Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 28th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Aarya realizes Guddu is Taxi Driver

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Vaidika was alone in her room. She was in tears and was thankful to God. Pankti’s mother was in the corridor, upset about her trick. Usha comes to drag her aside and agrees to her point of view. Sahil and Pankti must be together and God has sent her for this purpose. She share an idea with her and leaves. Pankti’s mother was thankful. Vaidika notices her room had been locked from outside. She goes to check and knocks at the door.
Sahil was in the mandap when the bride arrives in a veil. Everyone was happy to see her dressed up. It was Pankti under the veil. Prachi goes ahead to remove the veil but Bari Amma stops her. Pankti was tensed and wonders what sin her mother wants her to commit. She wonders what she must do to stop all this.
Pankti’s mother was silently apologetic to Vaidika, but decides that her daughter is worth being Sahil’s wife not Vaidika.
Vaidika was knocking at the door of her room out of tension.
Mandagini brings Aarya and Guddu to a decorated room and says no one would now ask them to stay away from each other. Guddu and Aarya look into each other’s eyes. After Mandagini has left, Guddu comes to sit beside Aarya and claims himself to be the luckiest man in the world.
In the kitchen, Mandagini asks Usha about her plan further. Usha says they must let Aarya and Guddu come close to each other. Then Aarya would be heartbroken here, while Vaidika and Sahil’s relation would break there.
Aarya and Guddu get intimate.
Pankti’s mother watch Sahil sit with a veiled bride. She thinks the family will hate her from today onwards, but she accepts it for the sake of her daughter. Sahil and Pankti take the seven wedding rounds. The Pandit announces the sindoor ritual. Sahil removes the veil. Pankti’s mother was shocked to see Vaidika under it. Sahil fills sindoor in her hairline and cheerfully tie the mangal sooter. The couple go to take blessings from everyone.
Pankti now stood beside her mother. She tells her mother it was a crime what she wanted, she could never have interfered in Sahil and Vaidika’s life. When the lights were off, she brought Vaidika from her room. Vaidika saved their life, she can never betray Vaidika. She deters to forget her mother like she left her father.
Sahil asks Vaidika if there is something that worries her. If someone is creating trouble for them again. Vaidika promises to tell him everything once she has spoken to a person.
Aarya asks Mandagini why Munh Dikhai so late? Mandagini tells her that Guddu’s friends wanted to come with gifts. The taxi drivers now come inside with boxes of gifts. Guddu comes to accept their greetings and gifts. The neighborhood ladies also join them to congratulate Aarya. Guddu introduces Aarya with his friends who work as taxi drivers with him. Aarya was shocked to hear that Guddu is a taxi driver. She asks how he can be a taxi driver, he claimed to work in an office. How can these taxi drivers be his friends? Guddu says he told her that he is a taxi driver as he lost his job, and is looking for another good one. Aarya was clueless and says she didn’t get any letter, how would she know. She questions if he didn’t consider talking to her about losing his job and driving a taxi instead. She shouts at Guddu for betraying her. Guddu explains to Aarya that he was afraid she would deny marrying him, he realized his mistake and wrote a letter for her. Aarya argues she didn’t get any letter. Mandagini and the neighborhood ladies all insult Aarya. The neighbors tell Aarya that marriages work with compromise, at least Guddu is earning something. They accuse Vaidika and Aarya’s character who always wander around men.
Vaidika questions Pankti’s mother how she even thought that she can part Sahil from Vaidika. Sahil is her husband. Does she even understand how disgraceful it would have been for Pankti if her plans were accomplished? Pankti’s mother was stubborn and says she will never apologize Vaidika, what she considers as wrong is actually right in the eyes of society.

PRECAP: Aarya returns home crying that Guddu kept her in dark. Guddu comes behind Aarya. Vaidika sides Guddu saying she trusts him. Sahil however warns Guddu against hurting Aarya. Sahil tells Vaidika that there exists a generation gap between them and their thinking is way apart. Sahil and Vaidika has a face off.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Iam disturb..1st from two mad cheapy women Pankti’s mother and usha..and than from Arya’s behaviour… If Aarya really loves Guddu than why she shout on guddu?she doesn’t know that Guddu’s sister mandakni is a very cheap type..and she has already misbehaved with her..and was not liking her with guddu..at all..why she is not thinking?? Shameless girl..she is only 21 year old and got married..leaving her mumma..vedika.whose is already suffering more..and many troubles in her life..she is not thinking about her mumma?and called herself mama’s Girl..
    If guddu is taxi driver than what a problem?? Celebrate her 1st night with guddu..because she loves guddu very much na?hmm?
    Why giving tension to her mother..A very selfish daughter..I am very angry now..Friends really what kind of daughter..
    Now I don’t want to talk about of Pankti’s mother…cruel cheapy women..I am so Upset from the precap..now unesserily will be rift in between Sadika on selfish aarya’s matter..

  2. Nina

    I have not noticed Vedika has the conservative views. Especially as her life and worldview had drastically changed by Sahli’s appearance. Sanil got excited over trifles because of Guddu as a driver.

  3. Friends didnt i tell u ungrateful that labrador dog is. He wanted vedika physically which he got. Then that blo*dy wanted her to confess n say i love u which he even managed to make her do that whilst he was falling fm the cliff. As we all know she was a hard nut to crack. Finally he succeeded in his mission. And now that he has tasted physically that hottie steay pyppy he will naturally want her more since she is young. That is dufferent that he is her uncles age. Even she ll start falling on him very soon. We know how bhoomi was sòoooo good in the beginning then finally she wanted him physically very badly. Same thing here. Labrador is already attracted to her. Very soon with the enunch morhers instigation she ll also want him physically n our poor vedika ll be sidelined. Hu the labrador is talking about generation gap. Shame on the blo*dy fellow. He didnt realize this would happen when all along she was avoiding him in the beginning. Friend this is what men are. Once they get what they want they move on to greener pastures. And that blo*dy arya. Ugly face. Wanted to marry at the ge of 21 yrs. Always giving her mother pain. Since the labrador is supporting arya, vedika should move away with her mother n ved n live separately instead of being humiliated in this aggarwal house. Writers n the blo*dy director who is KJs friend hv a made a fool ofus viewers. What we were promised when the serial started last yr n see how it has deterriorated this year. All useless actors with no job on their hand hv been taken in this serial with less payment. Now pankti ll be considered a very good girl for helping vedika marry the labrador n sahil ll run behind her with his tail wagging n tongue out like a labrador dog.

  4. Finally the truth and fact is out.. age gap…generation gap… ufff…. we had been talking about this right from the beginning of the serial and finally Sahil has said it too… i wish Vedhika leaves for her home with dignity and self-respect.. she doesnt need men like him in her life now.. she can very well take care of herself and not be hurt by anyone like this…

  5. Vedika should kick Pankti mother out and send her back to her cruel husband . Ungrateful b*t*h.
    Oh Sahil… never thought he would use the word generation gap with Vedika. He always said that he did not have a problem with Vedika’s age and now.. This memory loss has changed him. I thought we would be spoil with some cute Sadika moments after their wedding. Look like this marriage does not stand a chance. In the past they have overcome all hurdles, now I am not too sure. Yes Dolly Vetika should leave him. He is not our beloved Sahil and the chemistry between Sadika is gone.

  6. Now I can’t tolerate Sahil’s behaviour for Vedika…vedika is on right path..but Sahil is 100%wrong..
    Pooja and Dolly really now,Vedika should leave sahil..like before..when she was bearing Sahil’s 1st child..She does not deserve it all..
    Friends a bad news for us..now in the upcoming epi Sahil and Pankti both will be trapped by Mad..Selfish..cruel..cheapy women I mean Pankti’s mother..and after fight between Sadika..Sahil and Pankti will be on the same bed..oh shit
    Very dirty mind of Pankti’s mother..and than Vedika reached in the room where both were sleeping and Vedika breaks down badly affected from this..and she was in deep pain..she is pregnant and she is stressed by all this dirty things..Very very bad..she will leave the house in deep pain.. I am Upset now..from this disgusting track.

  7. ya i too heard about that bed scene.. yuck.. will vedhika really leave the house? good for her..
    But how heart shattering would it be to see the one we love with someone else, and that too so close..
    cant even imagine such a thing..
    why does vedhika have to bear this cross??? doesnt she deserve happiness and peace in her life at all?
    what did she get out of this marriage that broke all barriers? humiliation and distress?
    sick..really sick…

  8. I think the bastard eunch mother must be thinking that after the labrador leeps with her young n energetic daughter she ll also take a chance of sleeping with the labrador since her husband must hv not satiafied her. She also knows once upon a time sahil was in love with vwdika who is elder to him in age n she being elder he might sleep with her also. I am sure the labrador must hv enjoyed a lot full night with the young hottie stray puppy. Now very soon she ll also become pregnant

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