her mistakes or even sometimes blunders is the biggest punishment of all and when she started to live for herself why this happened better live for today and urself and not for the society and tomorrow is the moral

  16. Epi.. was so nice.. but it was heartbreaking too It,s special for me..
    All credit goes to Suhasi dhami…
    What a mysterious track.? ?
    Friend’s our hero will be back soon..but when???

  17. Hii sadhika fans asp sab dil udas na kro sahil💯zinda hai j sab trp klye ho rha hai ager producer ne sahil ko marna hota toh sahil ki dead body dekha kr sab clear kr dete…reagon j hai No.1 new entry ho rhe hai guddu pandey ki jo jacki ka younger bro hai usha guddu pandey in sab ka pandey se koi connection hai jis ko sahil vadika ne zinda zla dya tha ho sakta hai guddu pandey usha badla lene aye ho sahil vadika se.ab jacke kaun hai? Ho sakta hai hum sab ka sahil ho. Producer hint v de rhe hai jaise k vadika ki sari ka palu jacke ki watch k sath atkana vadika ko girne se bachana . Mandir mein vadika ne Sahil ko awaj de toh jacke ne bola vadika ji j bhagwan ka ishara hai . Vadika sahil ki shadi k time news aye c show mein accident hone wala hai vadika ka aur memory lose ho jaye ge . Vadika ka toh nhi hoya lakin sahil ka ho gya ho sakta hai sahil ki memory lose ho gye ho usha ne brain wash kr k sahil ko jacki bna dya ho .jacki hi sahil hai . Tabi jacki har bar vadika ko girne se bachata jo kuch v sahil k dil mein vadika k lye payar ab v hai jo kbi khatm nhi hoga .No.2 jab vadika jail se 48 hrs k lye sahil ko khojne bhar aye c toh lady police 👮‍♂️ ne bola vadika ko sahil ko akhri bar kanpur k pas dekho gya hai phir vadhika waha jati hai waha per hi vadika ko ek admi dekh kr bagta hai vadika os admi k peche bhagti hai aur woh gir jati hai .khai na khai wo admi janta hai sahil kahan hai bas wohi vadika ko batae ga sahil k bare .tabi vadika ko usha ka phone ata hai sahil wha nhi hai lakhnau mein hai . Usha bhaut badi game khel rhi hai sahil vadhika k sath.jacki hi sahil hai . Producer fans ko confuse kr rhe hai trp k lye .No 3 ager sahil vadika se juda na hota toh vadika ko apne pyar ka ehsas kaise hota apni galti ka v jo osne sahil ka pyar acept nhi kya ab jab vadika ko sahil ka pata chal jaye ga toh vadika sahil k sath society se lre ge .. sahil get well soon …

  18. MK I like case 3. Bhoomi will be back soon Seen on you tube that Puneesh is threatening to kill Ved and Arya and the lusty woman tied to a chair. I will be very annoyed if Vedika forgive her. She should be left tied up in the chair and Vedika leaves with Arya and Ved. Please Vedika do not forgive her. She is a snake and had cause you a lot of pain. I can’t see Jacky interested in Bhoomi even if she throw herself at him. Omg.. this serial give my brain active.😀

  19. Friends i am so glad to read so many comments. I love to read all comments. My god sadika has so many fans. I am omloly hoping that the lustful n blo*dy bhoomi reads our comments n quits the serial on her own if she has little self respect left. All sadika fans pls write to the writers to bump off wicked bhoomis character. Pls.

  20. Good Morning Naz my friend just letting you know i live in St James not Santa Cruz and maybe you forgot but I told you my Granson passed for Fatima College and he is in Form 2 now and doing very well he is twelve years old his IQ is very high he love to do everything and be in everything to he is like salt lol well girl hope you enjoy your Christmas with your family and friend and remember God comes first no matter what so give him Praise all the time; hey girl a little piece of Fruitcake and a little Sorrel wont hurt so make sure and have a little for the Christmas Season but dont over do it; Blessings to you and Family my dear and have a Wonderful Christmas.

  21. right now watching the old epis, and came with this right now, sahil comes home with arya after saving from kidnappers vedika nursing wounds of him and took medical kit whereas aarya saying and sahil’s reply to her that vedika will care for anyone but not for herself and sahil crying with the inner pain turns back and sees vedika just asking through his why u r not thinking urself i can’t hold myself with this pain and she replies through her eyes she can’t overcome her own principles and society norms sorry for everything that look lasted just 5 10 seconds to me it meant everything.

    Even while applying medicine thinking he fell asleep she was saying her fears that he doesn’t know the world whereas i lived a long life in this evil society and tears rolled down her left cheek first and after she left he opens his eyes and telling what can i do vedikaji if there is god for love, i would ask him y u made me to fall for this woman(vedika) and how can i stop myself from loving u or can’t hold myself from loving u with such intense .

    And the best part is saved for the last,when manjula asks whether u didn’t like second marriage or this marriage and u were thinking about someone else and vedika turn towards sahil looking at him and manjula says he is a child and the next morning he will fly off once u accept his love but vedika still looking at sahil silently through her eyes No ma, you won’t understand his love even neither i but he is making me weak and due to the fear inside me i won’t be able to accept him.And finally she replied through her words i marry gautham or not i wont turn into see in the direction of sahil but she was actually looking at sahil while uttering those lines and that’s the most beautiful irony i have ever seen.

    By the way , the episode no is 27 and just for episode and that too at early they gave so much. Hats off. I definitely know that AKAJS is an lifetime experience for me which can’t be described in comments just feel it and enjoy.

  22. Where is Sahil??? When will he be back??? Or they just want to declare him dead?? Just can’t rake it anymore 😓😓
    But precap is good

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