Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 27th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Vaidika finds Yash’s real will

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In the room, Prachi discuss with Bari Amma that she can witness the signs of black magic in the house. Yesterday Sahil and today Ved have acted strangely and now she is sure it’s difficult for Sahil to win the case. Both set to find some evidence of black magic around the room. Bari Amma looks under the bed where they spot evidence of black magic equipment. There were photos of Sahil and Ved placed in between needles and powder.
Puneesh comes to Nisha’s room. Nisha warns him that his Bari Amma will be angry if he is spotted here. Puneesh asks Nisha to get away from Bari Amma’s way, she won’t let her win and he won’t like to see Nisha lose the case. Nisha makes him massage her feet, recalling her past with him.
Bari Amma comes calling Vaidika. Everyone gathers around the

house. Vaidika comes there, Bari Amma throws the powder over her face and opens the black cloth with black magic equipment. Nisha smirks that Vaidika will be trapped now. Vaidika denies that it’s not hers. Prachi says they found this from her room. Bari Amma tells Sahil this lady wants them in her influence.
Vaidika advocates herself that Ved is her son, why would she do black magic on him and hurt him? Bari Amma wasn’t convinced and says her real face has unveiled. Nani blames that Bari Amma stole her child in the first place and now is accusing her. Its Bari Amma who placed this all in Vaidika’s room, she couldn’t bear that Ved called Vaidika as his mother. Sahil stops them from arguing, he believes that if he is right then no one can harm him.
Vaidika cries in front of temple and asks Nani why everyone hates her. How can she do black magic on her own child? Nani was upset that if Yash was alive today no one could point a finger over her. She suggests Vaidika to keep a pooja for peace. Vaidika assures to do her best, she doesn’t want to lose Ved.
At night, Vaidika comes to Yash’s room. She finds Yash’s photo and instead finds a document. She thinks this will turn her case stronger, and now she will get Ved.
Nisha wonders why this old lady Vaidika has so many lovers. Maya and Vaidika come upstairs with the papers. Vaidika says the documents prove that Yash had named the property after her, he named 51% of Agarwal Jewelers and Leela Jewelers after her. Nisha says this is partial story, they will want a proof to prove Vaidika’s stance. Vaidika was determined to find a proof, she would surely find a way to defeat Sahil this time.
In the room Sahil was asleep. Ved comes playing while Vaidika chased him. She slips and fell over Sahil. Both recall the harsh feelings they held for each other. Vaidika tries to straighten but her chain was stuck in Sahil’s shirt. Sahil stares at Vaidika keenly. Vaidika says Ved is really happy with her because he is her blood, if Sahil really want to separate a son from his mother? He is doing wrong. Sahil shouts behind that Bhoomi has brought Ved up for past five years, she has some rights over Ved as well. Sahil wakes up as it was a nightmare. He wonders why he got such a dream, he hates Vaidika then why he cares for her? On one side is Vaidika who left Ved, and other side is Bhoomi who has brought Ved up for last five years. He must take a decision in favor of anyone; he must take a decision no matter how difficult it is.

PRECAP: Vaidika challenges Agarwal’s in the court. Prachi and Bhoomi sit for black magic along with Ved.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. what vedika had feeling for sahil..??? seriously …sahil was living his life like a dead sole for the past 5yrs and vedika never gave a damn about that, living happily with her daughter… ..she came back for arya ..then now after knowing the truth ..about ved she wants him the only reason sahil is living for …wowwww vedika is a very selfish woman ….jab yeh selfishness dikhani thi that time she became a coward …she has only hurted sahil nothing else …joh pyaar karte h woh apne pyaar ko jaan buj kar dard nahi dete jaisa vedika ne kiya ….

  2. Nina

    Oh Gosh, Vedika plenty of time undeservedly deeply offended him. I have been feeling pity for Sahil during all episodes.

  3. I think bhoomi will end up helping vedika

  4. So what’s the twist in the leap?????

  5. Ohh Sahil…

  6. I think Deepak will do the decent thing. He was the last one who saw Vedika was unconscious when he left Sadika in the crib. So she could not have left the hospital.

  7. Madeline Santulu

    Its a shame the writers wanr to make kampur police department so corrupt inckyding the legal system how can one with money buy off every lawyer in town? What message are they sending that in indu
    ia if you are poor and inocent one with money wins at any cost?
    Why is sahil and all the pipo in the cast made to look stupid like they cannt think? Sail is the one who found thexreal documents about yash agrawal and he know v3dika has 51%shares why us bariyamna still having the upper hand? vedikas mums should make hell gir them she should get her grand son, she never left she was there to see him grow.
    Where are thebpolicemencwho totured vedika in prison? Why cant amaya speak to sahil 8n private give him a good tell off and ket him know bariyamma killed his mum and not vedika? The story line is spoiled like most series on zee tv. Look at kelerin its so boring how much more can anyone taje sunny is terrising everyone and no one to put unend to it? Why these vilans keep boucing back like nidhini why why? Ketvedika marry sahil if you are going to teach socuety to acc3ot such relationships. Us india so backwatd that society is still in the dark ages ? Vudu please!
    Writers make sadika a unique story fir society to accept it xan be done.
    Am not watching at present too much vudu nonsense!!!👎👎👎👎

  8. Leisa s morris

    I really cant understand d logic of sahils thinking. Yes vedika.did wrong ,u dont trust her yadi yadi yadi ya but to actually believe a person will agree to have a child for money, abandoned dat child, raise another child then bring dat child back to.collect money dat was left for her biological child heh. Really sahil u tryna hate vedika so so much dat u cant even think logically. Deepak admithe heard vedika child had died so left his in its place now he changing his story and still yuh aint thinkin. These writers really like to make ppl seem foolish.

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