Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 26th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Sahil and Vaidika get married

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Sahil compels Vaidika to marry him, it seems to be the fate of their strange story as God has somehow connected them; and Vaidika ultimately became the mother to his son.
At Agarwal house, Bari Amma was worried that even Vaidika wasn’t home since Sahil had left. She asks Bhoomi to call Sahil. Sahil doesn’t take the call. Puneesh comes to the hall and assures Bari Amma that his men are spread across the city, they won’t let Vaidika take any unwanted step.
Sahil and Vaidika prayed in the temple. Vaidika prays to God for Sahil, as he is taking care for everyone at the moment. No action here must hurt the sentiments of any relation enjoined to them.
Puneesh gets the news of Sahil and Vaidika being in Radha Krishna temple outside Kanpur and wonders what they are up to. He

asks his men to take him there, as the two can’t interfere with his set plan.
Sahil and Vaidika were performing wedding rituals. Their souls were elated and cheerfully enjoyed the wedding vows taken in advance. Tears filled their faces when Pandit asks Sahil to fill Vaidika’s hairline with sindoor.
Puneesh reached the temple and was shocked to see them marrying happily. Sahil rubs the sindoor in Vaidika’s hairline, to the relief of both souls. Puneesh thinks both of them reached ahead of his planning. He clicks a photo of them together through his cell phone. Sahil promises Vaidika to keep their marriage a secret. Puneesh thinks Agarwal family will now be scattered.
Manish brings Gauri home who had covered her face. Bari Amma and Prachi were concerned. Deepak comes from behind and thinks her face is as black as his character. He runs inside showing off concern and pulls the cloth off Gauri’s face. Her face was fine and clean. Bari Amma asks Gauri why had she taken this scarf, and what’s Manish doing here? Vaidika and Sahil return home. Gauri cries hugging Sahil and Vaidika. Manish says some women attacked Gauri and spoke ill of her, they wanted to blacken Gauri’s face as well. Someone had deliberately sent them. Sahil says he will speak to police, but Deepak defends that he will look into the matter. Manish qualifies that Gauri was terrified. They insult Manish for interfering in their personal matter. Gauri was about to reply Bari Amma but Manish forbids her and takes a leave. Vaidika was worried that Gauri may get attacked once again. Bari Amma questions who she is, to interfere in the matter of Gauri. Sahil thinks no matter anyone ever accept or even know about it, but Vaidika is the daughter in law of the house. He will always consider her as his wife now.
Later, Bhoomi comes to Vaidika and apologizes for over reacting on the matter. She had forgotten that whatever Sahil and Vaidika are doing is for her son, Ved. Vaidika understands Bhoomi’s situation, she assures that she won’t take Bhoomi’s place. Bhoomi demands Vaidika that she wants to get every right in her marriage, she must sleep with Sahil before Vaidika.

PRECAP: It was Karwachot celebration. Bari Amma watch Vaidika and Sahil being close to each other. She thinks Sahil and Bhoomi must soon come close so that she can get rid of Vaidika.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. What the hell Bhoomi I feel for her but Sahil doesn’t accept Bhoomi as wife how he consummate with her

  2. Marie Raphael

    They actually got married, wow. 🙂 I hope the consummate and leave Bhomi there to get cob web. HA ha Ha. She want every right, I can assure her she will get every right, in wealth and property.

  3. Leisa s morris

    Just as I thought BA is of d belief dat once sahil slps with bhoomi hes gonna forget all.about vedika and she can get rid of her probably keeping d nxt child to hmm. Sad though sahil has been married to bhoomi for five yrs but never considered her his wife but hes bern married to vedika for a coulpe of minutes and already considers her his wife..in this aspect I dont see him being able to get intimate wit bhoomi at all…but then again im not d writers

  4. Wow,wow,wow my best jodi finally got married, dat stupid deepak, argh! he is such a pretender nd i wonder wot dat cartooned puneesh wud do now.when sahil filled vedika’s hairline wit sindoor,my happiness knew no bounds.bhoomi is demanding 4 a night wit sahil, wot will she do wen she finds out dat sahil-vedika got married? poor her.

  5. DannyComments

    Well..ofcouse they got married it’s Zee tv! You hate someone you marry them..you love that person you marry more people to make that person jealous! Your sistet gets threatened you marry ! You get accused of murder you marry!!!😠#sigh Poor Bhoomi..5years wasted just like that. Just kill Bhoomi off already. You have done more damage to her character

  6. We saw our old happy, naughty Sahil today..it was so cute when their souls were so happily and mischievously connected..so perfect..😍😍😍 and when they tearfully look at each other, needs no words too..
    But y does this have to be a secret?? This is it..
    Anyways this won’t remain a secret fa long as that lizard’s evil eyes have seen it..

  7. Nina

    This is their lifestyle where he urges while she turns down the offers. The main glad event took place. Better late than never.

  8. Friends i saw on u tube but the conversation between sadika couldnt be heard properly. Vedika is telling sahil to get intimate with the.blo*dy b hungry for sahil physically barbie doll. But sahil gets very angry on vedika n gives her a good piece of mind n walks away fm there in a huff. And then our maharathi sahil goes to blo*dy B bhoomi who is fasting for karva chauth to break her fast. He gives her water to drink n then puts some sweet in her bitter n ugly mouth. When blo*dy b bhoomi is about to gv sahil some sweet to eat murderer n boozard woman BA comes there with some other sweet n tells blo*dy b to gv sahil this sweet since sahil likes this sweet. Friends i think the murderer woman has mixed something in this sweet so that after sahil eated that sweet he will loose his senses n might sleep with the lecherous bhoomi. Now whether he will consummate n satisfy bhoomis physical need is not known or whether he ll faint. If he ends up sleepingbwirh bhoomi, her wish ll be fulfilled n who knows she might get pregnant also. I think i hv had enough of this serial n i cannot understand sahil double standards. He is getting married to vedika n enjoying with bhoomi on the karva chauth day. Writers hv completely spoilt his character. And thatbsahil ki bhhoki Bloddy b bhoomi is hell bent on sleeping with maharathi sahi
    I cant stand this character plusbthe dirty avtress who is enactinh this role.

  9. Bhoomi knows Saahil do not love her then why the hell is she fighting for him,her case is a lost cause. Come on girlfriend least you forget they have a son together so you keep on dressing up and stay put because right now you are the white elephant.

  10. Muniya

    Ohhh finally they r married!!! ‘SADIKA’ is now husband n wife…that’s superb😘😘
    Bhoomi is now acting good to Vedika so that she can get the chance to be with Sahil…disgusting though of her…just hope Sahil doesn’t fall in her trap.

  11. Ibam sure muniya that maharathi sahil will fall for this lecheroys bhoomi since she ia young n energetic n produce many children for him. See in u tube so livingly he is breaking her karva chauth fast by making her drink wate n putting some sweet 8n her ugly n bitter mouth. The crook that shr is

  12. YES YES…. Finally Sahil and Vetika are married. Raji I also saw Sahil breaking Vedika’s fast on you tube as well. They early got caught by Bhoomi. Vetika look so pretty in red sari. As for BhoomiI have no words to describe her. What is this Lizard up too apart from creating problems for Sadika. He is always lurking around like a sick puppy. Actually BA little lap dog😡😡.

    It was nice to see Sahil cheeky side and his adoration look again. Omg Love him 😘😘!

  13. Ye lady Vedika kitne bachhe paida karegi. And the story is so predictable.

  14. Friends pls watch karva chauth romantic scene between our sadika on u tube. Oh ghosh it is so passionate n beautiful. I am still in a daze after watching that scene repeatedly i dont know how many times. Also pls pass yr comments.

  15. Hello friends… I must say that I enjoyed the episode and when Sahil started with his funny faces in the out of body experience, that’s when I realized that he had crossed over from the serious sad Sahil he had turned into, to the Sahil we all knew and love. I noticed his transformation the moment the doctor informed the family that only his and Vedika’s child would be a perfect match for Ved’s treatment..his expression said..”Yessssssssssss, I can’t believe my luck, I’ll finally get the woman I love “..so he’s been holding his breath after that and only exhaled when he put that sindoor in her maang, how romantic 😍😍…his tears speak volumes and his love is as deep as the ocean… So….now that Vedika is his wife..again..and with her approval…he’s going to be THE most protective husband and I expect to see romance from now on because in a scenario like this, what is unattainable or forbidden, is always exciting, I’m not saying this relationship is either of but having to secretly meet and share their love and experience being close to each other, is going to heighten their feelings and their love would grow even more. To tell the truth, I think this is better than if the whole world knew because they wouldn’t even get a chance to reach near the bed, for everyone would be saying so many negative things that it would have put a damper on their feelings and we all know how Vedika always likes to please everyone else but Sahil and herself…

  16. Destiny has conspired again to bring two souls together….once again we see how a piece of paper doesn’t hold enough importance when the heart isn’t involved. Vedika may never get a marriage certificate BUT she has Sahil’s heart forever!! I hate it everytime Bhoomi harps about being Sahil’s legal wife, Nidhi was before her and I can’t even remember the divorce if it took place and even before Nidhi was Vedika, whose maang was adorned with Sahil’s blood and sindoor…..anyways, I firmly believe that Bhoomi is just pretending to be accepting of the current situation, secretly she hates Vedika but doesn’t want to isolate Sahil from her so she being all chirpy and fun. Raji, I also saw the karva chaut video and OMG, Sahil was so hot in the scene and Vedika was so coy but desirable that I blushed, that’s what I love about Sahil, he’s a damn good romantic hero, he has made us fall in love with him 😍😍😍😍😍 and wish we could find someone like him. Friends, none of us saw this marriage coming even from just a couple episodes back, it just hit us so unexpectedly and this is what is exciting, the not knowing!! The writers ought to be congratulated for this bold move when we didn’t think the relationship between Sahil and Vedika would have been possible….thanks to the writers 👏👏👏.

  17. Friends, I’m being mean here but I don’t intend to be mean, please forgive me but I really think looking at Puneesh’s face is more horrifying than watching Nidhi’s! If he’s the last man on earth, I’d refuse him and live a loner. I just don’t like his movements, he reminds me of how an anaconda slithers and it’s unnerving. As per his character, he’s living up to the devil’s description..just like how Deepak has problems in his life, why can’t Puneesh get some too, he has a thing for young women, put him in hotttttt water where he can’t come out from and his pain must be enough that he doesn’t have time to worry about Sahil and Vedika, I this way Prachi would have something to worry about too…

  18. Naz, pooja n Dolly i am very tensed. I saw the other day on u tube that the boozard n murderer BA bringing some sweets for sahil on karva chauth day n told the barbie and shabby lizard bhoomi to feed it to sahil. I think she has mixed some drugs so that sahil becomes unconscious or so n sleeps with bhoomi. Pls did anyone of u see that scene. I dont know how my SUN n MON will pass. I dont think i want to see MONs episode they r going to show all these scenes. I only hope that if sahil has eaten that sweet he should faint in such a way that h shouldnt get up for at least 2 to 3 days n let that bhoomi toomi die in hell crying for sahil. Pls writersvdont show sahil n bhoomi consummating. I swear no one ll watch yr show n the TRPs will descend down the hill. After so many months we r getting to see the lovey dovey scenes between our most favourite jodi of TV n pls dont spoil it by dragging the blo*dy b, cruel, wicked bhoomi. We r not watching this show to see bhoomi with sahil. That wicked n ungrateful lady bhoomi, that monkey brand lizard puneesh n that boozard BA should be kicked out of this lovely serial n sent straight to hell. What say friends

  19. Now, it is high time badi amma’s crime sahil should know and he should get pendrive which bhoomi has kept. Sahil should not accept her demand. If he does that i am not going to watch this serial again. Hadh hoti hain yaar sachai ki jeet kab hogi? Bhoomi ko sab kuch shor kar chale jana chahiya if she loves sahil really. She should realise her mistake coz she has saved sahils mother murderer.feel guilty and go from sahils life…bhoomi…

  20. Friends, you all are right..
    But my opinion is little different from all of u..
    Sahil is too selfish because when ved was newborn baby than and vedika is removed from the Aggrawals house and than sahil requests from bevkoof bhoomi for stands up with his for little baby Ved…and bhoomi promises and agreed his condition..for Vedika. and makes a relationship of married life..
    So I can clearly said that Sahil is selfish like bhoomi…hmm

  21. Finally the crux of the story is achieved.. Sadhika are together and married too.. every difference is gone now.. even vedhika couldn’t fight back keeping Sahil away from her..they are just meant to be 😍😍😍
    Now no matter what happens, God will keep them together..
    Bhoomi and others can only conspire but can’t separate them ever.. and even in unconscious state, Sahil can’t come closer to anyone else other than vedhika.. it is their love story.. no one can come in between..

  22. Dolly thks 4 yr lovely assurance. Hope naz also comments on this aspect. Would be very very glad. My heart is besting very hard 4ONs episode. Hope that murderer BA doesnt mix any drug in sahils sweets. I am telling this confidently since i saw in u tube that BA comes n tells barbievshabby doll o feed sahil the sweets which she has brought n i think that sweet brought by BA is drugged. If this is true hope sahil faints iimmediatle till morning n hope bhopmi toomi goes to hell.

  23. Well said Dolly.., Together they will overcome every single obstacle. There are some beautiful clips of sadika on you tube where we get to see Sahil cheeky and romantic side 😘😘. Vedika ilooks gorgeous in her red sari and she is hugging our hero.

  24. Friends i also saw in u btube today morning that sadika are on a bed sitting together. Vedika is feeling awkward. Then sahil takes her hand n kisses it. Then he embraces her n she also leaves her inhibitions n embraces him. In the other frame they show bhopmi is i think waiting 4 sahil fotr her.suhaag raat (I tell u high hopes fm this mad crap) in a very foul mood. Hope that sahil never goes to her.

  25. Friends see latest spoilers. It seems somehow bechari sahil ki maari bhoomi comes to know tfat sadika r secretly married. She throws tantrums n gets drunk i think like the murderer n boozard BA. Then she tries to get close to sahil who doesnt respond to her closeness. Then in a fit of anger she goes to vedika n pulss her hair very badly. They hv shown this picture of bhoomi pulling vedikas hair in the spoiler. Oh GOD how can someone be so desperate for phhysical closrness with a man who she knows doesnt love her at all n who has upteem times told that lecherous woman that he doesnt love her n can leave him any time n go. Poor damsel in distress. Hope that idiot doesnt hurt vedika in case vedika gets pregnant. Pls pray that vedika gets pregnant so that our sadika r together till the serial ends. Writers pls hear to the plea of sadika fans n pls no bringing bhoomi toomi n sahil together. Dont disappoint sadika fans. This one is a beautiful serial n something different.

  26. Friends see in u tube wherein queen of exposure is giving quite a lengthy interview. For the interview also she ia seen exposing her body. Poor girl after doing all this still not able to seduce sahil. Bechari wicked n cruel barbie n shabby doll. The amount of pancake she applies on her face. They hv also shown in u tube that murderer boozard BA comes n tells a few things to vedika in anger n then takes the sozzled barbie woman fm there. Imagine 2 boozard women coming together

    1. Calm down dear Raji…too much hyper activity going on in your brain, not good for you… I know you can’t stand Bhoomi, so do all of us but I’m not letting her be the reason to stay away from Sahil and Vedika, of course we need to see some action between our Sadika and I hope it’s soon, so Barbie could try to seduce Sahil, it ain’t gonna work, can’t blame her for trying. Those videos you are speaking about, I hope it isn’t a dream of Sahil’s, you know how writers love to play with our emotions and minds!!! To make you happy, I’m telling you that Sahil and Vedika belongs together, no other woman could take her place in his heart so don’t spoil your days and nights wondering if Barbie would get what she wants. I have to agree with you, she’s one horny woman, I’ve never seen such a blatantly leacherous woman like her in soapland…ohhh, let me correct myself, two other women in Bhoomi’s category are Rukhsar in ISA and Tanu in KKB, although I think Tanu has an attraction towards Aliya more than Abhi her husband….but you should watch a few episodes of ISA and see how Rukhsar dribbles for Kabir, I could feel it through my screen, it’s that bad… Bhoomi’s lust for Sahil is joke….compared to Rukhsar’s …. Raji, I must tell you that your adjectives describing Bhoomi and BA are really hilarious, even I can’t say it like you but keep it up if you think it de-stresses you, you do provide a bit of fun in your comments…hope you had a wonderful weekend and Bhoomi didn’t give you nightmares.

  27. Oh dear Naz was waiting for yr good comments. After seeing FRIs epusode i was very tensed. Cant help it at this age I am like that only. No sooner i saw sadikas karva chauth romantic video i became normal. As you say sahil is sòòoooooooo very romantic n hot n she vedika so coy n demure. You ll not belive friends since SAT till 2day morning i must v seen sadikas karva chauth u tube video at least 25 to 30 times. Hv u all seen the u tube wherein our barbie bhoomi toomi is fighting like a wild cat with vedika after getting sozzled n that wild cat starts pulling vedikas hair. She took vedika unaware. Naz u should hv seen how that idiot woman came charging towards vedika. By that time sahil comes n pulls thatcwoman fm vedika. Then bhoomi starts arguing with sahil in that drunken state. I am really tensed Naz. If our vedika gets pregnant hope this DUO ie BA n barbie doll should not harm her. One good news i heard on u tube is that sadika hv consummated the marriage on karva chauth day. Now only hope seeing this wicked bhoomis drunken state our sahil should not go to satisfy her needs. I ll collapse then. I never thoughtbthst the wicked barbie doll could be so violent n use such cheap words for vedika. Hope she n that BA n the lizard puneesh go to hell. But why has our sahil shaved off his beard. He looked very handsome n mature in beards. Now he is looking like a young boy. I am waiting to see vedika getting pregnant n sahil taking care of her. Oh i am already imagining how he would take care of her. What say friends now their family will be complete if vedika gets a baby girl n whho should hv all good habits like vedika.

  28. Raji i think u wud have watched that scene umpteen number of times where Sadhika wud be sitting next to each other on bed and they hug later..ha..ha..
    And guys i think the writers wont give us the happiness of watching those happy, romantic moments of Sadhika and directly take us to some 9 months leap.. not sure though.. this week is gonna be exciting and breath catching for us i think..

  29. Dolly I know I am a little suspicious type person. Just hoping that after vedika gives birth to the child the writers should not bump off her character. Since they might.think that sonce bhoomibas given her unprecious 5.yrs to ved n sahil she should also be given a chance to be with sahil since she is a lambi race ki ghodi n acoording to the lustful woman she loves sahil very much. My foot. Yes she loves sahil but physically n because of his vast wealth only. Poor woman is becoming desperate n desperate for sahil. She is an wicked, cruel n ungrateful woman.

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