Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 25th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Vaidika-Sahil to marry each other

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Prachi asks Sahil if he has lost his mind. He is a married man. Sahil says he has now got a way, and can’t put Vaidika’s life at stake. Gauri decides to be with Sahil.
Puneesh brings a bag of money for the doctor and appreciates his choice of words. Everyone is convinced that Vaidika’s life is at stake. The doctor says though they suggest women of Vaidika’s age to go for artificial insemination. Puneesh was relieved that the game is going to be interesting, before Vaidika bears a child she and Sahil would be ruined, only once she is ready to sleep with Sahil.
Vaidika sat on the floor of her room crying about Ved, Bhoomi’s accusations and doctor’s suggestion. She wonders what she must do, Ved is her child and it’s her right to do something for his life. She can sacrifice

her life to save Ved. A shadow appears in front of Vaidika and suggests her to be selfish, at least when it’s about life and death. The shadow asks if she ever wondered what will happen to her and Sahil when they have got intimate. Bhoomi was about to suicide, how they will compel her. Does she even realize why Sahil wants this, because there is still love in his heart for him? He controls his love now, but he won’t later be able to control his love. She must think well that she won’t be saved with over whelming love of Sahil. Vaidika was confused, and indecisive. She gets a flash of future, where Ved was 10 years old.
Later, Vaidika stood in the hall and announce her decision. She was ready to sleep with Sahil in order to save Ved’s life. Everyone in the family was shocked at the decision. Nani calls Vaidika mindless. If she has a relation with Vaidika? To what extent can she go for Ved? Sahil is a male, but the world would never accept this. She tells Vaidika to first fill her hairline with sindoor, else this Bari Amma would be the first one to announce in this world that Vaidika ruined her grace and slept with Sahil. Bari Amma was about to accuse Vaidika again but Sahil interferes. Nani says it’s about her own son and grandchild, her family is silent. She goes to the temple and brings sindoor box to Sahil, demands Sahil to marry Vaidika then bear a child. Vaidika asks what kind of a drama is this. Would she trade for her son’s life, and after ruining her sister’s life? Nani argues that Bari Amma, Prachi, Puneesh or Bhoomi never thought about Vaidika. Vaidika was decisive and announces she has taken her decision. Nani questions if Vaidika realizes the consequences of sleeping with Sahil without a relation? Vaidika replies she is ready because this will save her Ved’s life. She cares for nothing else.
Bhoomi was packing her bags. Bari Amma comes to stop her. Bhoomi replies she can’t watch Vaidika sleep with her husband. Bari Amma suggests Bari Amma to do something that gains her respect in eyes of Sahil like Vaidika did.
Manish and Gauri were together. Manish was happy that Gauri had taken the decision. He assures Gauri that soon Deepak would be out of her life. Deepak heard the conversation from a corner and says he won’t leave his wife so easily. He calls some goons. Deepak tells Gauri’s condition and dress color to them. He thinks to take the news to women socialists now, he will publish Gauri’s extramarital affair news and they will blacken Gauri’s face now.
Sahil brings Bhoomi to the temple and asks if she really meant what she just said. Bhoomi says she might feel pain, but right now she is thinking about Ved’s life only. She stands with Sahil and allows him to make baby with Vaidika normally. Sahil was thankful to Bhoomi. When he has left, Bari Amma sends Bhoomi to take her next decision. She was sure Sahil would agree to her demand.
Sahil had brought Vaidika to a temple. Sahil says he understands how difficult this all is for Vaidika. He wants to make this all easy for Vaidika. She is ready to go against her rules, only a mother can do this. God put them in this strange situation. He holds Vaidika’s hand and proposes Vaidika for marriage. He wish to connect their souls. This truth will remain between the two of them, but at least their relation would be legitimate in the eyes of God. He held the bottle of sindoor and asks if she will marry him?

PRECAP: Bhoomi demands Vaidika that she wish to be the first woman with whom Sahil spends the night before Vaidika.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. It’s always amazing to see how writers have no trouble in making villains do heinous acts.
    I think the truth about badi amma will never surface, how she’s the one who killed Sahil’s father, how she’s the one who took Ved from the hospital after birth, how she had the nurse killed. Bhoomi truly is a disgrace to be called a woman. She’s so selfish, but i can’t help but to blame Sahil as well. He knew she had feelings for him when they decided to get married 5 years ago. I guess now that she’s under badi amma’s wings she’ll cause problem after another.

  2. DannyComments

    Honestly I don’t like how marriages in Indian series don’t hold any values! I don’t find anything wrong with Bhoomi’s request…she isn’t a sl*t! She wants to have s*x with her husband!! It isnt wrong. Where it is wrong is if he forces her self kn him. Roght now, she is asking him to decide. She wants to finally know what it feels like to be with the one you love. Her Husband! Yes Sahil can decide to not accept that condition but that is his problem. Like it or hate it, Bhoomi is the legal wife and right now Vehdika is the intruder. I wish Vedika can become her stupid selfless self again and just slink back into the shadows! Damn it these series get me worked up Every time with their storyline!! Always knew they were gonna make bhoomi look bad. Crazy ass writers!😒

  3. Wasnt she the one she b.c ran away from her first marriage bhoomi psycho. I stopped watching only read this circus of a series

  4. Marie Raphael

    Danny like seriously? Really? There isn’t anything wrong in her demand! Let me explain to you how’s Bhoomi is wrong!
    Firstly, Vadika isn’t the one she has to demand to spend a night with Sahil! She has to demand that to Sahil!
    Secondly, if a woman have demand a night of happiness from her husband, please leave! Because from their you would know he has no interest in you,. You demanding a night is like s*xually assaulting your husband because he will just lie there motionless, while you trying to convince him for the s*x.
    Thirdly, by law Vadika is the second woman, irrespective of their roles, Vadikia is Sahils, 1,2,3,4,5,9,,40, 100 she may be the second woman yes, which is wrong but all of Sahils love will go to her, what ever Bhomi is she is just a sense of duty and respect.
    Look this way,
    My husband was married before I met him, dispute his wife wanted a child , he never made one, she was asking for something she knew that was never going to happen, their marriage was just a sense of obligation.
    They divorce, he lived with another woman, she never had a child for him, dispute trying, he left her. All this wile I wasn’t the intruder, I never asked to bear his child, i never asked for him to marry me, i never asked for for to love me unconditionally!
    Our story is that of love is blind but age is just a number like this serial. Argue all you want know

    1. Marie, it’s no use giving advice to DannyComments, believe me when I say this to you… I don’t even bother even when I want to contradict, I just pretend that the comment isn’t there and move on, however, she’s entitled to her opinions but it isn’t necessary to respond to her comment if you don’t want to. I see this story the same way you do…so that’s why I replied to your comment.

  5. Your Comment when bhoomi knows sahil has never loved her how can he possibly sleep with her, she shud be logical in her reasoning, well she cant, she has become BA pawn, so foolish of her.

  6. how did bhoomi think dat sahil would readily agree to sleep wit her wen he has never loved her, all her logical reasoning has been taken away by BA. she has become so annoying, what a selfless character d writers turned into a selfish one.

  7. Nina

    This script was made an odd man. Now we can see as women get in line to Sahil. I understand that such male is capable of many. The authors,please, regain consciousness don’t turn that story into a trashy farce

  8. Friends do you all remember that Nidhi tried to get Sahil on the bed? She did get him there because he was knocked out cold, so I don’t think Bhoomi would stand a chance, if she couldn’t get him in the past 5 years then she certainly can’t get him there now. I also agree with Marie that if a woman has to beg or ask the man she married for some s*x, then I pity her, she should make herself disappear, that’s really a new low because clearly the husband doesn’t desire you, whether it’s your rights or not. That’s why I keep saying that a marriage isn’t just a piece of paper, it’s a meeting of two souls and love is the key ingredient. If a man isn’t attracted to a woman how is he going to be aroused?? If Bhoomi couldn’t do it before she can’t do it today…

    1. Marie Raphael

      Naz, your absolutely right,its so pitiful to watch a woman beg for a night with her husband. Then even he agrees its like she s*xually assaulted him. .. The man has to be attracted towards you, desire you, crave for you, long for you , miss you and clearly Sahil has no such feelings for her, all his feeling and love is for only one woman.,Vadika ❤

  9. Friends, yesterday I saw the glass half full, today I see it half empty. I say this because Puneesh was the one behind the Doctor’s orders. Writers… For God’s sake, for my own sanity, please give Puneesh something to worry about, bring a man in Prachi’s life so he can target him instead of Sahil and Vedika. What satisfaction does he derive from this sick plot? I just don’t get it!! His planning and plotting is so feminine, men plot in boardrooms not in the house they live in, he needs to to make himself useful in a constructive way …grrrrrrrrrrr…… Now we see him playing games for Sahil and Vedika to consumate, maybe he’ll come up with a different solution when they are about unite…actually, literally and physically. I hope that they unite before Puneesh can do anything else… Oh shucks, now I remember that Bhoomi is about to demand an ounce of Sahil’s flesh…pardon the pun…writers better know what they are doing…

  10. Disgusting and brainless Bhoomi😡. She is so desperate to sleep with Sahil. She claimed to love Ved, then why imposing conditions. Perhaps she is hoping to get pregnant by Sahil. BA and Puneesh Hope you rot in hell. Love the scene by the temple at the end. It blew me away. Sahil expression and his deep voice oh…..Wow.. That’s true love.

  11. That scene where Sahil held vedhika’s hand and placed it on his chest, my heart was racing too… even such a simple scene looked n yet felt so passionate..
    Nani spoke the right words today..she is worried about vedhika’s image in the society. But I don’t understand why Sahil has to keep their marriage personal? Whatever he does, it’s before everyone’s eyes and y this secret now.. I hope that doesn’t add on to more problems later..

    1. Well… I melted like butter when Sahil placed Vedika’s hand over his heart 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍……and you heard what he said, their souls are connected now…forget everything and everyone, they are connected and destiny has conspired to bring them together despite all the odds 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍..did you notice how eager Sahil was when he was speaking so gently to her on the Temple’s steps?? I could actually hear Sahil saying…. Yesssssss….i finally got the woman I love…yesssssss!!!! In fact, I noticed his entire demeanor had changed since inside the house, like he was praying inside, giving thanks that Vedika had agreed to sleep with him to save their son’s life.. I could actually feel it.. But that temple scene was 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍…i hope that the marriage is successful and Bhoomi doesn’t get the chance to stop the wedding… Another thing is if the lizard finds a way to stop the wedding as well, I’m going to hope for the best!! Dolly, I so want to see Vedika wearing Sahil’s sindoor in her maang, that’s so romantic!!!

  12. Yes Dolly i agree with both yr comments. The last scene in the temple was mond blowing
    How can sahil show his feelings so beaitifully n vedika even withouf uttering a single word in that whole scene her expressions were mind blowing. What a serene lady she is. Yes that is why i call sahil fo kle minded. Why he wants 2 hide their marriage or is it slowly n steadily he is gettimg attracted to that flesh exposure barbie woman. Sometimes i hate him for his double stamdards.

  13. Naz u r so observant. Even i hv noticed since last 2 days lover of younger men witch BA is looking drunk. Either she is drunk or she is really very sick. But i think these TV actors r paid daily wage may be for that she is still shooting as we all know her love for money.

  14. Friends just now i watched in u tube that karva chauth ceremony is going on n the wicked n lustful bhoomi is decked up like a bride n our maharathi sahil with his own hands is making her drink water n food so that she can leave her fast. What is all this friends. Pls explain. Also i read in Google just now that sahil ll keep both blo*dy B bhoomi n vedika with him. What is happening to our hero. Why cant he take some firm decision. Friends pls tell me is he going to agree to bhoomis proposition that he should first sleep with her before his consummation with vedika. I think this tension is killing me. I think i ll quit watching this serial. The way the poisonous snake BA Is playing vulgar games n even after murdering yash, anjana n the nurse still she is not being caught n living a life to glory, I am surprised. That blo*dy B monkey brand puneesh is telling how can vedika produce a child at this age n smiling sarcastically. I want to know thst lecherous snake even sfter sleeping with old n young girls fit to be his daughter could not conceive then how can he tell this to vedika. blo*dy chit of an ass fellow. I think the writers should make him romance WICKED BA. Atleast then both their dirty minds will be occupied n our sadika can get married. Now this piggy bhoomi is getting on to my nerves. Just going crazy n crazy to get involved physically with sahil.

  15. Raji for each and everything dont think of quitting to watch the serial..its the plot buddy..
    Naz even day before yday when vedhika says that another kid with Sahil is the only option to save ved, i felt that Sahil was really anxious and happy abt her decision..it was like that there was this mischievous look on his face.. he’s young and obviously if he is able to get the love of his life, he will be excited though..
    I dont think that Sahil will be even slightly attracted to bhoomi as she is forcing herself on him.. it will suffocate even the frndshp that he has in their relationship.. he will never accept her as his wife or anything else..
    In a way, even bhoomi is not his legal wife.. isnt it Nidhi? marriage with her doesnt even hold any value in the society bcz of her wicked ways.. so Sahil can legally marry Vedhika isnt it? He need not go thru this suffering of handling 2 women fighting over him..

  16. Oh hoo now sahil have two wife😃😃😍
    One is his wife and another is his lover😋😋😎
    Now no sister’s relation between vedika and bhoomi..now makers showing a sautan drama in the upcoming epi..😐😐

  17. puneesh is master piece for the consummation drama😁And badi amma is looser in front of puneesh tiwari???
    Too late but they arefinally become a loveble couple now..so 😙😙🤗

  18. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 like ishq subhanallah. Poor Zara and poor vedika

  19. Leisa s morris

    Naz I think BA has convinced her dat once he gets intimate with her he wud suddenly get feelings for her and wouldnt wsnt vedika after dat afterall we have a man here who hasnt gotten intimate with anyone since or before vedika came into his live. So imagine ur first intimate encounter sometimes ur mind can get confuse but sahil luves vedika with his all heart,mind and soul so bhoomi is grasping at straws. But naz I also feel theres an underlying plan in motion here,u mentioned dat their marrriage is null and void since dey didnt consumate and therefore bhoomi hasnt a real marriage but all dat can change if sahil gets intimate wth her fulfilling all d legalities of marriage and she would hve grounds to fight any impending divorce action. Too bad for her dat sahil is marrying vedika, albeit secretly, cause once vedika is his wife he will b even more possessive over her

  20. Friends what is wrong with our lover boy sahil. Why has he changed his hairstyle n exposing his very broad forehead. It is making him look very elderly. Poor fellow due to vedikas love n his irritating family members who r not supporting him esp that boozard BA, poor fellow has undergone such a lot of pain that now it is showing on his face. Hope he chNges his hairstyle by next week. He looks very handsome when his thick growth of hair falls on his forehead n it makes him look younger also.

  21. Muniya

    Episode was good…but Bhoomi proved she’s real dumb…knows well Sahil doesn’t love her…still want to spend night with him…not even trace of self respect??
    Actually not dumb Bhoomi…its dumb writers…spoiling everything everytime…disgusting😡

  22. Guys I just read that the marriage is also a dream sequence.. what a pity… and Sahil will have relationship with both bhoomi and vedhika.. what nonsense is this…😥😥😥

  23. Stopped watching long time ago. Just catching up with the recent updates. Getting more and more wield.

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