Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 25th September 2018 Written Episode Update: The custody case begin

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Sahil finds Vaidika alone in the hall and forces her into dance with him while Vaidika tries to avoid. Nisha enjoy this from upstairs and laughs at her black magic that turned Sahil crazy for Vaidika. She wish Sahil gets even closer to Vaidika. Bhoomi and other family member come to the hall and slaps Vaidika. Nisha was furious over Bhoomi’s interference. Soon, Sahil feels dizzy and fells on the floor. Everyone was concerned for Sahil while accusing Vaidika’s intentions. While everyone cursed Vaidika’s character Vaidika shouts at them to shut up. There is nothing between her and Sahil and she doesn’t wish anything like this, it’s their downgraded thinking that they are now accusing her of magic. No one can treat the filthy thinking of Bari Amma, and none holds the right to question

her. Nisha enjoys Vaidika’s lecture and thinks she enjoyed being in the house again. She intended to bring a new twist in the story tomorrow.
The next morning, Sahil was in the room with Ved. He says he couldn’t ever think he will have to prove his parenthood for a child they brought up for five years. Bhoomi insists on Sahil to let her come to court. She was determined that today Yashoda will win, she must prove that the mother who brings a child up is over the one who gives birth.
There, Vaidika was praying in temple for victory of her case. Nani comes with sweet yogurt and prays for Vaidika’s victory in the case. Vaidika turns around to confront Bari Amma. Bari Amma warns if Vaidika spits a single word she doesn’t hold Ved important than Sahil and this house. Vaidika clarifies that she holds Ved really important to her and she considers Ved as unlucky to be unsafe with his granddaughter. Bari Amma calls Puneesh and says it seems Vaidika has some kind of witness. She must not win the case.
There were media reporting the custody case between Sahil and Vaidika. Sahil and Bhoomi arrive at the court. Vaidika and Nisha come out simultaneously from the other car. Sahil and Vaidika look into each other’s eyes, recalling their love for each other. While Vaidika passes Bhoomi she says Vaidika started the fight, all the injuries and bruises will be named after Vaidika. Vaidika says the fight started a long time ago, only Bhoomi has started to feel the pain now. They were called into the court. Sahil takes Bhoomi’s hand and walks inside. Karan comes to greet Vaidika outside the court. Nisha remember her last encounter with him and how he trapped her. He greets Vaidika and says he never thought about standing against her in court. Vaidika says she is happy that Karan is standing with his friend. She introduces Nisha to Karan. They shake hands. Karan walks inside. Nisha was a little disturbed. Vaidika asks Nisha about the doctor coming for witness. Nisha replies Maya will bring the doctor.
Puneesh shows Maya and doctor’s photo to a goon and orders him to arrest them.
Nisha presents the case in court. Karan tells the court he practices in America and doesn’t have a license for practice in India, Sahil will lead the case himself and he will assist Sahil. Sahil tells the court that Vaidika didn’t know she had a son, that’s a lie. She left her son. Vaidika stands up and claims it a lie. She was called in the witness box and tells the court that when she was in hospital and still unconscious, someone from the family replaced her son with a girl child. Sahil questions why Vaidika then flee, taking that girl child and leaving behind her elder fifteen years old daughter and old mother? Vaidika recalls the police raiding for Vaidika that night but doesn’t speak up.

PRECAP: Under the influence of Nisha’s black magic, Ved runs to Vaidika calling her mamma. Bhoomi was taken aback at the reaction.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. even the romance scenes sucks ….not good ….it doesn’t feel the same for sure like it used to be…

  2. Nina

    In vain the scriptwriters append the mystical moments in the plot. The show became a cheap forgery. They can find a way of narrative about regular life which is exciting without black magic.

  3. DannyComments

    No..no..I can’t watch this..I will be back after the Magic track ..I just can’t deal with zee tv and black magic right now

  4. What a joke bunch of clown writers

  5. Muniya

    The writers really think we audiences r stupid to digest all these stupid drama of black magic…like seriously!!!!

  6. Stop black magic bla bla dont make the big hell of relationships let vedika prove herself then continue the melodrama whatz this blackmagic writers thinks audience are stupids

  7. I was an ardent admirer of this serial. But now no more. How much vedoka has to suffer at the hands of this Aggarwal family. Especially Badi amma n that good for nothing fellow Sahil. The language that he is using when he speaks to vedika. Did he really love her? I am doubtfu now. I think itt was hard to get case. That idiot sahil has forgotten what all vedoka has done for him n his cruel family. How dare he snatches her child. He n Bhoomi ll never be happy in their life. I think the writers should get both these idiots together n bring a lovely n matured man in vedikas life.

    The less said about bhoomi the better. That poker faced, cock eyed shorty woman has the same expressions on her face for any n every scene. I pity her. Even after wearing such revealing clothes fm top to bottom n exposing her dirty navel she has not yet succeeded in seducing that good for nothing jolly fellow sahil. I think both suit each other for snatching some one elses child. I hv lost all respect for that idiotic sahil.

    Hope u show this mail to both the child snatchers n reply to me.

    1. I agree vedika has done a lot for him and his family but vedika has given him equal amount of pain too… and also its not just v3dika who did things for sahil..sahil has equally or maybe even more has done for vedika… and abt vedika doing a lot for sahil..most of th3 things are not known to him… does he ?..did this ladys mahanta let her make sahil know how much she sacrificed for him..no…it was she who asked yash not to tell sahil abt why sje married him..and th3n after marriage wasnt she pativrata patni of yash?..did she care of sahil?..no wright.. and was getting pregnant for yash so much necessary for her..even yash wasnt convinced with art insemination..but she convinced him.. thats why i really dont agree to ur point saying vedika has done a lot for him..i mean more than gud things what all she did to him was just bad things… the no. of unneccesary slaps, fooling him to marrying nidhi,getting married to yash when they were many other alternatives..getting pregnant for him… all this is not at all acceptable.. and i hate it when people forget all these just cos shes all bechari now.. sahil loved and trusted her whole heartedly.. but the way vedika spoke to him in jail after his moms death.. u me and viewers know vedika was blackmailed…why wud sahil have to think that way.. from his pov..she turned out to be not the way he thot..she was pregnant with yashs child supposedly still this guy was ready to accept her and the kid..but vedika dint have courage again..ran away..as always..and also when she escaped from jail she still had the chanve to go to sahil and say truth..but no madam decided to run away.. and abt sahil thinking she being a gold digger..why not he cant think that way.. remember when vedika came to protect arya..why did she have to come into AH saying or claiming abt yashs wifes and dauggters wrights in this house?.. and the next day lawyer comes and says abt yashs will..so look 5 years she was away and came back when sadika was 5 years claiming wrights on yashs property.. so whats wrong in sahil believing it?..i really dont understand people blaming sahil for everything..80 percent damage to their life was done by vedika herself cos of her darr for samaaj and cowardness and most importantly mahanta.. and abt sahil hiding veds matter….it was wrong ..but ofc sahil and bhumi are also way too attached to vedu.. and if vedika gets custody..ofc she made it clear sheel take away vedu.. but if sahil gets custody..he has no plans to take away vedu from vedika..so again who is being selfish here sahil or vedika? Remember how sahil was smiling when vedu took vedika to his room for playing. ..that clearly shows he doesnt wanna seperate vedika from ved…but vedika is now really selfish to take vedu all alone.. and thats what i dont like .and thats why im happy vedus custody is given to sahil..cs if vedika wud have got it..she wud have again ran away with vedu..to some unknown place ..so in short its just not sahils mistake vedika is equally responsibl3 for all the mess and its she who turned sahil this way.. she neber gave him a chance to trust her.. and why shud he believe her..wh3n was the last time vedika said a truth to sahil..i mean before the leap..lol..she apways lied to him wright from nidhis brode swap to marrying yash..and neber had faith in him and never tried to sahre her problems like yash blackmailing her she blackmailed by police and all…always ran away from problems..and now maybe its her punishment to face all the problems all alone..and sahik is wright in his place..

    2. Really ..?!after anurag sahil gautam and yash..u want a 5th guy in her life..lol ..how much more guys do u want vedika marry to?
      Vedika is also equally responsible for all the mess..not just sahil.. and if sahil doesnt trust her anymore thats also vedikas fault cos she never gave him any chance to trust her..i mean why wud someone belive a woman who fooled him to marry a girl agreeing for marriage…and then fake promises like sheel acceot his proposal if he bcuns a successful guy..then married a guy all off a sudden got pregnant with his chikd ..then ran away one fine day..the sw his mother falking from stairs talking to her..mother points at her..he gets to know she died cos of heart attack..still he went to ask her the truth..she accepts that she hurt his mom by denying proposal and blames him and his junoon for his moms death..this is sahils pov.. the guy tried his maximum..but theres a limit for one sided live and trying..

    3. Why shud just sahil go behind vedika like a dog..did she atleast once accept him..?..so even if he trusts her now..will there be a lovestory..was fed up of his ek tarfa pyaar nefore leap..and is now happy with this nafrat-pyaar ..i mean theres a limit for only one person to keep on trying… and please dont say abt the things vedika has done for him..that includes 80 percent of his heartbreaks like folling him into marrying nidhi..giving fake promise like she will acceot his love if he bcums a gud son..and the engagement 2ith yash.. marriage with yash which wasnot needed at all..there were other alternatives for sahil and his fam to live.. werent they and its vedikas dialogue only that money can be earned even after..marriage with yash was her worst mahantaic decision ever..and then again getting pregnant for yash even when he was not convinced with art insemination madam convinced him for that.. so in all these where was sahils happiness.?…and talking abt doing things for eo..sahils points were more..it was sahil who selflessly did a lot for vedika and her family.. if her daughter arya is safe and alive its cos of sahil if she is alive now its cos of sahil..and in return what she gave him was dhokas one after the other..for pleasing society and then yash her patidev..after marriage.. and even now wheres sahil in her thots?..its all just abt her beta.. im really hating the fact that just cos shes shown as abla naari now people have forgotten what all damage she did to sahils life in the name of his bhalai and her mahanta.. vedika doesnt care abt sahil..all sje cares abt is abt her kids..and its the same what sahils doing now.. all he cares abt of is his son vedu.. and one thing which i wud like to point out is that it was vedika who brot in this custody.. and sahil never has any intentions to seperate vedika from ved..it was very clear the way he smiled when vedu came and took her to his room..but vedika for sure will take away vedu from them if she gets custody.. she did say she will love vedu a lot that he will learn to live without his dad ..now thats the difference btw vedika and sahil..
      And vedika is equally responsible for all the mess in sahils and her life..its all cos of her mahaanta and cowardness..this all haooened she had a lot of chance to tell truth to sahil but madam is all ok with his hate..till vedus truth was out..this lady had no plans to prove her innocence to sahil.. that means she was all happy to bear his hatred.. for her sahil was never a matter … it was all abt her izzat and her bachas.. i dont know abt others but im really enjoying when sahil hurts her..with his words and actions cos she deserves this for what all she did to him.. sahil his wright in his place.. cos this lady never told him the truth..she always keeps lyi g to him..when was the last time vedika told a truth to sahil?..lol..then why shud he belive her ?

  8. No comments!! I have never seen such a ridiculous story line. Why the black magic???. Why wasting effort on this trail. All that needed to happen is having BA exposed and Vetika cleared. Sahil swallowed all the nasty words he has been throwing at Vedika. As for Bhoomi just go back from where you come.

  9. Sorry guys can’t take anything against Sahil… situation has turned him like this . Even if he comes to know of the slightest truth, no one can stop him from protecting vedhika.. he will stand by her for sure.. atleast in the court, he is asking for the reason..can’t she open her mouth atleast here.. she is given a chance to speak the truth..I wish she really dares .. rather than acting the subdued person..

  10. Pls pls change bhoomi the actress. Pls bring in some other good looking actress in her place w ho can a t better. And pls change sahiils look he is looking like a ruffian n haggard. He has lost all his charm. In one of the recent episodes he had told vedika tum bahut choti aur neech ho. How could he speak like that to a decent lady. He should hv told these words to BA n that cock eyed child snatcher bhoomi. These 2 ladies are neech in all respect. They both r young they can hv a child every year. Why r they behind vedikas child.

    1. Atleast their not like vedika who married yash and was behind sahil..i mean she was boasting abt knowing wifes duty and maan of ms and sindhoor and was sad and restless when sami was getting engaged?..so what was her plan after getting oregnant for yash..did she still expect sahil to come behind her like a dog ?.. atleast sahil is clear to bhumi that he cant be her husband and cant love anyone else.. but there vedika was always giving yash false hope and then doing things as if she is sahils patni..that track she was really cheap.. was trying to please yash and otherside was behind sahil…so is that a descent woman..and also yesterdays epi.. sahil was hypnotised by nisha..but what abt vedika?.. why dint she run away from him when he misbehaved with her. ..did she ?..no na..she stud there for him to romance her and when family came shes saying she is innocent..she dint do anything..now what was that..if she hadnt stud there like that..how wud have sahil who is possesed wd have misbehaved?.. now is that a descent woman?..and bhumi too is wright in her own way.. whatever it is she was mother to ved and it cant be easy for her to give away ved just like that…like how vedika gave away sadika .and dint even care abt that lil kid while kidnapping ved and going..bow is that a descent woman.. im sorry but vedikas character and reasons are also not strong.. she alsi has her mistakes..with sahil and bhumi

    2. Also vedika left arya..too..whatever the reason is sahil doesnt know that..in sahils pov she left arya her 15 year ild daughter and went away then why not she cant leave ved?
      Vedika as a mother is also a failure..cos she left not just arya..but also sadika when she came to know that sadika isnt her daughter ..she stopped thinking of that kid only..did she think if that kid when she was going with ved..saw yestrrday how that lil kid was badly reacting seeing her moms inclination towards ved ..does she see how kids are getting affected with her actions?..amd even ved..hes way to attached to sahil..did she think how much difficult it will be for ved when hes taken away from his dad.. ao inshort vedika was a bad mother.. she left arya for sadika..and now leaving sadika for ved..that simple its is..for her to do all this.. but in real its not easy for a mom to give her child whom she raised these many years to the real mother..and here bhumi is justified.. just cos ved is her blood she cant exoect bhumi and sahil to give ved back to her …thats real selfishness..if sahil and bhumi did mistake to her..now vedika is also doing mistake to them.. cos by taking ved only shes gonna be happy.. sahil bhumi and even ved wont be happy for this..if hes taken away from his parents whom he lived with these many years.. vedika showed her mahaanta and sacrifces everywhere .then why being selfish here..

  11. Leisa s morris

    I just find d writers butchered vedikas character to d point dat she is not liked by most. Her character was dat of a strong independent woman who fell in love with a younger man and was fighting her feelings for him then d writers start going haywire with her character and here is where we at now. Same way dey butchered pragya and abhi character

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