Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 26th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Vaidika-Sahil’s wedding preparations

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Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 26th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The wedding rituals complete. Vaidika cries hugging Aarya. Sahil forbids them to cry but gets weepy himself. Aarya comes to hug Sahil who blesses her. Aarya now meets everyone. Mandagini hurriedly takes them to their in laws house. Vaidika sobs behind. Bari Amma tries to console Vaidika that she needs to be courageous, and being a daughter’s mother she must be happy as well. Sahil tells Bari Amma she must do something to cheer Vaidika up. Bari Amma says she has already thought well about an idea. She wants to marry Vaidika in the very same Mandap with Sahil today. Nani was excited of her decision, Deepak says Bari Amma has acted miraculously as she never accepted Vaidika as her daughter in law ever. Bari Amma says she wants a repentance from her sins, Vaidika has always supported their family and Sahil. She will respect Vaidika a lot. Vaidika now hugs Bari Amma. Pankti tells her mother she is extremely happy for them, they will be an inspiration that age or money doesn’t matter in love. Her mother silently thinks she can’t let them live together.
At night, Pankti’s mother was opening a bottle of poison and ready to gulp it. Pankti comes to the room. Her mother warns Pankti that if Pankti doesn’t marry Sahil tonight, she will gulp it up. Pankti cries that she is her only support in this world. Pankti pleads her mother that it’s a sin, she can’t separate Sahil and Vaidika. She questions her mother why Sahil only, she can marry any other man in the world. Her mother was stubborn, and says Pankti must be Sahil’s bride today else….
Ved comes into the room where Vaidika was ready in the bridal attire. Nani brings an idol as a gift for Vaidika. Vaidika complements that Vaidika looks beautiful, he considers himself the luckiest in the world to be able to see his parent’s wedding. Bari Amma comes with some jewelry, and says she got it for Sahil’s wife but never gave it to her. She always thought Vaidika was taking advantage of Sahil, but she now understands Sahil couldn’t have got a better wife than Sahil. Vaidika doesn’t let her to apologize or regret, as she and Sahil are together now. Usha stood outside the window and heard their conversation. Usha was curt over Vaidika as she sent her to jail and herself enjoying with that Sahil. Usha turns around and finds that Pankti’s mother had locked Pankti into a room. She then pours some poison in some water with an intention to fix her. She comes to Vaidika’s room. Bari Amma was angry to see her but Vaidika invites her inside. Pankti’s mother tells Vaidika she brought some Ganga’s water for Pankti’s marriage but wish to give it to Vaidika. Vaidika takes the water. Usha had decided that Pankti’s mother also holds an enmity with Vaidika and can prove to be her friend. Vaidika takes the water, Pankti’s mother wish her to drink her now. Usha also watch this. Soon, the water pot slips off Vaidika’s hands. She says it’s a bad omen. Pankti’s mother forbids Vaidika to step over it and goes to get some more for her. There, Vaidika wish nothing comes as a hurdle in her and Sahil’s wedding anymore.

PRECAP: Vaidika was locked in her room while a veiled bride sits with Sahil in the Mandap.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Well said madeline in yr last post. Even i cant see the passionate love between sadika since the time the hungry labador dog sahil has tasted the stray puppy in between his legs. Very soon she ll also want to sleep with the hottie hungry dog. blo*dy writers. Fooling us n saying sadikas is pure love. Will the labrador dog not get tired sleeping around with so many women. Even his acting is not at all looking natural any more. In yesterdays episode ie 26th jan, SAT he was mot there in most of the scenes if u hv all watched minutely. His scenes were taken separatly n then edited. Half the time we cant understand whether he is looking at vedika or the stray dog. If u see the serial title he in between n vedika n the stray do on the other side he doesnt look dashing any more. He looks like a hot villain ready yo jump on tge hottie very young stray puppy. In future even if he starts loving vedika which i am doubtful (since the stray puppy has fallen in between his legs n to some extent he has tasted her physically) i ll not like his love scenes with vedika. Looking at hos acting now a days i feel that he has lost interest in the serial. But since he doesnt hv any other serial or he is bound by some contract 4 to this serial n he is getting his money he is acting only for the heck of it. Vedika wake up. Leave this fickle minded labrador dog to the young puppy. He ll enjoy more with her. U r very capable n strong headed to stay alone with yr family. Let this labrado dog DIE a pathetic death in the end withour any one to take care of him. blo*dy has forgotten vedika n started seeing vedika in the hottie stray puppy. Is thos true love?

  2. Epi was good…Thease Day Specially from Arya’s engagement Vedika is looking soo so pretty…in her all outfit..waooo..Just loved Suhasi dhami…she is so pretty..and her act wao..I can’t explain..Anyways..emotional scene was so good..when vedika was emotionally crying for aarya than Sahil trying to support vedika..oh what’s a scene’s..there..Sahil’s chota paket..got married in enemy’s house..
    More drama coming up..I am upset for Sadika’s troubles..
    Ved and vedika scene was superb..while ved saved vedika from drinking poisonous water.
    This Pankti’s mother is very cruel. Selfish..and mad women..she is trying to harm vedika..for her daughter..And want to destroy sadika’s life..trying forcefully marries of her daughter with sahil..Shameful..very dirty mind..of Pankti’s mother..she attack on a pregnant woman..oh.so bad.
    Friends I think Ved is Lucky child for our Sadika..very cute ved..??

  3. Nina

    I can understand the authors of the show are trying to hold their viewers, but I think for it needs another way. Sadika must be close in next episodes.

  4. Pankti mother deserves to be run down by a big truck and hang by her hair on a tree and slapped across her face endless

  5. What? Pankti mother is so desprate to trap a man for her little b*tch that she trying to kill the man wife and children.

  6. Guys just came to know that the power will go off and the kid will open the door for vedhika.. It will finally be vedhika under the veil and Sahil will do the rituals only with her…Sadhika are together again…yehhhh…

  7. Friend’s are you remember..? I already said it.. that Our Sadika will remarried in bride-groom outfit.. not pankti…I was right..Friends..

  8. hi-fi gayathri..

  9. Thk u dolly for the valuable information. But if this is so then why is the labrador holding that stray puppys hand n hugging her. Even in the spoilers they r mentioning that he ll think that the stray puppy is his lost love n not vedika. Then again he will act wierdly n start ignoring n harrassing vedika like he did to her when SEASON 2 started. blo*dy idiot. Since the writers r showing the stray puppy as very simple n helpful n not like bhoomi that labrador is bound to get attracted to his stray puppy who is young n good looking n who ll also get attracted to him since he is a GOOD CATCH in all respects. I dont think i am interested in watching this serial any more. What the serial was last year n look where it has reached now. As ifmd earlier sahils looks dis interested n his acting doesnt seem natural at all. He is just acting like a zombie

  10. Dolly and Gyathri….I don’t want to have my hope too high in case it is a dream sequence. But if it is true I will be jumping with joy

    1. Pooja It’s not a dream sequence…You can see on YouTube videos and Suhasi dhami told that” herself Pankti is a very nice girl..her mother was doing wrong..for Sahil Vedika and Pankti..”
      Waiting for today’s update..

  11. Friends pls see u tube. Though the labrador has got married to our poor vedika his eyes r on the hottie shorty stray puppy. The scene is after his wedding rituals r over n he is posiing for photographs suddenly the labrador sees the stray puppy arguing with her selfish enunch mother. There is absolurely no smile or happiness on the labradors face. But he is continuously looking at his hottie stray puppy n wondering what is going on. So now we know why the promo was shown as he hugging the hottie tightly. I think here he ll misunderstand that the hottie steay puppy is his long lost loven may be the enunch mother might brainwash him since se wants her daughter to sleep with the labrador dog who is not only wealthy n good looking but very caring type for young hotties. I repeat young hotties. Is this his love for vedika. He used to always tell her that every birth they ll be together MY FOOT. Very soon he ll leave vedika n go all over her n she over him. One blo*dy dog n the other bkoody b*t*h. Made for each other. He has forgotten his cancer risden son n the future child that vedika is carring. Naz had metioned that she is not happy with vedika running behind the labrador to bring his memory back. She has lost her self respect for this ungrateful labrador. Even the labrador had mentioned in an interview 4 days back that the story is changed 4 better.

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